Oh no! Not Another Loss at Sea - Ep. 260 RAN Sailing

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We are a Swedish couple who have sailed the world since 2016 while sharing the adventures here on SE-one. In 2019 our daughter was born and we bought a bigger boat to continue sailing as a family.

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Music credits: www.epidemicsound.com
00:07 I Know That Smirk - RaFa Sessions
04:55 Felted Wool - Slowya.roll
06:54 Naked Waters - Ecovillage
11:51 Living EZ - Sven Karlsson
15:23 Martinis and Sunsets - DEX 1200
21:55 I Will Sing You a Lullaby - Ecovillage

Malin, Johan & Vera


  1. tvonzweck


    5 dagar sedan

    Always enjoy and usually learn something- centered staysail feeds the genoa. Nice video guys.

  2. The Butte Life

    The Butte Life

    8 dagar sedan

    Love you guys. Very cool day of sailing!

  3. TimeRider762


    8 dagar sedan

    That little girl is getting smarter everyday. I think when she gets older, she can pick her own career. Maybe a scientist. Well done, Vera.

  4. Erich Collar

    Erich Collar

    9 dagar sedan

    Don’t want to jinx it but doesn't bad luck come in threes? Good luck! I would have loved to see an aerial shot of the sails at 23:16. It looked beautiful from the boat.

  5. Ronald Warren

    Ronald Warren

    10 dagar sedan

    BY HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW There was a little girl, Who had a little curl, Right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, She was very good indeed, But when she was bad she was horrid.

  6. Eddy G

    Eddy G

    11 dagar sedan

    I thought an anemometer was a sealed unit? If pollen can get in couldn't rain also get in?

  7. Freddie Flackéus

    Freddie Flackéus

    12 dagar sedan

    Varför stämmer inte er position på MarineTraffic.? Hälsn Freddie

    • Freddie Flackéus

      Freddie Flackéus

      11 dagar sedan

      @RAN Sailing Tack då vet jag🙂 Hoppas jag kan följa er på er kommande långsegling⛵️

    • RAN Sailing

      RAN Sailing

      11 dagar sedan

      Vår gps har gått sönder! 😬

  8. Cedartree 1325

    Cedartree 1325

    12 dagar sedan


  9. Rich Sander

    Rich Sander

    12 dagar sedan

    Watch what you use next. They happen in 3s!

  10. steenkigerrider


    13 dagar sedan

    Nice area to sail during a warm summer period. Pity that it is bloody cold and dark during the rest of the year. Your yacht should do well with a parasailor.

  11. corujariousa


    13 dagar sedan

    Time for new gear. You are very lucky to have each other and living the life you have. Don’t let small things discourage you. Thanks for the video.

  12. Patrick M

    Patrick M

    13 dagar sedan

    you have to attach a key float on your camera...

  13. Tom Downey

    Tom Downey

    13 dagar sedan

    will Vera learn both languages?

  14. Colin Deal

    Colin Deal

    13 dagar sedan

    I have only intermitted watched your content, but I imagine I will more moving forward because most of the other sailing youtubers are either on cats . Catamarans just don't feel as much like sailing to me though I completely understand why people like cats. And with Ruby Rose moving on to a cat, the 'good' youtube monohull sailing channels that I enjoy are down to Uma, Delos, and videography

  15. daniel buckner

    daniel buckner

    13 dagar sedan

    Oh and Vera cant talk but she can toast a drink!! Haha, shes got the blood of a sailor in her! She's precious.

  16. daniel buckner

    daniel buckner

    13 dagar sedan

    If that staysail weren't on a roller furler and were hank on that clew to bbn lock angle wouldnt be so steep.

