The ASMR Bee Movie

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Well well well. We did it. I won't type a lot here because I say most of it in the intro... (sorry that's so long)
Skip to 10:28 for the countdown!
The countdown and the timestamps in the bottom left once the movie starts are synced to American Netflix version of the Bee Movie, but hopefully it will work for all versions of it! (it starts with the dreamworks title). I highly recommend you play the official Bee Movie on another window or screen while you watch this ASMR version, as it's designed to match 1:1!!!!!
Thank you so much for 3 million subscribers. Thank you sO much for watching, and enabling me... ahahah. Thank you a million times to the incredible friends who helped me create this.
Please check out everyone's channel!! They all worked so hard and are wonderful, wonderful people to support. Credits at the end as well :) Creators, feel free to sound off in the comments which part you played too!!
Credits in alphabetical order:
ALB in whisperland ASMR - Adam Flayman
Amy Kay ASMR - Group Bee, Keychain Bee
Angelica - Layton T Montgomery, Hector
April’s ASMR - Custodian, Group Human
Articulate Design ASMR - Bob Bumble, Group Bee
ASMattR ASMR - Pollen Jock #4, Voice of Radio
ASMR Azlin - Cow
ASMR BlueKatie - Anna (Woman in Vanessa’s apartment)
ASMR Darling - Martin Benson
ASMR Glow - Artie
ASMR Shanny - Lou Lo Duca
ASMR Sharm - Bud Ditchwater
ASMR Sound Waves - Ladybug
ASMRKitten - Control Tower Operator
ASMRMagic - Security Guard, TSA Agent
ASMRplanet - Waterbug
Atlas ASMR - Pollen Jock #3
Batala’s ASMR - Judge Bumbleton
Busy B ASMR - Boy in Park, Mosquito
Caroline ASMR - Bee News Reporter #2
Chynaunique ASMR - Announcer
Creative Calm ASMR - Girl Bee #2
Danny Docile ASMR - Sting
Darker4Serenity ASMR - Dean Buzzwell, Mooseblood
DizzyKitten ASMR - Human News Reporter #2
Dong ASMR - Bee Camera Man, Group Human
Fabled Fawn ASMR - Pollen Jock Announcer, Group Bee
Fairy Char ASMR - Bee Protestor, Group Human
fastASMR - Jeanette Chung
FredsVoice ASMR - Truck Drivers
FrivolousFox ASMR - Uncle Carl
Gibi ASMR - Barry B Benson, Vanessa Bloome, Janet Benson
Goodnight Moon - Pilot Scott
Jama ASMR - Group Human
Jingle Jangle ASMR - Group Human
Jocie B ASMR - Mosquito, Bee Protestor
Jojo’s ASMR - Bear, Mosquito
Julieta ASMR - Group Human
Karuna Satori ASMR - Ray Liotta
KAYsmr - Baby in Car
KimmyKASMR - Bee in Apartment
LatreceASMR - Human Passerby
LauraLemurex ASMR - Bee in Front of Line
Lily Whispers ASMR - Human News Reporter #1
Little Bird ASMR - Court Announcer
Lynn Cinnamon ASMR - Sniper
Madi ASMR - Group Human
Marno ASMR - Co-Pilot Hal
Matty Tingles - Andy
Oceans ASMR - Child in Car
Peace and Saraity ASMR - Klauss, Grandma in Car
Phoenician Sailor - Worker #2
PierreG ASMR - Grasshopper
PoggleDrop ASMR - Bicyclist
Prim ASMR - Supermarket Employee
RaffyTaphyASMR - Bee Larry King
Rapunzel ASMR - Girl Bee #1
Ruby True ASMR - Worker #1
Sarah Lavender ASMR - Traffic Police
Scottish Murmurs ASMR - Pollen Jock #2
Slight Sounds ASMR - Princess on Float
Smidjen ASMR - Bee with Clipboard
Soft ASMR - Newspaper Bee
SophieMichelle ASMR - Bee News Narrator
SouthernASMR Sounds - Mom in Car
The ASMR Ryan - Pollen Jock #1
The White Rabbit ASMR - Lawyer
Tingting ASMR - Bee News Crew #1
Tiptoe Tingles ASMR - Car Driver
VisualSounds1 ASMR - Tour Guide
Non-ASMRtist Friends Who Also Slayed It
Shawn Saris / The Vestman - Beekeeper #1 /@MrTheVestman
Denis J - Beekeeper #2 /@_DenisJ
Bill Hillsman - Tea Granny, Bee Sucking Honey /@UncleBilvo
Ben - Ken /@BenDKnee53
Satine - Dog in Car
RivvsOfficial - Group Bee, Bee Scientist #1 /@RivvsOfficial
James - Group Bee, Guy in Flowered Shirt, Bee Scientist #2 /@JamesHime2
Artbynips - Dad in car /@artbynips
Ace - Narrator :) (and mastermind of this whole project)


  1. AceMR


    Månad sedan

    Day 415: Gibi is finally uploading Bee Movie ASMR... It has been a long journey, but it was a team effort. Anyone who ever up voted a comment you are the reason this happened. Thanks for the crazy ride, you are all legends! It's been a wild ride, signing off for now...

