Trojan #4 & Carver Update: Good news on the Trojan restore & CAR WIZARD says goodbye to the Carver

Trojan Boat Series #4 & FINAL Carver Update: The restore progresses on the 1974 Trojan F36 Tri-Cabin. However, the CAR WIZARD 🧙‍♂️ has to say goodbye to the 1989 Carver Santego. See what gave the Carver her wings and why the project must be abandoned.

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  1. Raymond Johansen

    Raymond Johansen

    2 dagar sedan

    Only the wizard can make me watch a video on something i have no interest in lol

  2. Steve M

    Steve M

    3 dagar sedan

    Wizard, the wood or foam in the stringers or other laminated panels is pretty much only there to hold the fiberglass until it hardened. All the strength is in the fiberglass. You'll probably find the bilge stringers are 'hollow' a couple of inches up, but it really doesn't affect the structure of the boat. Floors are a different animal, however. Many times you'll find only the top surface is laminated, so the plywood is a part of the strength.

  3. bmh67wa


    3 dagar sedan

    That's too bad about the Carver. It was a sweet little boat otherwise.

  4. Tim Skolds

    Tim Skolds

    3 dagar sedan

    Good to see this project getting finished up. Now you need a project airplane!

  5. Benjamin Burkhardt

    Benjamin Burkhardt

    5 dagar sedan

    It’s actually healthier to squat while doing one’s business

  6. gi8809


    5 dagar sedan

    So sad about the Carver :/

  7. TheRoninrider


    5 dagar sedan

    Wizard. It’s a boat. Not A Yacht.

  8. Ulford


    6 dagar sedan

    Please oil all the wood.

  9. Blair Campbell

    Blair Campbell

    6 dagar sedan

    The carver can be fixed. It is not scrap

  10. Jason Waterhouse

    Jason Waterhouse

    6 dagar sedan

    Stain the floor the wood you have already done looks really good it's coming together nice

  11. Joseph Stierwalt

    Joseph Stierwalt

    7 dagar sedan

    Wizard, you need a CPAP if you're snoring. Also, we steer Aircraft Carriers by splitting the shafts out on occasion as well.

  12. bama Fan

    bama Fan

    7 dagar sedan

    I tried to hint at my concern about the Carver in my critique of the Bay-liner, Some boats arent built to last. Older Trojans, Sea Rays, Viking's and Formulas are built solidly with substantial fiberglass and overlapped tabbing. Quality boats start with a solid well designed core......

  13. ReviewTube


    7 dagar sedan

    Battleship new jersey is stripping its teak deck and sell it, I'm sure you could possibly get good pieces at good prices.

  14. ReviewTube


    7 dagar sedan

    My lord i would ditch those 70s curtains!! Absolutely horrible!

  15. Josh Repik

    Josh Repik

    7 dagar sedan

    Stain that deck!!! The contrast is so good

  16. Case 275

    Case 275

    7 dagar sedan

    Stain the base boards on the deck. What idiots would suggest scrapping such a nice boat! Nice job you guys, thanks for sharing.

  17. Matthew Bolt

    Matthew Bolt

    8 dagar sedan

    Install a auto bilge float.

  18. Waylon Hoss

    Waylon Hoss

    8 dagar sedan

    My name is Karen and I'm here to complain.... But. I don't know anything... So. Looks good!

  19. Joshua Birney

    Joshua Birney

    8 dagar sedan

    Love the new boat Wizard! I definitely think the floorboards would look great stained!

  20. H. S. L.

    H. S. L.

    8 dagar sedan

    Could do without the boats and the wife.

  21. Geoff Matthews

    Geoff Matthews

    8 dagar sedan

    BOATS on a car channel; Come on Wizard do your magic on the projects you promised For flip sake - V12 Malibu, For flip sake - V12 Malibu, For flip sake - V12 Malibu, For flip sake - V12 Malibu, For flip sake - V12 Malibu, For flip sake - V12 Malibu, For flip sake - V12 Malibu, For flip sake - V12 Malibu, For flip sake - V12 Malibu, -

  22. Ryan procunier

    Ryan procunier

    8 dagar sedan

    seems like maybe u don't wanna do the work on the carver cuz now u have a better and nicer boat lol. can't say I blame u tho. just sux putting all that work into the carver to not finish it. love the channel tho!

