iPhone vs Android - Which one survives FREEZING?

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  1. Mrwhosetheboss Shorts

    Mrwhosetheboss Shorts

    18 dagar sedan

    Could this be the most pointless video on SE-one? 😂 But if you do want to see my main channel that'd be incredible: se-one.info/show/whosetheboss.html

    • AJITH R

      AJITH R

      18 timmar sedan

      Don't use purified drinking water it's also a best content for u bro .you use well water or other kind of water 💦#challenge

    • Kenna nicole Morilla

      Kenna nicole Morilla

      Dag sedan

      My phone is ice proop

    • Cuphead909


      2 dagar sedan

      1m subs

    • Simon George

      Simon George

      4 dagar sedan

      I saw among us

    • แสง นวล

      แสง นวล

      5 dagar sedan

      @Isa Farooq ได้อย่างค

  2. Swara Patil

    Swara Patil

    3 minuter sedan

    Ohh...mrwhosetheboss plays AMONG US....😂

  3. white's


    44 minuter sedan

    My phone fall in toilet;me gets toilet to freezer until the toilet freeze

  4. Aryan Singh

    Aryan Singh

    51 minut sedan


  5. Ada Er kul

    Ada Er kul

    Timme sedan

    I have Android 😎

  6. Water dragon

    Water dragon

    Timme sedan


  7. Katherin Emili

    Katherin Emili

    Timme sedan

    Well mine is not water resistant to begin with

  8. Avinash Thakur

    Avinash Thakur

    Timme sedan

    What is the name of that Android phone

  9. Dusan Beni

    Dusan Beni

    Timme sedan

    Oh no I accidentally put my phone in a cup with water and then I put it in a freezer! Good thing I watched Mrwhosetheboss

  10. Vigdis Ryman

    Vigdis Ryman

    Timme sedan

    How do you ACCIDENTALLY freeze your phone?!

  11. Khoaxd


    Timme sedan

    Okay i'm gonna play game in my freezer

  12. Menchie Valdez

    Menchie Valdez

    2 timmar sedan

    You look like dhar mann and nas daily

  13. Ania Dominczak

    Ania Dominczak

    2 timmar sedan

    Only I am sometimes scared that i Would put my phone on random sht that is in a kitchen? Lol

  14. Masked Animates

    Masked Animates

    4 timmar sedan

    me wondering how you would accidentally freeze this phone

  15. MUhammad R garba

    MUhammad R garba

    5 timmar sedan

    Ok next time i enters the freezer to sleep i won't bother leaving my phone outside.

  16. Emily Schemonia

    Emily Schemonia

    5 timmar sedan

    My only question is why did you do this 🤨😐😑🤔🧐

  17. Springboy


    6 timmar sedan

    I saw among us

  18. shofiyyah-kun


    7 timmar sedan

    Who the hell would ever freeze there own phone

  19. Aleph Tav

    Aleph Tav

    7 timmar sedan


  20. Felicia Parlee

    Felicia Parlee

    7 timmar sedan


  21. Beanie Boo Shorts

    Beanie Boo Shorts

    8 timmar sedan

    And then there is my sister, who breaks her phone after touching it with a slightly damp finger

  22. Linet Nchore

    Linet Nchore

    10 timmar sedan

    When you have a Samsung phone oh God

  23. Teffry


    10 timmar sedan

    I used to put my iPhone 7 in my fridge when it got too hot. Thank god the 12 is better at staying cool

  24. SepticFlames


    11 timmar sedan


  25. Silvia Sánchez Peralta

    Silvia Sánchez Peralta

    12 timmar sedan

    Man valora lo que tienes yo a los 9 años tenía un teléfono que decía " ahí ahí ahí chuku chuku chá"

  26. Maritza Urbina

    Maritza Urbina

    13 timmar sedan

    How do you accidental freeze your phone

  27. Silent_Core


    14 timmar sedan

    Me: why freeze the phone I would take it and search the answer on google! 😂

  28. Sarah Tierney

    Sarah Tierney

    14 timmar sedan

    How do you accidently freeze your phone?

  29. Strawberry Cow Plays YT Vlogs

    Strawberry Cow Plays YT Vlogs

    15 timmar sedan

    Who would freeze their phone-

  30. Naeem


    15 timmar sedan

    First of all who is gona freeze his or her phone

  31. Mehjabeen Batool

    Mehjabeen Batool

    15 timmar sedan

    Whatever emotions can only understand by android 😌

  32. ∙♡ttbwnny


    15 timmar sedan

    this guy must have so much money he can buy me

  33. 『𝚐𝚑𝚘𝚜𝚝』


    16 timmar sedan

    which one do you think will win? me : yes.



