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  1. johnsamu


    9 minuter sedan

    Just a great example what NOT to do, especially welding bearings.

  2. Sarah Mabrouk

    Sarah Mabrouk

    15 minuter sedan

    Is this from a bike?

  3. Tuttle 3

    Tuttle 3

    15 minuter sedan

    Use one everyday at work but in a pinch channel locks do the same thing

  4. Juzefersom


    44 minuter sedan

    Não é um mecanico raiz, eu faço isso ai na mão

  5. shmack119


    48 minuter sedan

    What if he took the chain off then clamp it together 🤯

  6. takoon amalit

    takoon amalit

    49 minuter sedan


  7. Asif Ch

    Asif Ch

    Timme sedan

    What you think we don't have brain.....???😏

  8. Crunch Bar

    Crunch Bar

    Timme sedan

    When you aren't using the right tool at all, and you get pissy about it, so you use something that's actually designed for it and act like it's a revolutionary concept

  9. Sage wolf

    Sage wolf

    Timme sedan

    And now the chains too tight to move

  10. foxxTV11 Лис

    foxxTV11 Лис

    Timme sedan

    Блин да он Америку открыл как я без него раньше жил не представляю даже 😐

  11. ĐƏMĪ_NotTooBright :/

    ĐƏMĪ_NotTooBright :/

    Timme sedan

    Or beaman

  12. The- potato-warrior

    The- potato-warrior

    Timme sedan

    This dude so ass! He first runs the stretcher backwards than hard cuts when he realized he put the link in backwards. Go back to McDonald’s beta

  13. Anthony Cook

    Anthony Cook

    Timme sedan

    Well wanted to know how to do that . Hmmm

  14. Mattis Oelrich

    Mattis Oelrich

    Timme sedan

    I cried watching this vid

  15. ŁĦ


    Timme sedan


  16. Will Pongase

    Will Pongase

    2 timmar sedan

    This is equivalent to you stretching your bones in order to fit in pants

  17. kemono no kyojin

    kemono no kyojin

    2 timmar sedan

    Anyone know what the song tittle

  18. Lilpeepee Yes

    Lilpeepee Yes

    3 timmar sedan

    This is it for all those trainees and apprentices this is the chain stretcher you've been looking for

  19. Nathan gaming

    Nathan gaming

    3 timmar sedan

    What is the music

  20. Zulfikar


    3 timmar sedan

    Bodoh orangnya tau ada alat kenpa harus pakai tang 😆😆

  21. Casual Trips

    Casual Trips

    3 timmar sedan

    -Puts snap ring on backwards.

  22. J


    3 timmar sedan

    No tensioner ?

  23. 大吉チャンネル


    4 timmar sedan


  24. AlexYuja12


    4 timmar sedan


  25. CLIP


    4 timmar sedan

    When he threw that shit I felt that 🥺

  26. Imam nur santoso

    Imam nur santoso

    4 timmar sedan

    La kok ngamoooookkkk...??

  27. life of DIESEL

    life of DIESEL

    5 timmar sedan

    Read this carefully, you can always put both the open ends on any one teeth of the sprocket and then insert the pin👍🍻

  28. alf in

    alf in

    5 timmar sedan

    Tinggal pasang di gir giginya kok susah

  29. Larry


    5 timmar sedan

    Wow, rocket science....

  30. Walter W

    Walter W

    5 timmar sedan

    Con herramientas adecuadas cualquiera puede trabajar correctamente

  31. Haweater


    5 timmar sedan

    It's easier to insert the connector link if the ends are already in the teeth of one of the sprockets.

  32. 엙뚫뗉


    6 timmar sedan

    견우와 직녀 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  33. Beyond the 平均

    Beyond the 平均

    6 timmar sedan


  34. ksawik 1212

    ksawik 1212

    6 timmar sedan

    Ah yes, yet another marketer trying to sell you shit you dont need

  35. Николай Александров

    Николай Александров

    6 timmar sedan

    Перетянул порвет

  36. eggsykingsman kingsman

    eggsykingsman kingsman

    7 timmar sedan

    bubu naman

  37. Christopher Elly

    Christopher Elly

    7 timmar sedan

    Name movie

  38. P𓁿RAd𓂀X


    7 timmar sedan


  39. James Roi

    James Roi

    8 timmar sedan

    If you have that why use the long nose pliers in the first place?

  40. LongIslandHobbyist


    8 timmar sedan

    Nothing like a chain that's way too tight on bearings that are damaged from jumpstreet. Smh

  41. BassMinor


    8 timmar sedan

    I like the song more than the video, it’s two steps from hell - victory.

  42. Most Viewed Tech

    Most Viewed Tech

    8 timmar sedan

    You can simply use tie wire or a cord to connect both ends same way using with that tool.

  43. Salomón Rodriguez

    Salomón Rodriguez

    8 timmar sedan

    Why doesn't he just pull out the chain of the machine and do it without extend the chain? No necessity of hard working xd

  44. Thịnh Nguyễn

    Thịnh Nguyễn

    9 timmar sedan

    Take the chain out of the gear

  45. papabluesCHANNEL iwan

    papabluesCHANNEL iwan

    9 timmar sedan


  46. Juan Simenter

    Juan Simenter

    9 timmar sedan

    Torces los ejes haciendo fuerza además la cadena no trabajan tensas...

