American Thug vs. UK Roadman


  1. Game Rocker

    Game Rocker

    17 dagar sedan

    Yo welcome to chewkz channel fam!

    • Ghost garcello

      Ghost garcello

      9 dagar sedan


    • Des Longbottom

      Des Longbottom

      11 dagar sedan


    • Dylan


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      Idk why British people think roadmen are so tough a real "thug" which no one calls them that here would beat the breaks off any goofy ass roadman as soon as they reach for their lil homemade shank they taking flight and beating that mfs ass

    • Bath egg

      Bath egg

      14 dagar sedan

      5k like

    • justin heer fur dacomments

      justin heer fur dacomments

      14 dagar sedan

      When you said welcome to London fam that killed me

  2. Astronomiez


    8 timmar sedan

    If he said Tottenham...

  3. Kid with a honda

    Kid with a honda

    17 timmar sedan

    you need more "my drillas and my gees"

  4. 쀵쀵귀염이


    18 timmar sedan

    yuuuppp that indeed is a roadman 🤣 my g, bruv, innit, fam and always wear the same type of outfit, and they all look the same so it's easy to avoid them as well.

  5. ralphloke


    21 timme sedan

    These cats really think we weenies out here in the states 🤣🤣🤣 come get some!!

  6. Michael shabaz

    Michael shabaz

    Dag sedan

    Mans not hot

  7. TukeCS


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    Why wont he go in the shop with him? Anyways wasn’t a big issue

  8. Shrekify


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    Road man: I’m gonna shank you The dude from Brooklyn: haha my gun go brrrrrr Ok I mean he don’t have a gun In London but I’m just saying Brooklyn people are crazy and I should know because I’m from it

  9. AstridNights


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  10. Terrick Jones

    Terrick Jones

    2 dagar sedan

    "Did i *STUH-AH* "

  11. DJConner


    2 dagar sedan

    That scream 🤣

  12. K1ngBlackz


    2 dagar sedan

    "Ain't nobody doing no pissing dawg" Fam I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣

  13. JONG IC


    2 dagar sedan

    London is blue!

  14. Blue Planet

    Blue Planet

    3 dagar sedan

    This is hilarious. xD Seriously tho... I hate London. :|

  15. Gautam Bihani

    Gautam Bihani

    3 dagar sedan


  16. Some potato with a face

    Some potato with a face

    3 dagar sedan

    *Please don't mash my potatoes*

  17. SiriHakuoh


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    LOOOOOOOOOL! 😆😆😆😆😆 What endz you know!!! I almost died watching this! The Roadman was 100% accurate still! 🤣😂🤣 #Quality

  18. Cerberus


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  19. Shrawan s kumar

    Shrawan s kumar

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    How does he multiply himself into two 😱😱😱

  20. Raeve


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  21. Korrupted Tomato

    Korrupted Tomato

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  22. Sw00t_y PrD

    Sw00t_y PrD

    4 dagar sedan

    Jesus Christ is the King

  23. Noah Swagger

    Noah Swagger

    4 dagar sedan

    BRUH IM CRYING !!!! JTFOO !!!! "Ain't nobody doing no pissing" lol

  24. Karma Akabane

    Karma Akabane

    5 dagar sedan

    Funny but he would of pulled a gun before that dude pulled a spoon

  25. Hajime Koda ch.幸田肇チャネル

    Hajime Koda ch.幸田肇チャネル

    5 dagar sedan

    Spoon lmao

  26. big man ron

    big man ron

    5 dagar sedan

    Mans life must be a nightmare ARSEnal 🤣🤣

  27. Escanor The Lion Sin Of Pride

    Escanor The Lion Sin Of Pride

    5 dagar sedan

    Dats roadman chewkz 4 u fam.

  28. Alpha Gamer Wolf

    Alpha Gamer Wolf

    5 dagar sedan

    What was that scream

  29. Shafayet Hossain

    Shafayet Hossain

    5 dagar sedan

    What a nice roadman

  30. Vanglhun


    5 dagar sedan

    Arsenal Lets go Gunners

  31. Saroj Nayak

    Saroj Nayak

    6 dagar sedan

    Arsenal fan here

  32. OuroborosWorm


    6 dagar sedan

    I love how the entire comment box has just devolved into "WHICH 1 WUD WIN. A KNIFE OR A GUN LOL" 😂

  33. Syavergio Tampi

    Syavergio Tampi

    6 dagar sedan

    my g supportin the gunners

  34. Vikrant


    6 dagar sedan




    6 dagar sedan

    Don't pith him off



    6 dagar sedan




    6 dagar sedan

    He lucky he did not bring out mans shank

  38. RoboLobster3000


    7 dagar sedan

    What about gopniks

  39. anthonyokfin 2

    anthonyokfin 2

    7 dagar sedan

    Mike tyson if he was from the uk

  40. Nicholas DeLisi

    Nicholas DeLisi

    7 dagar sedan

    here in the north east we utilize the term "pissed off", is that not common among the US?

