10 Ways To SNEAK Your PHONE Into CLASS!

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    Unspeakable you’re the best

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    I love unspeakable

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    LOol 9:01 mr doctor busts in class

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    i wish they had 1 million pieces of airheads and ate them all

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    Did anyone notice, james is wearing a Toga wig in the beginning!?

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    7:17 got me laughing

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    my favrite part is when you Layed on the table

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    If Emily can lift a locker... Then how strong is mommy James? Unspeakable, Can you PLEASE bring back Rebecca, Emily, and Skater Gabe. All appear at (12:03).

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    10:22 XDDDDDD

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    was it realy gabes b-day?

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    I live in England and my teacher is called Miss Walters

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    13:11 emily angry time

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    When Nathan grabs the vr set u laughed so hard when he was punching

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    me when I see a green light me: ah yes I can bring my electronics

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    My favorite part is when unspeakable is a bee and jumps on the teachers table

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    Happy birthday gabe

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    Teacher: you.are the worst class Inhave ever tought Me: you think they're bad students well I have to deal with 8 8th grade students everyday who act like kindergarteners

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    It's really funny on how gabe had 8 phones, an iPad, and a laptop now that's ridiculous

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    This is the funniest video for me 😂

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    My favorite part is when the substitute slips of the chair

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    NO NO NO NO sneaking phones in CLASS is BAD Unspeakable you are THE WORST PERSON ON EARTH

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    19:29 OOF

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    13:31 is so funny XD plz do more and act like kids XD

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    Yes do more class room videos

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    This vido is so funny i choked on my ramen

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    please do more school videoes



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    16:52 That one akward moment when your alone with your teacher and you have a conversation.

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    This video is insane an funny

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    when the teacher leaves the room my class: 13:35

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    Nathan useing ninja moves- YEET *kicks computer of desk* Me- WHAT THE FLIP THATS A WASTE OF MONEY Nathan- Destroys Nintendo and cake* Me-WHAT A WASTE STOP WASTEING FOOD AND MONEY!! Me AGAIN- WHY ARE YOU WASTING SO MANY THINGS STOOOOOP

  47. Mary Franko

    Mary Franko

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    Teacher: You are terrible! Gabe: why don't you erase the problem. James:OOOOHHHHH

  48. Mary Franko

    Mary Franko

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    My favorite part is when the teacher yells and gets mad because he said he does not yell

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      Boring everyone is not a big fan of unspeakable i am not you guys

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    So funny.hahahaha

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    No phones ALLOWED!!!!

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    Well nathan is 20 years old so why is he in class

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    Everyone knows yo aynt gow in class wiv yor fone

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    The fact that they bought a toga cosplay wig for this video

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      now i can't unsee it

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    The teacher is the ticket master

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    the teach said the f bom

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    It's literally so funny when he fell out the chair I literally laughed my head off🤣

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      Me too

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      Me too

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    Teacher only no kids allowed in speakable Gabe and James cannot be in this secret no one can know only for teacher Gabe and James and speakable have put a contender switch inside the cake genius idea right well I told you now



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    Nobody likes you teach

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    i agree with sufyan hussain

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    3:08 i like your cut gee

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    The teacher AKA The clown AKA the The person at the carnival

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    Let’s be real ,what teachers would fall for these 😜

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    9:24 is 1+1 3?

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    Unspeakable/Emily was very sasy at the teacher

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    crazy 😜

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    Hi this is me, Grayson I think you’re videos are really funny. So I think you should make a movie (especially comedy) with only $100. You could also invite whoever you want to. You could also invite celebrities. It also doesn’t have to be an official movie you could just post it on SE-one and say that it is a movie. Thank you Unspeakable so much if you are looking at this comment. P.S You get an extra $20 if you do comedy. Sincerely, Grayson

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    Love you all

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    My favorite part is when 'Emily' gets mad.🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

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      I mean ikr

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      @Warren Suek ile

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      Me too i liked it when Emily got on the table mad

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    It was funny when unspeakable throwed the pencils at gabe

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    Do a video about 10 ways to annoy your teacher plsssss

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    Yo dude unspeakable my little sister did a 1st of the 4th prank to JOJO 🤦🏽 🐢🐢🐸🐸

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    Me: Is that the same clown?

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GAAAABE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    10:54 Rebecca and Emily, the 2 chaotic people

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    this whole video i had a drink and i almost spit it out because this it so funny

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    5:32 yeah that is the whole part of this video

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    Unspekyspakyspookyspikyspukyble dis is probs the funniest vid u made

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    unspeakable u r my favorit SE-oneer

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    My kindergarten teacher name was mrs.walters

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    we need more unspeakable classroom videos



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    I actually tried this (the first one ) and I somehow got away with it! Thanks unspeakable! Now I can Buy some of your merch in Class! LOL

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