Shattering a Wine Glass with Sound at 187,500FPS - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. Mohammed Arham

    Mohammed Arham

    2 timmar sedan

    Where is dan?

  2. 0 fat account

    0 fat account

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    Nice video. But you should rename the channel to "The slow mo guy" 🥲

  3. Tyro


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    I miss Dan....

  4. Pennywise


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    I refuse to drink wine from any glass below 500 hz

  5. Rajan Poudel

    Rajan Poudel

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    I want a grenade explosion in slow motion... The slow motion guys...

  6. Abwoturaab Ali

    Abwoturaab Ali

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    Where is daniel

  7. justin colburn

    justin colburn

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    0:45 hm? Say that again, babe

  8. khasheen faruqui

    khasheen faruqui

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    Where is dan your partner

  9. Loic Bazin

    Loic Bazin

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    please try breaking a prince Rupert drop in slow-motion

  10. Andrew Watt

    Andrew Watt

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    Again... but between crossed polarizers.

  11. Mike Sherry

    Mike Sherry

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    Is Gavin our dimension's Rick?

  12. Link Asdera

    Link Asdera

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    Gavin or Google? Google or Gavin? Which one said it? Let's Find Out! I'm Feeling Lucky!!

  13. Jake S

    Jake S

    Dag sedan

    I'd like to see a slowmo video of firing something like a nerf past a fly so you can see it see the threat and react. Interesting to see how fast it reacts and if there is any hesitation in direction.

  14. sumeet patil

    sumeet patil

    Dag sedan

    I'm just waiting for your guys to make some amazing discovery and win a Nobel someday

  15. Ryan O'Farrell

    Ryan O'Farrell

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    Where is dan

  16. RJ Dellosa

    RJ Dellosa

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    Where’s his partner?

  17. nick00less


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    Have you considered macro slo mo?

  18. Cameron Barrientes

    Cameron Barrientes

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    #idea Y’all should do the rapid drum barrel cooling down then crushing in on itself!

  19. Andrew Gillis

    Andrew Gillis

    Dag sedan

    One idea is to catch the 'flash back' of a recently snuffed out flame. If you blow out a candle, there will be some smoke rising from the wick. If you hold a match to the smoke, the flame will 'flash back' and relight the candle. I'd love to see it in slow motion...

  20. Artorias Of the abyss

    Artorias Of the abyss

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    Where is Dan?

  21. Gringo Grande

    Gringo Grande

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    I think that Simone Biles doing what she does best would be Awesome in slo motion. Can you do that?

  22. Matt Attack

    Matt Attack

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    how reliable the information is according to...Google. lmao

  23. Ben2DJammin


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    Would y’all be able to do a slo mo video of This Demonstration.

  24. Liz S

    Liz S

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    I love how that "annoying sound" that breaks the glass is extremely similar to the sound Midwesterners hear on Mondays at noon.

  25. Artemijs Poznaks

    Artemijs Poznaks

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    What the guck is up with the Google sponsorship ? I've never seen that before. Wtf.

  26. Chris Dyson

    Chris Dyson

    2 dagar sedan

    An idea for you how about testing the breaking point of different knots tied in different ropes see how they break in different places and different ways. i imagine they are all dramatic

  27. Humanoid Soul

    Humanoid Soul

    2 dagar sedan

    oh, thanks for that google , can you please give me full website of google to search something i want

  28. space man

    space man

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    3:35 i was literally about to comment just turn the camera on its side LOL

  29. C K

    C K

    2 dagar sedan

    Don't worry, google will tell you what's true. They're motto is not to be evil. Wait-

  30. youazw


    2 dagar sedan

    How about changing the wave direction, such as from upper side of glass? Because I think the dominant factor of this phenomena is wave direction.

  31. Mr New

    Mr New

    2 dagar sedan

    I would love to see a slow motion video of sandblasting. I wanna see the tiny grains of sand slowly joining together to blast away paint. Does it start taking away the paint immediately or does it take alot of grains gathered together? Idk lol. Let's see it in slow motion. Also in slow motion I would love to see it hitting some object other than a wall with paint or something. Maybe like a mirror? Would it shatter? Cleanly cut? Idk. Let's slow it down lol.

  32. Afreet


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    I like how SE-oners are sponsoring VPN and stuff meanwhile the slomoguys sponsoring google itself

  33. Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet

    Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet

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    11:13 Bucket.

