Wrong dress

Katya \u0026 Neil Jones



  1. Budy Chris Taruna

    Budy Chris Taruna

    31 minut sedan

    Who is laughing now 😀😀



    34 minuter sedan

    This is how girls swing mood.

  3. Yorkshireyuken


    59 minuter sedan

    Look closely *shot out of frame*

  4. taekookie forever

    taekookie forever

    Timme sedan

    Where to watch the full vid

  5. Ctsfin Asri

    Ctsfin Asri

    Timme sedan

    How she do that omg like magic show

  6. Gangsterblerd7 TV !

    Gangsterblerd7 TV !

    Timme sedan

    Witch craft i tell you lol

  7. Mamae Salwa

    Mamae Salwa

    Timme sedan

    Wanna more. Complete video please 😀

  8. fettuccinetube


    2 timmar sedan

    How did she do that? Is this real?

  9. Xzinthea Nevels

    Xzinthea Nevels

    2 timmar sedan


  10. jjajmb


    2 timmar sedan

    It's OK to do tricks - like the disappearing elephant. The real truck is to make it appear again. When is the blue dress reappearing? (The dancing is shabby)

  11. Styme Mc Quarn

    Styme Mc Quarn

    2 timmar sedan

    Who didn't see that coming

  12. Carla Espinoza

    Carla Espinoza

    2 timmar sedan

    Wey, contexto, plis

  13. SIMPLE simple

    SIMPLE simple

    2 timmar sedan

    Thats a dress?

  14. Team Degenerate

    Team Degenerate

    2 timmar sedan

    It's blue! No its gold! Lol

  15. 이강희


    2 timmar sedan

    멋져요. 와우. Wow

  16. Chưa Biết

    Chưa Biết

    2 timmar sedan

    Dễ vl

  17. aleasecreates


    3 timmar sedan

    how da fu

  18. StarlaLiLing


    3 timmar sedan




    3 timmar sedan

    Lol just hunger games transformation but hers was faster actually

  20. Katherine Gholar

    Katherine Gholar

    3 timmar sedan

    That's was good

  21. Basit Razzaq

    Basit Razzaq

    3 timmar sedan

    Shit of dressing sense 🖕😎

  22. Help 4 U!

    Help 4 U!

    3 timmar sedan

    Don't worry man of culture like the dress 👁️

  23. Iam Miss100

    Iam Miss100

    4 timmar sedan

    I love this

  24. Dayne Clayton

    Dayne Clayton

    4 timmar sedan

    Nice sweet magic trick on the dress

  25. Felix Autumn

    Felix Autumn

    4 timmar sedan

    How did she not flash anyone

  26. Cool boy

    Cool boy

    4 timmar sedan


  27. lali popz

    lali popz

    4 timmar sedan


  28. tiana baria

    tiana baria

    4 timmar sedan

    Guy: "She got the wrong dress on." My conscience: "He got the wrong shirt on"

  29. Angelishazz


    5 timmar sedan

    Nikki shhhh! wash your brain yo period thee best female rapper

  30. Dominic Torreto

    Dominic Torreto

    5 timmar sedan

    Most people are not looking at her dress because she is not wearing any.

  31. Harold Radido

    Harold Radido

    5 timmar sedan

    When you buy a dress on Amazon via Internet Explorer 😂😂😂 Awesome performance though 🔥🔥🔥

  32. ♬Fusaki♡


    5 timmar sedan

    I thought it was kali uchis and suddenly no.

  33. spapiez1954


    5 timmar sedan

    I love you are uare ery stro gym husband fought 7 yrs to stay alive lost his battle in may if 2001 had non hodgkin's lymphoma was 45 when he passed

  34. White Thunder

    White Thunder

    6 timmar sedan

    Slight of hand by the camera

  35. Clawbytes


    6 timmar sedan

    If you look very closely, you can see the 3 fairy God mothers from Sleeping Beauty coming to the rescue.

  36. Jj Fields

    Jj Fields

    6 timmar sedan

    Ok this is a process called idk and will prob never know and it's is caused bug idk what your welcome

  37. Lizbeth Tapia

    Lizbeth Tapia

    6 timmar sedan

    👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️ ME ENCANTA ESTE VIDEO

  38. C8 Spamz

    C8 Spamz

    7 timmar sedan

    I thought that was a dude

  39. jali276


    7 timmar sedan

    That quick change was PERFECTION 🥰

  40. edwin sandoval

    edwin sandoval

    7 timmar sedan


  41. April Kaith Elsisura

    April Kaith Elsisura

    8 timmar sedan

    Magic 🤣🤣🤣

  42. Valery Anderson

    Valery Anderson

    8 timmar sedan

    🤣🤣🤣🤣he should know his partner enough to trust her she will never look dumb on stage nore make him look dumb🤣🤣

  43. Priestess


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  44. Duane-Anthony Burlington

    Duane-Anthony Burlington

    8 timmar sedan

    Like he didn't know what's going on

  45. Carsynagen !

    Carsynagen !

    8 timmar sedan

    She said oh u saw black and blue? No. It was always white and gold

  46. Angel Denise

    Angel Denise

    9 timmar sedan

    That's Awesome!!!

