Why don't I have this recipe before? healthy and cheap food in 10 minutes


  1. Shipa R

    Shipa R

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    Nice , I would replace some of that cheese with some egg , to much cheese for me

  2. Unavailable Now

    Unavailable Now

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    Can’t decide which is worse: the terrible knife skills, cooking eggplant without getting the bitterness out, or saying that a dish that cooks for an hour takes 10 minutes. Lousy recipe video.

  3. Ana Adam

    Ana Adam

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    Das siht lecker, viel, einfach und gesund aus. Das mache ich noch. Danke

  4. Pilar Palacios

    Pilar Palacios

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    Q delicia lo pondré en práctica gracias

  5. Annarita 1

    Annarita 1

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    wonderful 😋

  6. Kylie Logan

    Kylie Logan

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    Vegetarian lasagna yummy!

  7. Aina


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    I tried this recipe today for lunch and it turned out really nice. I will definitely make it again, I love that it's simple, healthy and tasty 😋

  8. aaa rabi

    aaa rabi

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  9. Fatima Sougrati

    Fatima Sougrati

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    Bravoooo Mais il manque l'oignon

  10. Julia Rebeca Navarrete

    Julia Rebeca Navarrete

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    Se antoja mmmmm

  11. El commedanto 84

    El commedanto 84

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    Hm smells delicious

  12. Gilles Kirsch

    Gilles Kirsch

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    Vielen Dank für das tolle Rezept, wusste heute Morgen noch nicht was ich kochen sollte. Mega lecker 😋

  13. Світлана Іванова

    Світлана Іванова

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    С пармезаном дешевая еда? Ну ну

  14. Гульсим Ахметбекова

    Гульсим Ахметбекова

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    Очень долго кошмар😴😴😴

  15. Mr. Yup

    Mr. Yup

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    I cringe at the choice of knife 😬

  16. Наталья В

    Наталья В

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    Горка пармезан и гора мацареллы делают это блюдо очень недёшевым. К тому же на готовку уйдёт прорва времени. В так-то да, выглядит вкусно

  17. Jac Shank

    Jac Shank

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    Looks so delicious !

  18. Liz Harley

    Liz Harley

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    This video appeared on You Tube this morning and I went out right away and bought the vegetables and made it for supper. I cheated though by using Marinara Sauce instead of your suggested crushed tomatoes. I may never eat anything else in my life!!!!! Thank you for sharing this gourmet delight.

  19. Kierie Burton

    Kierie Burton

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    So basically it's just cheese and vegetables....... made in an elaborate unnecessary way. White people.

  20. Jutta Lio

    Jutta Lio

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    10 Minuten? Wohl eher 1 Stunde.

  21. Matt t

    Matt t

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    Was the most boring thing I've eaten in a long time! Tried again with more salt 3 times the parmesan and substituted the mozzarella for double the amount of mature cheddar! Much better but still a side dish!

  22. Steffen Rosmus

    Steffen Rosmus

    5 dagar sedan

    Cooking and not having the right knife for the deal ? Come on this is ridicoulous.

  23. Gita Ajeng

    Gita Ajeng

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    It says "healthy and cheap food in 10 minutes" but it takes an hour until it's ready to eat

  24. being positive and bliss

    being positive and bliss

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    I like the music remind me disco 1980's. Rocking ...🕺💃

  25. Seval Batur

    Seval Batur

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    Görüntüye gell. 😝

  26. H. Jablonski

    H. Jablonski

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    Und wo ist der steak?



    6 dagar sedan

    ei ist die menstruation des huhns.. und in der mozzarella ist blut und eiter.. gesund ist anders, sry..

  28. Smart Market Tips

    Smart Market Tips

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    Lots of mozzarella!

  29. Nicola Conlamagliaviola

    Nicola Conlamagliaviola

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    You can see Italy in it

  30. Music750


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    6 dagar sedan

    Svaki recept dulji od 3min. je nepotreban

  32. Conny Conny

    Conny Conny

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  33. frankelijah1


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    Kinda like a Ratatoulle! I"m making this Tonite!!!! Thanks!

