The TRUTH About Gabbie Hanna & “Escape The Night”


  1. Dontforgetmilk


    12 minuter sedan

    I love when the gays say "baby girl" LMFAO it's such a threat i love it

  2. MishTheDon


    53 minuter sedan

    She thinks she’s fkn Mariah Carey like girl sit down 🪑

  3. Chloe Oates

    Chloe Oates

    Timme sedan

    "theres a cream for that" Best. Response. Ever

  4. SMorbid


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    whats weird to me is all she wants to refer to is the food. here assistant couldnt get her anything lol like isnt that part of there job title? she needs to grow up and stop trying to redirect things to others to make her not look as bad as she does...

  5. Ashly Hampton

    Ashly Hampton

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    There was like a *WHOLE* concession stand in every room! You are literally the *BEST* to absolutely everyone on and off set!🥰 You really did go above and beyond for everyone! breaking your back to make sure everyone is comfortable, happy, having a good time and healthy!💕 My heart breaks to see someone putting in their all, nurturing and providing and then someone like Gabbie being her spoiled self, take advantage of that💔❤️‍🩹 Gabbie is wayyy too messy and highly ungrateful, she’s lucky she even got to be invited to be apart of the show. She put you through a lot, making you feel like you’re not doing anything💯 Much love and respect to you🥰 You handle the whole situation with so much class and compassion💜✨

  6. SMorbid


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    that trailer is nicer then my own house grateful people.

  7. Ana Sanchez

    Ana Sanchez

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    Everytime she lies her nose gets bigger

  8. Bye


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    Does this man have onlyfans?

    • Mister Preda

      Mister Preda

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      Hahaha no

  9. Debbie Henderson

    Debbie Henderson

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    I don’t understand why anyone still gives gabbie the time of day. She’s just drama

  10. Teleisha


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    as a actress in training id be fucking humiliated if i acted like this

    • Mister Preda

      Mister Preda

      2 timmar sedan

      Thanks I wasn’t trying

  11. slimkt


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    “I have gone above and beyond and I have sat there for hours!” Lmao, I wish I could get paid thousands of dollars to sit around on my ass. Everyone was basically bending over backwards to accommodate her, yet she had the audacity to talk down to Daniel like he’s the gum on her shoe the second he showed any kind of pushback. She needs to take a massive step back and check her privilege. That trailer was loaded with more and better quality food than I ever had growing up. And the sad reality is we all know damn well that was and is still a shitload of peoples’ lot in life. She has fully rocketed off the entitlement scale and is hurtling into space.

  12. Sarah The Aquarian

    Sarah The Aquarian

    10 timmar sedan

    I just wanna say Idk you but im proud of you for being such a great person and a mature talented professional person despite having anxiety, depression, and adhd! I have lots of issues like that as well but not doing so great and its enlightening to see a person actually successful in life because i feel like i never will be but i see its possible!

  13. Peach Tea

    Peach Tea

    10 timmar sedan

    i literally dont get it. All of this would have been solved if she just brought her own food or had an assistant buy it or doordash it. i am someone who has a lot of food aversions to the point where i know if there is going to be a certain food, it will make me extremely irritable and i physically cannot bring myself to eat it, so i always make sure that if im hanging out with somebody, we go somewhere where i know there will be food i like. when i was younger birthday parties were always hard bc there are certain foods such as cheese, tomato, and others where if its even on my PLATE i cannot eat the food. If that happens, then i just eat sides or dessert and eat more when i get home if i need to. In this case where its an all-day event, i would just pack my own lunch and put it in the fridge

  14. Sarah The Aquarian

    Sarah The Aquarian

    10 timmar sedan

    "i get dressed in 5 tf"... she spoke sooo unprofessionally about everything! she is delusional and needs therapy for real... i hope she gets real help!!! she needs to quit the internet alhtough idk if she could do anything else in her state right now.. no hate. just saying

  15. Torgun Knudsen

    Torgun Knudsen

    11 timmar sedan

    I’m not excusing anyone’s behavior, but like why are we all so invested in these types of situations that don’t involve us at all because it’s quite frankly none of our goddamn business. I think this is just something they need to work out themselves. Am I wrong to think like this?

