Rubber Hand Becomes Real Hand

I show the rubber hand experiment

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  1. Yeagerist


    6 timmar sedan

    Genjutsu level 1

  2. ahmet mutlu

    ahmet mutlu

    6 timmar sedan

    Well that means brain tracks hands to make it feel pain :P so actually brain has access to stop pain ewen if hand is gone :P bit itll realise that its not there woth other sensors :P strange but this is one of the tests that prowes mind is actuallu part of some kind of software , and where is the soul that feels the pain is the question still waits the answer.

  3. Vulpes Inculta

    Vulpes Inculta

    9 timmar sedan

    They need a knife stabbing game for make this experience more autentitific

  4. Жужелица Сибирская

    Жужелица Сибирская

    12 timmar sedan

    Нож надо втыкать в этом эксперименте, или шило.

  5. 1999Fabion


    15 timmar sedan

    Imagine if his brain got a little confused with the coordination and he just fucking smashes the dudes other hand, LOL

  6. AD Zone⭕

    AD Zone⭕

    15 timmar sedan

    It must hurt!!

  7. Prince L

    Prince L

    20 timmar sedan

    My dumbass would accidentally smash the real hand with a hammer

  8. DI 05

    DI 05

    Dag sedan

    Imagine if he suddenly hammers the rubber hand?

  9. qxANGELxp


    Dag sedan

    You're supposed to stab the fake hand with a knife, and see if they react by jolting their real hand away. But I guess they wanted to keep it cg-14, or they only had 1 hand on-hand. 😆

  10. Purushottam


    Dag sedan

    In the excitement he punches the real one😂

  11. GoldenSchnatz


    Dag sedan

    kinda wrong, why are they surprised when you touch their real hand behind the white wall? is this how you start up the experiment or u just trolling them??

    • SPCWakefield1103


      Dag sedan

      Well if you don’t, the illusion doesn’t take effect, I thought anyone with 1/64th of a brain cell would know this but apparently I’m wrong

  12. Aka Samzy

    Aka Samzy

    Dag sedan

    you should've pulled it

  13. DrunkenMonk


    Dag sedan

    He should've used a knife or hammer on the fake hand at the end

  14. rester97


    Dag sedan

    Phantom touch works

  15. Komi Shouko

    Komi Shouko

    Dag sedan

    Imagine if you chop the fake hand

  16. That_Guy From_Cintas

    That_Guy From_Cintas

    Dag sedan

    Now let's see what happens when you jab the fake hand with a knife 🔪

  17. C1oudS


    Dag sedan

    i mean this experiment can make you feel the hit distantly even without the "getting used to" phase, just by visually associating thefake hand with yours

  18. Natalia


    Dag sedan

    Yo comments does anyone know the psychology of this? Like what it's called?

  19. Doggo Woofenbark

    Doggo Woofenbark

    2 dagar sedan

    Should slam the real hand too

  20. Nutapas (Nut) Sukaboon

    Nutapas (Nut) Sukaboon

    2 dagar sedan

    Everyone gangsta till he accidentally hits the real hand instead of the fake one

  21. joakim berg

    joakim berg

    2 dagar sedan

    Stab it.

  22. PSY-FI64


    2 dagar sedan

    vr chat

  23. Blx


    2 dagar sedan

    Stabbing the fake hand with a knife would be scary as heck 😂😂

  24. Joeriz Pareja

    Joeriz Pareja

    3 dagar sedan

    Me: uhmm sir, is it weird that I got turn on by your hands?.. hahaha

  25. Sigmund The protogen

    Sigmund The protogen

    3 dagar sedan

    Now I will show this to those I hang with in vrc who don't know what phantom sense is.

  26. Yellow Slug

    Yellow Slug

    3 dagar sedan

    Saw this on Brain games. Remember the people's reaction when they pulled a sledgehammer from under the table and slammed the rubber hand.

  27. Abril Frusella

    Abril Frusella

    3 dagar sedan

    I would stab the fake hand, thats a real sacre

  28. Big Dad Beef Sticks

    Big Dad Beef Sticks

    4 dagar sedan

    Was expecting a knife

  29. Trey Stone

    Trey Stone

    4 dagar sedan

    You're supposed to smash the fake hand with a hammer

  30. Ishan Kabir

    Ishan Kabir

    5 dagar sedan

    Where tf do I get a fake hand tho

  31. Mister Spider The Magnificent!

    Mister Spider The Magnificent!

    5 dagar sedan

    Next time use a knife

  32. Raj Parmar

    Raj Parmar

    5 dagar sedan

    At last stab the fake hand

  33. Sachin Naidoo

    Sachin Naidoo

    5 dagar sedan

    If you look properly in the end it looks like he also punched the real hand as well

  34. mesiroy1234


    5 dagar sedan

    I saw on rhhT and link!

