1. Gamer Hamad Y_T

    Gamer Hamad Y_T

    21 minut sedan

    Thai Gnoc Can't sleep it's So much bad because one day I can't sleep like one 3 weeks before I can't sleep For Like 5 days continuously That feeling was Soo bad I hope he get sleep Again and I am Ok Now

  2. DarkMajor


    2 timmar sedan

    bruh no one is gonna beat their world records.

  3. coronasaurus Rex official

    coronasaurus Rex official

    3 timmar sedan

    So much for Fatal Familial Insomnia...

  4. Sulaiman


    3 timmar sedan

    Prahlad jani : **only eats air** Broke ass me : *fealthy peasant*

  5. Muhammad Waqar

    Muhammad Waqar

    5 timmar sedan


  6. pradeep jethwa

    pradeep jethwa

    5 timmar sedan

    Proud to be an Indian broooooo

  7. Piyush👏


    5 timmar sedan

    Bro pralahd jani is no more...🥺

  8. Elementz


    5 timmar sedan

    ‘This man hasn’t slept in 40 years!’ Michael De Santa: Am I a joke to you?

  9. Azus


    6 timmar sedan

    Man can someone just tell me why they have to pour water in a cup every single video ?

  10. Martin Heiting-Doane

    Martin Heiting-Doane

    6 timmar sedan

    Cap store 🧢 how many would you like?

  11. Sabari Krishna

    Sabari Krishna

    6 timmar sedan

    Number 1 is fake.....

  12. Kevin Nallbani

    Kevin Nallbani

    6 timmar sedan

    Source: i swear bro

  13. NerdyGM


    7 timmar sedan

    stop the cap

  14. The True Film Industries

    The True Film Industries

    7 timmar sedan

    "Imagine never having a dream again" Me who doest have dreams anyway: 👁👄👁

  15. TedyPower


    7 timmar sedan

    Why doesnt he just drink warm milk it’s not a medication and it always works

  16. Balla Richárd

    Balla Richárd

    7 timmar sedan

    Fake... first one for sure!

  17. Moist_Luigi


    9 timmar sedan

    The first guy fears for when he goes bald

  18. JJ.


    10 timmar sedan

    Guy even pronounce their name wrong. Kinda disrespectful

  19. Sean Kiesling

    Sean Kiesling

    11 timmar sedan

    Drank* the word is drank... not drunk. He has not drank in 70 years.

  20. 0408


    11 timmar sedan

    the man that hasn’t slept for 40 years. i can put you to sleep real quick

  21. MarrariorS


    12 timmar sedan

    They both are from India🔥 🇮🇳♥

  22. Old school Pro

    Old school Pro

    12 timmar sedan

    1st one is fake... they tried to scam.. It is now a know fact in India that he and his team was lying... The scientist were also a part in that scam..

  23. Esh


    13 timmar sedan

    I wish I could live without sleep it'd save so much of time

  24. Nathaniel Robinson

    Nathaniel Robinson

    13 timmar sedan


  25. Zimm


    14 timmar sedan

    If he could never get tired I’d want him on my racing team

  26. Nikhil Kumar

    Nikhil Kumar

    14 timmar sedan

    imagine waking up without realising that you can never sleep again holy shit

  27. Karma


    14 timmar sedan

    “This man hasn’t slept in 40 years” Me: **grabs bat** sleep tight!

  28. Tamtam Animations

    Tamtam Animations

    15 timmar sedan

    1st guy was a dragonslayer he probably uses air moves

  29. Paul Timothy T. Yarcia

    Paul Timothy T. Yarcia

    15 timmar sedan

    Youre same as them soo weird

  30. SodaOJandPurpleStuff


    15 timmar sedan

    He sleeps just not for hours...he sleeps for like minutes a day..a human being can not live if their body does not sleep AT ALL.

  31. Ajim Akim

    Ajim Akim

    15 timmar sedan

    “This man hasn’t slept in 40 years” Try weed bruhh They you go!

  32. Dhruv Mali

    Dhruv Mali

    16 timmar sedan

    These type of people can only be found in india 😍

  33. Re


    16 timmar sedan

    This man hasn’t eaten in 70 years Laws of thermodynamics and conservation of energy : am I a joke to you?

