Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Fight goes the distance [Highlights, recap] | CBS Sports HQ

Watch the highlight from the Mayweather-Paul bout, plus get the full reaction from the Morning Kombat team on the action.

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  1. Brad Samples

    Brad Samples

    4 timmar sedan

    Boxing is ruined

  2. pillow destroyer

    pillow destroyer

    13 timmar sedan


  3. Walks and Such

    Walks and Such

    16 timmar sedan

    Mayweather definitely threw this and it was planned from the beginning.

  4. gamer tv

    gamer tv

    17 timmar sedan

    When logan was throwing barage of punches at mayweather why didnt he go for body?

  5. White Mike

    White Mike

    Dag sedan

    I bet joe is the one who got burt Chrysler a job as a commentator

  6. W Daniel

    W Daniel

    Dag sedan

    I paid fully expecting a garbage fight and wasn’t disappointed lol

  7. Win Ner

    Win Ner

    Dag sedan

    Is this fight the same as Mayweather vs Mcgregor?

  8. B n

    B n

    2 dagar sedan

    Why 20 million media suscribers is a topic for a fighter resume?

  9. hash tag

    hash tag

    2 dagar sedan

    Man they make such an effort to make this seem real

  10. sunn mann

    sunn mann

    2 dagar sedan

    Unfortunately Mayweather is getting old

  11. Leavz


    3 dagar sedan

    People paid for hugging lol

  12. Mister J

    Mister J

    4 dagar sedan

    This is why he is 50-0 🤭

  13. TT OzzY

    TT OzzY

    4 dagar sedan

    If it was Many Pacquiao instead of Floyd he would knock the shit out of some wannabe show off like Logan..i always thought something was off when Floyd won against Many.

  14. Peyator Hassim

    Peyator Hassim

    6 dagar sedan

    5:18 If you weigh 40lbs heavier and 18 yrs younger no, it's not 😂



    7 dagar sedan

    Floyd is taking the piss out of the boxing world with these shit fights and making a mockery of the sport. It's like look at how much money we have whilst the real boxers(not Paul) work damn hard to get to were they are.

  16. Gawd SZN

    Gawd SZN

    7 dagar sedan

    people hate this but haters will always watch ....

  17. Gawd SZN

    Gawd SZN

    7 dagar sedan

    the new WWE

  18. DW


    7 dagar sedan

    Paul did a commendable job.For Floyd even taking this fight is an embarrassment

  19. Omar Enrera

    Omar Enrera

    7 dagar sedan

    You better be a wrestler Logan Paul.

  20. Darrell Fine

    Darrell Fine

    7 dagar sedan

    A rematch on an actual card that counts would be fun. Would love to see these two really go at it for a win or loss on the record.

  21. Amy Gallegos

    Amy Gallegos

    7 dagar sedan

    Logan kept hugging mayweather 😭😭

  22. Kim Daryl Umali

    Kim Daryl Umali

    7 dagar sedan

    Undeafeated vs Winless

  23. Big RHINO Nagy

    Big RHINO Nagy

    7 dagar sedan

    Logan paul nothing but a money scam

  24. Ruben Feliciano

    Ruben Feliciano

    8 dagar sedan

    I just realized floyd was talking about how he fought to survive he would punch and clinch like dude you just described yourself in 90% of your fights

  25. Chris Constantine

    Chris Constantine

    8 dagar sedan

    “Paul throws the uppercut” lol it hit him in the fucking armpit

  26. cloudy immortal

    cloudy immortal

    8 dagar sedan

    Logan punches like I do in my sleep

  27. Spiro climb

    Spiro climb

    8 dagar sedan

    Have we gotten so bored with media overload that we're actually paying to watch these fake and illegitimate fights.

  28. Haley


    8 dagar sedan

    "I expierenced boredom." Dw about being honest, I think everyone else felt the same way too (including the poor sad souls who paid for the fight).

