I LOVE ridiculous product placement in music videos


  1. Nina R

    Nina R

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    you're kind of giving me off brand Ezra Fitz today

  2. Dano Cananan

    Dano Cananan

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    Sir mike was that a perks of being a wallflower reference

  3. Miss Sarah N. Hammond

    Miss Sarah N. Hammond

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    Gaga is very intelligent and witty with giving us all a side wink, with her product placements whether they're real products or not.

  4. gem_shw


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    23:20 "maybe they were ea game changers and had early access" like1?@?W# aaaAAA THE WAY I SCREAMED I TELL YOU KSKJSDKJSKND

  5. Brianna Turton

    Brianna Turton

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    Lots of prisoners have cellphones. They even go live on tiktok

  6. Valkyrie Eden

    Valkyrie Eden

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    But the product placement in early fall out boy music videos though... we aren't gonna talk about it?

  7. B Willzzz

    B Willzzz

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    i wish all your videos were this long but also i know editing probably pisses you off so i will not complain

  8. Lea M.

    Lea M.

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    The product placements were always blurred in the music videos in Germany. It's called "Schleichwerbung" and I guess it's illegal here (and in Europe in general I think?), if it doesn't say clearly that is is a paid product placement. So this is actually the first time my life that I discover what was under all this blurred parts of the videos...and now I suddenly feel the urge to buy miracle whip?

  9. Nicole Miggin

    Nicole Miggin

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    Just saying you could drop those nokia's and that shit doesn't break.

  10. Μηνάς Δερμάτης

    Μηνάς Δερμάτης

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    What about neon lights by Demi lovato. The Samsung sponsorship makes no sense

  11. M. M.

    M. M.

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    really really good video BUT your highly slanderous and incorrect opinion of the best movie of all time M:I 2 is telling me we won't get along 😔

  12. Dafgism


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    Am not a lawyer but, to answer your Lil Nas X question: I believe making a reference to a brand in a text/lyric/book/poem is not enough to make the author pay royalties. I can write a 500pg book about Nestle being evil and it would be fine (at least in the US). You aren't really impersonating/copying their product so its fine. However, there could be situations where you smear the brand with lies, which could get you sued.

  13. Hannah


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    you telling me you lived in Melbourne all that time and people just let you walk about saying "sangdwich"???

  14. Hortense Mailhos

    Hortense Mailhos

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    the ultimate example that comes to my mind is Cardi B’s music video for Up in which she abundantly displays a vibrator

  15. ceciliaaaxiful


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    20k is a pretty low budget for a film clip, if it's supported by a big US label you can expect it to cost about 100k+ when they're a newer popular artist, at the stage she is now I'm sure Gaga's clips are in the 7 figures

  16. SmarZ


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    Lady Gaga: Wearing cigarette sunnies Mike: 7:23

  17. Klara Harthun

    Klara Harthun

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    I literally just wrote an essay for uni on the Telephone music video about how the movie references and product placements are used for theme. love this

  18. Nadia McNaughton

    Nadia McNaughton

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    Not ashamed to say I got all excited when he mentioned the thing about apple products in movies as I commented that on his last video.

  19. grace mccraw

    grace mccraw

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    you inspire me

  20. Wil Arends

    Wil Arends

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    you NEED to check out the Rock n Roll video by Avril Lavigne

  21. Scott Miller

    Scott Miller

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  22. Patrick Acosta

    Patrick Acosta

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    AJR has a song called Beats which is literally just like a free product placement of Beats by Dre

  23. Marcel Mars

    Marcel Mars

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    gaga heartbeats unlocked a MEMORY

  24. Valerie Malone

    Valerie Malone

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    The product placement in Work Bitch too, most of Britneys videos tho could have its own video

  25. k a y l e e

    k a y l e e

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    so many of these things i don't even notice.

  26. Miguel Pinto

    Miguel Pinto

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    You forgot The time where Mate fit bottles invaded music videos

  27. CannotThinkOfAUsername


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    Lady Macbeth: 1:17

  28. Lisa Verhenne

    Lisa Verhenne

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    please please go watch the mv for El Diablo by Elena Tsagrinou, the product placement made me SCREAM

  29. R 85

    R 85

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    Me to my crush: *strikes pose* “me, focus on me”

  30. Anon


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    15:27 YOUR PROFILE PICTURE I- your brain is so massive.

  31. B S

    B S

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    SE-one was founded in 2005 so dilemma only really missed 4 years 😂

  32. rosiesprkls


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    At the beginning of this video I immediately thought of the kaja beauty products in señorita, glad I wasn’t the only one.

  33. PunkPinkJesusFreak13


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    Wait. Why was there blood all over his hand? ......are we never gonna find out?

  34. C Rosemerie

    C Rosemerie

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    Fergalicious has truly terrible product placement!!

