Grilled Cheese


  1. Nick DiGiovanni

    Nick DiGiovanni

    14 dagar sedan

    • Makin Marks

      Makin Marks

      4 dagar sedan

      I made the grilled cheese and it was sooo delicious thank you

    • Peter Parker

      Peter Parker

      6 dagar sedan

      Type of bread used ?

    • D' Gypsy

      D' Gypsy

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      @Blue X Roblox & Aaron Craft UwU is live you won't even taste it though, it's like a much more easily (and tastier) butter!

    • D' Gypsy

      D' Gypsy

      10 dagar sedan

      @RAW MX you can't trust people who don't like Mayo. There's something innately wrong with them.

    • D' Gypsy

      D' Gypsy

      10 dagar sedan

      @Jose Sacote that's perfect *not* burned! You fake-as* commenter. 😒

  2. Fabio Gonzalez

    Fabio Gonzalez

    2 timmar sedan

    Why does he make simple things fancy?

  3. Pierce Shinsuke

    Pierce Shinsuke

    2 timmar sedan

    I got a real question is it just me but I hate mayo ketchup and mustard anybody else ?

  4. Bảo Ngọc 700K Vào Henho24h xyz

    Bảo Ngọc 700K Vào Henho24h xyz

    10 timmar sedan

    06:16 Bởi vì anh không muốn mất em. 🕢

  5. Sheesh


    13 timmar sedan

    I like my grilled cheese with bacon

  6. Phương Anh 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    Phương Anh 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    14 timmar sedan

    03:35 Em vô tình dẫm lên bông hồng dại 👊

  7. VÂN NAVY 100K Vào Henho24h xyz

    VÂN NAVY 100K Vào Henho24h xyz

    16 timmar sedan

    01:04 Có một việc mà chỉ có khi kết hôn bạn mới làm được, đó là LY DỊ. 👤

  8. Nate Reilly

    Nate Reilly

    19 timmar sedan

    Finally something I can make

  9. sudama lasial

    sudama lasial

    19 timmar sedan

    My fvrt tost is my own med ctc sai touch of spice. burnd amsdr chili cheese toast

  10. Michael Barron

    Michael Barron

    21 timme sedan

    Did he say mayonnaise???🤔🤔🤔

  11. Cyndrical


    Dag sedan

    Why not butter

  12. Phương Anh 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    Phương Anh 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    Dag sedan

    06:53 Em là cô gái mang giày trắng. ▶

  13. J G

    J G

    Dag sedan

    I didt know u could cook mayo like that



    Dag sedan

    Probably the only thing I can afford in his whole cooking series 😂

  15. Bảo Ngọc 700K Vào Henho24h xyz

    Bảo Ngọc 700K Vào Henho24h xyz

    Dag sedan

    03:16 Vừa nhìn là biết cậu ngũ hành thiếu tớ rồi. 👌

  16. Kavi Shah

    Kavi Shah

    Dag sedan

    The dynamic badger aesthetically apologise because ground suggestively save an a uppity share. limping, dramatic jaw

  17. AllMightyJayyy


    Dag sedan

    Nick : **eats** mmmm This Is Good. Also Nick : Grabs Another One And Says Lets Make Grill Cheese.

  18. Diệu Anh 400K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    Diệu Anh 400K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    Dag sedan

    01:20 Đời Tôi nghèo lấy đâu ra mộng đẹp, Kiếp phong trần thu hẹp chuyện yêu đương. 🌊

  19. SnowySwordsman


    Dag sedan

    I know that the mayo method is really populer but I feel like it makes a weird taste, and this crispiness does not last. BUTTER IS BETTER

  20. galactic Knight

    galactic Knight

    Dag sedan

    I thought this looked nice so tomorrow I'm going to make grilled cheese I have had grilled cheese before but it was a long time ago

  21. Saslyk


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  22. Luke Tharp

    Luke Tharp

    2 dagar sedan

    This is too easy.

