Making rolled ice cream for a regular customer


  1. Comic Logic

    Comic Logic

    14 minuter sedan

    Dudes- this is staged lol. He doesn’t mean it- idontthink

  2. Theodora Talon

    Theodora Talon

    15 minuter sedan

    I heard this video is satire. But damn, if I was the customer and I saw this vid from my "favourite ice cream maker" and believe what he said here. I'll most likely never go back cuz of my anxiety lol

  3. Anthony Wickstrom

    Anthony Wickstrom

    16 minuter sedan

    Dudes kind of a twat. Pissy that someone actually likes your work enough to want you to make it for them every time. Be honored and grateful.

  4. Klay Borne

    Klay Borne

    18 minuter sedan

    That's part of your job...just do your damn job and quit complaining lol

  5. Miya De La Durantaye

    Miya De La Durantaye

    20 minuter sedan

    So sorry for you Man

  6. CroxzOfficial


    24 minuter sedan

    People in the comments haven’t worked food industry and/or didn’t care enough about their job to understand how frustrating this is. Its not like “i hate this customer,” it’s more so “this is a regular, i need to take care of them because we have to hold a certain level of quality, especially for a returning customer.” and yeah, when they add a ton of toppings to food, it’s irritating.

  7. ✨Flippy✨HTF


    36 minuter sedan

    Sir, just appreciate your costumers Everyone is perfect the way they are! 🌹❤

  8. YuhhKook


    43 minuter sedan

    He trippin off people liking the way he does things??? He mad about someone praising him???



    44 minuter sedan

    Danny: you can record me Also Danny : records her and complains about how bad of a costumer she is when it's his job

  10. Grmy


    50 minuter sedan

    Bruh he should warn people that he is just joking

  11. C J

    C J

    51 minut sedan

    Yall this is why im scared of asking for help at the shops- He seems like the kind of worker that would be like sure😊 thats no problem☺️ when u ask for something then go ugh🙄 so fucking stupid as he walks away

  12. Tyler Fisher

    Tyler Fisher

    56 minuter sedan

    Waste yute this kid complaining about making ice cream bitch thats what you there for and thats what the toppings for everyome shoukd go to this guys job and order dumb shit and ask for only him to make it what a goof

  13. Nacken Klatscher

    Nacken Klatscher

    Timme sedan

    I legit get cancer hearing this idiotic robot voice everywhere

  14. It ya boy Jb

    It ya boy Jb

    Timme sedan

    Almost like it’s ur job

  15. Dandy Prinsloo

    Dandy Prinsloo

    Timme sedan

    …i only see 3 toppings?? What else is in there that I’m missing?

  16. Darling


    Timme sedan

    Ya if i saw your shop i’m never letting my foot step in

  17. Labani Barman

    Labani Barman

    Timme sedan

    It's not king energy it's simply being disrespectful towards your regular customer. Educate yourself to be humble enough.

  18. Colin Hall

    Colin Hall

    Timme sedan

    Wow what a guy

  19. Bella Ladybug

    Bella Ladybug

    Timme sedan

    isnt making people ice cream rolls your job??? just putting that question out there

  20. Rayn Fu

    Rayn Fu

    Timme sedan

    I think it’s really satisfying how you do the ice cream Rolls

  21. Garrett Hunter

    Garrett Hunter

    Timme sedan

    I work at domino’s and this Guy comes in Every Sunday at 1 O clock and orders the same pizza every time and is rude as shit tells all the employees they have to weigh out everything for his pizza from sauce to cheese to toppings specifically has to have all the cheese under his toppings and if it’s not all to his liking he’ll throw a Bitch Fit

  22. Aidan Schwartz

    Aidan Schwartz

    Timme sedan

    I can understand his frustration a little bit. To have customer request you and only your service daily must be frustrating, at least to me anyway. It also doesn’t help that the customer makes it difficult to complete that order by adding so many things. With that being said, this is a customer that likes and appreciates his service, and that is something that should be deeply appreciated. It’s not everyday that you meet someone who likes what you do so much that they come in everyday asking for your service. That’s special. As a side note, ever since I saw the subway guy record himself working, I’ve always thought it was weird to record yourself in a working environment. It’s especially weird to shit talk somebody who appreciates what you do while you do it.

  23. Belinda Khiangte

    Belinda Khiangte

    Timme sedan

    Why not quitting his job if he hates it people are being an assholes

  24. Eric Riss

    Eric Riss

    Timme sedan

    Dude sure complains a lot

  25. Deaundra Young

    Deaundra Young

    Timme sedan


  26. Junhee Kim

    Junhee Kim

    Timme sedan

    sounds like a karen but fr shes/hes just tryna eat some ice cream snd yall gotta attack that person like that😭

  27. Qin Ya

    Qin Ya

    2 timmar sedan

    Honestly his attitude is rather rude.. Instead of the reason why he is wrong because he is the icecream man and she is the customer, its more of a personality issue. A lot of people say that he is joking and being sarcastic and treat us like we are wrong for finding his attitude rude (also coupled with many stereotypes like 'karens' or 'hypocrites') i dont think we are being overdramatic, even if it is a joke, he shouldnt take it too far. Are we supposed to just accept his attitude simply because they are justified as sarcasm or jokes? Jokes shouldnt be depreciating. Although it is fair for him to be annoyed if recorded.