  35. keep changing

    keep changing

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    Bestie the wall tour 😭

  36. Fodor Klári

    Fodor Klári

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    nothing is gonna beat AOA's like a cat music video when bestie in the middle of a robbery starts playing video games on her phone (at around 2:55). i can not stop thinking about that and it's been almost 7 years

  37. something unusual

    something unusual

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    oh my god i see the twice eyes wide open style version poster behind your mic

  38. Zoe Edgell

    Zoe Edgell

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    can we please talk about the obscene amount of product placement in the vampire diaries? every time i rewatch it angers me so much

  39. haus-of-gasa


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    that nicki website looks like a student made it for a project and got a decent grade, but it was a student project nonetheless

  40. E mechies

    E mechies

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    Lady Macbeth be like 1:17

  41. Kassandra Klassen

    Kassandra Klassen

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    The to be continued in Telephone referenced Beyoncé and Gaga’s Videophone… right? Stressing me out to be the only one who remembers this masterpiece

  42. HERcules


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    I still don’t know anyone who uses virgin mobile.

  43. Chris S

    Chris S

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    8:53 Speaking of plentyoffish.com, the website can also be seen in the video for Hold It Against Me by Britney, We R Who We R by Kesha, & Ridin' Solo by Jason Derulo.

  44. ashley m

    ashley m

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    the hold beats pills had on society in 2013 like wow i can’t not think of them when i think of we can’t stop

  45. Mindy


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    1:17 Velma Kelly after k¡ll¡ng her sister and husband

  46. drake frid

    drake frid

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    so slow i have to watch this on 2x

  47. skylar mae

    skylar mae

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  48. skylar mae

    skylar mae

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    the estee lauder advanced night repair serum ☠️

  49. Helena Silva

    Helena Silva

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    Can you talk abt papi by jlo? ly

  50. Shelby Beauchamp

    Shelby Beauchamp

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    After Kelly sang, I could hear the "Ahhh" right afterwards and automatically sang it out loud startling my cat. Those billion views doesn't even come close to how pervasive that song was in 2002 and got stuck in everyone's head.

  51. Molotov Borsodi

    Molotov Borsodi

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    23:20 not me playing the sims while watching this

  52. Ruby F

    Ruby F

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    lmao i love that you talked about the senorita mv bc that was instantly what came to mind when i read the title of the vid akdfsl. also a similar but slightly different idea for a vid that might be fun is ad songs !! not jingles, but full-on advertisements by musical artists in song form e.g. nct 127's taste the feeling for coca cola or the 101 kpop collabs about pepsi lol.

  53. Jenn Inka

    Jenn Inka

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    Kelly could have dropped that 2002 phone off her roof and it would probably be fine

  54. Jo Krump

    Jo Krump

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    the more mullet mike gets the more he looks like crystal method i love it

  55. Edwin Walker

    Edwin Walker

    2 dagar sedan

    This is a niche reference if you're not a big Eurovision fan, but the Cypriot entries of recent years have all had a commercial music video cut with the least subtle product placement. Love me some Fyffes bananas.

  56. Jenna Moore

    Jenna Moore

    2 dagar sedan

    HELLO I study IP rights in school. Lil Nas would not have to get permission or pay for a license to name drop Gucci or Wrangler, names and titles cannot be copyrighted! Even trademarked stuff usually does not go to court, which is why it's so easy to sell knockoff stuff here in the US. Old town road was just a Soundcloud song before it got big (I think) so Gucci wouldn't have paid him to name drop either.

  57. Alexa Stephanie

    Alexa Stephanie

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    DATME: ok.me/ehOj -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  58. Alissa W

    Alissa W

    3 dagar sedan

    i feel like you would have a field day with thai dramas

  59. matthew baca

    matthew baca

    3 dagar sedan

    those triangle headphones.... WERE GAGA BY DRE... i had a pair or 2 tyyy mom an dad

  60. peachprincess3


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    You should do a video on drake referencing degrassi and degrassi referencing drake

  61. paintingispoetry


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    "The vampire is eating Cool Ranch Doritos." Honestly never imagined I'd hear that as a sentence.

  62. Matty


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    You know what I think it is? I think Mike smoke’s crack everyday I think that’s what it is.

  63. johanna


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  64. MSilvia


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    23:20 Mike making a reference to Sims youtubers in his videos always brings me joy

  65. hannie


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    britney has a lot of product placement in her 'hold it against me' video!

  66. Mariana Bianconi Reis

    Mariana Bianconi Reis

    3 dagar sedan

    Not me having wrote my thesis on Netflix product placement

  67. L Fuehrer

    L Fuehrer

    3 dagar sedan

    nick please do more on the bad blood mv cause i think it made me gay

  68. Kyle Karl Aldin

    Kyle Karl Aldin

    3 dagar sedan

    can we just take a moment to talk about the product placement in halsey's alone AND strangers videos...... bc i i i i i i i i

  69. DaisyBryar


    3 dagar sedan

    "Here are all my hot friends. Also, here is Ellie Goulding" Ellie's wig is MISSING why you gotta victimise her like that

  70. Crybaby MVs

    Crybaby MVs

    3 dagar sedan


  71. Aymeric LAURENT

    Aymeric LAURENT

    3 dagar sedan

    Are they bidding using... A wii mote ?

