Pyramid in a cage puzzle

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  1. Abhi


    Timme sedan

    now how to get it out?

  2. Ahsanul Daiyan

    Ahsanul Daiyan

    Timme sedan

    Good luck with getting it out now

  3. Pearl Perfect

    Pearl Perfect

    3 timmar sedan

    And how do u get it out?

  4. Josh Witte

    Josh Witte

    4 timmar sedan

    "That's right, it goes in the *square* hole"

  5. Hockey


    5 timmar sedan

    I have that and I did figured it out the moment it got out of the box

  6. Lavanya Shri

    Lavanya Shri

    6 timmar sedan

    Length of vertex of pyramid is a*2^1/2

  7. TypeAlpha55


    6 timmar sedan

    That’s obvious. It’s called using: “Common Sense.”

  8. Serto disturber

    Serto disturber

    7 timmar sedan

    I should have study hard

  9. Debanga Chutia

    Debanga Chutia

    7 timmar sedan


  10. M!ke_y M

    M!ke_y M

    8 timmar sedan

    This is literally "thinking outside the box" :)

  11. HYKUZA


    8 timmar sedan

    Now take it out

  12. mani lez

    mani lez

    9 timmar sedan


  13. Jesse Mathiu

    Jesse Mathiu

    10 timmar sedan

    Google problem solving does not approve this

  14. Nomad


    10 timmar sedan

    Well done lad, now take it out

  15. Lisa Moengaroa

    Lisa Moengaroa

    11 timmar sedan


  16. RonsKing


    11 timmar sedan

    Dude that's easy and you just explain longer.

  17. 01_Abhishek Bhattacharyya_XI_C2

    01_Abhishek Bhattacharyya_XI_C2

    12 timmar sedan

    Now how will he take it out

  18. Scp 049

    Scp 049

    12 timmar sedan

    Question: how hard it will be to get it out

  19. sourav saha

    sourav saha

    12 timmar sedan

    Its very easy for any child

  20. rinesh benny

    rinesh benny

    13 timmar sedan

    It's fake...triguler peramid does not have syuare base...

  21. Thai Son Bui

    Thai Son Bui

    13 timmar sedan

    Đưa vào đường chéo

  22. Easy Story

    Easy Story

    13 timmar sedan

    Now take it out

  23. Indiana the 3rd

    Indiana the 3rd

    13 timmar sedan

    Thought this was a render for a sec

  24. WarThunder Cinematic.

    WarThunder Cinematic.

    14 timmar sedan

    So not difficult. Couldve just said that.

  25. Junaidi Pasber

    Junaidi Pasber

    14 timmar sedan

    Lu az bang yg bikin puyeng..

  26. Sean O'Hara

    Sean O'Hara

    15 timmar sedan

    Put the pyramid on top get hammer

  27. Turkish Punisher

    Turkish Punisher

    15 timmar sedan

    Most humans struggle with this ridiculously easy puzzle. Also humans: we are the most intelligent species in the universe.



    15 timmar sedan

    The difficult is not how to put in, but how you move to put out

  29. • T a u r u s •

    • T a u r u s •

    15 timmar sedan

    How do you get it out tho

  30. melon Balls

    melon Balls

    15 timmar sedan

    How will you get it out then?

  31. no play no game

    no play no game

    16 timmar sedan

    Me who just sets it down and slaps the triangle in

  32. Sahil Shinde Official

    Sahil Shinde Official

    16 timmar sedan

    Joining 2 triangles makes a piece of a square...its too easy

  33. Hexatunes


    17 timmar sedan

    Perception is reality

  34. K1_imzlatanita


    17 timmar sedan

    Now how you get out that?