  23. Mooshroom


    2 dagar sedan

    i died when i saw the mayo but if its the japan 1 makes sence

  24. Phương Anh 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    Phương Anh 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    2 dagar sedan

    02:50 Chỉ cần anh nói YÊU, em sẽ bám theo anh suốt đời :))) 🚳

  25. The Sharks

    The Sharks

    2 dagar sedan

    Have you ever tried fried cheese before? It tastes pretty good

  26. Một thằng comment dạo tên Nacob

    Một thằng comment dạo tên Nacob

    2 dagar sedan


  27. Liam Villanueva

    Liam Villanueva

    2 dagar sedan

    Finally nick is doing grilled cheese perfectly, immaculate

  28. EasonTek2398


    2 dagar sedan

    I’m on team Butter!

  29. ShiyakuWasTaken


    2 dagar sedan

    Mashed potato or curry would be so cool!!

  30. Waingro


    2 dagar sedan

    Mayonnaise FOR LIFE!!!! ❤❤❤

  31. Funny Valentine

    Funny Valentine

    2 dagar sedan

    I don’t like Mayo on it, it makes it crispy but it adds like a funny taste. Butter is better in my opinion

  32. Thảo Mai 800K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    Thảo Mai 800K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    2 dagar sedan

    05:06 Rồi đèn xanh đèn đỏ ⬆

  33. Kate Gangloff

    Kate Gangloff

    2 dagar sedan

    Everyone using normal bread him using baguette

  34. Adam Liew

    Adam Liew

    2 dagar sedan

    Honestly I prefer butter.

  35. Khánh Chi 1000K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    Khánh Chi 1000K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    2 dagar sedan

    02:26 Cô đơn quá rồi, có ai đồng ý làm người yêu mình hok? 💔

  36. StarfoxX gaming Videos

    StarfoxX gaming Videos

    2 dagar sedan

    This helps alot thank you

  37. Muhammed Muzammil

    Muhammed Muzammil

    3 dagar sedan

    my recipe: put cheese on bread and yeet it in the oven

  38. Chonky


    3 dagar sedan

    Grilled cheese do better than Gordon’s grilled cheese

  39. DominikMobileGaming 28

    DominikMobileGaming 28

    3 dagar sedan

    Add some ham to that

  40. RandomThangs


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    Is no one going to talk about this perfect loop?

    • WindBlade Yasuo

      WindBlade Yasuo

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      hi new viewer

  41. iiFrostylaw_RBLX


    3 dagar sedan

    The water trick help good at melting the cheese thanks for showing me this

  42. stellar toad

    stellar toad

    3 dagar sedan

    I prefer butter tbh but pretty basic grilled cheese! Looks good!

  43. JackQTVs Stuff

    JackQTVs Stuff

    3 dagar sedan

    This man makes every meal feel gourmet

  44. BẢO ANH 600K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    BẢO ANH 600K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    3 dagar sedan

    06:54 Crush ơihip cho tao 1 ít reallove đi 🚙

  45. Tunabreath


    3 dagar sedan

    I used to make grilled cheese with mayo instead of butter when I was little because that's what I THOUGHT you were supposed to do... Then years later I found out it's actually a "pro tip"???

  46. Robthemob


    3 dagar sedan

    Better than Gordon I can tell you that

  47. Anthony Rosati

    Anthony Rosati

    3 dagar sedan

    Why mayonnaise!?🤮

  48. reigotnojams


    3 dagar sedan

    I got angry at him for using mayo instead of butter cuz mayo taste like s*!t

  49. j4ckgh


    4 dagar sedan

    dont you just love when he adds steps but doesnt tell you why



    4 dagar sedan

    Doesn’t everyone know how to make grilled cheese? 🧀

  51. o5ange


    4 dagar sedan

    Now that's what I call delicious

  52. VÂN NAVY 100K Vào Henho24h xyz

    VÂN NAVY 100K Vào Henho24h xyz

    4 dagar sedan

    02:30 Xa nhau càng nhung nhớ 💗

  53. Shontae B

    Shontae B

    4 dagar sedan

    Mayo no, but butter yes!

