17,875 pounds of tools to make.... this?


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    Stuff Made Here

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    A big thanks to everyone who supports me on Patreon. Not only does it help make projects like this possible, they've been great to bounce ideas off for projects. Check out patreon.com/stuffmadehere if you're interested in directly supporting these projects. I'm planning to post more details on these launchers at my second channel if you're interested: tinyurl.com/smhtoo

    • Maf4958


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      10:25 who else thought the blade on the drill bit broke?

    • Takwa Kayati

      Takwa Kayati

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      @Alin Jerpelea what the fuk

    • Alin Jerpelea

      Alin Jerpelea

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      All those machines just to make youtube videos what a waste

    • Takwa Kayati

      Takwa Kayati

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      And a bout the super shit man humans are animales like? Bro get studying

    • Takwa Kayati

      Takwa Kayati

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      Bro i am à kid i have à lot of shity tools but no itemse i have shity Wood i want to build stuf but my toolsvare butt

  2. Brian Bethea

    Brian Bethea

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    19:55 I thought that was a tenor saxophone that just started randomly playing in the background. It sounds just like a tenor saxophone noodling around with some extended techniques.

  3. Aswin Girish

    Aswin Girish

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    who think that he can make a ful automatic gun inside his garage

  4. Ninja Dragon

    Ninja Dragon

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  5. Michael S

    Michael S

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    Make a machine that can stack firewood.

  6. Alireza Akhavi

    Alireza Akhavi

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    great videos thank you very much! just one question what is the app you use on your monitor for drawing your illustrations? thank you

  7. MadMaxV


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    £17,875 pounds worth of tools? thats expensive. but i think you made it all back from youtube by now, surely...

  8. Giulio Verzeletti

    Giulio Verzeletti

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  9. Original


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    i love how much you can teach in one video

  10. Tze Han Gan

    Tze Han Gan

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    Endermans be like:

  11. Matthew Lim

    Matthew Lim

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    what's a good CAD software that I can get with a minimum wage best buy job? XD

  12. Oliver Wheeler

    Oliver Wheeler

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    That’s a trebuchet

  13. Neceros


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    Please tell me you wore lung protection for those glass breaks

  14. Lenkesh Beatz

    Lenkesh Beatz

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    I fuckin love how invested you are and how genuinely excited you get over this stuff, one of my favorite SE-one channels.

  15. Lexi Evans

    Lexi Evans

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    if anyone can make an air umbrella for Michael it’s this guy…

  16. Serrboys


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    I get wired vibes from your wife

  17. thatonepuggyboi


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    Dude needs to do an electric bill reveal

  18. Zac Gear

    Zac Gear

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    Further expanding the definition of a Cat-A-Pull-It - se-one.info/cycle/ociah9NkZpebcLI/video

  19. Rezerrex Fortner

    Rezerrex Fortner

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    “We’re gonna use a tool that would’ve blown da Vinci’s mind” dude steel itself would’ve blown his mind

  20. Rafa Nadal

    Rafa Nadal

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    Please make a batman inspired Grappling Gun.

  21. YouTube Alias_ yeah

    YouTube Alias_ yeah

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    I love this channel, but it lowkey makes me realize just how dumb I am.... won't lie tho, I tell myself this dude is just a genius, which works for me cuz its deff not far off, if off at all

  22. Calec Brayers

    Calec Brayers

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    Why not just make the circle one end in a straight edge? The ball follows the wall, right? So take whichever wall you want to shoot from and make it straight. If the ball follows the circle shape it's gonna come out at whatever angle the wall is aiming, so it will come out the side. Just my thoughts. I'm by no means an engineer.

  23. Drewski R

    Drewski R

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    The opti track cameras could make finding nerf darts so easy

  24. nevets szczesniak

    nevets szczesniak

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    Yo i do t use anything other than corded drills and rusty chisels with some otjers

  25. Zane Hudgeons

    Zane Hudgeons

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    I'd sure hate to hear the wife say she would like to move..

  26. Beherit Azatoth

    Beherit Azatoth

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    ...can you adopt me? I just need snacks, electricity and internet - will live in you workshop with aaaaall this machines around. 35y/o female, well behaved (well... for some definitions of 'well behaved') with superpower of speaking polish language. eh, i wish i had space for all tools/machines i want.

  27. Gremlin


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    This was probably one of your coolest videos. Thanks for the tour of easily the most epic work shop on SE-one!

  28. Fabian Bondanza

    Fabian Bondanza

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    The acid expert pivotally instruct because collar mostly influence among a tricky sailor. same, marked cd

  29. Chuckles


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    Your wife is an upgrade to your channel! Enjoyed this video!

