Killer American Akita has a love affair with the blow dryer

Kuma and 5 year old American Akita loves visiting me for obvious reasons.

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  1. Nihil umber

    Nihil umber

    13 dagar sedan

    1:12 How can you bring your head that close to this beast and not having a slight doubt what if he suddenly decides to bite it off?

    • Fiddlesticks WT

      Fiddlesticks WT

      4 timmar sedan

      Just look at his face, he's having the time of his life

    • R J Gaming

      R J Gaming

      10 timmar sedan

      @C C Grow up. I have 7 pitbulls 3 kids 3 of the pitbulls are 15 years of age and never hurt anyone or anything the other pits are 12 and 9 and same with them never hurt anyone or anything so instead of calling a random person dumb because of your wrong believes how about go and actually own a dog from a puppy and realize your way of thinking is completely WRONG. If you dont have experience you cant know the facts.

    • C C

      C C

      10 timmar sedan

      @R J Gaming Its ok, i forgive you for being this dumb do to nurture of western societies. just dont be angry when one of them snaps and mauls your or someone elses kids. that will happen with high chance.

    • R J Gaming

      R J Gaming

      11 timmar sedan

      @C C lol I know from a lot of experience with pit bulls so I know for a fact you’re wrong. Have a good day

    • C C

      C C

      11 timmar sedan

      @R J Gaming i know thats what you wish for it to be, but no. its genetical and you cant overwrite bred traits with nurture.

  2. charjl


    Timme sedan

    Kuma the bear wants to fight...

  3. Kirk Pomerleau

    Kirk Pomerleau

    Timme sedan

    What an amazing job!

  4. PixBoi


    2 timmar sedan

    Damn his head big

  5. Amanda Arteno

    Amanda Arteno

    3 timmar sedan

    I had an Akita/Lab mix that I got from the animal shelter and he lived for 15 years. He was a beautiful and loyal friend I hope dogs go to heaven RIP Sampson

  6. les mercredis on porte du rose

    les mercredis on porte du rose

    3 timmar sedan

    Behold Kuma, the Raymond Holt of dogs

  7. Tabi


    4 timmar sedan

    I just love the title

  8. kevin carifelle

    kevin carifelle

    4 timmar sedan

    Yeah ok call him Killer bring more negative attention to the breed. Wow!

  9. Redandgold Devil

    Redandgold Devil

    5 timmar sedan

    2:06 he looks so fluffin majestic and natural at it

  10. hanswadam2


    5 timmar sedan

    cute doggy

  11. Brent Burnett

    Brent Burnett

    5 timmar sedan

    Beautiful dog 🐕

  12. Jadon


    5 timmar sedan

    female burger king foot lettuce guy

  13. Jason Bourne

    Jason Bourne

    6 timmar sedan

    killer is the wrong name - more like grumpy wise man

  14. Adebowale Oluwatobiloba

    Adebowale Oluwatobiloba

    6 timmar sedan

    This dog is scary ngl😂😂😂

  15. Josh Walker

    Josh Walker

    6 timmar sedan

    Beautiful dog

  16. Cozy


    7 timmar sedan

    1:43 you might as well place some careless whisper over that.

  17. snickle snockle

    snickle snockle

    7 timmar sedan

    I'm like this and stopped working because everyone gets nervous around me and that makes me nervous

  18. Brandon Davis

    Brandon Davis

    8 timmar sedan

    Kuma: *stares indignantly* Also Kuma when he feels the blow-dryer: *Yaaaas girl, right there, get it.*

  19. Nunayo Bisnez

    Nunayo Bisnez

    8 timmar sedan

    I did not know there were American Akitas, only the Japanese Akitas. Learned something new!

  20. Antonio Picariello

    Antonio Picariello

    8 timmar sedan


  21. L3G3ND4RY_ST4TUS


    9 timmar sedan

    The are the kind of dogs, I always have a extra can of food for, the Japanese version of Akita is what he is. We’re best friends now.