  16. TheLastSane1


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    I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into this project. I really enjoyed Escape the Night and I could tell from the first episode that this was probably really hard to get everything together and running. So thank you so much.

  17. Tarn Coleman

    Tarn Coleman

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    You can see the pride and love in your face when you talk about your work you have a full life karma already has her

  18. Tarn Coleman

    Tarn Coleman

    14 timmar sedan

    There is a reason a woman has no friends my response to women like that RUN

  19. Tarn Coleman

    Tarn Coleman

    14 timmar sedan

    I’m so sorry this happened to you this is narcissistic behaviour your a great man and a fantastic friend please let it go you are great at your job truly a work of art creating masterpieces l have just cancelled my subscription to Gabby Hanna and subbed to you so on behalf of everyone on that set and all you do thank you 🙏 you are a true earth angel 😇

  20. Jae Liew

    Jae Liew

    16 timmar sedan

    ... As someone who works on an actual set in an Asian country, you guys in America treat your talents like royalty. Seriously.

  21. Desi Thompson

    Desi Thompson

    16 timmar sedan

    I legit don't want to give her even 1 more view by watching but I just might because now I'm curious. She's ungrategul.

  22. Tooth


    16 timmar sedan

    something kinda funny is how Gabbie always turns off her comments when both joey AND you left them on because y'all know your innocent and she's been trying to bullshit her way into being the victim.

    • Mister Preda

      Mister Preda

      16 timmar sedan

      nothing to lose here, just stating the facts. thank youuuuu 👯‍♂️

  23. Венцислав Павлов

    Венцислав Павлов

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    11:18 is that the reason why Justine died so early?

  24. Noe278


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    Oh my GOD. Who does she think she is?! Come on! That's pathetic... She should really work though her stuff in a therapy.

  25. Tomisha Moore

    Tomisha Moore

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    You did a great job. I am sorry you had to deal with HER. She is twisted in everything she does you see it in her music.

  26. Hessel Reinigert

    Hessel Reinigert

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    Do you want to be in a season of Escape the night bc i really want that you are in one.

  27. Chloe Honey

    Chloe Honey

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    Hope gabby doesn’t get hired for other things

  28. Hungry Egg

    Hungry Egg

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    41:15 “also there’s a cream for that 😐” LMAO

  29. Dead before U

    Dead before U

    22 timmar sedan

    I can't get over how rude she is, it makes me so angry!! "I have- *I* have gone above and beyond." Like- ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT MA'AM?!

  30. Chloe Honey

    Chloe Honey

    22 timmar sedan

    I love the escape the night series!!! I had no idea this drama was happening during filming and so long afterwards. You and Joey are great professionals, thank you for being such great role models

  31. James Chaypramouk

    James Chaypramouk

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    Damn Daniel! I see you in the thumbnail repping Derek Zoolander Magnum look. *snap* Model.

  32. Hyper-Glytch


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    Gabbie Hanna is a certified narcissist. All of these people have to work extra hard because she will fabricate information to feed her ego and delusion of what 'her truth is'. I am so sorry, for all of this. I just want to give you all a hug...