  34. Nature et beauté

    Nature et beauté

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  35. Houria Nhiri

    Houria Nhiri

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    Pour avoir un bon goût il est préférable d enlever les pepites avant de râper les 🍅

  36. Neşeli


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    Sebzeli mozzarella 🤨

  37. Beatriz Nuñez

    Beatriz Nuñez

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    Como se llama el plato??

  38. Şeyma Gedik

    Şeyma Gedik

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    Yalnız bu kadar peynir ürünü lüks ve asla ucuz değil burada

  39. Maninder Kaur

    Maninder Kaur

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    How can something that takes an hour to cook be advertised as food which can be made in 10 minutes?

    • Daph Daph

      Daph Daph

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      How can it be advertised as "healthy"?? 🤦‍♀️😂

  40. Sandeep Kaur

    Sandeep Kaur

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  41. Юрий Курохтин

    Юрий Курохтин

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  42. Галина Ерофеева

    Галина Ерофеева

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    Как долго

  43. الأكلات الريفية

    الأكلات الريفية

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    تسلم ايدك جميله جدا بالف صحه وعافيه

  44. Talha Rana

    Talha Rana

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    Yak 🤮🤮🤮

  45. Daph Daph

    Daph Daph

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    Misleading. Not 10 mins, and definitely not healthy. 💯 Click bate.

  46. Daph Daph

    Daph Daph

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    Please don't call this cheese mess "healthy" It's as healthy as any cheesy junk food.

  47. Снежана Пичугина

    Снежана Пичугина

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  48. David Cousineau

    David Cousineau

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    Thank you! A channel that is instructive without egos and all the talk. Easy to watch!

  49. amelia church

    amelia church

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    Could you please start making sense with your notices. They make no sense, so I avoid you. Ignorant

  50. Saadia A

    Saadia A

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    Coud 😍

  51. Maria Pilar Cabeza Lopez

    Maria Pilar Cabeza Lopez

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    En 10 minutos? Esto en menos de 40 -45 minutos no se hace, si solo ya ponerlo en el horno son 20 minutos

  52. Enzo itGoes

    Enzo itGoes

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    The veggies didn’t know you used a boning knife. Good work- and music is cool!

  53. SolyBar SolyMar

    SolyBar SolyMar

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    Everything was perfect until you had the bread .

  54. Ricardo Uchamocha

    Ricardo Uchamocha

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    Dice en 10 minutos ,y toca dejar el molde en el horno una hora,igual se ve delicioso, gracias

  55. Валентина Маликова

    Валентина Маликова

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  56. Diane Vitale

    Diane Vitale

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    Looks delicious. Am going to try after I get eggplant at grocers.Think I'll add some penne as someone suggested. Looks pretty quick & easy to put together. The bake time doesn't bother me. I wonder if left over can be frozen. I would think so.

  57. Michell Pierce

    Michell Pierce

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  58. Peggy Lasswell

    Peggy Lasswell

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    Check out operation lockstep..

  59. BBQ Craticulaphil

    BBQ Craticulaphil

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    "Warum habe ich dieses Rezept vorher nicht"....Was sollen uns diese Worte sagen? Lerne Deutsch....Deutsche Sprache schwere Sprache du Ausländer...

  60. BELLA bella

    BELLA bella

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    Sûrement bon,des légumes avec deux bons fromages miammmmmm thanks

  61. mustafa kocaman

    mustafa kocaman

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  62. Pas Garrido

    Pas Garrido

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    10 min en comértelo por qué en hacerlo tardas hora y media

  63. Divine Wind

    Divine Wind

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  64. Зоя Ивановна

    Зоя Ивановна

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  66. Luisa Baños

    Luisa Baños

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    Tomate sin pepitas, mejor

  67. Nisrine Chbaklo

    Nisrine Chbaklo

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    It seems delicious but expensive

  68. Vita Dreghici

    Vita Dreghici

    11 dagar sedan

    sunt fparte delicioasă aceste mîncăruri cu dovlecei am sa fac si eu

  69. SomeOther Name

    SomeOther Name

    11 dagar sedan

    There is so much cheese in this dish...how can it be healthy? Delicious, yes. But healthy...definitely NOT!