  29. King Scooby

    King Scooby

    8 dagar sedan

    They did not show shit bra got knocked

  30. Erick Acosta

    Erick Acosta

    8 dagar sedan

    TRASH 🗑!

  31. KingLeonidas83


    9 dagar sedan

    What a joke and disgrace

  32. Michael Carrozza

    Michael Carrozza

    9 dagar sedan

    haha Logan Paul your clown ass lost 😂😂😂😂 bro your 26 Money Mayweather is 44. Mayweather was playing with you the whole time, talking about you won bc you went the distance. You lost Logan Paul you are 🗑 TRASH.

  33. Cuts-Ur-D!ck-off


    9 dagar sedan

    Mayweather had ducked all the professional boxers for 5 years saying his retired. If he was really retired he wouldn't be fighting youtubers in a exhibition match.

    • Cuts-Ur-D!ck-off


      8 dagar sedan

      @Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP boxing exhibition is still boxing retard. He did this boxing exhibition twice the first one was the asian kid Tenshin when Mayweather just retired then 4 years later he fought logan paul. His not retired his planning another exhibition match with jake paul. And when i say retired i meam from any boxing match okay do you get it or do i have to simplify it more for you.

    • Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP

      Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP

      8 dagar sedan

      Exhibitions are not the same as actual boxing matches. By your logic, all retirees should have their social security revoked because they can still work LOL.....idiot

  34. Qaibstreetline Asianredneck

    Qaibstreetline Asianredneck

    9 dagar sedan

    LP joke

  35. Gareth Lloyd

    Gareth Lloyd

    9 dagar sedan

    Who would pay to watch this. To me it's celebrity boxing like dancing on ice celebrity get me out of here. Is boxing a sport that you're supposed to respect just gonna end up a farse and be all about celebs boxing each other. And having 20 million youtube subscribers doesn't make you a star.

  36. Tony Sanchez

    Tony Sanchez

    10 dagar sedan

    I stop watching this video at 1:59 save my self 10 minutes of my life

  37. T3ABAG


    10 dagar sedan

    How bout a real match. Not paid for. Money won that match.. shame

  38. Gerald Epsin

    Gerald Epsin

    10 dagar sedan

    This is why if it isn't an MMA fight, then everyone is wasting their time and money. Boxing is 10% play-slap fighting and 90% tired clinching.

    • Fwp502_-_


      8 dagar sedan

      Can tell you haven’t watched much boxing. Don’t blame you, not a great time to be a boxing fan currently.

  39. Vanessa Marangit

    Vanessa Marangit

    10 dagar sedan

    Too much hugging.mybe they love each other🤣🤣🤣

  40. Boss Matuta

    Boss Matuta

    11 dagar sedan

    Jake Paul should try FRANCIS NGANOU

  41. z10n


    11 dagar sedan


  42. Metii


    11 dagar sedan

    I think Floyd’s objective was to avoid all Logan’s shots

  43. DanWardog


    11 dagar sedan

    Professional Boxing is turning into a joke.

    • Fwp502_-_


      8 dagar sedan

      This wasn’t an official fight, it’s an exhibition.

  44. Evan O'neill

    Evan O'neill

    12 dagar sedan

    Ppl get so caught up in the hype, that they forget thats what it's all about! Paul knew damn well he didn't have a chance, but he got everyone talking, got their attention and grabbed a huge bag in the end. No different than the McGregor fight. McGregor knew he couldn't out box Floyd and Floyd wouldn't have lasted 2 min in the octagon, but McGregor made more $ in that fight, than his entire career combined. It's similar to wrestling with all the shit talking, press conferences and bs leading up to the fight. The difference is, it's drawn out and hyped up for a few months as opposed to the same shit condensed into an 1hr long skit..

