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  1. Candice Newman

    Candice Newman

    17 minuter sedan

    The fuck did I just witness

  2. Britt Kielian

    Britt Kielian

    Timme sedan

    I knew this would be a good song, A few years ago

  3. Night Excited

    Night Excited

    2 timmar sedan

    Is really nf will be our next shady

  4. Germanshephrd games

    Germanshephrd games

    3 timmar sedan


  5. Josiah Sklarsky

    Josiah Sklarsky

    3 timmar sedan

    The fact he can tell s story so well with a feeling of being an episode of an r rated tv show (or worse) without swearing or anything close makes him currently the best rapper out there

  6. John Chiosi

    John Chiosi

    3 timmar sedan

    POV: it's not your first time here

  7. Cooper St Onge

    Cooper St Onge

    4 timmar sedan

    Music: This is Story Telling NF: yes.

  8. Dylan Holzer

    Dylan Holzer

    5 timmar sedan

    "Yeah I think they're Dead" Had me Cracking up Love the music don't even need the video

  9. Emily


    6 timmar sedan

    The fact that everything around me went quiet and I was just so focused on the video is scary..

  10. r a n d o m p e r s o n

    r a n d o m p e r s o n

    6 timmar sedan

    i had this song playing on repeat and imma bout to do it again:)

  11. Mauriccio Lima

    Mauriccio Lima

    6 timmar sedan

    Vim pra ajudar , melhor cantor

  12. Kalman Nagy

    Kalman Nagy

    6 timmar sedan

    Am i only one who was waiting for the BUMMM fast rapp beat my a55 part? :(

  13. Army SGT Random

    Army SGT Random

    7 timmar sedan

    Yoooooo we need cheaper 2 😳

  14. Sleeping Fox

    Sleeping Fox

    8 timmar sedan

    The song : “mmm ya ill get starburst” The robber “ima end this mans whole career

  15. H0NK


    8 timmar sedan

    Looks like its time for my daily rewatch

  16. Levi Cookson

    Levi Cookson

    9 timmar sedan

    this is amazing

  17. Ashley Menke

    Ashley Menke

    9 timmar sedan

    Your creativity shines through on this song!

  18. TAC0_LORD


    10 timmar sedan

    Top 3 biggest mysteries 3: area 51 2: ghosts 1: Nf doesnt have a grammy

  19. Dylan Browne

    Dylan Browne

    11 timmar sedan


  20. Luca Congiatu

    Luca Congiatu

    11 timmar sedan

    Literally can’t stop playing this song 🤯

  21. Doop


    11 timmar sedan

    videos neat but the songs so ass bruh

    • Nikki


      9 timmar sedan

      What? Lol

  22. N 7

    N 7

    11 timmar sedan


  23. robert polen

    robert polen

    13 timmar sedan


  24. Northern Wind

    Northern Wind

    13 timmar sedan

    Was the robber's phone always buzzing, because this is like my millionth time listening to this song and it's the first time I noticed the sound

  25. Tobias


    13 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one wondering how the BF got so fast from sleeping on the couch to robbing a gas station?

  26. Bear Boy

    Bear Boy

    13 timmar sedan

    i drink vodka i need help

    • Bear Boy

      Bear Boy

      13 timmar sedan

      i need help

    • Bear Boy

      Bear Boy

      13 timmar sedan

      yea i agree with him

    • Bear Boy

      Bear Boy

      13 timmar sedan

      911 is for every country

    • Bear Boy

      Bear Boy

      13 timmar sedan

      but what if hes not from usa

    • Bear Boy

      Bear Boy

      13 timmar sedan

      call 911 dude

  27. Clutch Gaming

    Clutch Gaming

    14 timmar sedan

    Nf is one of the goats for sure, but their decently are other creators who can tell story’s as well. Joyner Lucas, Eminem logic, ECT.

  28. Nick Bauman

    Nick Bauman

    14 timmar sedan

    chills every time

  29. 亗MVP亗DEEM


    15 timmar sedan


  30. Pingu IsHere

    Pingu IsHere

    16 timmar sedan

    its more like a movie

  31. Merodicaly Muffin

    Merodicaly Muffin

    16 timmar sedan

    Holy FRICK that was *INTENSE*

  32. Gabriele Colasuonno

    Gabriele Colasuonno

    17 timmar sedan

    You could litterally see the video with just the words

  33. Ronald Kanyanta

    Ronald Kanyanta

    18 timmar sedan

    real music

  34. Megan Towle

    Megan Towle

    19 timmar sedan

    U ok buddy cauuse if not im not iether but if ur depressed its ok to tell people

  35. Babbey Mae

    Babbey Mae

    20 timmar sedan

    That flow doe. Impressive.