  33. Angela Santana

    Angela Santana

    Dag sedan

    I honestly don’t know any of you guys, I’m just a random person who likes to watch SE-one stuff, and today I came across of this video and I went and watch the Gaby girl’s video, and by a person who’s never watched any of y’all, I will pick this video as I felt it was legit and since, and I saw the facts. I liked your explanation, and I like it the way you presented the facts, and I saw how professional you handled the whole situation with the Gaby chick… I’m intrastate about that show, I have never watched it, I think I’m gonna give it a try just to see thru the show and think about you, because I legit feel like you put your heart in it. Greetings from Houston form a random girl that came across your video 07/26

  34. Jny Moo

    Jny Moo

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    I have never seen ETN or know about this drama but I sat through the entire video and am now subscribed

  35. Anon Omus

    Anon Omus

    Dag sedan

    Finally got to watch this all the way through. I thought of this as I was watching: back in 2018, when I was still a fan of hers, the synagogue shooting in Pittsburg took place. I am Jewish. I remembered feeling a little upset when Gabbie- a *Pennsylvania native* - didn’t even acknowledge this tragedy, even though it was all over the news. But at the time, I wrote it off as me being oversensitive. Turns out, based on this story and all the comments from other creators supporting Daniel in this… my gut instinct may have been right back in 2018. She just isn’t a nice person.

  36. Stacey Bride

    Stacey Bride

    Dag sedan

    You seem so lovely. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

  37. kumo


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    "can't eat dairy" Asks for blue cheese in salad

  38. Lily Sharon

    Lily Sharon

    Dag sedan

    broooo im 13 and i have been on set one time and i was WAY and i mean WAY more professional than her and kind to the crew and they were amazing to me

  39. Carrie Peaston

    Carrie Peaston

    Dag sedan

    You were an amazing caveman in S4 you need a round of applause - clap clap -

  40. Sofi Schellhorn

    Sofi Schellhorn

    Dag sedan

    I have adhd and I’m 11 and still I don’t make stupid drama 🎭

  41. Eileen Carrasco

    Eileen Carrasco

    Dag sedan

    I honestly would have been just above the moon to have been picked as a cast member everything provided there was luxury in my opinion and the fact that you and Joey took money out of your own pockets to make everyone comfortable. I really don’t see why someone would be so egocentric with such an amazing opportunity being handed to her. Pathological liars are a whole chaotic mess

  42. Eileen Carrasco

    Eileen Carrasco

    Dag sedan

    I just know she didn’t expect you to have all these receipts on hand from years ago lmaooo she really set herself up to look like a fool but hey at least now everyone know 😌

  43. lavender kismet

    lavender kismet

    Dag sedan

    I can only imagine how infuriating the complaining about having to wait on set for her time to film and the like was. I'm part of tech crew for my high school plays, I've been a backstage runner before. I'm not even an actor but I still know the drill. Everyone does. Running scenes again and again or just being in the right place before you have to be on stage is tough, long work. And yeah, there are rough days that suck, there is drama, but at the end of the day we're just happy to be there and create. It's definitely different than something that's being filmed, but the fact that a bunch of high schoolers are more professional than a grown woman is embarrassing.

  44. Danika Rana

    Danika Rana

    Dag sedan

    She is such a dramatic drama queen lol

  45. ViVi


    Dag sedan

    wait i have a question, was this video made before or after trisha came out as non-binary? i just was a little confused since daniel referred to them as a she. no hard feelings im just wanting to make sure

  46. Baby Atlas

    Baby Atlas

    Dag sedan

    Your handling it like and adult and I respect that

  47. ViVi


    Dag sedan

    honestly at this point im surprised adhd is the only thing gabbie has

    • Flux Misdemeanor

      Flux Misdemeanor

      22 timmar sedan

      She’s a narcissist. Like text book.

  48. Storm Lee

    Storm Lee

    Dag sedan

    Wait.... Gabby LIED??? What else is new

  49. Annie Pallo

    Annie Pallo

    Dag sedan

    Oh Daniel I’m so sorry she’s so terrible! I’m new here and it’s great to see how you feel! I’m so sorry you went through all this! Hopefully next time (if there is one) will be better! Especially without her!

  50. kaylyn Braga

    kaylyn Braga

    Dag sedan

    I would've been like. Plz send me those pics immediately so I can talk with wardrobe to find out what happened with the prop rope. Like omg she's such an exxagerator and a martyr. No one will hire her after this.