  28. Devin Rodriguez

    Devin Rodriguez

    2 timmar sedan

    Don’t be a wiredo dude or a hater

  29. Kavitha Chandrashekar

    Kavitha Chandrashekar

    2 timmar sedan

    Your rude

  30. Nikko Le

    Nikko Le

    2 timmar sedan

    I mean don’t you want service? Regular service means regular customers

  31. Daybtid


    2 timmar sedan


  32. Nathan Scott

    Nathan Scott

    2 timmar sedan

    Bro this is so staged

  33. dam boy hi thicc

    dam boy hi thicc

    2 timmar sedan

    Stop complementing yourself it's so cringe

  34. DaLe gAmiNg

    DaLe gAmiNg

    2 timmar sedan

    Sa iba lang mabait bobo

  35. Sarah Aguayo

    Sarah Aguayo

    3 timmar sedan

    The type of person to start a fight at school, and proceed to get their mom in the next day.

  36. the-twisted-samurai


    3 timmar sedan

    “don’t record me” is recording himself what the fuck dude, she probably just wants to share with her personal friends... i take pics and videos only for them all the time???

  37. Mango


    3 timmar sedan

    Bruh if you always mad at “the regular” then why u work there 🤦🤣🤣

  38. LizzyofWeek


    3 timmar sedan

    Lol its that your job to make ice cream ..

  39. AlmightyESSO 47

    AlmightyESSO 47

    3 timmar sedan

    The subway and the cold stone guys are nicer.

  40. Valerie Vedette

    Valerie Vedette

    3 timmar sedan

    How tf could you hate a regular customer because they like ”weird” combinations??

  41. Random Videos

    Random Videos

    3 timmar sedan

    Pls type in the comments you little shit will go on the streets and no one cares

  42. ASH


    3 timmar sedan

    I r in the ice cream business, pretty sure ur one of the most likable PPL existent (just thought u should know)

  43. porter44


    3 timmar sedan

    wow you are a terrible person 😁

  44. robin rickson

    robin rickson

    3 timmar sedan

    I love this videos so much-

  45. IIIusions_X


    3 timmar sedan

    Don’t complain if your going to work there

  46. •BubbleTea•


    4 timmar sedan

    How did he do this Text to speach voice

  47. Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman

    4 timmar sedan

    No jerk energy

  48. PirateShux


    4 timmar sedan

    This guy really shaming someone for how they have their ice cream...

  49. Cory 666

    Cory 666

    4 timmar sedan

    Shut up and do your job

  50. Dark Gaming6009

    Dark Gaming6009

    4 timmar sedan

    Dani IRL: Smile Dani on video: "Fine I'll do it myself.

  51. Cheyenne Rodriguez

    Cheyenne Rodriguez

    4 timmar sedan

    What a fucking ass… get a different job if that’s the case….

  52. edits by le

    edits by le

    4 timmar sedan

    “Stop recording me you have crossed the line” bro you’re recording the whole process



    4 timmar sedan

    This is extremely weird you have issues



    4 timmar sedan

    why can't they record the person doing the line of chocolate

  55. personal use acc

    personal use acc

    4 timmar sedan

    And this is why I have social anxiety at any service related establishment..

  56. lol


    5 timmar sedan

    Imagine being like him and still having a job based on customer service smh

  57. Cosmic


    5 timmar sedan

    Thats just rude. She values his work and he’s just over here like “oh shes so annoying” like it might be a joke but if she sees this she’s not gonna go back and he’s gonna lose a loyal customer

  58. Lazy Lacy

    Lazy Lacy

    5 timmar sedan

    You should be proud do do there ice cream the special way they like it. Satisfying there taste should feel good to you as a chef. I love working with food bc i LOVE food and really love making others happy. I dont see what is so hard for people to just make something special? Its fun to do something different than the always regular stuff. I enjoy being an outstanding employee to my customers. Sadly i dont work fast food anymore bc its not good enough pay.

  59. Niki J

    Niki J

    5 timmar sedan

    This guy doesn't like his job at all😂

  60. Dark


    5 timmar sedan

    What a terrible employee , never gonna step a foot near that place , YUCK

  61. ToILetRoll


    5 timmar sedan

    Haven't u said this before wtf how do I stop seeing this shit

  62. The Hub

    The Hub

    5 timmar sedan

    More like douchebag energy.