  47. Stephanie Bayer

    Stephanie Bayer

    9 timmar sedan


  48. J J

    J J

    9 timmar sedan

    And the cameraman couldn't even keep her centered when she did it. 🙄

  49. Madison Thomas

    Madison Thomas

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  50. Hermosa Reina

    Hermosa Reina

    10 timmar sedan

    The dress: It is time!!!

  51. Shania R

    Shania R

    10 timmar sedan

    Can we talk about how disappointed he was until the dress changed? 😭😭

  52. walshy


    11 timmar sedan

    I don’t think they have to tell guys to “look closely” I’m pretty sure they were already on it.

  53. Leyda Rodriguez

    Leyda Rodriguez

    11 timmar sedan

    WOW....impact .

  54. gaming with da boys

    gaming with da boys

    11 timmar sedan

    i know how she did it i’ll tell you if you like this comment

  55. Mandy Borem

    Mandy Borem

    11 timmar sedan


  56. Anita Vaca Proaño

    Anita Vaca Proaño

    11 timmar sedan

    I'm looking again and again the video and I don't look the wrong part in the video. I don't understand why people are laughing...

  57. katie scollick

    katie scollick

    11 timmar sedan

    Neil Jones is to this day a living legend

  58. Th. Burggraf

    Th. Burggraf

    12 timmar sedan

    To me it's more like a piece of cloth than a dress.

  59. Kayla Waskiewicz

    Kayla Waskiewicz

    12 timmar sedan


  60. Roata Frogier

    Roata Frogier

    12 timmar sedan


  61. R H

    R H

    12 timmar sedan

    Just so y’all know, cuz I haven’t seen a lot of comments about this, this is Neil and Katya Jones!! They’re pro dancers on Strictly Come Dancing! (British version of dancing with the stars)

  62. HenninGlad


    13 timmar sedan

    Here we are again.. Is the dress black and blue, or gold? 🤔

  63. matty bucklin

    matty bucklin

    13 timmar sedan

    You mean she has the wrong 3rd of a dress on

  64. scott cisek

    scott cisek

    13 timmar sedan

    Joel olsteen pissing away money he robbed from people….

  65. Adam W

    Adam W

    13 timmar sedan


  66. Robert Martinez

    Robert Martinez

    13 timmar sedan

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is gonna be running three Honda Civics with Spoon engines. On top of that, he just came into Harry's and ordered three T66 turbos with NOS and a Motec system exhaust.

  67. Andrew SYH

    Andrew SYH

    13 timmar sedan

    Guys be like: Seriously? Gosh.. what's she planning _A few moments later_ Woah, that's a amazing! I didn't know you were a magician! At least you should've told me girl!

  68. Iside Coloni

    Iside Coloni

    13 timmar sedan


  69. Jessie C Love

    Jessie C Love

    13 timmar sedan

    Great move!

  70. Turbo 30#

    Turbo 30#

    14 timmar sedan

    Edit images

  71. Lacey Mcdonald

    Lacey Mcdonald

    14 timmar sedan

    She pulled it

  72. ashley williams

    ashley williams

    14 timmar sedan

    Same designer as the Hunger games. ✌

  73. MS. Sandy

    MS. Sandy

    15 timmar sedan

    When he said "she's got the wrong dress on" I honestly thought she accidentally grabbed the dress that the designer didn't finish ; the incompleted dress

  74. nessasx


    15 timmar sedan

    Just me who got reminded of Barbie 😭



    15 timmar sedan


  76. Akasha Wolf

    Akasha Wolf

    15 timmar sedan

    So good 👏

  77. ClackMan


    15 timmar sedan

    A lesson in trusting your partner

  78. Hailey S

    Hailey S

    15 timmar sedan

    To anyone who was mind blown by this, watch any season of drag race.

  79. Amy Bowen

    Amy Bowen

    15 timmar sedan


  80. Mimi2020 0_0

    Mimi2020 0_0

    15 timmar sedan


  81. Roman B

    Roman B

    15 timmar sedan


  82. Darren Ireland

    Darren Ireland

    16 timmar sedan

    Me: *oh no she has the right dress* *it changed colours* *WHOA WAIT WHAT*

  83. Bsbsb Hehsba

    Bsbsb Hehsba

    16 timmar sedan

    Is this tiktok?

  84. Presence of Mind

    Presence of Mind

    16 timmar sedan

    She's smokin

  85. DeLana Smith

    DeLana Smith

    16 timmar sedan

    I watched a few times to figure out what see did. This could stump anyone, but if you blink you will definitely miss it. Cool trick. ❤

  86. Kinsos Erikson

    Kinsos Erikson

    16 timmar sedan

    It took me a minutes to realize it..😂

  87. Freddy Ramirez

    Freddy Ramirez

    16 timmar sedan


  88. Medusa Gorgon

    Medusa Gorgon

    17 timmar sedan

    What color was the dress? Blue and black or gold and black?

  89. Yahya


    17 timmar sedan

    Wow slow motion please

  90. Theresa Ortiz

    Theresa Ortiz

    17 timmar sedan


  91. Yonatham armas lopez

    Yonatham armas lopez

    17 timmar sedan

    No se lo q paso por q se ríen. No lo entiendo

  92. aQi Shahzruddin

    aQi Shahzruddin

    17 timmar sedan

    Better naked

  93. ShinobuKocho


    17 timmar sedan

    If u slow it down 0x25... U can see the hair 😏🤫📸