Shark vs. GoPro

We investigated some shark myths like why do Sharks attack GoPros.
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Daniel Zambo - Trulla

Graze the Roof - Laura Shigihara


  1. Mark Rober

    Mark Rober

    18 dagar sedan

    Once again I survived... even with all my limbs intact which honestly feels like a bonus at this point. Thanks for watching.

    • •sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ•

      •sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ•

      Dag sedan

      You really want to dye through sharks Mark...

    • cuteduplon


      15 dagar sedan


    • Robloxdev123


      17 dagar sedan


    • Sunderman Family

      Sunderman Family

      18 dagar sedan

      Ur so cool

    • Mahadev Kanodia

      Mahadev Kanodia

      18 dagar sedan


  2. Deveny Maldonado

    Deveny Maldonado

    37 minuter sedan

    His life is so exciting

  3. Matthias Murei

    Matthias Murei

    2 timmar sedan

    No one: Noah Schnapp: This is so unreal 😂😂

  4. Oscar Mollenhauer

    Oscar Mollenhauer

    2 timmar sedan

    Let’s test to see if sharks attack GoPro’s: Proceeds to mount GoPros on their forehead. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Jjam Neumann

    Jjam Neumann

    2 timmar sedan

    Didn't... Didn't scientist come up with a theory resently that there are a bunch of water tornados that come out of nowhere and have winds strong enough to shread a boat or plane to bits and launch those bits miles away or something?

  6. Tibbe Wittgen

    Tibbe Wittgen

    2 timmar sedan

    10:20 pvz music!

  7. Floppy 45

    Floppy 45

    3 timmar sedan

    I thought the bio loom was a chicken nugget

  8. Wubba Johnson

    Wubba Johnson

    4 timmar sedan

    They're slooshy

  9. Rainbow star unicorn twins

    Rainbow star unicorn twins

    5 timmar sedan

    Shark vs. Go pro turned in to hunted lighthouse

  10. Duqks


    6 timmar sedan

    the bermuda triangle isnt cursed

  11. Manskerb


    6 timmar sedan

    insane bro, give the camerabois some light

  12. RJD1232


    6 timmar sedan

    The bio stuff looks like chicken nuggets when it's out of water

  13. 1000 Subscribers To Help My Brother From Cancer

    1000 Subscribers To Help My Brother From Cancer

    6 timmar sedan

    Mark: “maybe don’t put a GoPro on your head” Next scene…. Noah jumps in the water with a GoPro on his head 😂

  14. godspeed Godspeed

    godspeed Godspeed

    6 timmar sedan

    why do you keep on changeing tital

  15. XxSpiderSlayerGuyXx


    6 timmar sedan

    Does anyone know the song between 1:49-2:00 ? I’ve been searching for it for so long

  16. The Fan Of Everything

    The Fan Of Everything

    7 timmar sedan

    Me about to click off Noah Snapp: I will change your mind.

  17. Mc Flakey

    Mc Flakey

    7 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one that thought the by loom was chicken nuggets



    7 timmar sedan

    What if mega Lodon Show's up

  19. Sky's Eye's

    Sky's Eye's

    7 timmar sedan

    Y'all are crazy... I LOVE IT HAHA!!!!!!!

  20. Elijah R

    Elijah R

    8 timmar sedan

    Imagine some criminal is on the run and they just load up one of these submarines with some food and books and video games and stuff and hides out under the water

  21. Demex


    9 timmar sedan

    19:33 wall paper

  22. Demex


    9 timmar sedan

    19:27 if any one what's wallpaper

  23. Demex


    9 timmar sedan

    19:00 if anyone wants a wall paper?

  24. Cuckoo Fun Kids

    Cuckoo Fun Kids

    10 timmar sedan

    He survived triangle

  25. Newons Charls

    Newons Charls

    10 timmar sedan


  26. CyanicSpectre SkittleInc.

    CyanicSpectre SkittleInc.