  34. Sia JP

    Sia JP

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    I really miss dan.. :(

  35. sammy boi

    sammy boi

    2 dagar sedan

    I just had a great idea for a slow motion video while watching the Olympics. For the swimming races the competitors have to start at the horn, and it seems like their reaction time for it is absolutely instant. It would be so fun to see that in slow motion and compare it to the reaction time of a non swimmer. Or maybe just any competitive swimmer or even a runner, Olympians are hard to find lol.

  36. Timgeo84


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    Hey guys is there any way I could dm/email you?

  37. kris


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    Slow Mo Tesla Coil Music?

  38. linkin krap

    linkin krap

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    Imagine saying a sentence: 'My phone has no headphone jack' What a world

    • Benjamín Mercado

      Benjamín Mercado

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  39. The Photography Show

    The Photography Show

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    You guys need to purchase a infrared slow Mo camera and yes they do exist

  40. M McCready

    M McCready

    2 dagar sedan

    Gav (and Dan); build a cloud chamber. Then do your thing.

  41. James Guy

    James Guy

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    How about a slow mo of an iodine clock. Would be interesting.

  42. Omar Farooq

    Omar Farooq

    3 dagar sedan

    Hey I am a big fan of you guys! But I have an idea for you Try putting hot tea or something in a glass that would break cause of heat it would probably look amazing in slowmo :D

  43. Channel Aus

    Channel Aus

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    sir. Fill Gas in 50 to 100 Beloon🎈🎈 then put fire

  44. Umph


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    Hey is the fat guy ok? What happened to him? It's better when there is a fat guy and a lanky guy. How dare you

  45. Bruce Aquina

    Bruce Aquina

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    Thank you Gavin for putting out these amazing breakdowns and videos. These are completely enthralling with the fidelity of the phantom and the entertaining insight from yourself make these my go to for edu-tainment and understanding more about the world around us. Stay safe and please keep creating.

  46. Albert Berni

    Albert Berni

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    how fast does it break? how many frames are that from start breaking to split of?

  47. The Church of Discount Dan

    The Church of Discount Dan

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    nice hair Gav

    • sehhi vooty

      sehhi vooty

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      Great video but sound effects of breaking glass edited in? Not needed



    3 dagar sedan

    Make a video with butterfly 🦋

  49. Bassbeats


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    Allow auto subtitles, please

  50. Garrett Jacobs

    Garrett Jacobs

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    do your neighbors hate you?

  51. Lion Of Paradise

    Lion Of Paradise

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    2:25 please could someone tell me the background music?



    3 dagar sedan

    2:23 that’s actually really cool you could the crack form because cracks happen fast

  53. Colin Kroeker

    Colin Kroeker

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    I don't know if you'll see this, but highlighters in a microwave! Trust me! It'll be a cool one!

  54. William Reynolds

    William Reynolds

    3 dagar sedan

    I remember seeing where you could place an object in front of a polarized screen and then rotate another piece of polarized filter to see the stresses in the object. It would be neat to see if the glass broke somewhere that had a lot of stress or if you could somehow film the stresses as it broke.

  55. _Itsnaate_


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    Gavin or Google

  56. godnessy


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    Strange that Dan isn't back yet, America is open and people are traveling all over the place, just Dan can't get back....

  57. Andre Gasset

    Andre Gasset

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    Hello Team when you super high speed cam will catch Skyfish rods? :)

  58. Psychedellyfish


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    I wonder if the tone the glass resonates with has an impact on the way it breaks

  59. Budd Dwyer

    Budd Dwyer

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    pls do bob the gunslinger

  60. AnonymousMe


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    Imagine this in your ear

  61. Tim T

    Tim T

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    Great video but sound effects of breaking glass edited in? Not needed

  62. fuiehf jfcnsl

    fuiehf jfcnsl

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    Ein Kommentar

  63. 紫云


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    杯子说 它好疼 好无辜 哈哈

  64. Rity Tech

    Rity Tech

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    The video is very beautiful bro. I regularly watch videos on your channel. I am the happiest. Being able to be a family member of an older brother like you.

  65. Some Guy

    Some Guy

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    Is it just me, or does Gavin's voice sound a little bit high pitched in certain parts of the video? Like, I thought there was something up with the playback speed.