  30. Random guy

    Random guy

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    18:31 he looking mad scared

  31. PatRiotPat7 7

    PatRiotPat7 7

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    Mark rober makes me cringe this fella dose not

  32. Joe Sebol

    Joe Sebol

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    What does it say that two of my favorite SE-one channels are Stuff Made Here and Primitive Technology? Can you get two people further on the technology spectrum who are equally cool?

  33. Hunter Johnston

    Hunter Johnston

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    what is the drawing program you use when explaining everything?

  34. Synthetic_Future


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    This is just... I envy you. You are living the life :o Just imagine having all those tools and space to work with. So epic.

  35. smithy


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    I'm trained in trauma/catastrophic bleeding. Its a good idea to remove the tourniquet from its bag, as you may have to apply it one armed (literally) and anything that means less fumbling, the better. Also some haemostatic granules and Israeli bandages may be good additions to your cabinet. In terms of burns, the absolute best thing you can get is saran wrap/cling film, as it does not glue itself to a burn like a burn dressing does

  36. Kleigster


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    Awesome, awesome, awesome! This is one of the best channels on SE-one! Thank you!

  37. Lance Glasgow

    Lance Glasgow

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    My favorite part is when he says: "Tool that I had in my apartment" ... your neighbors must have been losing their minds trying to figure out what you were doing!🤣

  38. Àlex Arias

    Àlex Arias

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    My only question is how much do you spend on electricity each month?

  39. Id Ea

    Id Ea

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    Could you show us the program you use

  40. Onion-Cutting Ninja

    Onion-Cutting Ninja

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    Send a new lock to the lock picking lawyer but it’s keeping the box catapault locked

  41. Payton Song

    Payton Song

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    Idea: instant pizza cutter machine. Or smoothie maker with that arm you got for your chainsaw arm vid.

  42. Spacedestructor


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    got ads for similar tools of some of the mentioned tools in the video XD

  43. kyrotenkaithescarred


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    I don't know if you will see this, but action lab's has a video about running a steam engine with liquid nitrogen and it made me wonder, could you make a beyblade that ran on liquid nitrogen to propel it's spin?

  44. G P

    G P

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    I would die for such a workshop/setup, he can literally make anything he wants but I supposed that’s the whole point of his channel 🤓 derrrrr

  45. daxter hunter

    daxter hunter

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    The thankful vulture selectively depend because confirmation lovely fit athwart a delirious art. unusual, cute cockroach

  46. _ Kat

    _ Kat

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    If these machines are real, and can function correctly, and I assume there's many more that are much more complicated but also more expensive, Is it possible yet to make a machine that can almost-instantly cook food to at least an edible state that isn't burnt badly? And why or why not? this seems like the kind of channel whose comments section might be able to get through this idea logically

  47. jer1014t2th


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    I really want to see the DiVinci catapult scaled up to full size for a siege.

  48. CTSSTC


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    8:48 I want to know what Quora page that is haha

  49. Tylor Krinard

    Tylor Krinard

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    i tryed to like this video almost 500 times

  50. Christopher Bonneau

    Christopher Bonneau

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    I''m still intrigued if he can build an automatic knife throwing robot... determine distance, velocity, knife rotation, and projected target velocity. Just saying.

  51. TyeRex


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    what program do you use to draw

  52. DIY MAN


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    I’m a grown man, and I still want to be like you when I grow up 😆

  53. Tim Miller

    Tim Miller

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    I really reckon you should make an air umbrella for poor Micheal the guy who has been trying for 7 years to get one! You can see his story on the penguinz0 SE-one page

  54. LD


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    Is that little engineer brewing

  55. LD


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    He’s flexing his alpha on his house

  56. SternLX


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    I like your dream, I too dream of a HAAS UMC-500. Sadly, no space for one and I don't have $160,000 laying around.

  57. UTR UTR


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    Why can't I select the BELL ICON for notifications? It immediately goes back to bell with a line through it. I only have this issue with your channel.

  58. TheRealCornelius


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    YOU SHOULD MAKE A SELF BALANCING KAYAK!!!! relatively untippable

  59. Fox MacLeod

    Fox MacLeod

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    This is great! By the way, I would love to see if greasing or oiling the metal crossbow's leaf springs helps at all.

  60. David F

    David F

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    "I'd have to know what a leaf spring is to be impressed by that" 😂 your wife is savage.

  61. Petar Kukolj 1992

    Petar Kukolj 1992

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    Hello Stuff Made Here, i have an idea for your future video. Please think about making mosquito-detector-and-neutralizer. Basically, mosquito killing device. Something with lasers or something. If it works, someone would definitely invest for commercial sales, i would buy one for each room 😂 i hope it can be made 👋

  62. BlindGuardian050


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    Weird flex but ok

  63. Mr Wednesday

    Mr Wednesday

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    I’m dying to try and understand how people downvote something like this? Is it jealousy or just the Russians and Chinese cyber-psy-ops at work?