  17. Deran Eaton

    Deran Eaton

    13 dagar sedan

    Using binoculars, I predict Vera will do a watch rotation underway sooner than anyone thinks. 🥰 GoPro makes float housings. I have a shoelace securing my GoPro4 to whatever handy (boat hook) pole or mount I tie it to. Carbon composite tubing proves brittle under certain stresses. Blessings, S/V Windwalker

  18. David Hicks

    David Hicks

    14 dagar sedan

    Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed these videos of you sailing around Sweden

  19. Ted McFadden

    Ted McFadden

    14 dagar sedan

    I realize the mast is rated to take the load of sailing the vessel, and should easily handle a single human. but the idea of being hoisted to the top like that scares the bejeezus out of me. 😳 Edit: Vera saying Cheers is probably the cutest thing I'll see today. That's awesome.

  20. Blessing Zakari

    Blessing Zakari

    14 dagar sedan

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  21. HellyWelly93


    14 dagar sedan

    Night sails are so disorientating!

  22. Mike Willis

    Mike Willis

    14 dagar sedan

    Great passage, very relaxing

  23. Phil G

    Phil G

    14 dagar sedan

    Somewhere out there is a mermaid who can't believe how lucky she is to have found a new GoPro 9

  24. Paul Harold

    Paul Harold

    14 dagar sedan

    Lovely episode. Great video production skills. Vera is growing so fast. How many words in Swedish vs. English does she say?

  25. 327/365hp


    14 dagar sedan

    Thank you for another wonderful video!

  26. Duarte Monteiro

    Duarte Monteiro

    14 dagar sedan

    Cheers Vera! 👶🥤🍼 There's a lot to do when you have a boat. It makes you active! 😊💪💪

  27. Div3r


    14 dagar sedan

    @16:54 "Whatcha talking about their girl I ain't ready for no bed"

  28. Truth Hurts

    Truth Hurts

    14 dagar sedan

    i start to believe GoPro has some serious issues with their quality control, many chanels have reported issues with heir hardware and it seems the product is getting outdated very soon..... the right time for competitors to step up and swallow them and their lazyness i guess

  29. V Carvalho

    V Carvalho

    14 dagar sedan

    Hi there! I wonder why you do not use the windlass to climb up the mast. You can the winch as a sort of safety mechanism. It will be easier all that climb... specially to the one on the deck, Molly!. Sorry for your loss, but think you are "updating" your equipment, instead of "loosing" it. Whish you three good winds and fair seas.

  30. Nick Caffrey

    Nick Caffrey

    14 dagar sedan

    Lovely to see how socialised Vera is. Respect to her parents! Super episode.

  31. Flyboy Ben

    Flyboy Ben

    14 dagar sedan

    Do you plan a meet-up with Kazaa and Brian and Sierra?

  32. S.V DiTino

    S.V DiTino

    14 dagar sedan

    I love your deck light setup, so effective for night activities. Did you do an episode on it? OR will you please share the details.

  33. Douglas Howard

    Douglas Howard

    14 dagar sedan

    adding oil based lube for bearings may not be the best as dust will stick to the oil. graphite lube is a good way to as it fills the space so that unwanted dust cant get in

  34. Edo Jonker

    Edo Jonker

    14 dagar sedan

    I once lost a camera in the Highway. Since that moment my camera’s are always secured with a safety-line when I make a shot in a “danger zone “. It’s not only the loss of a camera, but also the loss of the images. I might look silly, but it works secure

  35. Gavin Grantham

    Gavin Grantham

    14 dagar sedan

    Just be careful now as things happen in 3's

  36. John


    14 dagar sedan

    Your excellent narration really makes it so much more interesting.

  37. climatixseuche


    14 dagar sedan

    Is growing up on a boat make one immune to sea sickness?

  38. Håkan Jacobsen

    Håkan Jacobsen

    15 dagar sedan

    Hej på er, Har en fråga vad är det för platta ni har, och vilken storlek är det?