  36. Ludivelle Gary

    Ludivelle Gary

    21 timme sedan

    Just... Wow.

  37. MVP channel

    MVP channel

    23 timmar sedan

    Real video clips can be considered those that are made according to the lyrics of the song, preferably with scenes taken from films where the actors express emotions. When creating video clips, I took this into account, so I suggest you watch them, for the purpose of entertainment and to assess their quality. Best regards MVP channel. Thank you.....

  38. slaughterme1


    23 timmar sedan

    NF, wow he understands the strength of language

  39. Crucial 1

    Crucial 1

    23 timmar sedan

    Amazing story!!

  40. Pokeschwänzchen


    23 timmar sedan

    Wow this got rly fast rly dark

  41. Tyler Edge

    Tyler Edge

    Dag sedan

    I just want to thank you for existing. Also you’re music plays in my headphones daily.

  42. Valerii Morochenkov

    Valerii Morochenkov

    Dag sedan

    Y’all know that sound better raise your fist! ✊🏽

  43. Lonwabo Mdingi

    Lonwabo Mdingi

    Dag sedan

    Maaan this guy is puře talent...

  44. Myth0


    Dag sedan

    0:35 this guy has the same jacket as the robber If you dont know whose the guy the guy who said “WHO THIS ON THE FLOOR!” Is the guy Welcome for the plot twist

    • speak crazy

      speak crazy

      Dag sedan

      You know it was already explained in the song right...

  45. MYRACLE brothers

    MYRACLE brothers

    Dag sedan

    This is so good like this can be a movie by the way I love Nf

  46. Baby Dick J

    Baby Dick J

    Dag sedan

    ok eminem

    • Nikki


      20 timmar sedan

      No eminem here. Dumb comment

  47. Bret Nuttall

    Bret Nuttall

    Dag sedan

    Ha Ha Ha Haaa, force a smilE, Ill be here A whilE

  48. Jonathan Douglas

    Jonathan Douglas

    Dag sedan

    Keep up this great work bro.

  49. Brax Gimenez

    Brax Gimenez

    Dag sedan

    Hey you, yeah you! You know she’s the one right? You think she has the most beautiful smile the most perfect body the absolute most best personality. Hey, notice how I never said a name and you still thought of her didn’t you? Keep your head up, stay strong, and don’t give up. Stay strong king 👑 💯 💪

  50. smontha mao

    smontha mao

    Dag sedan

    I just realized that the beginning instrument from "Jason" on Nintendo ))

  51. Kristee Dammy

    Kristee Dammy

    Dag sedan

    So in l❤ve with NF

  52. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    Dag sedan

    He protecc He attacc But most importantly..... He aint get his starburst bacc

  53. Adam M Jackson

    Adam M Jackson

    Dag sedan

    Yo nf from one Michigan boy to another what's your hardest-hitting song I want to see the full power of you see if you're as good or better then Eminem I know he ain't the same anymore feels like he sold out. Out respect I subscribe to SE-one Giant respect from Bay City

  54. Lockette


    Dag sedan

    Listened to the first note and went to get headphones to enjoy it properly.

  55. Myth1cal


    Dag sedan

    can i just say is her roommate and her 2 faced boyfriend the same couple from "time"

  56. Alberto Bustamante

    Alberto Bustamante

    Dag sedan

    I might be wrong . But is the guy committing the robbery NF ??

    • Nikki


      Dag sedan

      We all assume so

  57. day


    Dag sedan


  58. OG Jah

    OG Jah

    Dag sedan

    Best song

  59. Dro Travis

    Dro Travis

    Dag sedan

    damn bro damn dro this song is sick bro!

  60. Ezer Ngaujake

    Ezer Ngaujake

    Dag sedan

    Cool 😲😲

  61. Jesus


    Dag sedan

    Why can't I give this more then 1 like

  62. Nancy Nusspickle

    Nancy Nusspickle

    Dag sedan

    That was intense. I don't even smoke and I need a cigarette now.

  63. MooseKingTV


    Dag sedan

    My respect for cashier📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  64. Panda Man

    Panda Man

    Dag sedan


  65. ham


    Dag sedan

    I subbed when he had only 2mill

  66. gargi m.choudhury

    gargi m.choudhury

    Dag sedan


  67. Liko Arreola

    Liko Arreola

    Dag sedan

    Go to God and Jesus Jehovah God and Lord Jesus Christ

  68. Austen L

    Austen L

    Dag sedan

    #NF #sinnerbutsavable I need that track in my life right now #mesus

  69. Trevor Feld

    Trevor Feld

    Dag sedan

    I can listen thousands of times and still tear up it’s so good. Makes my skin tingle

  70. Konark Arora

    Konark Arora

    Dag sedan

    OMG!!! This is the Best Rap Song I've ever heard in this Life!!!💯💕🤩 You're amazing NF!💕🥺

  71. Hugh Williams

    Hugh Williams

    Dag sedan

    Nf do you have a copy of my life story or?