  72. Honey Wilson

    Honey Wilson

    3 dagar sedan

    Mr. Mic, you've done it again, another Banger video

  73. Presley Taylor

    Presley Taylor

    3 dagar sedan

    Whenever I think ab product placements in music videos I always think of when Miley Cyrus applies eos chapstick in I think the we can’t stop music video

  74. Morgan Vandergrift

    Morgan Vandergrift

    3 dagar sedan

    newton by monsta x. pretty much a giant ad for lipton iced tea lol

    • Morgan Vandergrift

      Morgan Vandergrift

      3 dagar sedan

      oh and of course cool love and summer taste!! songs specifically made to advertise pepsi

  75. SammyIAm819


    3 dagar sedan

    Like 30 second into the video and Mike’s already referenced the circle and perks of being a wallflower. This is why I watch.

  76. Paper Trailing

    Paper Trailing

    3 dagar sedan

    Good grief you gotta watch the new Pepsi ad song. It's wild.

    • Paper Trailing

      Paper Trailing

      3 dagar sedan

      Honestly there are just so many examples in Kpop. Also whole ass songs that are made only to advertise shit. I exclusively drink Vita 500 whenever I see all the fancy tiny bottled vitamin drinks, because of that friggen SNSD song/promo. It bops too hard for me to think of any of the other beverages.

  77. ryan


    3 dagar sedan

    the swiftiefication of mike

  78. Portia Dunn

    Portia Dunn

    3 dagar sedan

    please make a video about tiktoker music

  79. Celeste Medina

    Celeste Medina

    3 dagar sedan

    the ea game changers joke lol

  80. Nef Waenre

    Nef Waenre

    3 dagar sedan

    Oh i used to have that Nokia phone, i mean my dad had it which meant it was practically mine. Zod, it was the most advanced phone back in those days! 😭😭😭

  81. Nef Waenre

    Nef Waenre

    3 dagar sedan

    *Once you kill the cow, you have to make the burger.* King, i bow down to you. 💋

  82. pedro6720


    3 dagar sedan

    You should si second part of this

  83. Katie McLean

    Katie McLean

    3 dagar sedan

    oh my god about the bad blood part.. i ask that you please do a video on that mv!! how everyone got involved, what its about, how it was received, etc !!

  84. Vanessa Nicolas

    Vanessa Nicolas

    3 dagar sedan

    My mum is behind me while i watch this and she wants to point out that vampires are out at night therefore the ester laurier night serum is relevant.

  85. Jenna Todd

    Jenna Todd

    3 dagar sedan

    The phone use in Good For You I think was kind of clever🤷🏻‍♀️

  86. Hasti


    3 dagar sedan

    His superpower is recognizing Gaga's old album tracks Mine is knowing everything Taylor has said sang and done

  87. xcoldxasxfirex


    3 dagar sedan

    idk if someone has already gone into this but at this time gaga was partnering with Virgin to donate money to homeless LGBTQIA+ youth

  88. waranty rants

    waranty rants

    3 dagar sedan

    in TWICE's What is Love's music video there is a whole commercial of Acuvue contact lenses and it STILL somehow makes sense. you should definitely talk about if you can.

  89. sydney


    4 dagar sedan

    ok but can we talk about the grip that the ford fusion had on new girl…

  90. Josephine L

    Josephine L

    4 dagar sedan


  91. Nana AK

    Nana AK

    4 dagar sedan

    Lol ok now I'm subscribing. Cuz your random humour is killing it for me.

  92. choloroformation


    4 dagar sedan

    I the bad romance video no one ever notices the wii nunchuck and I cry laugh every time I see it

  93. Matthew Haydu

    Matthew Haydu

    4 dagar sedan

    Where did you purchase that turtleneck with the stripes?

  94. Tiffany Mc

    Tiffany Mc

    4 dagar sedan

    George Michael - with "Fony" headphones in Fast love

  95. Ash


    4 dagar sedan

    My guess for bad romance production cast is well over $500,000-1 mill as you can hire one basic crew and a set for $100,000, but Gaga would definitely get a bigger, professional set, then count in makeup, wardrobe, then hired actors, choreography, all that. Which also leads me to believe that the others were more expensive than thought too

  96. Lewis


    4 dagar sedan

    Welcome back to Mike’s Mic’s Mullet

  97. caramel coffee

    caramel coffee

    4 dagar sedan

    i randomly stumbled onto this video and my thought was like "oh it's the clare saffitz guy"

  98. Gabriel Vareschi

    Gabriel Vareschi

    4 dagar sedan

    This is the 3rd video of yours that I've seen and I like your content... Subscribed. Keep up the great work.

  99. Jordan Sefton

    Jordan Sefton

    4 dagar sedan

    Please please PLEASE do a video about random celebs in music videos they don’t feature on I swear seeing Grimes in the Need To Know video was such a gag!!