3 Bizarre Things Found In Pools

3 Bizarre Things Found In Pools


  1. Zeynep ERSİN

    Zeynep ERSİN

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    Those are SOME facts

  2. Cactus popsicles

    Cactus popsicles

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    I found a pad in a pool once

  3. Sonic Run

    Sonic Run

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    And also six things some people found a fish in their pool

  4. Sonic Run

    Sonic Run

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    15 things found in pools part 3 first song thunder a turtle and their pool six times a day

  5. eileen keogh

    eileen keogh

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  6. InfinityMota


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    People are commenting random things and getting a ton of likes so I will comment cheese.

  7. Destiny Gatlin

    Destiny Gatlin

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    Long time ago I had to call 911 I'm off on my brother because I kept stealing money from my neighbor and we had to move because my brother now he's in jail for probably like 15 days I feel bad but it's his fault

    • Destiny Gatlin

      Destiny Gatlin

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  8. Ah  S K Y

    Ah S K Y

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    The hippo was probably just finding a place of water that the hippo could fit in for a few days

  9. Kawehi Fong-Costa

    Kawehi Fong-Costa

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    The neighbors watching the hippo walk in their yard: 👁👄👁

  10. Doog_Root


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    How they get that hippo picture

  11. Christopher Dennings

    Christopher Dennings

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  12. Dulce Mejia

    Dulce Mejia

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    Him. Crock Me. No master over there and the baby crocodile or just a small crock baby crock

  13. N00b


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    Bonus fact: one family found a crack at the bottom of their pool that had magma pouring out of it It was already to late when they noticed

  14. Spailon


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    Bro you gotta get rid of that pimple on ya nose dog

  15. Major Pike

    Major Pike

    5 dagar sedan

    Pretty sure that was a baby alligator

  16. Owen Mc Daniel

    Owen Mc Daniel

    5 dagar sedan

    Hippo better run better run faster than the hippo

  17. Caught u lackin

    Caught u lackin

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    Bruh that ain’t 5 feet

  18. Naga Aka

    Naga Aka

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    the second one remind me about Richard in Amazing world of Gumball

  19. SpaceXNerd


    8 dagar sedan

    2ft crock, not 5

  20. Can This Stormtrooper get one sub

    Can This Stormtrooper get one sub

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    Maybe the hipo wanted his dad which was the safari director too stay with him

  21. Justin Julian

    Justin Julian

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    Luke, you are doing great at your channel and I know you can succeed, the internet can be a very nasty place and I just want to spread some positive vibes so I just want you to know that I believe you can do it

  22. Jay S

    Jay S

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    If I saw a hippo in my pool I would be happy cause there cute but dangerous but still cute

  23. n1c0


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    The first photo (of the people) is something normally seen if you have a burial ground under your house the people are actually spirits : ]

  24. Panda king 207

    Panda king 207

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    Him it must off been a wild croc Me : I only have one shoe now

  25. Yadi Saldana

    Yadi Saldana

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    Looks like that girl got that hippopotamus for Christmas after all, huh?

  26. Anime-Simmp-Girl


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    The 1 clip i see i bursted out... FLORIDA!

  27. Charise Jimenez

    Charise Jimenez

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  28. XR Vlogs

    XR Vlogs

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    That’s not 5ft croc

  29. masa_ roro_friendx

    masa_ roro_friendx

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  30. Mason Sisomphou

    Mason Sisomphou

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    The funny thing was I used to be neighbors with that person with the pool

  31. sponge bob popsicle army

    sponge bob popsicle army

    10 dagar sedan


  32. Bradley Paz

    Bradley Paz

    11 dagar sedan

    Are we not going to talk about how he said 5 foot crocodile?

  33. Jasmin Belarmino

    Jasmin Belarmino

    11 dagar sedan

    A hippo huh hehehe so cute wait if the water turned green i dont know i think it pooped

  34. Jevonte Phillips

    Jevonte Phillips

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    Number 2 is OJ Simpson’s get away car after he murdered his wife and friend

  35. Poolmaster1000


    11 dagar sedan

    Hippo Only in south Africa

  36. Kathy Cook

    Kathy Cook

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    Alligators are a little dinky things Gators are beefy monsters

  37. Kathy Cook

    Kathy Cook

    12 dagar sedan

    That was a crocodile

  38. kozuk


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    People need to know the difference between crocodile and alligator.