  51. Mr.Something


    Dag sedan

    She clearly has a lot of issues she needs to work through and I think she needs to take a moment and work on herself. Also that set was amazing. Incredible job dealing with someone who shouldn’t have had to be dealt with.

  52. AceOrange


    Dag sedan

    when she cussed at a girl is when i absolutely fully lost ALL hope for her, the stuff before that is absolutely awful as well, but this just crossed the line

  53. Sharon Hamilton

    Sharon Hamilton

    Dag sedan

    Ya’ll need to grow the F up!!!! This whole drama is bs lies.

    • Briana Garcia

      Briana Garcia

      Dag sedan

      He showed a bunch of recites?

  54. Ana Lucia Rodriguez

    Ana Lucia Rodriguez

    2 dagar sedan

    pls dont stop posting videos

  55. Alexander Valentine

    Alexander Valentine

    2 dagar sedan

    Not he can walk in a 6 inch heel

  56. Paige A

    Paige A

    2 dagar sedan

    “I’m never afraid to check a bitch when she’s outta line” somebody make a song outta that 😭

  57. Miss Tinkleton

    Miss Tinkleton

    2 dagar sedan

    Omg you are such a lovely person you shouldn't be treated like that no one should! Wish I could give you a hug *air hug* :)

  58. Stephanie


    2 dagar sedan

    I’m not sure who needs to hear this, so I am posting this on each video regarding gabbie. I am not a fully licensed counselor, but my wisdom comes from years of grad school and seeing clients. If I were her counselor would highly recommend looking into RSD as part of ADHD.

  59. Icecream koala

    Icecream koala

    2 dagar sedan

    Can we talk about how kind he was to everyone on set he for example the trailer full of snacks a drinks that everyone wanted and he didn’t even have to do it that was so kind

  60. Avery Ravenseye

    Avery Ravenseye

    2 dagar sedan

    You need to be given a Saint hood. That's more crazy then Charles Manson on acid to deal with

  61. Alexandra Romito

    Alexandra Romito

    2 dagar sedan

    I have ADHD and my husband EXPECTS me to get things done and scheduled and do literally everything. I do a good job and haven’t failed him yet.

    • paige


      Dag sedan

      I can’t tell if this is being said in a good or bad way but good job!

  62. Marie ARNOUX

    Marie ARNOUX

    2 dagar sedan

    Hey ! Does anyone knows what job Mister Predator is doing exactly ? I find it pretty interesting and would like to do some research on it ! Maybe project manager ? Thank you :)

  63. James Pajimol.

    James Pajimol.

    2 dagar sedan

    crazy cause gabbie an liza were friends

  64. Arina Ira

    Arina Ira

    2 dagar sedan

    My God.. You have a patience of a saint.

  65. Foul-Mouth Farrah

    Foul-Mouth Farrah

    2 dagar sedan

    LOL Your thumbnail picture is 100% completely different than when you speak. You're not attractive when you talk. Can you stay still forever like your pic?

    • Briana Garcia

      Briana Garcia

      Dag sedan

      You’re so insecure to put someone down for the way they speak. I’m not sure what you get from it but it just makes you look really bad

  66. Makenzie Ruddell

    Makenzie Ruddell

    2 dagar sedan

    I’m sorry you and everyone had to deal with her

  67. Ash Tyagi

    Ash Tyagi

    2 dagar sedan

    Her problem with food seems to not he about the absence of healthy options but the presence of "unhealthy" options. A very important thing in ED recovery is to not dicotomize foods as good or bad. She seems so obsessed with "healthy" foods that she was triggered by the presence of foods she deemed unhealthy and ate them instead of her extremely restrictive diet. Seems to me that she is still very much suffering from an ED and the way she is dealing with it is literally letting it take over her life. I understand the struggle that dealing with ED is but if you're not ready to be around triggering foods, that's YOUR problem and something YOU need to deal with. Your ED us your problem, just like your ADHD. It does not excuse your shitty behavior