  23. Russel Cline

    Russel Cline

    8 dagar sedan

    Super sweet boat!!! Would be cool if you had a friend on their boat video beside you as you take her out. So we could see what she looks like on the water!!

  24. antti roppola

    antti roppola

    8 dagar sedan

    Sad about the Carver, but thanks for sharing your hard earned experience and I agree you have a much nicer boat as a result.

  25. Felipe Kauer

    Felipe Kauer

    8 dagar sedan

    ms wizard what happened to your left arm

  26. Funskier67


    9 dagar sedan

    Add oil to the deck!

  27. Donald Parlett jr

    Donald Parlett jr

    9 dagar sedan

    When first arriving we always turned on the bilge blower to clear any fumes and we also pulled deck covers to smell the bilge to make sure. Most fires on gas powered boat are in the beginning.

  28. Jorcelangelo Conti

    Jorcelangelo Conti

    9 dagar sedan

    I am sorry to hear about the Carver. I was following your restoration project videos. I mean all videos. And unfortunately you discovered that problem. 😓😰 What are you going to do with it now? Sale it or donate it? I'm interested. My family needs one.

  29. El Caiman

    El Caiman

    9 dagar sedan

    You stepped up from a Carver sun cruiser to an actual yacht

  30. A.J. W.

    A.J. W.

    9 dagar sedan

    RIP Carver... what a bummer with how much work y'all put into it.

  31. Tripp426


    10 dagar sedan

    What a shame that the Carver has to go, but you guys did a stellar job bringing this boat back to life. I guess I'm in the minority who would like to see the deck left as is instead of stained.



    10 dagar sedan


  33. Gregory Gosson

    Gregory Gosson

    10 dagar sedan

    A CPAP would be a better solution than the pool noodle for a number of reasons.

  34. buaan


    10 dagar sedan

    Awesome work, it looks amazing.

  35. Richard Harvey

    Richard Harvey

    10 dagar sedan

    Stain the deck if it will help it last . It looks nice two tone but would also look great if stained.

  36. ac me

    ac me

    10 dagar sedan

    That pirate flag‘s a nice touch 🏴‍☠️



    10 dagar sedan

    The galley faucet needs new washers to stop that dripping

  38. chris tha menace

    chris tha menace

    10 dagar sedan

    I would stain the decking

  39. George Brown

    George Brown

    10 dagar sedan

    The Wizard needs a CPAP to mitigate the snoring.

  40. Stephen Dunn

    Stephen Dunn

    10 dagar sedan

    Exhaust gas mixed with lake water and pumped into fresh water wow how’s the pollution in the lake?

  41. Joe Hinkle

    Joe Hinkle

    10 dagar sedan

    beautiful teak Sorry to hear about the carver

  42. petepenn1


    10 dagar sedan

    A Yacht is a Bowl in the water that you put all your spare change in! Enjoy it!

  43. steven dyndiuk

    steven dyndiuk

    10 dagar sedan

    I think the stained vs bare teak is a nice contrast.

  44. steven dyndiuk

    steven dyndiuk

    10 dagar sedan

    Wizard, your wife is a treasure. Lucky for you she got a pool noodle to un-snore you, I was thinking broomstick.

  45. Jim Sundin

    Jim Sundin

    11 dagar sedan

    Love the stain Mrs. Wizard. Great job! I would stain the floors also as I just like a darker wood color. Keep up the great work!

  46. ForwardUntoYawn


    11 dagar sedan

    Stain the deck!

  47. Lightning strikes twice

    Lightning strikes twice

    11 dagar sedan

    Got two things to say about motor boat ownership. The two best days are when you buy it and the day you sell it! Also, if you haven't heard this by now here it is: if it flies, floats or (well, you know!) Rent it!