  45.  Teatime


    12 dagar sedan

    He proved that anybody can box

  46. Paltheus


    13 dagar sedan

    Hello!!! A retired boxing champ and a hated/loved SE-one star go 8 rounds in an exhibition? Of course they are going to go the distance...ADVERTISING REVENUE... They both got paid and Logan Paul probably begged Floyd Mayweather to make him look good. This was all about money...

  47. Nino Griger

    Nino Griger

    13 dagar sedan

    Their sizes are just too different it’s awkward

  48. appv12


    13 dagar sedan

    Round 1 Logan's footwork looked like he never boxed in his life lol.

  49. The Perpetually Annoyed

    The Perpetually Annoyed

    13 dagar sedan

    Look i don't follow this dumbshit but for all i know Floyd is a professional boxer and Logal pauL is SE-oner .. is Logal Paul a boxer too or has a boxing background or something... Coz I mean wt is this combination ... A professional boxer vs a youtuber and this is where the dumb SE-oner has challenged the pro boxer i mean wt the hell... M i missing...

  50. Avatar Aang ؟ 🆒

    Avatar Aang ؟ 🆒

    13 dagar sedan

    5:50 I Hate Logan But That's Cool

  51. V0lk Star

    V0lk Star

    14 dagar sedan

    Cmon. Paul is joke SE-oner who survive by making sh1t videos to kids

  52. Hopeless Ainsworth

    Hopeless Ainsworth

    14 dagar sedan

    PRNHUB is better than this

  53. Matty Hayles

    Matty Hayles

    14 dagar sedan

    Money Mayweather is not got that name for no reason he was holding back for the millions of people watching it was set up he new he was going to win a legend Logan you got beat off ksi then fight a legend Mike Tyson would finish you in 1 because one's you've in your prime and you got that fire to keep going inside you it never leaves you got no spark or 🔥

  54. J. S.

    J. S.

    14 dagar sedan

    The real losers are the ones that handed their money to these idiots.

  55. McTapoutos


    14 dagar sedan

    Logan ass f.ck me for the money Paul boxing is funny as hell is basically like a guys who's fighting drunk outside the pub !!!

  56. Gage


    14 dagar sedan

    logan stayed talking mad shit until after the fight lmaoo

  57. International Hunter

    International Hunter

    14 dagar sedan

    Whos next Bruce jenner????

  58. The Entity

    The Entity

    15 dagar sedan

    It is disgusting anyone gives either of the paul brothers any attention...

  59. Jo Mo

    Jo Mo

    15 dagar sedan

    dat was some Great Pounding from Logan lk u wudnt believe

  60. Arthur Ashy

    Arthur Ashy

    15 dagar sedan

    2:14 28/217 in 8 rds🤣, 3:10 they clowning lol. these guys are trying so hard to make Logan look good, cause Floyd actually embarrassed him. a 44 year old out boxed a 20 something year old, yet they kept saying floyd looked old. the videos that play while they talk shows floyd owning logan. lmao

  61. Arthur Ashy

    Arthur Ashy

    15 dagar sedan

    Yall should thank Floyd for not knocking Logan out, cause he had plenty of chances. btw...1:02 this is when the fight fell apart for Logan. look at the old dudes in the back laughing at his azz.🤣 1:37 look at Jake face afterwards🤣 these dudes are jokes. Btw, notice how Floyd kept a super long distance from Logan early? Respecting Logan's reach. He let Logan throw like like 100434 punches, most of which he missed. Once he started leaning on Floyd, that was the sign that he was losing stamina. So what does Floyd do? Start to stalk Logan. Instead of Logan approaching Floyd, Floyd is now approaching Logan. thats when Floyd started connecting. the most simple tactic, yet the younger guy didnt get it. props to floyd for collecting multiple easy bags. build your generational wealth



    15 dagar sedan

    Only people that won was there pockets this was a show boat 🚢

  63. Hardik Sharma

    Hardik Sharma

    15 dagar sedan

    Logan was doing a street fight like, no professionalism

  64. Hardik Sharma

    Hardik Sharma

    15 dagar sedan

    I mean how the fk logan even get a fight with Floyd, that's just insult to a legend!