  35. Treeman


    5 dagar sedan

    Giving people phantom sense

  36. The Max

    The Max

    6 dagar sedan

    Imagine if he messed up and smashed both hands lol

  37. MasterOfMelons


    6 dagar sedan

    He was touching both hands. Wtf was the point of this video?

  38. Sebastiaan Kittel

    Sebastiaan Kittel

    6 dagar sedan

    I was hoping you would hit the rubber hamd

  39. James Wakefield

    James Wakefield

    6 dagar sedan

    It'd be interesting to see using someone else's arm, and have the arm do things like write letters. People who have had a severed corpus callosum tend to own and rationalise the behaviour their other hemisphere has made as though they had decided to do it themself, so it would be interesting to know if we all do that.



    6 dagar sedan

    i was waiting for the axe

  41. Willow O'Flynn

    Willow O'Flynn

    6 dagar sedan

    But they are doing the same to her real hand so there is no actual point of the make hand if it doing it tho their real hand

    • A.K


      3 dagar sedan


  42. Weloys


    6 dagar sedan

    The thing at the end 😂

  43. 332nd Productions

    332nd Productions

    7 dagar sedan

    Reflection at the start

    • 332nd Productions

      332nd Productions

      7 dagar sedan

      Replys to self

    • 332nd Productions

      332nd Productions

      7 dagar sedan

      Is cool

  44. Gerr Gerr

    Gerr Gerr

    7 dagar sedan

    Plot twist : he smashes the wrong hand

  45. classic ambo

    classic ambo

    7 dagar sedan

    Mirror box therapy really helped with my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Crazy but super valuable experiment that has real world impacts.

  46. Amina Akbar

    Amina Akbar

    7 dagar sedan

    Everybody gangsta until he accidently hits the real hand.

  47. Joege


    7 dagar sedan

    I got worried for a second when he just suddenly released a very violent scream.

  48. Putri


    7 dagar sedan

    He's touching both real and fake hands (?)

  49. Invert


    7 dagar sedan

    imagine you're this stupid Imagine he broke one finger

  50. GoldDood Gaming

    GoldDood Gaming

    7 dagar sedan

    I read about a university that did something similar to this but using a VR hand and small calculated shocks

  51. Pupper


    7 dagar sedan

    Should just knife the fake hand

  52. Jay Lengert

    Jay Lengert

    7 dagar sedan

    I remember my friends made this experiment at school but with an actual *hammer* We all almost had a heart attack

  53. Weebs United Air Lines

    Weebs United Air Lines

    7 dagar sedan

    I did this at a science fair for elementary once and it was so fun tormenting my classmates by taking out a hammer and smashing the fake hand

  54. Tyrone Andrew Adjarani

    Tyrone Andrew Adjarani

    7 dagar sedan

    I was about to comment: Imagine if he slammed the fake hand. Then he did...

  55. Ace Aryzen

    Ace Aryzen

    7 dagar sedan

    Freak them out by chopping the fake hand off

  56. Noelle Thomas

    Noelle Thomas

    7 dagar sedan

    Why did he hit both the real hand and fake one 😭 that kinda defeats the point

  57. Kickdrawl


    7 dagar sedan

    Stab it

  58. Miranda Meyhem

    Miranda Meyhem

    7 dagar sedan

    You're supposed to use a hammer lol.

  59. Fussl


    7 dagar sedan

    I also got shoked when he...I dont want to Spoiler 😄

  60. Lorganiste


    7 dagar sedan

    sorry dude but if you do the exact same movement at both hands real and fake one, and you suddenly punch the fake one they'll not think it's their hand, they'll think you're punching the real one too... try this experiment but in an other way cuz i doubt it a lot

  61. TheRealAmek


    8 dagar sedan

    You’re supposed to do it with a hammer. It’s not even called the rubber hand experiment. Give credit to the guy who made this ffs

  62. Doodlesville


    8 dagar sedan

    Beat the fake one with a hammer

  63. Marc F

    Marc F

    8 dagar sedan

    I know you edited the video, but how long were you touching the hands of those in each expeiment? how long did it take before they flinched when you slammed the fake hand with your fist?

  64. creamjuicer


    8 dagar sedan

    This is the wierdest shit ever

  65. Jay Tee

    Jay Tee

    8 dagar sedan

    Yeah bcuz your touching their real hand dumbass so it is the real hand being touched I thought this was science!!! 😂 But that ain’t science 😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  66. Melvin the Mechanic

    Melvin the Mechanic

    8 dagar sedan

    Others use the hammer instead of just punching

  67. olivar ._.

    olivar ._.

    8 dagar sedan

    thats a real genjutsu

  68. Ana-Eliza


    8 dagar sedan

    Its all fun and games until the rubber hand starts bruising and the person says it hurts

  69. Blitz Attacker

    Blitz Attacker

    8 dagar sedan

    OK, am I missing something? Everyone is acting like this is some crazy thing but from seeing the vid it looks like a prank due to him blocking line of site to the other hand and also brushing that one. Am I missing something here? It looks like they're just being brushed the same way on the real hand as the fake hand. Are they aware their hand is actually being brushed behind the divider? Maybe it's something you've gotta personally experience.