    16 timmar sedan


  35. Happy Girl

    Happy Girl

    16 timmar sedan

    I have iPhone 11 and cool🌞???!.

  36. Bas Harhas

    Bas Harhas

    16 timmar sedan

    an old aedea

  37. M gowda Sahasra

    M gowda Sahasra

    16 timmar sedan

    iPhones are waterproof

  38. Eoin


    17 timmar sedan

    Oh shit, I dropped my phone in a cup in the freezer yesterday! Thank god it’ll be alright.



    17 timmar sedan

    Well actually people who are not so wealthy use cheap phones which are not resistant to anything like water or dust.....these people including me handle phone with so much care knowing it's only phone we have got.....that's reality so pls don't torture phones even if they r resistant to stuff 👍

  40. Jadan Velasquez Mejia

    Jadan Velasquez Mejia

    17 timmar sedan


  41. Nicø


    17 timmar sedan

    Android is better to survive

  42. Melissa Moral

    Melissa Moral

    17 timmar sedan

    Fun fact: the song was piper rockelle's outro song

  43. SpyNameless


    17 timmar sedan


  44. Jessica Fatima Baguio

    Jessica Fatima Baguio

    17 timmar sedan


  45. LilT Akinyi

    LilT Akinyi

    18 timmar sedan

    Yes , I was wondering what to do if I "accidentally" froze my phone

  46. AJITH R


    18 timmar sedan

    Don't use purified drinking water it's also a best content for u bro .you use well water or other kind of water 💦#challenge

  47. Lilly


    18 timmar sedan

    WHAat CRAZY😳🤭

  48. Jaya prakash

    Jaya prakash

    18 timmar sedan

    Most stupidest comparison... Iphone vs Android?? Really?? How does android become a phone?? Its just a software. So many companies use android.

  49. Vanny


    18 timmar sedan

    Everyone's talking about the phones being frozen and what he said about accidentally getting your phone frozen but did nobody else notice the Among Us in the iPhone 😶

  50. Parambelumlol


    19 timmar sedan

    How can someone freeze actidently your phone

  51. Nab kumar Kalita

    Nab kumar Kalita

    19 timmar sedan

    These phones can survive from being thrown into a black hole but they will still break if they fell out of my pocket

  52. MantieZA


    19 timmar sedan

    Love how he can afford to freeze an phone

  53. pizzas burgers shop

    pizzas burgers shop

    19 timmar sedan

    Accedenty freeze you phone

  54. Game Khelo

    Game Khelo

    19 timmar sedan

    Don’t try this with your phone

  55. -Tea-zooa-☕


    20 timmar sedan

    This would be useful to tell my mom about

  56. Franko Naik

    Franko Naik

    20 timmar sedan

    When you have for money you have the idea how to waste

  57. Kd Mama Fradu Papa

    Kd Mama Fradu Papa

    20 timmar sedan

    It's Actually works..?😳

  58. Jo Platt

    Jo Platt

    20 timmar sedan

    What about ipads

  59. Kon Combre

    Kon Combre

    22 timmar sedan

    iOS or android ... Android doesn't represent a handy. It's a system not a device

  60. An ordinary girl.

    An ordinary girl.

    22 timmar sedan

    Give me the phone don't destroy. 😟

  61. Pranti Deb

    Pranti Deb

    22 timmar sedan

    Your voice is Very nice 🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰

  62. Parla Nalbantoğlu

    Parla Nalbantoğlu

    22 timmar sedan

    How do you accidently freez your phone wha- 💀🖐️

  63. player 2 games 12

    player 2 games 12

    23 timmar sedan

    Well my phone would be ruined my phone is completely missing its back I still have the power button just detached

  64. Vuk_USTIPAK


    23 timmar sedan

    How long ia that video?

  65. Hanin Abbouchi

    Hanin Abbouchi

    23 timmar sedan

    Make for the Tecno spark 6 go please

  66. Sam


    23 timmar sedan

    You know android is not the phone but the os right? Wtf am i watching really these shitty teen agers fast stupid content

  67. Edina Kahvedzic

    Edina Kahvedzic

    Dag sedan

    He always thinks about the iphone bruh theyre still trash just because theyre totally "high quality "



    Dag sedan

    Okay, let's go to the everest!

