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📍 Recipes in video

-Strawberry jam (unsweetened version) Strawberry 1: sugar 0.8, butter toast
-Spicy fish stew (soy sauce 4T, red pepper powder 2T, starch syrup 2T, cheongju 2T, red pepper paste 1T, a little ginger)
-Egg Gimbap (egg, spinach, burdock, carrot, cucumber), tteokbokki
-Steak (rosemary oil, butter)
-Boiled tofu: 1.5 cups of kelp water, 2T soy sauce, 2T sugar, 4T sake
Rice: 2T vinegar, 1/2T salt, 1/2T sugar
-Noodle: 3T vinegar, 3T sugar, 2T red pepper paste, 2T red pepper powder, 2T soy sauce, minced garlic, sesame oil, sesame, dongchimi broth
-Boiled chicken: Remove some chicken skin and soak it in boiling water once before preparing it. 45 minutes cook with green onion, jujube, whole garlic and fresh ginseng

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