  48. Al Kaput

    Al Kaput

    11 dagar sedan

    23:00 32 year old boat and the stringers rotten? Did the builders use MDF?

  49. Jeff Gibson

    Jeff Gibson

    11 dagar sedan

    Lighter coloring on the floor decks equals happy cooler bare feet.

  50. dextersxxxxlab


    11 dagar sedan

    the bilge blower will indeed suck out fumes before starting the engine to get rid of possible explosive fumes. but the moment the engine runs this engine will also act as an extractor blower fan. the engine will use a lot of air and will suck that air in from the engine bay (at least in my boat and other boats that I know). This will make sure the engine bay has a constant under pressure compared to outside the engine bay and will suck fresh air in all the time. So to me it seems that running the fans also during motor opperation is not needed.

  51. Roald Koger

    Roald Koger

    11 dagar sedan

    Sad to see the Carver go. IMO it's the best looking boat of the three. Rotten wood core can be replaced with foam and epoxy injection.

  52. The Motor Trade

    The Motor Trade

    11 dagar sedan

    Ms. Wizard is doing a great job....stain and oil the decks please.

  53. Dan L

    Dan L

    11 dagar sedan

    Love the channel. Maybe make another channel for boats?

  54. G M

    G M

    11 dagar sedan

    Enjoy the technical information as well as the footage and piloting tips.

  55. Tripp Rogers

    Tripp Rogers

    11 dagar sedan

    24:06 yeah.. don't interrupt the Wiz..(the look on his face says it all!!)

  56. Arsinoe iv Lost Princess

    Arsinoe iv Lost Princess

    11 dagar sedan

    I'm a snorer. If you sleep on your side it's greatly lessened. I tied a tennis ball into a knot in an ace bandage. Wrapped it around the midsection. When you roll on your back while sleeping it's uncomfortable and you go back on your side. It's takes some getting used to and eventually you wind up on your side without the ace bandage. It's kind of a pain but it's meant to be.

  57. mykelwojcinski


    11 dagar sedan

    Welcome to the dumbest boat channel on SE-one! lol

  58. Doc Ink

    Doc Ink

    11 dagar sedan

    definitely oil the deck boards, it will help preserve them.. it takes a real troll to want to scrap something like this gorgeous ol lady of the lake... some people just have a new is better mentality when more often new is no where near as good.. along with the forward and reverse you can steer with the throttles

  59. cyberpass


    11 dagar sedan

    see-through toilet drain hose?

  60. Kurt Barrett

    Kurt Barrett

    11 dagar sedan

    That pool noodle solution cracked me up but it's actually pretty dang brilliant!

  61. Bradly Smith

    Bradly Smith

    11 dagar sedan

    Um that handle was a towel holder I believe

  62. Electron Pusher

    Electron Pusher

    11 dagar sedan

    Love the boat videos!!!

  63. Jonothan Barker

    Jonothan Barker

    11 dagar sedan

    Thats awesome! One of my retirement goals is a liveabord.

  64. Joe Black

    Joe Black

    11 dagar sedan

    Nothin' better than havin' a good head !!

  65. Mr GreenPad

    Mr GreenPad

    11 dagar sedan

    I have been looking at those dry bilge systems for my 26' Skipjack.. I hate water in my bilge!@!

  66. Aaron Thompson

    Aaron Thompson

    11 dagar sedan

    I think that teak oil looks super nice in my opinion I’d definitely stain that too

  67. 80's Tech and reselling

    80's Tech and reselling

    11 dagar sedan

    Thanks wizard 🥵 No I want o boat too 😅

  68. Inacio F. Marques

    Inacio F. Marques

    11 dagar sedan

    That yatch is looking so cool. Mrs Wizzard please do the decking with some teak oil. Will look amazing

  69. Brian Joyce

    Brian Joyce

    12 dagar sedan

    Good times on the lake in a boat worth your time. Priceless. Letting the other one go, without a doubt a good move.