  22. sannanas 999

    sannanas 999

    10 timmar sedan

    what a sweet dog

  23. No One

    No One

    11 timmar sedan

    This dog reminds me of Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec

  24. Gabi R

    Gabi R

    11 timmar sedan

    Kuma: It’s just you and me babe

  25. Robert


    11 timmar sedan

    American Akita? Are there American Shepherd?

  26. 아무무


    11 timmar sedan

    Dog so Japanese it hides its emotions too

  27. rpm773


    11 timmar sedan

    Kuma, after enjoying many minutes with the blow dryer: "That was nice"

  28. 눈_눈Paimon


    12 timmar sedan

    I've never seen this kind of breed. Goddamn he's majestic

  29. vev


    12 timmar sedan

    such a fitting name, he looks just like a bear 😍

  30. Gone Fishin

    Gone Fishin

    12 timmar sedan

    Fkin stupid. No one should be allowed to keep dogs which are originally bread to fight and be aggressive. Just dumb. Let's walk tigers and lions down the street. Not challenging, ridiculous is the word you're looking for and one day it will just as likely turn round and maul you and I will have zero sympathy.

  31. wool69


    12 timmar sedan

    aren't they a Japanese breed?

  32. Алексей Ганг

    Алексей Ганг

    13 timmar sedan

    Пока мыли: морда серьёзная, довольная😁

  33. ratboy genius

    ratboy genius

    13 timmar sedan

    i think i would call him sir

  34. blaszane_zegarki


    13 timmar sedan

    Please, sterilized all breed. I love dogs, I love all animals but he is the only dog that scarified me

  35. Marina Disterhof

    Marina Disterhof

    13 timmar sedan


  36. J K

    J K

    14 timmar sedan

    I had a border collie akita cross. I can see so much of him in Kuma.

  37. Mike Sahle

    Mike Sahle

    14 timmar sedan

    Well I think 🧐 you forgot the white chest 😌😍scratches, rub ,hug for jubilee luck 🍀 thank you 🙏 for the video .

  38. lollandz


    14 timmar sedan

    my allergi gets triggerd

  39. Gajin1542


    14 timmar sedan

    Кокой же он красивый пёсель!!!

  40. No1buzznut123


    14 timmar sedan

    And they're also known for killing bears

  41. protec & attac

    protec & attac

    14 timmar sedan

    How tough are you? I love the blow dryer? Right this way sir!

  42. Anna Preis

    Anna Preis

    15 timmar sedan

    Krásný 🐕👁️👁️❤️❤️

  43. Juan Villanueva

    Juan Villanueva

    15 timmar sedan

    Kind of lame to call the dog emotionless when it is so obviously not.

  44. Sue Phillips

    Sue Phillips

    15 timmar sedan

    When I was a kid I used to bring dogs home all the time.... I would've been in my glory bringing this baby home....

  45. Krystyl Summers

    Krystyl Summers

    15 timmar sedan

    No I want a pomsky

  46. Estevan Ledsinger

    Estevan Ledsinger

    16 timmar sedan

    I'm in love with myself.

  47. Crystal Austin

    Crystal Austin

    16 timmar sedan

    Kuma acts just like my dog, except mine is a Australian Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd mix. Very unexpressive unless he thinks I'm going somewhere, lol. Also super jealous/aggressive toward unknown people or animals who come near me, (especially if they look at me funny). He also has resting bitch face, but my favorite thing about my dog are his eye brows. His coat markings make him look like he has thick eyebrows and that he's constantly judging you, LOL! When he was small he always looked sad, so I always tried comforting him, (it was just how his face looked. Whoops...) so now if he wants attention, he just casually stares at me, judgingly.