  34. Zoe Bolewski

    Zoe Bolewski

    16 timmar sedan

    Haha all I do is sleep

  35. Godfrey Joy Reyna

    Godfrey Joy Reyna

    17 timmar sedan

    A lot of people now are spreading lies just to become famous.

  36. Ziloracion


    17 timmar sedan

    "This man only eats air" Me: hold my lays potato chips

  37. Garen Anderson

    Garen Anderson

    17 timmar sedan

    Weebs and gamers we have failed 😞

  38. Nootadrawler


    17 timmar sedan

    " the two men on earth that no one understands" More like three because how can he fit that bottle in that cup

  39. Jeremiah Dang

    Jeremiah Dang

    17 timmar sedan

    The guy that haven’t slept can prob see through walls

  40. BheeM AhirE

    BheeM AhirE

    18 timmar sedan

    This guy use to eat and says that he doesn't eat anything. Totally sh!t don't believe!!!

  41. Dum Ass

    Dum Ass

    18 timmar sedan

    The guy that tried everything to make him sleep didn’t try some good kush.

  42. Carlos Pineda III

    Carlos Pineda III

    20 timmar sedan

    Honestly I'm used by not having dreams

  43. Unkown


    20 timmar sedan

    Fredy Krueger: I will get you next time Thai Ngoc: Aigh bet

  44. Unkown


    20 timmar sedan

    “Only eats hair” ye sure and i am Jesus

  45. Elliot Cardoza

    Elliot Cardoza

    20 timmar sedan

    This man hasn’t slept in 40 years Me: Has he tried ASMR

  46. Terini Donovan

    Terini Donovan

    22 timmar sedan

    No sleep 👀 This guy always be hitting Conqueror in PUBGM. Too easy !!!

  47. Tilda Sofia

    Tilda Sofia

    23 timmar sedan

    alright so this lad said so, gotta be true

  48. 《Løvėłý Śıbłıňğś》

    《Løvėłý Śıbłıňğś》

    23 timmar sedan

    Him: THIS MAN ONLY EATS AIR Me everytime my dad opens the freezer: Uhhh * continues to eat the freezer air

  49. rik rob

    rik rob

    Dag sedan

    Hasn't slept in 40 years and still dirt poor

  50. Death Note Plays

    Death Note Plays

    Dag sedan

    Imagine never having a dream again Me with Sleep Paralysis + Night Terrors: *Sounds like Heaven*

  51. sahil Kumar

    sahil Kumar

    Dag sedan

    The first guy he is die one year ago 🙏

  52. Joseph James

    Joseph James

    Dag sedan

    "it says you can't go 11 days with out sleeping " challenge accepted proceed to buy an ounce of meth

  53. yadhu nandang

    yadhu nandang

    Dag sedan

    Tests about the first person is kinda fake

  54. Prahaladh


    Dag sedan

    Like this guy has my name

  55. NA1Elias


    Dag sedan

    Oh how they live I thought it was they they

  56. Greyhound 20

    Greyhound 20

    Dag sedan

    Has anybody noticed how there two theys in the title

  57. Is ketchup a instrument?

    Is ketchup a instrument?

    Dag sedan

    How do you consume air? That makes no sense at all

  58. Shajim


    Dag sedan

    So call



    Dag sedan

    This 2 men's are 100% aleins

  60. OP MAN

    OP MAN

    Dag sedan

    Me my country's ppl have superpowers =D

  61. scp 049

    scp 049

    Dag sedan

    image not having a dream me:never had dream cause my only dream is a night mare

  62. Ash J.

    Ash J.

    Dag sedan

    Maybe they gave out fake results for their religion's sakes.

  63. Bang Boy

    Bang Boy

    Dag sedan

    That first guy is spongebob

  64. Miss Lady Bob

    Miss Lady Bob

    Dag sedan

    I thought you would die after not sleeping for a certain amount of time ,I don't know maybe it's 45 years

  65. Nihal Kuttiady

    Nihal Kuttiady

    Dag sedan

    The fist one is fake It is revieled

  66. Sapphire


    Dag sedan

    No he does not consumes only air. He eats food.