  39. Stephen Ferguson

    Stephen Ferguson

    15 dagar sedan

    Great video, like always, love the sailing and history where y’all are.. The Little one is growing so fast and is so precious!!! Y’all are truly blessed 😇 Safe Sailing ⛵️

  40. anne winning

    anne winning

    15 dagar sedan

    You must know that Vera steals the show now on all your episodes, she seems to love the camera and happy on her floating home. Great episode as usual - sorry about the go pro😩

  41. Michael Samuel

    Michael Samuel

    15 dagar sedan

    The little seat for Vera has been an amazing addition to the boat. She doesn't seem to mind being in it at all.

  42. Jim Lotspeich

    Jim Lotspeich

    15 dagar sedan

    Bummer, they shouldn't name those camera's 'GO-Pro' because they seem to GO where you don't want them too! Sometime in the far future someone is going to find all the gopros at the bottom of the ocean and wonder why?

  43. Jan Mell

    Jan Mell

    15 dagar sedan

    This can be seen as a lesson in how poorly you are prepared for MOB. If the man and not the camera had gone outboard, would the rescue maneuver have taken so long? (Sail down etc.) Or do you have the Munich maneuver, quick stop or something similar ready for this case? Just as food for thought! MfG Jan

  44. hans K.

    hans K.

    15 dagar sedan

    Nice vid. I like the way Vera is adapting to the sailing life. Now all you need is a dog and the family is complete😉. Looking forward to the next round of tech install vids. Cheers

  45. Fred


    15 dagar sedan

    Great video, thanks. Vera is getting so cute, she knows how to acknowledge the camera lens. Going to be the Star in a few years.

  46. Laurie Ashley

    Laurie Ashley

    15 dagar sedan

    Sorry about the go pro. I hope you get a drone soon. It would be cool to see your sails from above. Love your channel

  47. james jamesbond

    james jamesbond

    15 dagar sedan

    Would love to sail this area...seems very picturesque......Not sure what your feeding Vera ......at this rate she'll be taking a watch at the helm Fairwinds from the @captains.chair

  48. Bill B.

    Bill B.

    15 dagar sedan

    Thank You for another wonderful video, we enjoyed it very much. Take care.

  49. lancedaniels


    15 dagar sedan

    Thanks for posting and sharing. Really nice to see this “day” (Looong day!) sail. Sorry to hear about the camera…

  50. David Cogan

    David Cogan

    15 dagar sedan

    Maybe with the new mast steps would have been handy

  51. Sail Ho

    Sail Ho

    15 dagar sedan

    are you drinking ginger against seasickness? does it work?

  52. D1


    15 dagar sedan

    Stick was probably made in China. Quality all over. :-)

  53. Jonathan Wetherell

    Jonathan Wetherell

    15 dagar sedan

    Vera will probably grow up bi-lingual.

  54. sabastan2


    15 dagar sedan

    I would look into buying some 304 stainless steel 1/16 wire rope that you can make a loop to put around the wrist and run the cable down a pole and attach it to the go pro so you don't lose it like you did. if you tape it to the pole it will be part of the pole and not lose, that way if the pole breaks the go pro is attach to the wire rope and just pull it back in to the boat. just a thought.

  55. John Burgess

    John Burgess

    15 dagar sedan

    My favourite sailing channel of many I sub to. Wonderful boat crewed by great happy family, visiting scenic destinations and giving brilliant commentary. Thanks for sharing. JB (Uk)

  56. Sheldon Crane

    Sheldon Crane

    15 dagar sedan

    Great opportunity for a small floatation device attached too the body. And either on impact or emergency, and or switch on controller. Or a piece of Styrofoam painted and molded to look as a part of the drone.

  57. Dennis The Menace

    Dennis The Menace

    15 dagar sedan

    Next time buy a "Stay-Pro" Other ones want to Go !...LOL Now that was a long very pleasant family sail.....Thanks for allowing us to be on board....Cheers.