  47. 木兎光太郎


    9 timmar sedan

    *throws the pliers* Me: omg my spirit animal!

  48. Lapd Code 3

    Lapd Code 3

    9 timmar sedan

    When you hear Two Steps From Hell victory it does give you a sense of accomplishment a sense of success a sense of power

  49. Levi Davis

    Levi Davis

    9 timmar sedan

    OK ....

  50. afzal siddiqui

    afzal siddiqui

    9 timmar sedan

    What is the tool name

  51. Zele puza

    Zele puza

    10 timmar sedan

    Or you can get another link that chain is too tight now for it’s original purpose

  52. Александр Кузнецов

    Александр Кузнецов

    10 timmar sedan

    И шо?

  53. Vitantonio Alfarano

    Vitantonio Alfarano

    10 timmar sedan


  54. Dux


    10 timmar sedan

    Wall-e doesn't exist yet, it's useless

  55. Ricky Evans

    Ricky Evans

    11 timmar sedan

    Don’t know why, but the sounds of metal clinking together are satisfying….

  56. b gaming just need to have fun and play games

    b gaming just need to have fun and play games

    11 timmar sedan

    They call me mr boomboste

  57. 일금찬


    11 timmar sedan


  58. 黃維信04


    11 timmar sedan


  59. 김영일


    11 timmar sedan

    진작에 그걸로 하지

  60. Jack Hack700

    Jack Hack700

    12 timmar sedan

    Bro wtf, use your master link the fuck, bro this will just break your chain stop posting this crap

  61. Sachit Pandey

    Sachit Pandey

    12 timmar sedan

    Read caption😂😂😂😂

  62. Im Just Elite ツ

    Im Just Elite ツ

    12 timmar sedan

    That was self explanatory OBVIOUSLY YOU NEED ANOTHER PIECE

  63. Anggeri It

    Anggeri It

    13 timmar sedan

    Lah kok ngamok

  64. Henry EJ

    Henry EJ

    13 timmar sedan

    Oh word. I’ll definitely go try that out

  65. jagadeesh bondapalli

    jagadeesh bondapalli

    13 timmar sedan


  66. FormaAlert


    13 timmar sedan

    what in the ever loving fuck are those welds

  67. Justin Benscoter

    Justin Benscoter

    13 timmar sedan

    Ummmmm, chains aren’t supposed to be tight like that.

  68. Eka Nurcahya

    Eka Nurcahya

    13 timmar sedan

    loh kok ngamuk

  69. Josh Petty

    Josh Petty

    13 timmar sedan

    I could've avoided a lot of excessive cussing if I'd seen this 3 weeks ago.

  70. Jalen Kamla (Student)

    Jalen Kamla (Student)

    13 timmar sedan

    Oh that’s pretty cool

  71. Richie Schilk

    Richie Schilk

    14 timmar sedan

    Why not link it on the sprocket? 🤔

  72. Gabriel Castro

    Gabriel Castro

    14 timmar sedan

    You can always use a large ziptie through the links.

  73. Furious Gaming

    Furious Gaming

    14 timmar sedan

    You should ask it to an indian he can do it without those equipments

  74. KillApollo


    14 timmar sedan

    Dude's performing surgery on Wall-E.

  75. James Donahue

    James Donahue

    14 timmar sedan

    Dude this is so dumb

  76. Supremejjq


    14 timmar sedan

    I would rage quit so fast 😂

  77. ProfEasyOnAll


    14 timmar sedan

    Woooooowwww... Amazing...

  78. Adam Lee

    Adam Lee

    15 timmar sedan

    whats the music

  79. Gung De Surya

    Gung De Surya

    15 timmar sedan

    Is he have temper problem?

  80. Specter Mad

    Specter Mad

    15 timmar sedan

    The right tool for the job

  81. Marvin Copo

    Marvin Copo

    15 timmar sedan


  82. Talha chy

    Talha chy

    15 timmar sedan

    That title hahahah

  83. Derrick Hodges

    Derrick Hodges

    16 timmar sedan

    Tight chain = premature sprocket failure. Belts run on tension, chains run on controlled slack.

  84. Mary Faith

    Mary Faith

    16 timmar sedan

    What is the chain for...

  85. Bruna Diniz

    Bruna Diniz

    16 timmar sedan

    Beleza mas uma perna tinha que ficar pra trás

  86. Shispot Hade

    Shispot Hade

    16 timmar sedan

    Va a llorar la niña?

  87. adam s

    adam s

    16 timmar sedan

    Did he really rotate it left a few times before he realized, derderder

  88. Richard Anthony

    Richard Anthony

    16 timmar sedan

    A bit too tight

  89. 행복동거주자


    16 timmar sedan

    체인까우는게 왜 알고리즘으로 나와?

  90. だいたいこんなもんっ!!100万 回視聴

    だいたいこんなもんっ!!100万 回視聴

    16 timmar sedan

    HI tension?

  91. Steve Bennett

    Steve Bennett

    16 timmar sedan

    So ur saying using the right tool for the job helps, that's weird.

  92. Carlos Alberto

    Carlos Alberto

    16 timmar sedan

    Se estressou foi