24k Gold YouTube Toothbrush!

I turned my Gold Play Button into a toothbrush! How well will it clean my stained teeth?

Full Video Out Now!!! se-one.info/cycle/fK2oe6WNhayAb5k/video

Smile on :)


  1. Dental Digest

    Dental Digest

    13 dagar sedan

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    • fidget channel

      fidget channel

      9 timmar sedan

      Did it heart ur gum and ur teeth

    • Sandy Garcia

      Sandy Garcia

      Dag sedan

      @danuson8 you had to say the n word really

    • Tehj Ladnam

      Tehj Ladnam

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      Using old toothbrush and toothpaste

    • Tehj Ladnam

      Tehj Ladnam

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    • Mika Mazen Gaming

      Mika Mazen Gaming

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  2. Mhyca Lacbay

    Mhyca Lacbay

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  3. Mhyca Lacbay

    Mhyca Lacbay

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    Wha you thinking boi....

  4. Ronald Burton

    Ronald Burton

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  5. Theo James

    Theo James

    Timme sedan

    I thought he was gonna use the point of the golden play button

  6. toga The best

    toga The best

    Timme sedan

    Not me thinking that he was put the corner of the play button in his mouth😳

  7. Ethan de Haan

    Ethan de Haan

    Timme sedan

    Obi-wan be like:don’t try it

  8. Galaxy Bunny playz

    Galaxy Bunny playz

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  9. deleted


    2 timmar sedan

    A stranger: oh what do you do to earn money Dental Digest: I brush my teeth and post videos of it on SE-one

  10. Ella Tina

    Ella Tina

    2 timmar sedan

    Me: thinking that he was going to forse the play botton in his mouth

  11. Tohfandom


    3 timmar sedan

    Your vids are so good

  12. Amy Buckley

    Amy Buckley

    3 timmar sedan

    What do with the toothbrush?

  13. Ventina Songthiang

    Ventina Songthiang

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    Your welcome love you video

  14. lolo e godo

    lolo e godo

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  15. AJAMStudio


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    Who else thought he was actually gonna use the play button as a toothbrush

  16. unicorn chloe 🦄

    unicorn chloe 🦄

    6 timmar sedan

    How and why

  17. Nana Eldeeb

    Nana Eldeeb

    6 timmar sedan

    Well it would be possible if you threw that away

  18. Rhisy_rr


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    Me:what the!.my sisther:i like it:/

  19. Sinta rahayu

    Sinta rahayu

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  20. Lucky Clover miricales

    Lucky Clover miricales

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    Did i hear that right or am i going crazy? oH

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    Roszana MSK Home Bakery

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  22. Miss. Citra and The Cats

    Miss. Citra and The Cats

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  23. STR


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    The guy is brusing always

  24. Kristine Candog

    Kristine Candog

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  25. Kristine Candog

    Kristine Candog

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    no yey

  26. Laura Ramirez

    Laura Ramirez

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    I love it

  27. karen marie dizon

    karen marie dizon

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    I love one of u vid!

  28. Help me get to 5K with no videos please x

    Help me get to 5K with no videos please x

    14 timmar sedan

    my stupid self thought he was going to brush his teeth with the actual play button🤦🏽‍♀️

  29. Flickey Yt

    Flickey Yt

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    I love this dudes excitement while filming a video

  30. Jesus Montalban

    Jesus Montalban

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    Your rich

  31. Yenny Kwee

    Yenny Kwee

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    Ur wc



    17 timmar sedan

    Your well come 🤗

  33. Alexanders S

    Alexanders S

    17 timmar sedan

    That wouldn't have broken your teeth

    • Alexanders S

      Alexanders S

      17 timmar sedan

      But you turned it into a toothbrush

  34. Nur Hayati

    Nur Hayati

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  35. Jalaysia Washington

    Jalaysia Washington

    20 timmar sedan

    Where did you get the tooth brush from

  36. Asher Phoenix

    Asher Phoenix

    21 timme sedan

    “Shit dude” “What’s wrong?” “I accidentally put glitter glue on my tooth brush instead of my golden toothpaste” “WHAT KINDA TOOTHPA-“

  37. MURDERBOT 1000

    MURDERBOT 1000

    23 timmar sedan

    The play button:kill me

    • Moises the bathroom guy

      Moises the bathroom guy

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      Yeah I feel bad for the gold SE-one play button