  41. EnemyWithinYourHeart


    7 dagar sedan

    Now I finally have a name for these weirdos. Roadmen live in a very strange world.

  42. Lord Walter

    Lord Walter

    7 dagar sedan

    Did I shtutteh

  43. Donae Mckenzie

    Donae Mckenzie

    7 dagar sedan

    The last part with the spoon and the American got my laughing real good

  44. Abdul N

    Abdul N

    7 dagar sedan

    Why's man acting like RS

  45. Jaleng368


    7 dagar sedan

    WAIT ARSENAL… just hit him a couple times to get him thinking straight

    • Jaleng368


      6 timmar sedan

      @Astronomiez and

    • Astronomiez


      8 timmar sedan

      You play Roblox...

  46. wayn8100 wayn8100

    wayn8100 wayn8100

    7 dagar sedan

    I’ll shank u... (screams in hent4i)

  47. USA Sucks

    USA Sucks

    7 dagar sedan

    Uhh… Arsenal?

  48. Tyler Cieszenski

    Tyler Cieszenski

    7 dagar sedan

    Nahhh roadmen in Detroit will be zero game. Come near Youngstown Ohio and ask for a phone you'll meet Jesus

  49. Christian Cavelltaylor

    Christian Cavelltaylor

    7 dagar sedan

    The guys in this comment section saying " what's he gonna do when he pulls out a 9", I can guarantee have never been in a physical altercation in there entire life.

  50. GioThe Vanna

    GioThe Vanna

    7 dagar sedan

    "I'll shanku!" "Ahh~" *omg*

  51. Lilly Rawson

    Lilly Rawson

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  52. Andrew Ingram

    Andrew Ingram

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    Uhh Arsenal 💀

  53. hgzceptic


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  54. Brandon Tiffany

    Brandon Tiffany

    8 dagar sedan

    Ahh so UKers haven't really seen the crack heads and other druggies in America I live in a high middle class and we still got them posting up to be picked up for sexual services so after they can go get crack from down the street and a trap house and other dealers all thanks to democrats odd thing is my whole life growing up here only had pot dealers got my bud from them now they got pills, meth, white, u name it, druggies are worst then the spreading of covid here and nothing is done?🥺 Honestly I think u guys need to come here and see for your selves and not just see but stay in it like us then you'll realize how bad it is in what was a few now is a bunch an infestation best to say best to near covid then this anarchy!



    8 dagar sedan

    Did I SHTU-A?!?!

  56. GFEAST


    8 dagar sedan

    Simple, us got guns and uk got knives and crumpets

  57. D VDV

    D VDV

    8 dagar sedan

    Nice plot twist with the spoon lmao

  58. Samuel Sell

    Samuel Sell

    8 dagar sedan

    The lisp ahahah



    8 dagar sedan

    American thug will definitely win

  60. Galaxy Arctic Wolf

    Galaxy Arctic Wolf

    8 dagar sedan

    Bish if someone gonna come up to me like that in the UK you best bet imma get out my 5 in American flag knife to warn the dude to stay away

    • Spoofy


      8 dagar sedan

      So scary, also you realise no one would do this, unless you believe everything a skit tells you