  39. Ninja Gaming

    Ninja Gaming

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    When I was on vacation last year, there were about 100 people in this massive public pool and 1 snake. Nobody noticed it until we said something to other people outside the pool. Unfortunately, the staff didn't do anything after we had told them about it.

    • Ninja Gaming

      Ninja Gaming

      12 dagar sedan

      The snake was about 5-6 feet

  40. PBS Cars

    PBS Cars

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    Uhh the first picture of the car chase is OJ Simpson’s chase...

  41. hawari ojan

    hawari ojan

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    Jojo bizarre adventure

  42. hawari ojan

    hawari ojan

    12 dagar sedan

    Jojo bizarre adventure

  43. Keldo


    13 dagar sedan

    I’m sorry but there is no way in hell that croc is 5 feet

  44. benito martinez

    benito martinez

    13 dagar sedan

    Not much you can do about a hippo taking over a pool

  45. stinky RBLX

    stinky RBLX

    13 dagar sedan

    Today i found a frog in a pool

  46. Natalee Pearce

    Natalee Pearce

    14 dagar sedan

    That hippo is a true gangster

  47. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus

    14 dagar sedan

    Ok but that last one could have ended really badly

  48. CHEF


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    He used a picture of OJ chase

  49. Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

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  50. Sylver fox

    Sylver fox

    14 dagar sedan

    Ouah, j'aurais flipper si j'étais le gamin avec un hippopotame dans ma piscine 😅 (c'est quand même l'animal le plus dangereux du monde)

  51. Hugo 57k

    Hugo 57k

    14 dagar sedan

    Wouldn't the driver have plates? If the pool wasn't cleaned in 10 days of course it'd go dirty. And someone would have definetly intervened, hippos are one of the most dangerous animal to humans

  52. EDY.Grigoras


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  53. ♡︎ Hrryxptter ♡︎

    ♡︎ Hrryxptter ♡︎

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    “How bizarre 🤷🏼‍♀️ “

  54. Adam Wolf

    Adam Wolf

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  55. River Toepler

    River Toepler

    15 dagar sedan

    For anyone wondering y they waited until the hippo left, it’s bc hippos r _very_ territorial. It’s a pure survival instinct so they can’t protect themselves from the sun and predators. Those teeth can be used like _swords_ .

  56. Frank Donohue

    Frank Donohue

    15 dagar sedan

    One time during summer camp I was chillin in da pool.there is usually gross stuff in there like a lot of hair and also bandaids🤢anyways I saw sumthin in the water and it was a half of a bagel 🥲I have no idea how that got in there and it was really sus because had to either throw It somehow from we’re we all eat witch I kind of of close to the pool or they had to have the bagel with them and leave it in the pool😑

  57. Micheal Draconis

    Micheal Draconis

    15 dagar sedan

    A baby croc and she had to call the rangers I would have grabbed it and sold it to a zoo or something that could take care of it

  58. Ceon


    15 dagar sedan

    I like how he used a picture from the "O.J. Simpsons' car chase"

  59. Retina Ishigami

    Retina Ishigami

    15 dagar sedan

    not 5 foot but sure

  60. Beep Sheep

    Beep Sheep

    15 dagar sedan

    That was totally a 5 FOOT croc

  61. Addison K

    Addison K

    15 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: The hippo is actually the most dangerous animal in Africa.

    • Addison K

      Addison K

      13 dagar sedan

      @Chan WS Honestly I think thats person with a gun 😂

    • Chan WS

      Chan WS

      14 dagar sedan


  62. Pumpkin


    15 dagar sedan

    how did you know i was looking for cheese underwater for 10 days

  63. Nikola Holeček

    Nikola Holeček

    15 dagar sedan

    Btw that is an Aligator

  64. Nach I

    Nach I

    15 dagar sedan

    Why the oj pic

  65. aowyn me

    aowyn me

    15 dagar sedan

    Where do you live to get a hippo in your pool

  66. Wolf


    15 dagar sedan

    No way

  67. Edi


    15 dagar sedan

    Did anyone else notice that luke didn't blink in this....