  70. stephen glendenning

    stephen glendenning

    12 dagar sedan

    Hi just to tell you that you have do a grant job fix it up. It looks so good after you clean it. Your family has work hard on it to make it look new. Be safe on it and have lot fun with it. Thank you from the Glendenning Family Kitchener Ontario Canada

  71. Jakelovesphoto -Jake Fleming-

    Jakelovesphoto -Jake Fleming-

    12 dagar sedan

    I vote for teak oiling the floors.

  72. Jakelovesphoto -Jake Fleming-

    Jakelovesphoto -Jake Fleming-

    12 dagar sedan

    ☹️ that clear discharge hose would nauseate me

  73. Randy Venier

    Randy Venier

    12 dagar sedan

    Definitely oil (not stain) the aft salon decking.

  74. michael baka

    michael baka

    12 dagar sedan

    You two have done a SUPER job on the Trojan!! And I'm loving the Jolly Roger flag on the bow point!! Shame about the Carver though. Hopefully someone with vision will buy it and do the necessary restoration on it. Smooth sailing, Mr. and Mrs. Wizard!!

  75. jbj27406


    12 dagar sedan

    As you have learned, structural integrity of encapsulated stringers and transom is the first thing examined under a boat survey. In spite of the hidden damage to those areas, I just don't think all is lost. You personally surveyed and serviced all other mechanical and functional systems and brought them up to service. You know everything other than the areas of damage is correct. There are some methods of injection and other repair that can bring that boat back to serviceability. Everything else has been surveyed and serviced by you. The good thing is , those Carvers were built like a tank. The boat could probably be used for light service in an inland setting just like it is. I hate that happened. But now, you have a gem of a Trojan that you KNOW is in great shape, inside and out. All your mechanics are sound and serviceable and were the good stuff to start with. And here's a bonus you might not have realized: you now own a boat that is 100% capable of extended cruising and travel by boat in a completely self-contained, comfortable, capable craft--you know, yachting! It occurs to me that you have the perfect entry level craft in which you could very easily travel something like The Great Loop, and you could do it without depending on dockside lodging which can be very expensive. My boat could easily make that trip too, but it would require at least occasional dockside lodging to be completely comfortable. But your new boat is completely self contained with all working systems, not just for function, but for comfort along the way. Onboard A/C, generator, heads, galley, salons, etc. Once you learn your boat handling, weather, nautical rules of the road, navigation, etc. there's no end to what that Trojan is capable of. You did good.

  76. Brad Carstens

    Brad Carstens

    12 dagar sedan

    Stain it up!

  77. Brandon Baker

    Brandon Baker

    12 dagar sedan

    I'd stain the floor.

  78. scott9676


    12 dagar sedan

    I'll throw "The Wizard's Lair" into the name list.

  79. Archibald Haddock

    Archibald Haddock

    12 dagar sedan

    In Europe 95% of all twin engine boats are being driven at idle with only one engine started and hence half of the gas consumption. In that case the steering wheel is being used. No need to use two engines to go slow :)

  80. Chuck abbate

    Chuck abbate

    12 dagar sedan

    the boat videos are a nice change in your channel. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy your automotive videos. you have a very well rounded channel.

  81. carsnislands


    12 dagar sedan

    Wizard, I know you're new to boats but you still have so much to learn on what you're buying. You're inspiring me to start my own channel. P.S. Don't buy anymore old Trojans with Chryslers. They're cheaper than the GM powered ones for a reason. Still a old tri cabin is a much more usable boat then the 27 Santego. Capt. Mitch

  82. Andrew Mackle

    Andrew Mackle

    12 dagar sedan

    All hoses from a thru-hull should be double clamped. ABYC Standard. Also, leave the decks natural. Let them turn silver. Just rinse them with lake water once in a while.