  65. Raman dwivedi

    Raman dwivedi

    16 dagar sedan

    It's like walking into lion's den for Logan 😂

  66. TommyBoy_T3A


    16 dagar sedan

    Can’t believe me and my dad were gonna get front row seats until we found out is was in Florida. What a life saver.

  67. Chris Reynolds

    Chris Reynolds

    16 dagar sedan

    This fight was the Donald Trump of Presidencies

  68. Ultimatehobbyreviews


    16 dagar sedan

    Floyd could have lit him up. Floyd was doing exhibition for play, Logan was trying his best to hurt Floyd in any way possible. It was like dad play boxing with his son

  69. Farhan Mohamed

    Farhan Mohamed

    17 dagar sedan

    I survived looking ass

  70. Monzive


    17 dagar sedan

    Mayweather : 49 fights against boxers / 50th legendary UFC fighter / 51( Exhibition ) ( the fights a Famous SE-oner 0-1 )

  71. 我妻善逸


    17 dagar sedan

    Who came here because of plain rock

  72. ivan


    17 dagar sedan

    This is boxing now huh?

  73. I may or may not be Batman

    I may or may not be Batman

    17 dagar sedan

    No blood. How many rounds. Pussys

  74. Cole Trick

    Cole Trick

    17 dagar sedan

    Perfect example of how to ruin your legacy .. 🤦‍♂️

  75. Gary Thomas

    Gary Thomas

    17 dagar sedan


  76. ultimopena


    17 dagar sedan

    It honestly kinda feels like the analysts were implying everyone wanted to see Logan Paul get beat into a pulp. Which is PAINFULLY accurate.

  77. Maria Vallejo

    Maria Vallejo

    17 dagar sedan

    Dam... Logan fought a grandfather... Remember Mayweather is a grandpa now.

  78. Matias


    18 dagar sedan

    I wish Paul would have fought Iron Mike

  79. shou 375

    shou 375

    18 dagar sedan


  80. Darkskin_ Demon

    Darkskin_ Demon

    18 dagar sedan

    this is a insult to boxing and it makes it worse cause he thinks he could actually take floyd

  81. Midnight_Sun


    18 dagar sedan

    Kimbo slice would have Ko'd Logan Paul.

  82. Kundai Unique Online [Duck]

    Kundai Unique Online [Duck]

    18 dagar sedan


    • Posted by CBS Sports HQ

      Posted by CBS Sports HQ

      18 dagar sedan

      I,,N,,V,,E,,S,,T I,,N B,,T,,C & E,,T,,H W,,I,,T,,H M,,Y A,,D,,M,, I,,N,, I,,S,,T,, R,, A,,T,, I,,V,,E H,,E I,,S A,,V,, A,, I,,L, A,, B,L,,E I,,N W,,H,, A,,T,,S,,A,,P,,P,,, +,,1,,8,,6,,3,,5,,9,,9,,5,,4,,0,,8

  83. DieselDabz710


    18 dagar sedan

    Good fun 😆

  84. DieselDabz710


    18 dagar sedan

    You can tell how FAKE this bullshit really was just by looking at Floyd's face during and after the "fight" and he finally admitted it online weeks ago and bragged about how much money he made for a fake match.

  85. Hoàng Anh  Marketing - Design Website

    Hoàng Anh Marketing - Design Website

    18 dagar sedan


    • Posted by CBS Sports HQ

      Posted by CBS Sports HQ

      18 dagar sedan

      I,,N,,V,,E,,S,,T I,,N B,,T,,C & E,,T,,H W,,I,,T,,H M,,Y A,,D,,M,, I,,N,, I,,S,,T,, R,, A,,T,, I,,V,,E H,,E I,,S A,,V,, A,, I,,L, A,, B,L,,E I,,N W,,H,, A,,T,,S,,A,,P,,P,,, +,,1,,8,,6,,3,,5,,9,,9,,5,,4,,0,,8

  86. Christopher Navarrete

    Christopher Navarrete

    19 dagar sedan

    When a kid fight be like 1:05 😂



    19 dagar sedan

    Come to BIGO and watch game live with beautiful hosts!