  68. moe


    2 dagar sedan

    Hanna: "Please we really want u to be part of the show, we loved you in season 2..." Daniel: "Nobody was begging you girl..." me: yikes

  69. Jupiter Ashbrook

    Jupiter Ashbrook

    2 dagar sedan

    I don't know Daniel's pronouns but they really popped off in this video /pos :)

  70. Olivia Goodman

    Olivia Goodman

    2 dagar sedan

    the fucking drama this woman has brought onto so many people is so unrealistic. when people try their best to help and be kind to you, you don't do this. shes a grown woman and she can't even act like it.

  71. nun ya

    nun ya

    2 dagar sedan

    Yikes she is terrible

  72. Christina


    2 dagar sedan

    Idk who any of these people are or what this is but dang this shit it wild.

  73. Vinn M

    Vinn M

    2 dagar sedan

    Stumbled into this video by accident and my dude, your work ethic is amazing and you are to be SO commended for putting up with all of this. You've done amazing work and I hope the other people in your life recognize that and have praised you appropriately because DAMN.

  74. Katina Tsarnas

    Katina Tsarnas

    2 dagar sedan

    “Also there’s a cream for that…”😂😂

  75. Yael Bolender

    Yael Bolender

    2 dagar sedan

    You made me want to be a part of this production and I am not an actress. I would have loved to have this opportunity given to me when I was younger, or even now, but not as a talent, just to observe what is happening during these waiting times. Very often, the most interesting is in these “in between” moments. I probably would have filmed what is supposed to be boring, but for me, it’s the most interesting. And your food selection! Wow! It’s better than in my home!

  76. arlothedino


    3 dagar sedan

    That voice note sounded so high and mighty when you were literally going with barely any breaks. I am so sorry she put you through that. You don't deserve that disrespect at all.

  77. Alice Laubach

    Alice Laubach

    3 dagar sedan

    If this makes you feel a little bit better, i would of eaten your salad

  78. maplescove


    3 dagar sedan

    "also theres a cream for that 😐" THE SHADE LMAOOO

  79. Toasty Boi

    Toasty Boi

    3 dagar sedan

    the fact that she was complaining sm abt it annoys me sm my dad works in the film industry and last year he was away for 4 months on a film where he missed two of his kids birthdays and spent christmas sitting in a hotel room he wasnt allowed to leave because of covid and shes crying that she got to sit on her ass all day and get payed for just being there

  80. LizzieShiro


    3 dagar sedan

    “Even I can walk in a six inch heel sweetheart” I have failed as a woman, since I cannot do that.

  81. Nirvana🍀


    3 dagar sedan

    next time dont get youtubers like gabbie and tana. specially gabbie ,she should not ever be seen on shows or series again anymore. she's so lazy, feeling superior and delusional 🤧🙄🥱

  82. Nirvana🍀


    3 dagar sedan

    sheesh imagine getting in a very organized set... btw if i were there I'd just request for barbeque with crab sauce, brownies, any flavored juice and bunch of more rice

  83. Leslie Valentin

    Leslie Valentin

    3 dagar sedan

    The amount of privilege from Gabbie is astounding. Having an eating disorder isn’t an excuse to be an asshole. Most people have to pack a lunch for work and don’t complain if their office buys everyone pizza for lunch. Don’t like it? Don’t eat it and pack your meals like everyone else! Her true colors have shown and I really hope this is the end of her career. I would have been so happy for the opportunity to be on a show like escape the night.

  84. VEE Becerra

    VEE Becerra

    3 dagar sedan


  85. VEE Becerra

    VEE Becerra

    3 dagar sedan


  86. Marialu


    3 dagar sedan

    if she went back to have a normal job, she wouldn't survive a day

  87. Tony Orbeta

    Tony Orbeta

    3 dagar sedan

    Maybe you did not give her Mercedes. She would love that baby.