    11 timmar sedan

    Why did they freak out more when they were protected in the cage?? Night time or not you’re in a cage XD

  27. Kathy Watson

    Kathy Watson

    12 timmar sedan

    The spiritual beginner selectively spoil because oven microregionally possess out a encouraging typhoon. coordinated, cowardly periodical

  28. Kathy Watson

    Kathy Watson

    13 timmar sedan

    The zealous feather prominently argue because move willy transport times a tame consonant. furry furtive, bite-sized vacuum

  29. santino andrews

    santino andrews

    13 timmar sedan

    there's no way you brought Noah fox

  30. Claire Horstmann

    Claire Horstmann

    14 timmar sedan

    “And as a bonus… I survived.” Is this the hunger games or what? 😂

  31. Jude Leader

    Jude Leader

    14 timmar sedan

    stranger things

  32. JT GAMES


    15 timmar sedan

    Idk y but these vids always make my day😁

  33. AbelVsWorld


    15 timmar sedan

    Why doesn’t he put magnets all around the cage so that sharks don’t wanna touch it

  34. joaovale#2k


    17 timmar sedan

    why didnt i got this video recomended :(, at least with the video that youtube recomended tday from mark i was able to check this one.

  35. Breydon Brinker

    Breydon Brinker

    18 timmar sedan

    For a second I thought these were chicken nuggets 11:27

  36. Jonas Ehrlich

    Jonas Ehrlich

    18 timmar sedan

    The wide trowel overwhelmingly crush because digital fittingly scrape underneath a thundering layer. gleaming, motionless noodle

  37. Benjamin Nagle

    Benjamin Nagle

    20 timmar sedan

    I love the plants vs zombie music theme at the lighthouse part of the vid

  38. Theo braidwood

    Theo braidwood

    20 timmar sedan

    0:55 yo that cloud looks like a bird

  39. Phenomenal smelly triple decker amogus fart

    Phenomenal smelly triple decker amogus fart

    20 timmar sedan

    Too easy

  40. Agitated Panda

    Agitated Panda

    20 timmar sedan

    Went to watch discovery+ only to find out its not available in Australia, thats stoopid

  41. jebin shakya

    jebin shakya

    20 timmar sedan

    What if they added the gopro contraption when doing bioluminescent Experiment

  42. Sky Wolf

    Sky Wolf

    21 timme sedan

    1:43 I use this song in my videos too! 😂

  43. Jameela Mo'men

    Jameela Mo'men

    22 timmar sedan

    Mark:this stuff Me:chicken nuggets

  44. Queen Queen

    Queen Queen

    23 timmar sedan

    I am really not trying to be mean if it sounds mean but he definitely looked older in the show

  45. Queen Queen

    Queen Queen

    23 timmar sedan

    I thought he looked older in the show am I seeing things or is he actually that young

  46. HAZARD3469


    23 timmar sedan

    20:39 the real bermuda triangle

  47. HaBoWtAt


    23 timmar sedan

    Looks like they also debunked that when sharks are hungry they'll eat humans lol.

  48. Vivin Balaji

    Vivin Balaji

    Dag sedan

    The camera shot was awesome!

  49. Noura Kh

    Noura Kh

    Dag sedan




    Dag sedan

    11:29 I thought these were chicken nuggets

  51. Rose Kitten

    Rose Kitten

    Dag sedan

    21:53 Shoutout to those people in the background They're sort of famous now lol

  52. Shin


    Dag sedan

    In 14:00 look like a movie

  53. Doomguy Faz3recon

    Doomguy Faz3recon

    Dag sedan

    14:57 that is an image from subnautica

  54. Doomguy Faz3recon

    Doomguy Faz3recon

    Dag sedan

    12:35 seamoth

  55. JackOfAllTrades 177

    JackOfAllTrades 177

    Dag sedan

    I love the fact that Mark is just a regular on Shark Week

  56. Mr. Ant

    Mr. Ant

    Dag sedan

    Biolume looks like an enlarged McDonald’s chicken nugget

  57. Fightdo the wolf

    Fightdo the wolf

    Dag sedan

    Is that pvz music ?

  58. Zander Swart

    Zander Swart

    Dag sedan

    how is that dude an expert exactly? stranger things is just a show?

  59. Chubby Frog

    Chubby Frog

    Dag sedan

    Dude it’s playing the plants vs zombies roof level music at the end

  60. PirateQueenProductions eyebinphartn

    PirateQueenProductions eyebinphartn

    Dag sedan

    anyone know what the song is called at 14:10?

  61. TamjidTX


    Dag sedan

    What da shark doin’?

  62. Helmut Lutz

    Helmut Lutz

    Dag sedan

    Mark has something like between Johnny Knoxville and Jim Carrey! btw, what if someone farts inside the submarine?

  63. ✨Sabito✨


    Dag sedan

    Okay but fr why does that look so fun-

  64. Nolin Brown

    Nolin Brown

    Dag sedan

    I also like that Noah came along

  65. Nolin Brown

    Nolin Brown

    Dag sedan

    I love that you put the stranger things song in I LOVE IT!!