  48. Denisse Lopez

    Denisse Lopez

    16 timmar sedan

    okay but where is she located ??? 😭 someone please say Vegas 😭

  49. Natalija Raudonike

    Natalija Raudonike

    16 timmar sedan

    Какой красавчик. Видно верный. Добрый. Любви ему. Заботы

  50. IcAlot Donthide

    IcAlot Donthide

    17 timmar sedan

    This dog reminds me of my Husband.

  51. Darran La'Brooy

    Darran La'Brooy

    17 timmar sedan

    Yes I did very beautiful dog alot of maintenance life time commitments and very powerful dog very loving pet

  52. omari


    17 timmar sedan

    I prefer kishu Inu, i don't like this dog here.

  53. JODI26mob


    18 timmar sedan

    He happy 😊 the whole time

  54. Veritech


    18 timmar sedan

    1:44 You are blow drying his dong so that's why he enjoys it.

  55. Gary Clarke

    Gary Clarke

    18 timmar sedan

    Love the way she's basically just working away, obviously very professional, this is a great breed and obviously great owner, dog probably looks forward to the blow drying at the end, but when dealing with alpha dogs like this, just be alert, do your job and don't challenge with eye contact, but seems totally chilled BECAUSE the grommer is also chilled, I'd even go so far and say he / she loves this TLC just for the dog....

  56. Elena Krasnopolsky

    Elena Krasnopolsky

    18 timmar sedan


  57. Soundjunk


    18 timmar sedan

    Wow! What an amazing dog...Beautyful,strong and proud all at the same time.

  58. コバンザメよしふみ


    19 timmar sedan


  59. DeadSilent87


    19 timmar sedan

    Its cute lol he's got that straight fed up facial expression its hilarious xD you can totally picture like a monotone bark from him

  60. Debbie Judd

    Debbie Judd

    19 timmar sedan

    I don't think he likes it much.

  61. Theodore Williamson

    Theodore Williamson

    19 timmar sedan

    If you didn't know, "kuma" means bear in japanese, so the owners named their dog "bear"

  62. PoopiePants Mcgee

    PoopiePants Mcgee

    19 timmar sedan

    I mess heavy flo with resting B Face. I actually like this dog!? Wow

  63. Jerwin Sison

    Jerwin Sison

    20 timmar sedan

    Base on the blow dryer scene probably he loves a car ride and hes out of the window enjoying the breeze

  64. Bella Apple

    Bella Apple

    21 timme sedan

    Whoa look at all his muscles. I would put a big muzzle on him first. And then spray him from far away. I love that you treated him no different than your other clients. Bless your heart 💝

  65. AO


    21 timme sedan

    Is this only for dogs yes? Asking for a friend

  66. buenoisbuen


    21 timme sedan

    Kuma looks like he's about to rob a bank

  67. jackie b

    jackie b

    22 timmar sedan

    My old neighbor had a few akitas. And, the old lady was a cranky doggie. The other ones were dopey. They were puppies. But omg.

  68. Matsu Kitsune

    Matsu Kitsune

    23 timmar sedan

    Best reaction to the blow dryer so far

  69. D'Nicky Karito

    D'Nicky Karito

    23 timmar sedan

    He'll be all gangsta and emotionless till the blow dryer is on

  70. Suen Zhong

    Suen Zhong

    Dag sedan

    Akitas and Pitbulls are illegal in my country. I see them on your channel so thanks.

  71. infallibleblue


    Dag sedan

    I’ve never seen an American Akita. Stunning! Also, I appreciate you being very honest that the Akita breed is not for everyone, but for some there is nothing better.

  72. Thomas W Burns Jr

    Thomas W Burns Jr

    Dag sedan

    He is a very handsome dog. Even for an Akita

  73. Natacha Sales

    Natacha Sales

    Dag sedan

    😂😂😂the dryer is his best friend

  74. My Stuff To Share

    My Stuff To Share

    Dag sedan

    Dogs don't have "gender" (masculine/feminine/neuter). They, like all mammals are sexed (male/female"). Please respect the difference.