  70. Unbeatable


    8 dagar sedan

    Give this man a needle and find him a doll...

  71. PizzaNugget


    8 dagar sedan

    Cool! Their is a similar experiment (it's been a while since I seen it) where they sit you behind a full mannequin. Then they touch the mannequin the same way they touch you to make that connection. Finally out of nowhere they strike the mannequin with a sledge hammer and people would freak out like they really getting hit.

  72. MaSh3d P0tatoes

    MaSh3d P0tatoes

    8 dagar sedan

    Just stab the fake hand lmao

  73. Pandajohn


    8 dagar sedan

    Bruh that’s anticlimatic, I was anticipating a knifestab

  74. Chris Bolland

    Chris Bolland

    8 dagar sedan

    Cue jayson from the modern rogue smashing brian's hand.

  75. EcTro Gaming

    EcTro Gaming

    8 dagar sedan

    Aren’t brains pretty flexible in terms of adapting?

  76. SirGutieusPrime


    8 dagar sedan

    I knew he was setting him up. I thought he was going to stab the rubber hand. It would have been more traumatic! I would attempt this and try my rubber hand stab method. But I know I may unintentionally stab the actual hand. I know I may distract myself while trying to reach for the pen. I may aim and stab actual hand by anticipating the preparatory command. I am hyping up what I’m trying to do while trying to explain why I have two pens on the table (one on each side of the cardboard divider). I will also have to have two notepads. And maybe a first aid kid on each side of the cardboard and have a waiver. This will really amplify the reaction. Let’s just hope their intuition doesn’t make them stab me in the hand before I realize it. It would suck if they are ambidextrous, like myself (I’m unsure what flex has relevance in) and then it’s a game to stab the rubber hand only. Point is don’t try to recreate this experiment because I will stab or be stabbed ...or both. This guy is into some sort of torture games. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt

  77. Ogre Has Layers

    Ogre Has Layers

    8 dagar sedan

    I was wondering if this could be used as a torture techniques

  78. james mccrary

    james mccrary

    8 dagar sedan


  79. Knight of Svea

    Knight of Svea

    8 dagar sedan

    The human Brain i so fucking dumb

  80. Shaun Alcedo

    Shaun Alcedo

    8 dagar sedan

    That ending😂

  81. luminescent Star

    luminescent Star

    8 dagar sedan

    It should be done with a hammer for more scare factor

  82. DobrayaKotya


    8 dagar sedan

    With me (or I just saw) this an experiment, they just drove a fake hand with a brush, and then hit with a hammer. Everyone pulled back his hand 🤣

  83. a a

    a a

    9 dagar sedan

    Yo can I levi?

  84. Thomas Garcia Parrett

    Thomas Garcia Parrett

    9 dagar sedan

    Kira could use bite the dust an inf amount of times depending on how long the expirament is.

  85. Biyan Bayu

    Biyan Bayu

    9 dagar sedan

    I dont understand..

  86. kai


    9 dagar sedan

    Why it isn't working on me?

  87. Glyn Keegan

    Glyn Keegan

    9 dagar sedan

    You should stab the fake hand to scare them

  88. Valerie Valle

    Valerie Valle

    9 dagar sedan

    My psych teacher did this to the VP principle. The guy didn't even flinch

  89. Alex Ace

    Alex Ace

    9 dagar sedan

    I imagined a meat cleaver in the end

  90. Varia XI

    Varia XI

    9 dagar sedan

    I can feel it just from watching the video 😅 crazy shit

  91. I have Questions

    I have Questions

    9 dagar sedan

    My brain just keeps thinking somebody might have been aroused getting touched like that

  92. Saxon Wayne

    Saxon Wayne

    9 dagar sedan

    This was just an excuse for the guy to rub their hands

  93. Electronic Sword

    Electronic Sword

    9 dagar sedan


  94. Ghost garcello

    Ghost garcello

    9 dagar sedan


  95. ATGG


    9 dagar sedan

    The instructions are clear: you don’t perform this with idiots. But yeah, a 400 year old trick that’s always fascinating.

  96. Emilee Wright

    Emilee Wright

    9 dagar sedan

    Stab the fake hand Do it

  97. space trend Inc taking your breath away

    space trend Inc taking your breath away

    9 dagar sedan

    Bullshit no work on me

  98. TACHINKA Mr21


    9 dagar sedan

    Or or it’s cuz there real hand is being touched

  99. Freydson Ventura

    Freydson Ventura

    9 dagar sedan

    God bless yall, Jesus loves yall and He wants you to be saved 🙏 John 3:16 romans 10:9-10 Have a blessed day yall 🙌🙏.

  100. Isaías Abinadí Sosa García

    Isaías Abinadí Sosa García

    9 dagar sedan

    Saw it on Ask the Doctor, great documentary!