    • Garroth Hogonokami

      Garroth Hogonokami

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      XD how long was this planned again lol?

    • Green 28

      Green 28

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      Ace ty

    • Illumi’s Snatched Weave

      Illumi’s Snatched Weave

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      We love you ace!!

    • William Afton

      William Afton

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      This made me sad

    • Pep E

      Pep E

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      You did it

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    can I have some coins plz from campers

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    2020 be like: 22:26 - 22:31

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    Lps Sugar rush

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    Hey gibi...... WHATS IT LIKE BEING QUIT FOR 60% of YoUr LIfE!?

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    Nipple nibbler

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    You like jazz ?

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    Kacper Nowakowski

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  6. SpookyYT


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    I’m just waiting until Ken says “WHY IS YOGURT NIGHT SO DIFFICULT!?”

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    jivi said say cheese

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    this is legendary

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    Dylan Purches

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    I like this movie in ASMR

  12. BGameme2


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    Where is Ace? Has Ace finally left? Because Ace's goal has been reached, they have left? Goodbye legend....

  13. Jay Kay

    Jay Kay

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    I love Ben's voice

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    s u n f l o w e r__b i t c h

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    33:49 I'm trying to keep quiet and not laugh too loud so i don't wake up the whole house, bUT THIS IS SO FUNNY I'M DYING- 💀✋

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    No Pls no

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    The car scene was immaculate

  16. Gabriela De Alencar

    Gabriela De Alencar

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    That’s gold, I love this more than I love some people in my family

  17. doogee mew

    doogee mew

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    When you realise this is a movie about a woman falling in love with A bee it's got me wondering how tf seggsy time is- I HATE MYSELF SORRY-

  18. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

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    The legend have finally did it

  19. Misspol222


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    This is the CITIZEN CANE of ASMR content. It's history in the making.

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    You like jazz best scene

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    They Call Me Bearby

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    This is peak ASMR, nothing could be better than this

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    Ok but like where can I buy one of those bee plushes they are adorable ☺️

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    🤣🤣 this is hilarious brilliant well done!

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    Sisters Of ghost

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    holy shit this is amazing. I'm 30 min in but it's bedtime now, finishing this tomorrow night. hope to see bee movie trending on netflix tomorrow.

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    Official Game Plays

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    14:54 who’s that ASMRTIST?

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      VisualSounds1 ASMR

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    Abigail Cortez

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    Ryan Jones littler

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    Omg UK Netflix has removed the bee movie ! So anoying

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    This is the kind of content we never thought of but we NEEDED

  49. Dark Link

    Dark Link

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    Bee movie: some bee graduates from bee school goes into the outside world finds a girl and flirts with her and after some time they get so close that she breaks up with her bee hating (cause hes allergic) boyfriend and help the bee sue the human race and after everything on eartg is shit she blames the bee like a karen an then they get some flowers and after that they lived happy long after The End

    • Tony Lazutto

      Tony Lazutto

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      Barry later dies a week later as bees only live for about 2 weeks total

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    cactus studios

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    why me. just why.

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    nina nina

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      nina nina

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      you are so beautiful and cute

    • nina nina

      nina nina

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      you are so bea and cute

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    Neroxious Does Stuff

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    The Soviet Dictators (Premeirs)

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    James Charles is Gay

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    everyone involved just seems so happy, i love it

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    Alex DaHybrid

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    31:40 (the bit im most triggered at)

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    Keanna Hargreeves

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    Bobby Vinson

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    Bee Movie

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    Error 666

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    Patricia Cruz

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    So far not the weirdest Astro video I’ve ever seen

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    Failed Pixel

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    That was my first time watching the Bee movie. I died laughing when the bees landed the plane. Best possible way to watch the movie for sure.

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    Is it bad that after watching this ENTIRE thing and understanding how much went through this just to make it. The first thing that went through my mind was "i need to see a shrek asmr movie"

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      The first hashira

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      10 mil subs

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      The first hashira

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    Rafael Cardoza

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    My favorite part in the movie is this time: 4:11

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  72. Jordan Avalos

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    James Shanahan

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    Me, Myself and Me again!

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    AvaGoes Viral

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    Mark Sanchez

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    matthew birbeck

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  84. Hunni Bear Gacha

    Hunni Bear Gacha

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  85. Emanuel-David Bratasanu

    Emanuel-David Bratasanu

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    The makers of the movie didn't copyright it because they fell asleep while watching the movie Gibi made

    • Havoc_storm


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      Nice one

  86. King


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    Lil cold Gunshot

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    juli6090 juli6090

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    Brian Henry

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    Gabriel Lucas

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    Chris Stebbins

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    This needs to become a more popular thing. I genuinely enjoyed this. I have always enjoyed listening to the asmr book reading stuff and this was like taking that concept to a whole new energy and interaction. The fact that I full cast was pulled together for this made it incredible. It brought me great joy experiencing this project. Congratulations to all involved.

  93. toivo korhonen

    toivo korhonen

    2 dagar sedan

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    Asmr Frangipani

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    Thumps Up

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    Samantha Esquivel

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    Ebony Lee Prewitt

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