Tiny dog left behind by her owner... so sad 😥

I don't know if the owner moved away or passed away... no one knew to tell me that. It is so important to make plans for your pets should anything unexpected happen to you. Hope For Paws would like to help with that and help you create a Will for FREE that will ensure the safety of your pets: www.HopeForPaws.org/who_will_...

I know it's a scary thought, but taking 20 minutes to create a legally valid will online will give you the peace of mind you deserve, and your pet deserves too.

This tiny dog didn't surrender without a fight, but once she was in my car and sat on the blanket that was decorated with many cats, I decided to name her Kitty.

From the hospital, she continued to her foster home with Tobie's Small Dog Rescue, and shortly after, they found her a loving forever home. If you are looking to adopt a small dog, please contact: TobiesSmallDogRescue.org

Your support helps us save many abandoned dogs, and the video that I will post in two days will tell the story of another abandoned dog. Recurring donations help us spend a lot more time rescuing and a lot less time fundraising. If you can, please join us with a small donation here: www.HopeForPaws.org

Thank you so much!