  58. dav snow

    dav snow

    15 dagar sedan

    Another interesting episode full of variety. I like those little red Pilot Stations, glad you told us what they were! Of course I Googled "Sweden's Pilot Stations" and found little useful information except that you can rent some de-commissioned ones. I hoped to get some history, how they were used who crewed them (they must've had a 'spotter' to communicate with the ships via semaphore/flags), because I can't imagine the pilot running up and down the rocks to catch an outgoing boat. Did they sit there and wait for jobs, or just sleep there? Must be a whole episode just waiting to have it's story told.

  59. Lorene Noe

    Lorene Noe

    15 dagar sedan

    Wonder why he referred to “speed over ground” several times…sailing thru the water?

    • TheNadOby


      14 dagar sedan

      Water moves. you can sail against two knots current with 6 knots by chip log (over water) and you speed over ground will be only 4 knots. So this distinction is very useful while moving trough water. And at the end only speed over ground matters cause you want to move from point A to B.

  60. mongomay1


    15 dagar sedan

    Figure out how to put a security line/leader to your action equipment that is pricey. What does a few meters of line cost to the troubles of loosing equipment. Just tie extra loops with rubber band keep out of the way. You have plenty of time to review how you have been doing things and access the risks and benefits again. Don't get stuck in the rut that never happened before...

  61. gramps gramps

    gramps gramps

    15 dagar sedan

    Vera will definitely be a talker.

  62. Jon Madsen

    Jon Madsen

    15 dagar sedan


  63. Komer West

    Komer West

    15 dagar sedan

    Very enjoyable. I felt as if I was along for the crossing. Thank you for having me along.

  64. Kathleen Connors

    Kathleen Connors

    15 dagar sedan

    Beautiful scenery and I love your storytelling the history is amazing. I never realized how stunning and gorgeous your country is., thanks as always for sharing your life.⛵️⛵️⛵️💕💕

  65. Henry Reed

    Henry Reed

    15 dagar sedan

    Excellent segment.

  66. Mike Koss

    Mike Koss

    15 dagar sedan

    That looked like a great day!



    15 dagar sedan


  68. Tony Cotto

    Tony Cotto

    15 dagar sedan

    RIP GoPro

  69. William Dykes

    William Dykes

    15 dagar sedan

    Super impressive that Malin had the presence of mind to drop a mark on the lost GoPro. Was that a spontaneous reaction or do you guys practice for an occurrence like that? Either way, she was on the mark (pun intended). Sorry about the GoPro.

  70. Gary Kuiken

    Gary Kuiken

    15 dagar sedan

    Can you not get insurance on your camera equipment for all perils so if it stolen, lost breakage you get a new one with no deductible. Also do you find your daughter using any words in English.

  71. William Bromley

    William Bromley

    15 dagar sedan

    Why are all the roofs red?

  72. Priest Mt. Hiker.

    Priest Mt. Hiker.

    15 dagar sedan

    That was a fun ride, thanks, Dave

  73. k 1

    k 1

    15 dagar sedan


  74. Trev Hedges

    Trev Hedges

    15 dagar sedan

    Thanks guys!

  75. Randall Vanderende

    Randall Vanderende

    15 dagar sedan

    Hard experience suggests a precaution: how about attaching a small float to your camera?

  76. THE Mashes

    THE Mashes

    15 dagar sedan

    I'll join the chorus of Other Aussies/Kiwis saying you all are a part of my Saturday morning ritual. Breakfast & Ran Sailing is my start to every weekend. Vera=cutest deckhand and onboard portait artist.

  77. Elogium


    15 dagar sedan

    Lovely sailing weather. Oh no on losing the GoPro, sorry you lost it. You have such a lovely family and you always do such great vlogs. Always informative. Thanks for another great vlog. :-)

  78. ______


    15 dagar sedan

    Sorry to hear about the GoPro. Great video nonetheless.

  79. CR Dorado

    CR Dorado

    15 dagar sedan

    I know you guys get alot of remarks about Vera, and I know you never get tired of hearing the sweet comments. But she is truly adorable, thanks for sharing her with us. We look forward to seeing her grow up on a boat.