  83. Tekedi


    12 dagar sedan

    Idk why, but the boat videos are my favorite. I guess I like boats lol

  84. Seth Orin

    Seth Orin

    12 dagar sedan

    Stain the decks

  85. DaddytechEnt


    12 dagar sedan

    *Could you not pump in epoxy resin in the carver to fill in the space that the rotted wood has left abandoned and still save it? BTW if your AC ever goes out on the boat i have another low cost, low energy drain high efficiency solution that i am about to employ on my RV's because the RV air conditioners are so inefficient and use around 1300 watts of power on average i am looking to build an external rack and run a Mini split unit for both heat and AC. that leaves the propane to run the refrigerator and the water heater which i am also about to change out to a tankless water heater. i have purchased a Suburban IW60 Nautilus which is the best and most energy efficient one you can put in yourself without it voiding your warranty. The Mini Split uses around 460 watts versus the 1300 watts that the standard Dometic Duotherm Ac units that are in both of my Rv's currently use. Most of those units are around $1,400.00 but i have found an equally efficient and farily reliable unit that is only $630.00 it would mean building an eternal rack on the back of my RV for the outside heat pump portion of the unit to rest on but totally worth it in the long run based on energy consumption* I live in my RV full time in place on a property i am buying currently. At 52 I am not into taking on a mortgage for my children to have to pay off and fight over dividing up after i am gone. this way everything is kept simple and neat. The my second rv was my starter one. a 2012 Heartland Elkhart Express 24 footer that i have lived in for the last 6 months and quickly became entirely too small for me and my 3 dogs. we would all be insane if my wife were still alive living here with us also. the new one is a 35 foot Heartland Big Country with 3 slide outs instead of one lots more room, bigger shower, huge front closet and washer and dryer hookups. same 1300 watt duotherm AC though and very inefficient.

  86. Anima


    12 dagar sedan

    that bilge looks very idiotic design, wood sandwiched in between fiberglass, but still open to water on the bottom part..... Also the teak, I would oil it, prolongs the life alot.

  87. Makm


    12 dagar sedan

    Since you upgraded to led lights, could look into some mood lighting with some phone controlled leds with varying colors, brightnesses and color temperatures!

  88. Rockwell19701


    12 dagar sedan

    Stain them 😀💪. Oh, and what about some drone footage of the boat while you are out cruising?

  89. G. Broeder

    G. Broeder

    12 dagar sedan

    Ohhhhhh no, maybe is the solution, inject epoxy(with fiberglass) in to the hollow places. It's giving you enough stiffness that's a good solution.

  90. commandtheline


    12 dagar sedan

    Love the videos! I just bought a boat too, not nearly as big, but like the ideas for renovation!

  91. Alex Mar

    Alex Mar

    12 dagar sedan

    Isn't there a solution for the Carver to replace that hollow fiberglass with high density Styrofoam or Polystyrene Resin or something? There's gotta be a cost effective way to solve it with modern materials... 😥

  92. Alex Mar

    Alex Mar

    12 dagar sedan

    Go all teak oil on that thirsty wood! Protection is most important.

  93. Grant Walter

    Grant Walter

    12 dagar sedan

    Stain them darker!

  94. Alex Mar

    Alex Mar

    12 dagar sedan

    I hope I live long enough to see Mr. & Ms. Wizard fixing and restoring planes too (especially small jets). 🦄

  95. Flossin Dabber

    Flossin Dabber

    12 dagar sedan

    Anyone else notice the orb at 12:26

  96. Samaldoful


    12 dagar sedan

    Stain the wood imo

  97. Christopher Ives

    Christopher Ives

    12 dagar sedan

    I'd vote for putting teak oil on the floor too! It will make it last much longer too.

  98. very nice

    very nice

    12 dagar sedan

    2000 is abit low for cruising speeds of a boat that size with those engines. Wanna be at atleast 2500 for max torque an better fuel economy

  99. Patrick M

    Patrick M

    12 dagar sedan

    Does 2k rpm get her on a plane? Can u show us the trim system ? Can we hear those Chryslers rev ? Is this boat ocean worthy or was it built for lake use only ?

  100. Rick Cox

    Rick Cox

    12 dagar sedan

    David... you're an odd duck. Although Tyler is also. Between the two of you, it's a toss up. But at least you're both doing things you love. So hats off to ya!