  35. Conny Sell

    Conny Sell

    17 timmar sedan


  36. cosmo


    18 timmar sedan

    7 year old me playing with one of those shape boxes you find in the waiting room of a pediatrician and squeezing the wrong shapes into the right place:

  37. Khairul anwar

    Khairul anwar

    19 timmar sedan


  38. Elijah Nelson

    Elijah Nelson

    19 timmar sedan

    i knew the answer before he even said it

  39. •Mawada•


    20 timmar sedan

    You can put a triangle in square but .. You can't put a brain in tik tok ( yt shorts too )

  40. Marcoss


    21 timme sedan

    That's right, it goes into the squareee hole

  41. Nathan's Nonsense

    Nathan's Nonsense

    23 timmar sedan

    That one was easy, took me like 5 seconds to figure it out in my head

  42. Timothy Wike

    Timothy Wike

    Dag sedan

    Cool little puzzle

  43. PhaceplaM


    Dag sedan

    This is like those phone game ad , ur literally not trying

  44. Doge Bread

    Doge Bread

    Dag sedan

    Good luck getting that out

  45. JustACasualGamer :D

    JustACasualGamer :D

    Dag sedan

    Well how do u get it out now ;-;

    • Puzzle guy

      Puzzle guy

      Dag sedan

      Same way but backwards

  46. cedrikwood4 djtj

    cedrikwood4 djtj

    Dag sedan

    How do you get it out then?

    • cedrikwood4 djtj

      cedrikwood4 djtj

      23 timmar sedan

      @Puzzle guy oh... now I know!!

    • Puzzle guy

      Puzzle guy

      23 timmar sedan

      Just flip the cage upside-down and rotate the pyramid inside to match the shape of the cutout.

    • cedrikwood4 djtj

      cedrikwood4 djtj

      Dag sedan

      @Puzzle guy “how are you supposed to grab it out from that box if it is that small?” is what I was trying to say. Do you arrange it while it is upside down?

    • Puzzle guy

      Puzzle guy

      Dag sedan

      Exactly the same way I put it in

  47. Parth Jariwala

    Parth Jariwala

    Dag sedan

    Now make it come out , thats the real task!

  48. Shailendra Singh Bhadoria

    Shailendra Singh Bhadoria

    Dag sedan

    Uh, how to get it out???

  49. DannyusxD


    Dag sedan

    To ez if you have a piraminx

  50. Unknown techy🅥

    Unknown techy🅥

    Dag sedan

    I know This😁😂

  51. Aurelia Oliver

    Aurelia Oliver

    Dag sedan

    Dude that's common sense

  52. Champagnepapi


    Dag sedan

    How do y'all get that out😂

  53. Game Dog

    Game Dog

    Dag sedan

    Плагиат Якушечника

    • Game Dog

      Game Dog

      Dag sedan


    • Puzzle guy

      Puzzle guy

      Dag sedan

      😉 я не из обидчивых, иначе бы уже давно удалил канал и спился с горя. Комменты бывают разные 🤣

    • Game Dog

      Game Dog

      Dag sedan

      Я шучу, без обид😘

    • Puzzle guy

      Puzzle guy

      Dag sedan


  54. elia sujashvili

    elia sujashvili

    Dag sedan

    yeah it's easy but now you can't get it out of there 😉

  55. ##FHK_AS_NOEL227##


    Dag sedan

    When an idiot idea : hammer

  56. Hussain Ali

    Hussain Ali

    Dag sedan


  57. Johnny Jahau

    Johnny Jahau

    Dag sedan

    I can do it too your bad at youtube 😏

  58. Hades Dogs

    Hades Dogs

    Dag sedan

    So everything I told you was true From a certain point of view

  59. Pete Benassi

    Pete Benassi

    Dag sedan

    Isn't a three sided "pyramid" called a prism?

  60. John Dimaala

    John Dimaala

    Dag sedan

    what wait! let me process it to my brain

  61. tee boon yong

    tee boon yong

    Dag sedan

    Quick question now how do u get the pyramid out of it?