  63. bdfjbvv hg

    bdfjbvv hg

    5 timmar sedan

    U annoying

  64. Willow Sage

    Willow Sage

    5 timmar sedan

    I know it’s fake but like... what’s the point? It wasn’t funny and he just made himself look rude as hell, just show off your ice cream skills and move on we don’t need a script

  65. Slenit


    5 timmar sedan

    Danny: stop recording me Also danny: what's up guys were making rolled ice cream for a regular customer

  66. Helena Cruz

    Helena Cruz

    5 timmar sedan

    Mm why does this have so many likes for? I'm genuinely confused

  67. Alexis Crawford- Simmons

    Alexis Crawford- Simmons

    5 timmar sedan

    I hate when people complain about the job they choose to work at and get paid to do

  68. Canadianvoice


    5 timmar sedan

    Someone who values your work and you complain about it. And you film it and you upload it. So incredibly vain my generation is and I fucking hate it.

  69. Konidis


    5 timmar sedan

    I wanna know how many dislikes has this video.

  70. Vanessa Henshaw

    Vanessa Henshaw

    5 timmar sedan

    This shouldn't even be classified as a joke.. Dude, someone likes your work and you have the guts to complain about it?! Seriously!!!! What the heck? If you get fired, you'll complain that it's the customers that made you get fired but you forget that you post things like this ...

  71. Mari Ammal

    Mari Ammal

    6 timmar sedan

    I like everytng about the videos this man posts except the voice that explains unnecessary and lame things..

  72. Nivs R

    Nivs R

    6 timmar sedan

    I dunno hey... I used to like this channel, but he’s to egotistical... the only thing he doesn’t get tired of doing is praising himself... I hope that regular customer never goes back after watching this...

  73. Luke Brinser

    Luke Brinser

    6 timmar sedan

    or you can quit complaining and do ur fuckin job

  74. Jessica Marie

    Jessica Marie

    6 timmar sedan

    This is where I draw the line" 😆

  75. Coda Boggs

    Coda Boggs

    6 timmar sedan

    This wasn’t funny and you should get a better attitude

  76. Jessica Marie

    Jessica Marie

    6 timmar sedan

    This looks pretty good

  77. 2Dizzy ona track

    2Dizzy ona track

    6 timmar sedan

    Stop complaining u r there to work . If not quit

  78. Hahahh Hahahh

    Hahahh Hahahh

    6 timmar sedan

    If you keep being a asshead and an egomaniac, You're going to loose subscribers.



    6 timmar sedan

    The guy making the rolls is rude af who cares if its a regular its still a customer

  80. онен


    6 timmar sedan

    whats the green stuff

  81. Desmond Ford

    Desmond Ford

    6 timmar sedan

    Alot of people in the food and beverage industry feel what you go thru with her.

  82. Vione Van Der Merwe

    Vione Van Der Merwe

    6 timmar sedan

    You roof

  83. Cbtoonz MUSIC

    Cbtoonz MUSIC

    6 timmar sedan

    I know he got saliva all in that ice cream 🤦🏾‍♂️

  84. Libby's Kitchen

    Libby's Kitchen

    6 timmar sedan

    DISCLAIMER; It was his friend lmao and it’s a joke they have

  85. MADAA AAaaAaAaAA


    7 timmar sedan

    But isn’t that kinda rude ngl?

  86. Sticky_fingerz24


    7 timmar sedan

    Wow sounds like you should go get a job that's worth your value then instead of complaining about what u got hired to do, not like it's your choice or anything

  87. Darius Ketter

    Darius Ketter

    7 timmar sedan

    “She ordered like 10 things” as he’s making three items blended with the ice cream. He ain’t no king he’s a clown 🤡😂😂

  88. rG1vZ


    7 timmar sedan

    Soo is he like the opposite of milad?lol

  89. Rhianna Scureman

    Rhianna Scureman

    7 timmar sedan

    Yo, these videos ensure I will never buy from him. What kind of asshole complains about someone valuing their skills and wanting them to make it ? And then calling her out so rudely when the point of your fucking store is to make rolled ice cream about weird shit ? This is not King Energy at all. This is whiny I have to do extra work at my job energy. You are embarassing.

  90. Doughnut complain

    Doughnut complain

    7 timmar sedan

    Someone is a little narcissistic with the valley girl voice over😂

  91. WinterzAce


    7 timmar sedan

    Why r u so mean to ur customers

  92. Zediest


    7 timmar sedan

    You’re complaining about a regular buying icecream from your icecream shop 🤦🏽‍♂️ it’s it’s kind of disgusting :/

  93. Moirray


    8 timmar sedan

    I bate this voice so much

    • Moirray


      8 timmar sedan


  94. Oulaya NAJIH

    Oulaya NAJIH

    8 timmar sedan

    He complains à lot

  95. Eddy Montiel

    Eddy Montiel

    8 timmar sedan

    You don’t like being recorded but are recording yourself??? Douchebag is what you are, lady is paying your bills😂

  96. Renessa Johnson

    Renessa Johnson

    8 timmar sedan

    Lol she likes u lol maybe