VS Tricky Squidward

The Squidward Tricky Mod
- A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'
FNF ninja-muffin24.itch.io/funkin

The Full-Ass Tricky Mod- gamebanana.com/mods/44334


  1. Manam 4to

    Manam 4to

    Dag sedan


  2. Zedrakboi


    5 dagar sedan

    NoOooO ReTuRBiO

  3. K


    5 dagar sedan

    We Need an expurgation to This

  4. Mongolia


    6 dagar sedan


  5. David 1250. pro

    David 1250. pro

    6 dagar sedan


  6. Louis


    6 dagar sedan

    Red mist

  7. Kari Marurijjjb.

    Kari Marurijjjb.

    6 dagar sedan


  8. La blitza Mounstruo marino

    La blitza Mounstruo marino

    6 dagar sedan

    Vs trickward

  9. Ovidio Eli Barbosa

    Ovidio Eli Barbosa

    6 dagar sedan

    Ah eu tenho todos os vídeos muitos chatos fedorentos bobos que não quero olhar mais

  10. Fahad Almulla

    Fahad Almulla

    6 dagar sedan

    If I trick you I get pinned ...Read more

    • Fahad Almulla

      Fahad Almulla

      6 dagar sedan

      Did it work?

  11. Rob Lox

    Rob Lox

    6 dagar sedan

    Si sad Sise

  12. Atha CH

    Atha CH

    7 dagar sedan


  13. Luke Vandersteel

    Luke Vandersteel

    7 dagar sedan

    This isnt even scary it just looks hilarious

  14. Daniel D

    Daniel D

    7 dagar sedan

    hellclown said: i see iiiiiiiiiii hell

  15. ruben


    7 dagar sedan


  16. Timbaghdo Yeet

    Timbaghdo Yeet

    7 dagar sedan

    The mod is not over charted your just bad The mod:

  17. Bernado Lores

    Bernado Lores

    7 dagar sedan

    Mod creepy

  18. Jack Azul

    Jack Azul

    7 dagar sedan

    0:12 Squidward:Youuuuu Singggg throughhhhhh HELLLLL

  19. Norina Liotta

    Norina Liotta

    7 dagar sedan

    It's impossible

  20. skid and pump

    skid and pump

    7 dagar sedan

    You did not kill Squidward Squidward kill you

  21. Tiffany Rochester

    Tiffany Rochester

    7 dagar sedan

    More like you sing through bikini bottom lol

  22. Mary Jane Cate

    Mary Jane Cate

    7 dagar sedan

    Redmist sqiudward! No good

  23. Mary Jane Cate

    Mary Jane Cate

    7 dagar sedan


  24. Super minecraft bros

    Super minecraft bros

    7 dagar sedan

    Me when I stub my toe 0:07

  25. A asfvidan Elvis

    A asfvidan Elvis

    8 dagar sedan

    Fire around his body is devil

  26. A asfvidan Elvis

    A asfvidan Elvis

    8 dagar sedan

    Is local the devil has blood squidward

  27. A asfvidan Elvis

    A asfvidan Elvis

    8 dagar sedan

    My most favourite cartoon

  28. A asfvidan Elvis

    A asfvidan Elvis

    8 dagar sedan

    What squidward and SpongeBob

  29. illyb porcin

    illyb porcin

    8 dagar sedan

    you mean the animated cut scene

  30. Yovana Scooll

    Yovana Scooll

    8 dagar sedan

    Its not that crepy

  31. Yojimbo


    8 dagar sedan

    COLORING I love your videos can I have your permission to use this in one of my famous Yojimbo's.

  32. Plytix


    8 dagar sedan


  33. Endless Possibilities

    Endless Possibilities

    8 dagar sedan


  34. Dove Scarlet

    Dove Scarlet

    8 dagar sedan


  35. -Gaming Isabelle-

    -Gaming Isabelle-

    8 dagar sedan

    The left miss is legit me right now *0:07*

  36. Just16pizzarolls Please

    Just16pizzarolls Please

    8 dagar sedan

    I’m gonna have nightmares today :)

  37. Oscar bloxy

    Oscar bloxy

    8 dagar sedan

    Trickward :]

  38. carl johnson

    carl johnson

    8 dagar sedan

    Wtf 2million views? In 1 funkin day?

  39. swag mart :D

    swag mart :D

    8 dagar sedan


  40. kesia Dames

    kesia Dames

    8 dagar sedan

    Wow am a big fan

  41. •AJ and bunYT •

    •AJ and bunYT •

    8 dagar sedan

    if u put it on 0.75 it sounds weird-

  42. JA Ayers

    JA Ayers

    8 dagar sedan


  43. danielle scott

    danielle scott

    8 dagar sedan

    When u make squidward mad.

  44. DarkSide360


    8 dagar sedan

    The Credits page is scary

  45. tiky


    8 dagar sedan


  46. P. BaLouz

    P. BaLouz

    8 dagar sedan

    Nice remix

  47. Degan Plays

    Degan Plays

    8 dagar sedan

    Yay, Red Mist Squidward is finally getting the recognition it deserves

  48. Elle McDonald

    Elle McDonald

    8 dagar sedan

    Lol tricky got me like

  49. Progamer557


    8 dagar sedan

    This mod sucks (the trickyward mod not the full ass tricky mod) they straight up ported the mod to a different version and didn’t bother with all the bugs and shit, this video is low effort too, ALL YOUR VIDEOS ARE, I WATCHED ONE BY MISTAKE AND NOW I SEE THEM IN MY RECOMMENCED