  75. Wes Duckworth

    Wes Duckworth

    Dag sedan

    If you were in Quesnel I would pay extra just to get a brake from my dog he’s 4 turning 5 and is a complete disaster of a dog has never had a bath and he’s a bousaron AKA a French shepherd his names max keep in mind I’m only 12 but that Akita is awesome that should be my next dog and I have a lot of experience with dogs

  76. Nexum


    Dag sedan

    Kuma: Must show no feelings Blow dryer: Exists

  77. Super


    Dag sedan

    i don't believe you could have started this video with more shitty words than you chose.

  78. Yuki Inuma

    Yuki Inuma

    Dag sedan

    Great Looking Big Guy!

  79. jamie lake

    jamie lake

    Dag sedan

    The commentary and his face alone...hollering 🤣

  80. Natalia Pérez

    Natalia Pérez

    Dag sedan

    Absolutely beautiful ❤💋

  81. Bansku 96

    Bansku 96

    Dag sedan

    😍😍😍😍😍best dog breeds👍😻 1.American akita and akita

  82. Kate Carlisle

    Kate Carlisle

    Dag sedan

    Kuma shows emotion, Kuma is blissed out.

  83. PMdoubleT


    Dag sedan

    number 5: burger king foot lettuce

  84. Tiffany Holman

    Tiffany Holman

    Dag sedan

    The heart shaped white patch on his chest is so adorable 😍

  85. Stephan Sourdon

    Stephan Sourdon

    Dag sedan

    Au sortir de ce traitement, le chien cherche une belle bouse de bovins pour se rouler dedans et effacer son parfum trop facile à pister pour les prédateurs !

  86. Izi de Oliveira

    Izi de Oliveira

    Dag sedan

    I have a bearcoat sharpei that has lots of allergies, his skin is very very sensitive and even the slightlest touch or even moving his fur by blowing on him can make him ich himself and he loves to be touched and scratched. I imagine Kuma feels the same way that's why he enjoys and scratches himself during the blowdryer, is like scratching a constant never ending ich.

  87. MyJunker Travels

    MyJunker Travels

    Dag sedan

    I had an all white akita named Captain cats. I called him this because he showed up one day with 14 kittens following him into my room when he was a pupper. We had no cats until Captain Cats recruited them. He was too friendly fer his breed. All in all he was an awesome doggo to grow up with.

  88. Dana Madl

    Dana Madl

    Dag sedan

    I also own an American Akita named Kuma 😅 hes my baby!!

  89. terrellinc22


    Dag sedan

    "...… disappointed Father after Parent Teacher Interviews".......We Feel That disappointment - Its Almost palpable. Any Kid has been there at least once with that look. TOOOOO Funny!

  90. yanssene vera

    yanssene vera

    Dag sedan

    What a handsome boy! 😊😊😊

  91. RunicGram


    Dag sedan

    I can't help but feel like the narrator of this has the same speech pattern as the one dude who voiced over all the form baton pose explanations in Warioware Smooth Moves

  92. Todd Miller

    Todd Miller

    Dag sedan

    my brother had an akita she was white and black this dog loved her family but not good with other dogs i spent a lot of time with she was very cool dog i still miss her its been years since she passed

  93. Alex M.

    Alex M.

    Dag sedan


  94. Anthony T.

    Anthony T.

    Dag sedan

    Such a beautiful and well behaved dog you have there 👍

  95. Secret_Armor


    Dag sedan

    Feminists disliked the vid for what she said in the beginning

  96. hi


    Dag sedan

    what's an american akita? aren't they a japanese breed?

    • CeruleanRogue


      Dag sedan

      The two breeds diverged because US servicemen took Akita's back home to the US after WW2. Not all kennel clubs consider them separate breeds but if you look at images of Japanese and American Akita's side by side they definitely look like different breeds now.

  97. Divested Doll

    Divested Doll

    Dag sedan

    He legit looks like a bear. Aww