  80. Laurie Seto

    Laurie Seto

    15 dagar sedan


  81. James Billington

    James Billington

    15 dagar sedan

    Great video of the sailing and great narration.

  82. Shane Vlaardingerbroek

    Shane Vlaardingerbroek

    15 dagar sedan

    You like sailing at night. Would like to know what experienced sailors think on a philosophical level when it's peaceful?

  83. Durin S. Bane

    Durin S. Bane

    15 dagar sedan

    The proper term is second breakfast, followed by elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper :)

  84. Ron


    15 dagar sedan

    Vera makes me smile

  85. John Richard

    John Richard

    15 dagar sedan

    Impressed that Malin marked the location of the lost Go Pro. Beautiful sail. The boat really performs well.

  86. Dave Jones

    Dave Jones

    15 dagar sedan

    What a beautiful baby..!

  87. PR Martin

    PR Martin

    15 dagar sedan

    Great video. ⛵👨‍👩‍👧

  88. Eka A.

    Eka A.

    15 dagar sedan

    Tethers. Whenever we were doing aerial photography and hanging cameras out the window of a helicopter or airplane we attached a tether to them, and the helicopter. That way if we accidentally dropped one the tether would keep it from going bye bye.

  89. Karl Mattsson

    Karl Mattsson

    15 dagar sedan

    Har ni Eniro på sjön? Isf vad heter eran båt på appen?

  90. Jack M.

    Jack M.

    15 dagar sedan

    Good episode. Thanks for sharing. Life is good~

  91. Jack Yotes

    Jack Yotes

    15 dagar sedan

    When future divers (archaeologists) recover your Go-Pro they will prove that it is better sailing Sweden than fight for life in the Bahamas or Caribbean waters. Don' t worry. Lots of love. Capt. Jack

  92. Ed Kelly

    Ed Kelly

    15 dagar sedan

    Vera having a Ginger shot with a look of bemusement on her face ...gorgeous. Love this channel 😋😎

  93. Peter Sobocki

    Peter Sobocki

    15 dagar sedan

    Sorry to hear about your camera. I would blame it on that dodgy looking parrot... Must have been nibbling on the pole!

  94. Emily BH

    Emily BH

    15 dagar sedan

    Good for Vera - already a pro at drinking from a cup! There is another SE-one sailing channel with a little boy toddler much older than Vera (who shall remain nameless) who still walks around carrying a baby's bottle sometimes. Parents catering to infantile desires of growing children only do both child and parent a huge disservice as it takes a lot of effort later on unlearn those habits and put up with tantrums as the child resists being forced to give up being pampered like a baby when he should have outgrown the behavior and been encouraged to use more grown up behavior when s/he was first ready to.

    • Lorene Noe

      Lorene Noe

      15 dagar sedan

      Your intention may have been to compliment Vera but it’s a bit judgey to cite other sailing Utube families as examples, think kindness, there may be other reasons and no one wants to judge a parent’s individual parenting, right?

    • Jackson Hardy

      Jackson Hardy

      15 dagar sedan

      It could be that girls are proven to mature faster than boys. But, I put my money on Johan & Malin's child-rearing style that sets Vera apart.

  95. smokedoliver1


    15 dagar sedan

    It’s a pleasure to learn about your home country, especially for those of us not as familiar with your part of the world. Vera is growing fast.

  96. Shaggy Randy

    Shaggy Randy

    15 dagar sedan

    My mom used to say " don't sweat the small stuff"

  97. janis ripple

    janis ripple

    15 dagar sedan

    Enjoy your sailing and repairs 🙋‍♀️💕🥰🍷

  98. Des Farrell

    Des Farrell

    15 dagar sedan

    Wonderful finish, like a Michael Mann movie

  99. Carsten Hoei

    Carsten Hoei

    15 dagar sedan

    Great episode today - as allways :-)

  100. Paul Miles

    Paul Miles

    15 dagar sedan

    I have learned so much from this channel. Interesting technique with the staysail...hope to use it someday.