  64. J. EMI

    J. EMI

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    Top screen at 8:31 lol

  65. ben ben

    ben ben

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    you should make another youtube channel just about the science and mechanics

  66. Universal


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  67. Manab Pratim Sarma

    Manab Pratim Sarma

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    Hey you should improvise or make a fractal vice se-one.info/cycle/hqeag8t6qpemjrY/video

  68. simontrickfilmer


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    What is his paint software?

  69. Christian Thomsen

    Christian Thomsen

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    Hahah... 30:32 ... This Hmm does for sure mean: NO CHANCE! :D Great video!

  70. Rajveer Randhava

    Rajveer Randhava

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    Dammnnn this man is the coolest nerd

  71. Seth baxter

    Seth baxter

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    8 tons

  72. Elliot Scher

    Elliot Scher

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    watching this while working on CAD

  73. Daniel Harrison

    Daniel Harrison

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    Ignore the google definition of Catapult. The definition you need to justify these catapults is this: A Catapult should be a device that will throw or shoot an object using a mechanism to propel an object to a relatively medium speed, just a bit faster than you can throw said object. That should just about justify this experiment.

  74. Sailx


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    26:14 I like this one

  75. Sailx


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    SO many tools WAY TOO DANK

  76. Ashley Baerwaldt

    Ashley Baerwaldt

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    I spent half an hour watching him tell me why every single one of his tool are cool lmao

  77. Vales


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    I love how he keeps the weird ironic undertone throughout all videos

  78. The Major

    The Major

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    "Air pressure is basically a spring" Ok but so is Explosives, Explosives are great at generating air pressure.

  79. TheHaloMasterCAP


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    Plasma cutter heaven ahaha xD

  80. Slumpy


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    Could You make a super powerful football boot (soccer) just like the baseball bat it sends the balls flying

  81. SuperSharpBlue


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    Vet supplies and human supplies are usually the same, however vet supplies don't need to go through the same testing and approval process as human supplies, which is why vet supplies are usually way cheaper. With VetBond it isn't as flexible or durable as the human version, "DermaBond". When DermaBond dries, it's more of a flexible rubber, than VetBond which is a little closer to a superglue. Either way, they are both perfectly safe for human use.

  82. John Doe

    John Doe

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    Why would you point it at me? "I've learned" O_O

  83. Sahil Shakeel

    Sahil Shakeel

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    You can tell he is rich

  84. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

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  85. CSPlayz


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    Everything in his shop cuts like “butter”

  86. Stöpfel W

    Stöpfel W

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    You casually explained how a laser beam is created whilst building catapults SUBSCRIBED 😄👍🏻

  87. Teodosije


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    i see, but can u make tools with tools?

  88. Dragon Writer Luc

    Dragon Writer Luc

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    The correct technical term for "SLS" is "powder bed fusion." SLS is a trademarked term, owned by 3D Systems. Similarly, the technical term for "SLA" is "vat photopolymerization." (You might notice a pattern here: the technical term is *more* clear as to how the process works.)

  89. mahmud


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    Can you make this stuff: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Da_Vinci_Surgical_System ???

  90. Epic combination

    Epic combination

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    So this ones pretty similar to the last one… Except it’s totally different

  91. Mohd Farhan Bin Adnan

    Mohd Farhan Bin Adnan

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    I was wondering, can you make a bow that doesn't miss? Like, you are almost ironman-ish. Why not step up the game n help us ride the fantasy

  92. Kent Kent

    Kent Kent

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    Is it just me, or does it not make a Lot more sense to invert the cone for a centrifugal dust collector… so the mass is allowed to continue spiraling further outward, as opposed to inward towards the highest pressure differential point, allowing it to be again grabbed by an increase in air pressure, and carried on into the filter?

  93. Malcolm El

    Malcolm El

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    I like the pyramid scheme chart

  94. Joey Caruso

    Joey Caruso

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    Super cool!

  95. Sewer Hunk

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    Take out the trebuchet!

  96. Collin McHugh

    Collin McHugh

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    “So this one pretty similar to the other one except totally different”

  97. Steph The Fox

    Steph The Fox

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    I find it ironic how he pushes the notion of anyone can build things,then proceeds to show him making things almost exclusively with industrial grade equipment which probably costs $10k+ each (minus the band saw and belt sander) using software that costs $2190 per year to use...

  98. jay greenwood

    jay greenwood

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    Automated shoe lacer! Thank you

  99. Mateo Mihu

    Mateo Mihu

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    What app do u use to draw 22:48

  100. Spork Fapoon

    Spork Fapoon

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    I bet you use that burn spray often, huh?