  72. Shawn Harner

    Shawn Harner

    Dag sedan

    Why can I relate to this song wen none of this happen to me ever

    • Theboi Theboi2

      Theboi Theboi2

      Dag sedan

      Bc it’s NF

  73. that_person_Jo


    Dag sedan

    Damn it ended I got so in to it that I need to know more

  74. Angelica Raphael

    Angelica Raphael

    Dag sedan

    This is Crazy🔥🔥🔥 ...... I love it 🥰

  75. It’s me u- boi Cris

    It’s me u- boi Cris

    Dag sedan

    This might be the best music video I’ve seen

  76. furry UwU

    furry UwU

    Dag sedan

    Hey NF i know you probably wont see this but i have listened to your music for a few month's now and i just have to say this song is one of the best

  77. ال راوي

    ال راوي

    Dag sedan


  78. Tinotenda Joseph Mugwebi

    Tinotenda Joseph Mugwebi

    Dag sedan

    WOW WOW WOW. What a story

  79. Omar


    Dag sedan

    This man is fucking genius

  80. Sh0cK WaVe

    Sh0cK WaVe

    Dag sedan

    Is this a true story

  81. Khalise


    Dag sedan

    holy fuck

  82. Finding Nimmoh

    Finding Nimmoh

    Dag sedan

    Me:Holy s***!! I was sooo invested!!! Wait!!! We are not supposed to curse

  83. Seth Matteson

    Seth Matteson

    Dag sedan

    Man this was amazing

  84. fawad brainiac

    fawad brainiac

    Dag sedan

    NF is the most versatile artist ever

  85. Just Another Kiid

    Just Another Kiid

    Dag sedan

    I listened to the track on Apple Music and had an imaginative cinematic in my head. The music video brought it to life and made it 10x better. Real Music.

  86. Andy Carranza

    Andy Carranza

    Dag sedan

    I miss the real NF 😔 his music used to help me because it had such powerful personal emotion behind every word. Mansion, Paralyzed, Therapy Session, and Notepad all were good stuff back then. This new kind is ok. Just doesnt feel like the original NF anymore. But I'm glad hes becoming big. Always feels awesome when you hear an artist before they become big.

    • Nikki


      Dag sedan

      This whole mixtape was powerful. It is a mixtape. He does have to come to a point where he is happier though and this was so nice to see his confidence and the end of drifiting etc artists grow but if you think his next album will not be powerful like search and the rest you do not understand his music but i have a feeling you do 🖤

  87. Skippy Does

    Skippy Does

    Dag sedan

    I had to watch this like ten times to realize who the second robber is

  88. Gacha_Miller1


    2 dagar sedan

    I can't stop rewatching this bro 😂

  89. Mark Richard Hess

    Mark Richard Hess

    2 dagar sedan

    Fucking masterpiece i can't beleive i never thought to look his songs up on youtube before this.

  90. cool? vid

    cool? vid

    2 dagar sedan

    where was this?

  91. BrE FREE

    BrE FREE

    2 dagar sedan


  92. The Angry Food Critic

    The Angry Food Critic

    2 dagar sedan

    the robber at 2:01 looks like Tom MacDonald, not to start a war but that's who it looks like. love you nf

  93. Shane


    2 dagar sedan

    Man u blow me away and I just found you out like 4months ago listening to "Ekoh" and you poped up.....everything about you, your lyrics your concept the realness, realism its F-ing banging.... I just turned 39 few days ago wish this shit was around like 20-25years ago lol how the rap game would be today!

  94. PanicSwitches


    2 dagar sedan


  95. V01D Gaming

    V01D Gaming

    2 dagar sedan

    i just realized something... not sure if im dumb for not realizing but the bf is the robber cuz in the beginning he was wearing a plad shirt and it was the same one he was wearing on the couch

  96. bran32shan


    2 dagar sedan

    Absolutely incredible! Plus he’s not afraid to show what a good guy with a gun can do!

  97. Douglas Eller

    Douglas Eller

    2 dagar sedan

    Great story telling except you forgot your phone in the car but then your jobs calls...still great story telling though

  98. Brendan Pitlo

    Brendan Pitlo

    2 dagar sedan

    Phenomenal. He's changing the genre!

  99. PARCIVAL68


    2 dagar sedan

    I thank NF so so so much with his music I can finally lose my tether from reality

  100. Wsquared


    2 dagar sedan

    This song has got me needing to up the bars in my raps.