  62. MVP_KZ


    Dag sedan

    Mind blown. But it makes perfect sense :)😱😱😱

  63. SavageShaunak


    Dag sedan

    Good luck taking that out 😂

  64. A.K.G


    Dag sedan

    Now put out the triangle 🔺️

  65. 카노


    Dag sedan


  66. noel macararanga

    noel macararanga

    Dag sedan

    How do you take it out?

  67. devin houser

    devin houser

    Dag sedan

    I just take a ball ping hammer it will go through you got to be smarter then the cube

  68. Prospaw Pet supply

    Prospaw Pet supply

    Dag sedan

    and removing it?

  69. Felipe Islleid Ferreira

    Felipe Islleid Ferreira

    Dag sedan


  70. KIillabytez (Hellraezer)

    KIillabytez (Hellraezer)

    Dag sedan

    Better question: how to remove it without breaking the cage so you can demonstrate it again?

  71. Dennis Noel Barroga

    Dennis Noel Barroga

    Dag sedan

    Both square and triangle has right angles so that's not really surprising.

  72. Uday Bheema

    Uday Bheema

    Dag sedan

    Was tat so tough to put it in

  73. CryptoInvest


    Dag sedan

    Buy Metal Crypto for great return

  74. Pedro Tavares

    Pedro Tavares

    Dag sedan

    Why u using beginners challenge?

  75. Dali Dridi

    Dali Dridi

    Dag sedan

    3 years old kid can do it easily without watching this tutorial

  76. Dio Alan

    Dio Alan

    Dag sedan


  77. de_stroyed


    Dag sedan

    I instantly knew how you were gonna do it this is easy..

  78. dhwilly


    Dag sedan

    Thanks for spoiling it

  79. AX wvwwm

    AX wvwwm

    Dag sedan


  80. SkoollZ


    Dag sedan

    OW!! My head!

  81. I D Psalm 33

    I D Psalm 33

    Dag sedan

    Master ogway

  82. Tango


    2 dagar sedan

    Nice but Fcuk man, To demonstrate this you either made it or bought it. Kindly go and watch a movie Beautiful mind.

  83. mohd zeeshan

    mohd zeeshan

    2 dagar sedan

    The hole shape and triangle shape is same

  84. str84ward Action

    str84ward Action

    2 dagar sedan

    I thought so

  85. Dineo Mathaba

    Dineo Mathaba

    2 dagar sedan

    How are you going to take it out now....... I bet you didn't think that one through did you?

  86. Childe's toes‼️‼️😼😼

    Childe's toes‼️‼️😼😼

    2 dagar sedan

    cage the pyramid

  87. Mushable


    2 dagar sedan

    And also you can just put it by matching one corner of the triangle with a corner of the square

  88. Explore What You want

    Explore What You want

    2 dagar sedan

    Legend says you are an illuminati...

  89. FireWire GHD

    FireWire GHD

    2 dagar sedan

    This shit ain‘t hard

  90. o_O Naner O_o

    o_O Naner O_o

    2 dagar sedan

    Very useful for 3 year old kids

  91. RSP TV

    RSP TV

    2 dagar sedan

    Funny accent

  92. rly bruh [Naso]

    rly bruh [Naso]

    2 dagar sedan

    Reported for spam 🤌

  93. Nosaj Garcia

    Nosaj Garcia

    2 dagar sedan

    Yeah I know

  94. The Legend

    The Legend

    2 dagar sedan

    This video recommend for children

  95. Aneesan അനീശൻ

    Aneesan അനീശൻ

    2 dagar sedan


  96. Gionathan Bailo

    Gionathan Bailo

    2 dagar sedan

    Very good 👍

  97. Torpid Fella

    Torpid Fella

    2 dagar sedan

    What the frick did I just watch?

  98. Lisa Ray [Ghost Queen Of Atis]

    Lisa Ray [Ghost Queen Of Atis]

    2 dagar sedan


  99. Joshua Gabriel

    Joshua Gabriel

    2 dagar sedan

    Puzzle for fools...