  66. First Last

    First Last

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    so, one guy one cup, but in slow-mo?

  67. Slykeren


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    google deciding what is false information is like drug dealers running the police station

  68. Earl Wiener

    Earl Wiener

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    Thank you for an amazing demonstration. As ever, the results you are achieving are incredibly amusing and filled with interesting outcomes.

  69. Erik Spellerberg

    Erik Spellerberg

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    Upload the 1 second slowed to 2 hours video!

  70. Mr hubbard

    Mr hubbard

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    You should slow mo friction welding !

    • fraa Astat

      fraa Astat

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      You too.

  71. AbhiSaiyan


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    Try to do "COLD WELDING" pls,I really wanna see how it works

  72. Marco Roman

    Marco Roman

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    Vid idea: You should make a video with Bob Munden (Aka "Fastest Gun That Ever Lived".

  73. michael 270594

    michael 270594

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    Where is dan?

  74. RuinFox


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    Sponered by google. wow

  75. Frank Zaffuto

    Frank Zaffuto

    5 dagar sedan 9:57 should be one of your next subjects

  76. Benjamin Palmer

    Benjamin Palmer

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    I want to see a slow mo of the Leidenfrost effect

  77. Owais Nassar

    Owais Nassar

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    I feel bad because SE-one started to get disconnected from SE-one’s Most watched channels And I got disconnected from this channel too from SE-one rewind

    • Owais Nassar

      Owais Nassar

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      I didn’t mean to say I

  78. Srinath Srikanth

    Srinath Srikanth

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    Is there any chance you could film a trapjaw ant or a pistol shrimp(i have heard there is a spark when the claw closes and would like to see it) in slow mo? that would be very cool

  79. pengwin


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    I wonder if you can break glass by the sound of this video that's about breaking glass with sound.

  80. Mohammad Nadeem

    Mohammad Nadeem

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    Guys if you want to change your life right now...switch to using google search engine. Thank me later.

  81. Jerome Jooste

    Jerome Jooste

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    Try the same experiment on a thin walled glass tube of a about the same diameter as the wine glass to see how much it really can flex. Without the thick rigid wine glass stem it may distort far more before shattering. Great video.

  82. Garrett Crosgrove

    Garrett Crosgrove

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  83. macronencer


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    My take-away from this is that if you break a glass you should get the vacuum cleaner out. All those tiny little fragments...!

  84. Utkarsh ahuja

    Utkarsh ahuja

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    My phone doesn't have a headphone jack, ok we got it you have an IPhone. And where's DAN?

  85. Tempatron


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    Why doesn't Google do this for Indian youtubers?

  86. Raysen


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    Where's Dan?

  87. UhOh


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    Remember that mythbusters episode

  88. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

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    Searching on Google Gav: Does rocks float on lava? Me: Does the fish get thirsty?

  89. Kevin Luo

    Kevin Luo

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    You should record the mantis shrimp punch or pistol shrimp snap.

  90. EveryThirdNotThursday


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    Now film the voice coil self destructing and smoking in slow motion.

    • dcoog anml

      dcoog anml

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      Your videos are so satisfying

  91. Keanu Chin

    Keanu Chin

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    Why is Google sponsoring people, i... legit dont know of another search engine lol, i guess Bing but... do people use it

    • V - Sig

      V - Sig

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      Bing is forced on edge so you might do a bing search inadvertantly (then vomit and change browser). The real alternatives are stuff like duckduckgo. The goal here was to advertise their "fake news debunking" service - testing their political power. I'm 100% sure they use data analytics to measure the reactions in the comments, btw.

  92. Donny Hoot

    Donny Hoot

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    Just take the S off of guys already would ya? He ain't comin' back.

  93. Dave


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    At least Raid Shadow legends don’t sponsor this video

  94. F1ccTheEditor


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    “Today we're going to use slow mo“ Me: oh really, how exciting!

  95. PAIN


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    Don’t you mean Wibelment Gav

  96. Hypraa


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    Where is second guy i miss him🥺

  97. Duckcheesecake


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    What a pretty great sponsored segment on top of an amazing video.

  98. Jedd Drumz

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    2:21 game lag be like:

  99. Archie Sykes

    Archie Sykes

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    I will never get bored of this channel