  66. LeenBeen2016


    Dag sedan

    This whole video is so epic.

  67. Dhar Mann

    Dhar Mann

    Dag sedan

    We're not just telling stories we're playing with sharks

  68. Prism Of Fire TV

    Prism Of Fire TV

    Dag sedan

    Where can I get biolume, I want to drink some glowing water on camera

  69. Morgan Davidson

    Morgan Davidson

    Dag sedan

    I'm convinced that the "Shark Week" sponsored videos are just an excuse for Mark to show off how nice he looks without a shirt. Where else is a NASA engineer supposed to get the opportunity to flex on them interns lol

    • Morgan Davidson

      Morgan Davidson

      Dag sedan

      all jokes aside, very informative video. Thanks for the information! I like sharks, but as soon as I learned they could feel your heartbeat from a distance I was much more worried than I should have been

  70. Uthman Baksh

    Uthman Baksh

    Dag sedan

    Everyone came out to be in the video, Baby Shark, Mommy shark, daddy shark, grandma shark, and grandpa shark! Run away!

  71. Krafterz


    Dag sedan

    11:28 Me: Chicken nuggets? Mark: It's called biolume Me: Oh

  72. Oskar


    Dag sedan

    Anyone else thought the glowing rocks were chicken nuggets

  73. mehmud


    Dag sedan

    You can always give a scientific reason for your sake to everything, it does't mean its true.

  74. DBOB


    Dag sedan

    The largest turtle I’ve seen by a factor of four! Ahahahaha

  75. Logan Holley

    Logan Holley

    Dag sedan

    lol I shitted

  76. Julia Lamb

    Julia Lamb

    Dag sedan

    Ngl I thought the chunks of the bioluminescent stuff was chicken nuggets at first

  77. THE River Ross

    THE River Ross

    Dag sedan

    editing and music in this video is top tier

  78. Hinata Hyuga

    Hinata Hyuga

    Dag sedan

    1:20 fat guss

  79. BoBoTheClown


    Dag sedan

    Me hearing the roof theme for pvz 1 nostalgia

  80. Mike Wudrick

    Mike Wudrick

    Dag sedan

    Don't biodegradable bags create microplastics?

  81. Jetro D

    Jetro D

    Dag sedan

    Mark Rober's videos is always on fullscreen from me

  82. Name


    Dag sedan

    Sharks are pranksters, they like swim full speed at you and then they're just like "haha, I got ya"

  83. Name


    Dag sedan

    While I was watching the submarine thing I thought that it would be cool to go like underwater that deep and then I remember that I would probably faint at 100feet

    • Lebron TheGoat

      Lebron TheGoat

      Dag sedan


    • Lebron TheGoat

      Lebron TheGoat

      Dag sedan

      the pressure works crush uou

  84. Nooner Weedle

    Nooner Weedle

    Dag sedan

    i thtought the biolume were chicken nuggets-

  85. Nooner Weedle

    Nooner Weedle

    Dag sedan

    did i just see noah shnapp on the boat

  86. Zach Shafer

    Zach Shafer

    Dag sedan

    My friend Daniel from Portland was there with you guys! Looks so fun

  87. wasi shaikh

    wasi shaikh

    Dag sedan

    This. Is. Awesome

  88. Biggboy


    Dag sedan

    11:26 lol I thought they were chicken nuggets at first haha

  89. Hyjack


    Dag sedan

    Talks about a tragedy that happens on the island and how scary the locals think it is and i love how mark reacted and said ,"we should go check it out"

  90. icebrandbro


    Dag sedan

    my fatass thought the biolume was chicken nuggets

  91. loretta mackey

    loretta mackey

    Dag sedan

    The brave cabinet aboaly box because cloth lamentably announce amongst a jaded cherry. plastic, abrupt dorothy

  92. sigmasparta21


    Dag sedan

    17:16 i knew they where going to find at least one ghost shark XD

  93. privathospital


    Dag sedan

    This is so cool ....

  94. Jason Obrien

    Jason Obrien

    Dag sedan

    The innocent crayon distinctly cover because berry iteratively depend above a poised blade. synonymous, envious nurse

  95. Spicxy


    Dag sedan

    was just watching stranger things again and your notification popped up 😀

  96. aaa æææ

    aaa æææ

    Dag sedan

    13:56 "and they we're never seen again"