  50. E M P T Y

    E M P T Y

    8 dagar sedan

    Red mist squidward

  51. Gewoon Stefan

    Gewoon Stefan

    8 dagar sedan

    set the speed to 0.85 atthe beginning for normal song :)

  52. Trae Hawley

    Trae Hawley

    8 dagar sedan

    how did you make a voice changer for squidward on start

  53. Ranked


    9 dagar sedan


  54. Muhammad Ibrahim Syahbrata

    Muhammad Ibrahim Syahbrata

    9 dagar sedan

    snbuowe (flip your phone)

  55. Sarah Al-Dallal

    Sarah Al-Dallal

    9 dagar sedan

    This is…uhh…

  56. Seb Galang

    Seb Galang

    9 dagar sedan

    E E E E E 0:19

  57. nana


    9 dagar sedan


  58. АРТУР и 3еленый пес🐾🏁

    АРТУР и 3еленый пес🐾🏁

    9 dagar sedan


  59. 손지영


    9 dagar sedan


  60. toto creuse

    toto creuse

    9 dagar sedan


  61. Bell Hinton

    Bell Hinton

    9 dagar sedan

    This is literally highway full every time my little brother wakes me up

    • Charuzu The Danklord

      Charuzu The Danklord

      5 dagar sedan


    • Bell Hinton

      Bell Hinton

      6 dagar sedan

      User.6565? GPU

  62. omid seyedi

    omid seyedi

    9 dagar sedan


  63. Mr. Dog

    Mr. Dog

    9 dagar sedan

    Good question, why don't we have a fnf vs Squidward mod? In the third phase he turns into demon Squidward

  64. tin alarcon

    tin alarcon

    9 dagar sedan

    Is this a real mod?

    • Obama Gaming

      Obama Gaming

      9 dagar sedan


  65. Ron


    9 dagar sedan

    Hellclown got me like

  66. Seanthegamer3102 The gamer!,

    Seanthegamer3102 The gamer!,

    9 dagar sedan


  67. Hersheys


    9 dagar sedan


  68. GST丨ALEX


    9 dagar sedan


  69. loaetheyoutuber


    9 dagar sedan


  70. darth vader

    darth vader

    9 dagar sedan

    0:22 me in a steam argument be like

  71. Jangar N

    Jangar N

    9 dagar sedan

    red mist vs TRICKY

  72. Mr. Quack

    Mr. Quack

    9 dagar sedan

    Red mist Bob run that'd be pretty cool and the eye images is just the randomland door opening jumpscare thingy

  73. Junior Frye

    Junior Frye

    9 dagar sedan

    I almost cried it was too scary

  74. Junior Frye

    Junior Frye

    9 dagar sedan

    WTF so scary

  75. Mary Jane Cate

    Mary Jane Cate

    9 dagar sedan

    Ooi si ga fagdsfgfffff soaps rp yes dl Uzbekistan do Oz do its run ta l Uzbekistan rp

  76. E Patterson

    E Patterson

    9 dagar sedan

    Squidward suicide

  77. UD Spectralz

    UD Spectralz

    9 dagar sedan

    0:01 Nemisis from Resident Evil

  78. SMB9


    9 dagar sedan

    Hey credit my friend Advide D:

  79. World_WarZ2008


    9 dagar sedan

    Put it on 2X lol

  80. Kirby Boi 69

    Kirby Boi 69

    9 dagar sedan

    Fnaf scream

  81. Sans And Ashton!

    Sans And Ashton!

    9 dagar sedan

    this sounds so good in high pitch and I didn't even notice it

  82. Miles Edgeworth

    Miles Edgeworth

    9 dagar sedan

    Thanks, now can't sleep.

    • Team Robloxer

      Team Robloxer

      6 dagar sedan

      Haha i had nightmares 3 years ago, but since this is in fnf makes it feel less scary lol

  83. johani orale

    johani orale

    9 dagar sedan

    SpongeBob 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  84. Astolfo Peña

    Astolfo Peña

    9 dagar sedan


  85. boyfriend


    9 dagar sedan

    I like how Squidward was Red mist Squidward

  86. socksfor5


    9 dagar sedan


  87. s p o n g e b o b

    s p o n g e b o b

    9 dagar sedan

    Hellclown remix lol

  88. XxFuntime WolfxX

    XxFuntime WolfxX

    9 dagar sedan

    OK but why is he exe?

  89. Christian Matthew

    Christian Matthew

    9 dagar sedan

    Squidward. EXE.

  90. Mobile Homes

    Mobile Homes

    9 dagar sedan

    But you got admit one punch man punch from SpongeBob

  91. Mobile Homes

    Mobile Homes

    9 dagar sedan

    The demon tricky is better than Squidward

  92. Vester


    9 dagar sedan

    Lmfao squidward face

  93. Hafynata Dirga

    Hafynata Dirga

    9 dagar sedan

    tricky : >:((((((((

  94. Shea El

    Shea El

    9 dagar sedan

    Where Phase 1 - 5

  95. The David Show YT

    The David Show YT

    9 dagar sedan

    Put the video on loop

  96. hector_le_Fumatron


    9 dagar sedan


  97. Jackmanray


    9 dagar sedan

    yep hes pissed

  98. Sophi4 tord

    Sophi4 tord

    9 dagar sedan

    Wow just wow

  99. darthvader7722


    9 dagar sedan

    I love that there voice are small

  100. Lyn Seesequasis

    Lyn Seesequasis

    9 dagar sedan

    👄 I love you🥳😊 Do you so much please give me come live with me aura gnocchi‘s Kia Mercedes GC funny auntie🐰🌈🥇📲 Mom I love you please give me every day and I be mad 😭😭😭😭😭😭