  38. Annessa Day

    Annessa Day

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    I love you videos

  39. Bibon Pong

    Bibon Pong

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  40. Mr. TyPe X

    Mr. TyPe X

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    Let find out my pc can clean my teeth

  41. mohammed Ku

    mohammed Ku

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    No one's teeth will shine like his😂 always brushing

  42. J bequette

    J bequette

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    I love it soo much and your welcome your videos are amazing

  43. Maria Azzolino

    Maria Azzolino

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    Omg. Love. You. Dentital. Digest

  44. KID ONE


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  45. Olivia Hallaway

    Olivia Hallaway

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  46. Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido

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    Hand soap? I thought it was toothpaste

    • Mina Ashido

      Mina Ashido

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      @Moises the bathroom guy 👁👄👁

    • Moises the bathroom guy

      Moises the bathroom guy

      20 timmar sedan

      @Mina Ashido oh

    • Mina Ashido

      Mina Ashido

      20 timmar sedan

      @Moises the bathroom guy that's me!

    • Moises the bathroom guy

      Moises the bathroom guy

      21 timme sedan




    Dag sedan

    SE-one never knew what he would do with his gold SE-one play button until now

  48. ivelina lalova

    ivelina lalova

    Dag sedan


  49. DungeonChannel


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    His Mom:What the hell are you doing Dental Digest:Oh I Just Brushing My Teeth

  50. qushairi mohid🥰

    qushairi mohid🥰

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  51. Sanjayan M N

    Sanjayan M N

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    Very nice bro😁

  52. Sara Westfall

    Sara Westfall

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    Seriously 24k gold toothpaste??? So unnecessary lol

  53. Sharon Aldridge

    Sharon Aldridge

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    I thought you accully used the golden playboten

  54. Alah Sungduan

    Alah Sungduan

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  55. aroosh abdullah3d

    aroosh abdullah3d

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    Hmm thats not gold brush uper sife is normale just sticke is gold

  56. Fun & Funny

    Fun & Funny

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    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Love it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. Armanque Q

    Armanque Q

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    Me: are you craxy (after u use the tiny one) Me:*blows mind*

  58. Radhamohan Gupta

    Radhamohan Gupta

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    That's kinda funny

  59. Da_B3ar


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    me thinking how you gonna brush your teeth with a play button?? reality its just a toothbrush



    Dag sedan

    You i have you the best youtuber ever

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    Rodgieman Batuigas

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    So cool

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    Santhosh George

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    You are so handsome 😘

  64. Jefferson Dominguiano

    Jefferson Dominguiano

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    The handle does not clean your teeth i

  65. Perpetuo Faytaren

    Perpetuo Faytaren

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  66. Danielle Green

    Danielle Green

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    OMG NO DON'T 😭

  67. pop it

    pop it

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    Before i though that how are you going to do that but then he show the toothbrush

  68. The girl woft

    The girl woft

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    Dentist how to brush before clean?i everyday brush is not working pls help me😭😭😭

  69. Emma Ifopo

    Emma Ifopo

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    What does that taste like

  70. Zaireen Islam

    Zaireen Islam

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    I like your videos

  71. Joel The Best 2

    Joel The Best 2

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    I wish I had that toothbrush

  72. Pratishtha Verma

    Pratishtha Verma

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    next Let see if my hair can clear my teeth

  73. irontrigger


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    Error Mikasa Ackerman

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  79. Miranda Harrelson

    Miranda Harrelson

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    For second I thought you were gonna use your play button as a toothbrush... whew😅😅😅

  80. BTS FAN#1

    BTS FAN#1

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    Hes a type of a guy who has 1000 tooth brushes.

  81. Chantel Marquez

    Chantel Marquez

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    And I brush my teeth 😬

  82. Chantel Marquez

    Chantel Marquez

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    Love your videos

  83. Ace Hernandez

    Ace Hernandez

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    I thought he was gonna say “THIS smells like expensive lets get brushin’!”

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    WOW 😳



    3 dagar sedan

    noooooo iu canttttttt

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    Is this asmr

  87. Brianna Evans

    Brianna Evans

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    I thought he was going to use the actual play button

  88. Nicola Middleton

    Nicola Middleton

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    I hate it when he says fat glob

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    What are u crazy

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    Okay you can do that

  93. Linda Flor Rico

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    Put there do what that