    • Posted by CBS Sports HQ

      Posted by CBS Sports HQ

      18 dagar sedan

      I,,N,,V,,E,,S,,T I,,N B,,T,,C & E,,T,,H W,,I,,T,,H M,,Y A,,D,,M,, I,,N,, I,,S,,T,, R,, A,,T,, I,,V,,E H,,E I,,S A,,V,, A,, I,,L, A,, B,L,,E I,,N W,,H,, A,,T,,S,,A,,P,,P,,, +,,1,,8,,6,,3,,5,,9,,9,,5,,4,,0,,8

  88. Thokozani Mtshweni

    Thokozani Mtshweni

    19 dagar sedan

    I can tell Logan was never loved as a child🥺😭

  89. unite4peace88


    19 dagar sedan

    Boring and 50-0 undefeated are synonymous.

  90. juanito ferrer

    juanito ferrer

    19 dagar sedan

    200% NONSENSE !👎👎👎👎

  91. Rob Dillenger

    Rob Dillenger

    19 dagar sedan

    So Mayweather was retired and convinced to fight for the first time in over 2 years... for a paycheck... (I like how this is mentioned @ 0:48 as quickly and quietly as possible.) That's kind of unusual. I'm not a fan and I don't know what Mayweather's finances are like but I'd guess he has some medical bills. And everyone always wants more money, especially if you can get it easily. He's fighting against a born-rich narcissist who's always trying to convince others he's the coolest dude ever, that he's very relatable but also better than you at everything. He has and can use lumps of cash to generate internet fame, be idolized (mainly by kids), and silence opposition. And this fight has been hyped as a "must see" for sports, THE ULTIMATE CONTEST BETWEEN SIZE AND SKILL etc. All at a time where there just aren't many sporting events because covid. Do you think Mayweather might be holding back just a little bit? Is it possible that Paul, or someone from his PR team gave Mayweather a retirement package in exchange for an "understanding?" Is that vaguely possible? I know wrestling is scripted... but UFC is the real thing.

  92. Shift Focus Entertainment

    Shift Focus Entertainment

    19 dagar sedan


  93. Ian Kwemoi

    Ian Kwemoi

    19 dagar sedan

    If there wasn't a 35Ibs difference in weight then it would have been a huge win for Logan paul.

  94. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu

    19 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for that dude Logan hugged imagine all the sweat that got on him



    19 dagar sedan

    imagine if the fight with conor only went to 8 rounds….

  96. Noah Grant

    Noah Grant

    20 dagar sedan

    When the white boy plays 2k

  97. 86niisan8686


    20 dagar sedan

    even "experts"talking about it are idiots... even though they realise its an exhibit, they still praise logan for taking those shots! man, do you THINK floyd even with the weight height and age disadvantage, could not knock him out in 1 round if he wanted? floyd never gave no 100% an entire round against logan paul, floyd wasnt even the type to do that against a REAL opponent. mike tyson would destroy logan paul in 1 minute in a REAL fight and tyson is 55.

  98. Smokey Bear

    Smokey Bear

    20 dagar sedan

    😂 how terrible

  99. 90s Ill

    90s Ill

    20 dagar sedan

    I WILL PAY TO SEE CANELO VS MAYWEATHER 2! Now that's I fight I got canelo all the way

  100. Minnastina Casey & Thor

    Minnastina Casey & Thor

    20 dagar sedan

    Had to watch this again & again... coz who doesn't like seeing Logan Paul loose to mayweather? Logan paul still lost... bad not as badly as we expected him to!