  70. Dina Gonzales

    Dina Gonzales

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  71. dolce e ricette

    dolce e ricette

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  72. TheMimilija


    12 dagar sedan

    I did this and it only took 10 minutes to cut everything. Of course, it took an hour to bake, but you can't expect vegtables to cook in 10 minutes. Not sure why everyone has a problem with that

    • Daph Daph

      Daph Daph

      2 dagar sedan

      @Yvonne Cheung i guess what people expect is the truth. But with today's cheap clickbaits everywhere, it's just too much ho ask 😎

    • Yvonne Cheung

      Yvonne Cheung

      2 dagar sedan

      They expect miracle to cook this in 10 mins. Just like people like to go eat in restaurants that sell food so cheap that is impossible to justify the cost.😎

    • Daph Daph

      Daph Daph

      6 dagar sedan

      Some people prefer the truth. If it's 70 minutes, they should just say that 🤷‍♀️ They also misleadingly call it "healthy", what makes it a cheap click bait. People just prefer honesty, I guess...

  73. giustina stasi

    giustina stasi

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  74. ちょこ


    12 dagar sedan

    バシレイオス1世? バジル?

  75. Nataliya Otmorskaya

    Nataliya Otmorskaya

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    Потому что, всему своё время! Не все сразу.

  76. Gordana Bančević

    Gordana Bančević

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    Stope with troše name of recepte. De ya vu 100 times

  77. Wen wen

    Wen wen

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  78. Чарлс Баркли

    Чарлс Баркли

    12 dagar sedan

    Don't leave your left thumb wide open when you cut. Amateur error 🥶

  79. Monica Sans

    Monica Sans

    12 dagar sedan


  80. englishman32257


    13 dagar sedan

    10 # plus 50 = 60 mins aber lecker Tasty

  81. Abdullah TARIFA

    Abdullah TARIFA

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    Yes 👉🦐🦞🦀🦑🦪🐟

  82. Abdullah TARIFA

    Abdullah TARIFA

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    Nopo 👉🤭

  83. zora mikic

    zora mikic

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    Здраво јесте,али и калорично (Моцарела,пармезан,маслиново уље),А има ту и посла.Далеко је то од само десет минута.Но,за сезону,права је ствар.

  84. M MCD

    M MCD

    14 dagar sedan

    There are very few things that actually cook in minutes - this isn't one of them. Why not just stir fry the veg first and then take all the other steps?

  85. adão geraldo silone

    adão geraldo silone

    14 dagar sedan


  86. Ирина Роженцова

    Ирина Роженцова

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    Почему НЕ БЫЛО этого рецепта Так правильно!

  87. Miriam Fernandez

    Miriam Fernandez

    14 dagar sedan

    Yumm, it's like a veggie lasagna! 😍

    • Sue Robinson

      Sue Robinson

      12 dagar sedan

      No it's not. There are no pasta sheets or bischmal sauce

  88. Daisy Flowers

    Daisy Flowers

    14 dagar sedan

    Looks delicious! Thank u.

  89. Marina Kojarina

    Marina Kojarina

    14 dagar sedan

    Хорошо молчит, а то бы ещё комментировала:режу цукини, баклажаны перец, и т.д и т.п.. Помешать посыпать, сыпать-трусить.

    • Anna B

      Anna B

      10 dagar sedan


  90. A. Adam

    A. Adam

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    Please volume down the music , why you don't speak in the video and give some comments

  91. Ксения Павловская

    Ксения Павловская

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    Почему не было раньше..

  92. Arpademia Harps Festival

    Arpademia Harps Festival

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  93. Gnoc


    15 dagar sedan

    Muy Sana y deliciosa.

  94. L LFM

    L LFM

    15 dagar sedan

    I’m getting very nervous watching how close the knife is to the cooks fingers.

  95. Hoda Mousa

    Hoda Mousa

    15 dagar sedan

    please we need translation in Arabic

  96. Jim Jams Vintage Music

    Jim Jams Vintage Music

    15 dagar sedan

    I'm putting pizza dough under that, lol

  97. S Bishop

    S Bishop

    15 dagar sedan

    I’ve made the zucchini dish and it’s delicious ! I’ll have to try the broccoli one !🥰

  98. paolo marchetti

    paolo marchetti

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  99. أخبار ومعلومات منوعه

    أخبار ومعلومات منوعه

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  100. Оксана Селевертова

    Оксана Селевертова

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    Язмазня! Бе