  61. Ucfhib Uiggcb

    Ucfhib Uiggcb

    8 dagar sedan

    Bro your vids are lit on 🔥 it cool

  62. karuta


    8 dagar sedan

    I think he would've just pulled a gun out

  63. Cristiano you made me a machine

    Cristiano you made me a machine

    8 dagar sedan

    Lol Arsenal me was Chelsea fan since 2010 is a discgrace

  64. hsuwjsbxuscjdjdhudksjd


    8 dagar sedan

    Yes so true until the American pulls out the glock a start robbing him

    • Spoofy


      8 dagar sedan

      Yeah and then the American gets put in prison for 5 years

  65. JMSLAYER09


    8 dagar sedan

    I would like to see a American thug and a road man the thug would rock his shit

  66. B


    8 dagar sedan

    Yeah I got me shamnkin license rioght hea

    • Spoofy


      8 dagar sedan


  67. jyiam brylle

    jyiam brylle

    8 dagar sedan

    Did he just say arsenal the rlcs pro at rocket league

  68. Kyoka Jirou

    Kyoka Jirou

    8 dagar sedan

    I wanted to visit Uk, like a vacation. I’m now rethinking

  69. Superior Joe

    Superior Joe

    9 dagar sedan

    In Reality the road man would have been shot multiple times

  70. Axelite clan shorts

    Axelite clan shorts

    9 dagar sedan

    Bruh stop playing

  71. TOPZ


    9 dagar sedan

    Arsenal 😭🤣

  72. Hatqo


    9 dagar sedan

    No wut he just speak different

    • Spoofy


      8 dagar sedan

      This was a skit you can't just base this skit off of every road man apparently saying th at

  73. Hatqo


    9 dagar sedan

    Sorry not th he says like z at the end of almost every word

  74. Hatqo


    9 dagar sedan

    Why dose Roadmen say th at the end of almost every word

  75. Mark Chapman

    Mark Chapman

    9 dagar sedan

    It was Chelsea. We practiced this.

  76. Aiden Sarlak

    Aiden Sarlak

    9 dagar sedan

    When he asked what football team you support, he should’ve said an American football team

  77. Angel Lawless

    Angel Lawless

    9 dagar sedan

    what’s up with the brits and americans always arguing in the comments? this channel is fucking hilarious. his american accent is pretty bad which makes it even funnier.

  78. Retqrd Wrangler

    Retqrd Wrangler

    9 dagar sedan

    Hilarious cuz sum like this would neva happen

  79. Enzo Gaming

    Enzo Gaming

    9 dagar sedan

    That scream 😂😂😂🤣

  80. lolvictor


    9 dagar sedan

    Them roadmen always have the same outfits

  81. Azeb Yohannes

    Azeb Yohannes

    9 dagar sedan


  82. river j

    river j

    9 dagar sedan


  83. awesomedude 555

    awesomedude 555

    9 dagar sedan

    Okay but the ending was wholesome as fuck.

  84. Retr0Ruler 101

    Retr0Ruler 101

    9 dagar sedan


  85. Sachwin Kohli

    Sachwin Kohli

    9 dagar sedan

    Expected the American to pop a glock

  86. Cracky Baby

    Cracky Baby

    9 dagar sedan

    The only thing the American thug is missing is a uzi that would make the cherry on top mate

  87. Fleeb


    9 dagar sedan

    we woulda got shot in reality

  88. Raph Coïc

    Raph Coïc

    9 dagar sedan

    I opened the arm of my sister ( less than one inch ) with a spoon 🥄

  89. Z!Ro


    10 dagar sedan

    I know all of the characters are done by one person but my brain refuses to accept this fact

  90. CYIX


    10 dagar sedan

    Man shoulda just said 'law it' or 'big man ting'

  91. Hermes Conrad

    Hermes Conrad

    10 dagar sedan

    You can spot a roadman by either one, hes wearing a beanie in boiling hot weather with a jacket or two, a blue adidas thin jacket with a red baseball cap

  92. Zai Izkuku

    Zai Izkuku

    10 dagar sedan

    That scream though

  93. Kendrick Llama

    Kendrick Llama

    10 dagar sedan

    Americans saying how long a roadman would last in America not knowing that 2 UK man ran New York in the 90s. If you know you know

  94. Doughnut Lord

    Doughnut Lord

    10 dagar sedan

    That’s not a knife that’s a spoon I see you’ve played knifey spoony before

  95. Enclave


    10 dagar sedan

    Bro that a terrible thug mans don’t got a gun even here in Canada we got shotguns

  96. seven_ _7_bS0

    seven_ _7_bS0

    10 dagar sedan

    ARSENAL supporter in London, its all good then!

  97. RCT_34 -

    RCT_34 -

    10 dagar sedan

    Naw guy in red pulling a gun 😂

  98. Mohamed Tawfiq

    Mohamed Tawfiq

    10 dagar sedan

    I support arsenal too but please don't laugh at me 🥺🥺🥺

    • miko foin

      miko foin

      10 dagar sedan

      Arsenal 😭 ded 💀

  99. BossAura YT

    BossAura YT

    10 dagar sedan

    Nah I had a road man pressing me I just kept walking he was just screaming at me from like 20ft away

  100. Chizzle Bizzle11

    Chizzle Bizzle11

    10 dagar sedan

    Roadmen are weird that’s why I don’t go out at night