  69. Forsdew


    Dag sedan

    See Pokemon go

  70. Sameera Khalifa

    Sameera Khalifa

    Dag sedan

    Anybody else think he's the richest guy ever by owning all of these phones???

  71. Lalana


    Dag sedan

    My sisters iPhone got chucked into a river and was there for about a month then someone found it and gave it back to her and it worked perfectly no scratches and the audio is perfect there’s only a little scratch on the screen protector.

  72. Dr Wana

    Dr Wana

    Dag sedan

    Should have put a cold resistant camera to see how fast or how long it took for one of them to die

  73. SEAN YT


    Dag sedan

    Lol he has mobile legends

  74. Wety Suastika

    Wety Suastika

    Dag sedan

    You play call of duty

  75. Payal Deoda

    Payal Deoda

    Dag sedan

    I like the way he talks, he says every word clear!

  76. FalleNAngeL


    Dag sedan

    Simple fact : why we froze our phone

  77. Zaayba Moeen

    Zaayba Moeen

    Dag sedan

    You don't use oneplus note 5

  78. Nobody


    Dag sedan

    Last time I dropped my iPhone into the bathtub full of water 😩😟😨 THANK GOD IT IS STILL WORKING

  79. ssturlap 2

    ssturlap 2

    Dag sedan

    Welcome to fact or cap

  80. Bobettau Navi

    Bobettau Navi

    Dag sedan


  81. •cringe kat•

    •cringe kat•

    Dag sedan

    yuss my broke Android phone will work

  82. Kenzie K

    Kenzie K

    Dag sedan

    Mr.beast: alright bois today we will be trying the worlds most expensive ice cube.

  83. Евгения Яременко

    Евгения Яременко

    Dag sedan

    Все равно андроид лучше чем айфон

  84. ZoeytHeDoubleTrouble ;-;

    ZoeytHeDoubleTrouble ;-;

    Dag sedan

    Knowing me-I’m going to be doing something while grabbing a item from the freezer, close the freezer door while my phone is in there. Then forget for a while until I realize what I did....So Thai video did help someone-my forgetful ass.

  85. Evan Barnes

    Evan Barnes

    Dag sedan

    How do you accidentally freeze your phone

  86. daeshixx


    Dag sedan

    well to be honest my cousin almost freeze her phone because at that time, i don't remember we do like sort of experiment that we need to put it in freezer and when we take the experiment things out of the freezer, she left her phone inside :)



    Dag sedan

    The phone will be ok, if you have particularly these phones in the video, I don't think your Sony Ericsson will work after being frozen

  88. Itachi


    Dag sedan

    Am i the only person who puts my phone in a glass and filling it up with water and then putting it inside a freezer or what

  89. Musical Vibess

    Musical Vibess

    Dag sedan

    Me that have a Nokia on the year 2001 : Accidentally left in the freezer for 20 years *Open the phone* *Surprised it still works*

  90. ꧁ʀᴇᴅ シ︎꧂

    ꧁ʀᴇᴅ シ︎꧂

    Dag sedan

    ok...i will survive for the death. beacuse i luv my phone and my phone is android

  91. Lila Wellman

    Lila Wellman

    Dag sedan

    But than again, I always put my phone in the freezer for safekeeping! LOL

  92. Bill Clinton Gaming

    Bill Clinton Gaming

    Dag sedan

    Can I have an old iphone or something I'm still using and old Motorola

  93. Sham Ram

    Sham Ram

    Dag sedan

    “im not gonna take this out until its completely rock solid”

  94. Delmi Rivera

    Delmi Rivera

    Dag sedan

    I really like that Android cuz the iPhones make too much sound when you wake up

  95. benjamin


    Dag sedan

    Te sobra La Plata ameo

  96. cesar songgay

    cesar songgay

    Dag sedan

    If anyone saw among us your a legend

  97. Abdulla Eminov

    Abdulla Eminov

    Dag sedan

    If you ACCIDENTALLY freeze your phone Bruh istg I hate when I freeze my phone inside f water

  98. Athar Wazif

    Athar Wazif

    Dag sedan

    I'm not surprised by the phone.. I'm surprised that the glass to hold the phone didn't shatter

  99. Jaden Bumpus

    Jaden Bumpus

    Dag sedan

    Achievement unlocked: Single

  100. •Artkittiesworld•


    Dag sedan

    Next you should try microwaving both 😃