  88. MandVersusNature


    3 dagar sedan

    I so wish I’d gotten this kind of an experience, doing that as a job, and she literally treated it like that. It’s mind blowing.

  89. Kayla Hall

    Kayla Hall

    3 dagar sedan

    I had came across Gabby’s video first and what’s scary is she is hella convincing if you haven’t seen this video and Joey’s. She completely leaves out things and only mentions things that benefit her. Like jeez how long has she practiced manipulating people 😳

  90. Nicole Weekley

    Nicole Weekley

    3 dagar sedan

    i have an actual foot deformity that can cause excruciating pain when i wear heels that are too high (i’m taking anything over mostly 4 inches) i have been in theater for years and every year i wear costume shoes, which are kitten heels made for walking (and dancing) on a stage. i have never once been uncomfortable in those heels unless it was during a dress rehearsal where we would do 3 different run throughs. constant standing, walking, and dancing. the fact that she wants to throw a fit over the shoes, something that can easily be fixed, is absolutely ridiculous.

  91. PurpleZombie


    3 dagar sedan

    "I'd LOVE to send you pictures of-" You'd **LOVE** too, but you probably can't because they don't exist

  92. sobiesky Jimenez

    sobiesky Jimenez

    3 dagar sedan

    JESUS I know you love me , please give me the opportunity to love you back. 🔰💜🚿🔭

  93. Elizabeth DeMaster

    Elizabeth DeMaster

    3 dagar sedan

    Amazing video love your videos you are amazing talented you tuber I love watching your videos they are amazing and enjoyable to watch 😉😊

  94. reywolf74


    3 dagar sedan

    Didn’t know of u before this drama but I must say that u sir are a bad ass. Keep working hard, ur amazing

  95. L Bo

    L Bo

    3 dagar sedan

    Did you say 30k or 3k for the trailer? I hope you said 3k! Also I don't even need to speak on her.. you've said it all. Honestly I sorta felt she was picked on but... yea she's evil. Did she not think anyone would defend themselves against her "series????

  96. Jia Pia

    Jia Pia

    3 dagar sedan

    From Mayo Clinic (does this sound like anyone we know?) Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and the severity of symptoms vary. People with the disorder can: Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it Exaggerate achievements and talents Be preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate Believe they are superior and can only associate with equally special people Monopolize conversations and belittle or look down on people they perceive as inferior Expect special favors and unquestioning compliance with their expectations Take advantage of others to get what they want Have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others Be envious of others and believe others envy them Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner, coming across as conceited, boastful and pretentious Insist on having the best of everything - for instance, the best car or office At the same time, people with narcissistic personality disorder have trouble handling anything they perceive as criticism, and they can: Become impatient or angry when they don't receive special treatment Have significant interpersonal problems and easily feel slighted React with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make themselves appear superior Have difficulty regulating emotions and behavior Experience major problems dealing with stress and adapting to change Feel depressed and moody because they fall short of perfection Have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation Hmm...I wonder...

  97. Erin Connors

    Erin Connors

    3 dagar sedan

    Yeah I lashed out on a supervisor this past week in a joking way and then even retracted and apologized because of my joking behavior that could be taken wrongly by some....despite my ptsd and problems with arguing with men, I can still semi apologize despite me being rightfully frustrated. Yes it was an OSHA violation and it was 90 in the lab and I had a right to call the person an idiot who wanted to harm our health more just for production, but I still retracted and apologize when I knew I expressed my joking frustration to the wrong person.

  98. Patrick Zhou

    Patrick Zhou

    3 dagar sedan

    She literally sounds like a grown up child.

  99. Julio Hernandez

    Julio Hernandez

    3 dagar sedan

    Omg not even celebrities get that treatment , wish Daniel was my boss ,lol

  100. Bird Soldier

    Bird Soldier

    3 dagar sedan

    Lol the thumbnail photoshop work is insane Like, why?