  54. Faith Hudson

    Faith Hudson

    4 dagar sedan

    gRiLeD cHeEs ~

  55. Denny's Donuts

    Denny's Donuts

    4 dagar sedan

    I'm sorry, I have to dislike for the mayo being used instead of butter. No. Just no.

  56. Jordan Mobley

    Jordan Mobley

    4 dagar sedan

  57. Mikey STice

    Mikey STice

    4 dagar sedan

    Noo you cant just paint your bread with mAyOnNaISe

  58. Phương Anh 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    Phương Anh 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    4 dagar sedan

    06:02 Nếu có thể hãy để EM một lần được yêu ANH, có được không? 🔱

  59. Flicks-_-onYt


    4 dagar sedan

    I think he forgot to butter

  60. ⚡KILLUA-SAN⚡


    4 dagar sedan

    Karl Watching This: Oh That's How you Make Grilled Cheese Also Karl: Makes Grilled Cheese and Selling it

  61. BẢO ANH 600K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    BẢO ANH 600K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    4 dagar sedan

    05:32 Tao ế thì kệ tao, có giỏi thì làm người yêu tao đi 🦃

  62. Oggang Productions

    Oggang Productions

    5 dagar sedan

    This looked good but I just tried it and tastes weird be honest yo

  63. Paolo Thomas

    Paolo Thomas

    5 dagar sedan

    this is the one place where guga dosent agree with nick

  64. Tobias Teb

    Tobias Teb

    5 dagar sedan


  65. Bruce Mori

    Bruce Mori

    5 dagar sedan

    the lack of butter concerns me

  66. Chris Heffernan

    Chris Heffernan

    5 dagar sedan

    How old are you

  67. VÂN NAVY 100K Vào Henho24h xyz

    VÂN NAVY 100K Vào Henho24h xyz

    5 dagar sedan

    02:36 Soái ca là của ngôn tình. 🚘

  68. Prathyush P

    Prathyush P

    5 dagar sedan

    Wont it become soggy if u add water ?

  69. youtube ▶️

    youtube ▶️

    5 dagar sedan

    Is he a masterchef contestant

  70. Narresh


    5 dagar sedan


  71. jumpy


    5 dagar sedan

    Me: 2 bread in toaster take it out put cheese on it and melt it

  72. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford

    5 dagar sedan

    this may be the one recipe of yours that sucks

  73. TOKYO


    5 dagar sedan

    i love how all the comments are raging over mayo or butter, meanwhile i’m the only one freaking out because i also scoop water in my hand to add to a pan because i’m too lazy to get a cup lol.

  74. Monique Montgomery

    Monique Montgomery

    5 dagar sedan

    Man he can even make grilled cheese look like ah whole meal

  75. Jarex Crusader

    Jarex Crusader

    5 dagar sedan

    Is anyone gonna make this for breakfast now? 👀

  76. Bảo Ngọc 700K Vào Henho24h xyz

    Bảo Ngọc 700K Vào Henho24h xyz

    5 dagar sedan

    05:12 Tôi đang buồn giữa thế giới đang vui 🏧

  77. Draven kuro

    Draven kuro

    6 dagar sedan

    He cooks a better grilled cheese than Gordon that's for sure

  78. Anupama CR

    Anupama CR

    6 dagar sedan

    I tried this its just too good :) im subscribed

  79. Phương Anh 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    Phương Anh 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    6 dagar sedan

    01:51 Đừng mong manh như bồ công anh trước gió 🐄

  80. ZhaurX MC

    ZhaurX MC

    6 dagar sedan

    Just use butter you doughnut

  81. The OP

    The OP

    6 dagar sedan

    Guys, im addicted Addicted to nick’s short vidss

  82. beautiful goddess

    beautiful goddess

    6 dagar sedan

    u lost me with the mayonnaise 🤢

  83. Fliffy


    6 dagar sedan

    What bread?

  84. lazerbeast


    6 dagar sedan

    This works I used garlic sauce bc I did not have any mayo and it was soo good I recommend

  85. FNX Orbzzz

    FNX Orbzzz

    7 dagar sedan

    You sound very tired.