  67. Gamer HADES Malayalam

    Gamer HADES Malayalam

    Dag sedan

    First one is fake. No scientist have confirmed it, hes been exposed two times,. first do a research then create videos

  68. TikNodd


    Dag sedan

    Well that’s a load of Bollox! 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄



    Dag sedan


  70. Miguel Jerez

    Miguel Jerez

    Dag sedan

    What a gullible idiot. Watch thunder foots video debunking these charlatans and how a simple carbon test from their breath can show if they’re lying or not “spoiler, they are lying”

  71. DR SensuBean

    DR SensuBean

    Dag sedan

    Yea noooo....he gets sustainace cuz he would have died long ago

  72. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper

    Dag sedan

    Russian sleep test ❌ Does not sleep for 46yrs✅

  73. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper

    Dag sedan

    I thought they live together cause u say two man😆😆



    Dag sedan

    Well that’s bullshit you can’t go 2 weeks without water the most cap ever

    • Aisling Disley

      Aisling Disley

      21 timme sedan

      I thought it was 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food you couldn’t go?

  75. Lel noob

    Lel noob

    Dag sedan

    Ah, air aint getting polluted This guy be consuming everything 😆

  76. Cat whispers

    Cat whispers

    Dag sedan

    It really disappoints me that there are people who believe you can not eat or drink anything for seventy years 1~u need nutrition to survive without it you would be dead that’s why we eat 2~not possible it can’t happen stop believing these lies wake up 3~he wouldn’t have pissed or shit for seventy years key words seventy years Edit~people are saying he was held in captivity is there a video? Also this might be a publicity stunt for fame

  77. whats up

    whats up

    Dag sedan

    "It is said you can only live 11 days without sleeping" Methheads: hold my pipe

  78. Divnoor Kaur

    Divnoor Kaur

    Dag sedan


  79. Akanksha Shakya

    Akanksha Shakya

    Dag sedan

    "This man hasn't slept in 40 years" **Me dissappointed in yoongi**

  80. Raj Kumar Sanugula

    Raj Kumar Sanugula

    Dag sedan

    The power of meditation

  81. TheRed 420

    TheRed 420

    Dag sedan

    A gamer would spend all of those 40 years "wisely"

  82. Cinematic Edits

    Cinematic Edits

    Dag sedan

    Oh yeah Indian moment

  83. This Is a Epic Channel

    This Is a Epic Channel

    Dag sedan

    I can hardly go with out eating for 3 hours

  84. Himiko Toga

    Himiko Toga

    Dag sedan

    Man that hasn’t slept in 40 years Nightmares:👁👄👁

  85. chea_Rin chearin

    chea_Rin chearin

    Dag sedan


  86. hannes folz

    hannes folz

    Dag sedan

    Why make a video about bullshit tho, great way to get followers

  87. bawaa g

    bawaa g

    Dag sedan

    Science fuckkkk meeeee

  88. Tinchin Saber

    Tinchin Saber

    Dag sedan

    Okay this is weird, so there is only two options to this assuming that the guy who lived 70 years with no water(H2O) or food(nutrition) is all true. That a deity is giving him the need energy to live or the stuff he uses for his hair is some godly crap. There is no other options beside it being fake.

  89. Bendy Brofit

    Bendy Brofit

    Dag sedan

    Yeah I’m sure he survived for 70 years on air alone.

  90. %𝙘𝙝4𝙙_𝙜𝙧𝙫𝙣𝙩%


    Dag sedan

    The first guy sounds like me

  91. Danielle Welch

    Danielle Welch

    Dag sedan

    That's not true

  92. Yung SosaYT

    Yung SosaYT

    Dag sedan

    Smoke dat good shit helps me sleep

  93. Free Food

    Free Food

    Dag sedan

    God bless all of you

  94. Gurifisu


    Dag sedan


  95. azkamuhmd


    Dag sedan

    Hey! You it's scared 🤮

  96. Wolf Girl99

    Wolf Girl99

    Dag sedan

    Him: imagine never having a dream again Me: I sleep, but I don’t dream So, that already happened

  97. LongTruong LST troung

    LongTruong LST troung

    Dag sedan

    The way you pronounced the second name ☠️

  98. EarlFurMyCar


    Dag sedan

    Bullshit... He'd die