  68. Fives-The Loyal Soldier

    Fives-The Loyal Soldier

    15 dagar sedan

    Intewwesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though all of these were HILARIOUS

  69. Little Princess Uni

    Little Princess Uni

    16 dagar sedan

    That hippo and the croc are just chilling leave em alone. But damn get rid of that car smh

  70. hamze yk

    hamze yk

    16 dagar sedan

    do you Americans have crocodiles as pet ?

  71. Maureen Rhyse Diabordo

    Maureen Rhyse Diabordo

    16 dagar sedan


  72. Singa Putih

    Singa Putih

    16 dagar sedan

    Jojo siwa bizare adventure REFERENCE 🥶🥶🥶🥶

  73. DaGoat42 Bruh

    DaGoat42 Bruh

    16 dagar sedan

    Well Ig the kid finally got a hippopotamus for Christmas

  74. The Duck God999

    The Duck God999

    16 dagar sedan

    I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

  75. Garin Koonce

    Garin Koonce

    16 dagar sedan

    Louisiana folk know that thang tiny

  76. Sam K

    Sam K

    16 dagar sedan

    I’d rather have a croc in my pool than a hippo. Less dangerous.

  77. XxøvømandøxX


    16 dagar sedan

    It’s the carpool lane!

  78. Al_xz


    16 dagar sedan

    I respect the family for letting the hippo stay there

  79. Whisky Panda

    Whisky Panda

    16 dagar sedan

    "He fled to avoid charges" Nooo wayyy i tought he was going for a nap.

  80. Dexie Lumauig

    Dexie Lumauig

    17 dagar sedan

    The hippo is a bit cute I love hippos 💖✌🏼

  81. Zell Dincht

    Zell Dincht

    17 dagar sedan

    Careful on the hippo

  82. Timothy Mcglynn

    Timothy Mcglynn

    17 dagar sedan


  83. ShooterSmurf556


    17 dagar sedan

    Yo I would've tried keeping the 🐊

  84. Fancy Pants

    Fancy Pants

    17 dagar sedan

    “To avoid the charges” nah man he just wanted to get fit

  85. Five Star Fidgets

    Five Star Fidgets

    17 dagar sedan

    “ah yes, there’s the hippo again“ -safari dude, probably

  86. kurkku torni

    kurkku torni

    17 dagar sedan


  87. SuperAmani


    17 dagar sedan


  88. Aki


    17 dagar sedan

    I want a hippotimus for Christmas 🖐😭 It really came true for these people tho

  89. WolfieAnime


    17 dagar sedan

    Bruh nah this is why I’m scared of pools. In Delaware we had to swim in a salt water pool inside and I had so much anxiety One being I couldn’t see anything, two being I felt like a mini shark could sneak in

  90. The Green Treasures

    The Green Treasures

    17 dagar sedan

    This isn't bizarre, but once there was a dead frog in my community pool.



    18 dagar sedan

    Oh, I want a hippopotamus for Christmas-

  92. MinkWizard


    18 dagar sedan

    Just imagine waking up on a summer day and go for a swim only to see a freaking hippo in the pool

  93. Zac 25

    Zac 25

    18 dagar sedan

    Hippopotamus 🦛🦛

  94. Lpsasqaud


    18 dagar sedan

    “Ugh. I found a croc in my pool” “That’s nothing, I found a car.” “I found a hippo : .”

  95. Aryan Parekh

    Aryan Parekh

    18 dagar sedan

    U found that guy who has a hippo in his pool on insta his my friend

  96. RelytwithoutaB


    18 dagar sedan

    That homicidal water horse would've made you and your family into a used to be if you got within a hundred feet of it

  97. Sebastian Ynigo Ilumin

    Sebastian Ynigo Ilumin

    18 dagar sedan

    How is a shoe 5 ft and wild?

  98. Shubham Shah

    Shubham Shah

    19 dagar sedan

    You should be politician

  99. Tavia Morales

    Tavia Morales

    19 dagar sedan

    *Kid goes outside and looks at pool* Kid:WHAT THE FU- Mom: DONT SAY THAT WORD JIMMY

  100. BaconHair 666 OG

    BaconHair 666 OG

    19 dagar sedan

    the weird thing is why everyone uses 3 so much