I Built a Catio Adventure Playround For My Cats. Ralph & Bella really want to go outdoors, so I built them a giant Catio (cat-patio) to do so safely! There's a climbing wall, several cat bridges and platforms, and even a bubble dome for them to sleep in. Watch them explore their Jungle Gym for the first time!

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  1. Half-Asleep Chris

    Half-Asleep Chris

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    FAQs: Why does Bella wear a donut? It's a soft alternative to a normal cone. She has some sensitive skin and keeps over-grooming, but hates wearing a normal cone. She doesn't at all mind wearing the donut, it stops her over-grooming, and she looks incredibly stylish Why didn't you use clear roofing? Ralph is incredibly fluffy and overheats super easily - clear roofing would just act like a greenhouse and make him hotter You weren't allowed to drill into the house but were allowed to cement posts in?!?! Yup. The posts can be easily dug out at the holes refilled when we move out, leaving no trace, whereas holes in brickwork can't be simply filled. Ralph can climb a vertical post, so why did you make the climbing wall less steep? For Bella - she's getting old and is less capable than Ralph Is your screwdriver ok? ...

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      @ITSgaLYXI same, but its cute.

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      So many words

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      Roblox and RFS Pro Guy

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      And Ralph

    • Roblox and RFS Pro Guy

      Roblox and RFS Pro Guy

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      Bella looks adorable

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    come on the response is not really 50-50, you just want to build a catio, understandable with them being so cute

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    Business Man

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    Once someone left a whole loaf of bread with poison on. They did it another time. The first time someone’s pet got sick from it. Second time it just got picked up.

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    Im not british but i know what this weather is because it is the same here ! What a Luck ! I am allergic to cat but love them ! But there is your videos to cheer me !

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    i wish Australian weather was like the UK's weather.

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    i like how he makes the drill noises match the music

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    Don’t ask anyone but has anyone seen the “dude, back off” clip? Not from him but the guy in that clip sounds like him.

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    Be kind to your screwdriver - drill a pilot hole.

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    If you ever have kids I feel like you would be the coolest parents ever lol

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    Excellent job mate! Your cat's will certainly enjoy hours of outdoor adventure safe and sound.

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    Is the stamp an actual Half Asleep Chris product?

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    2 tryhards going to touch grass, great content

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    i wonder if the bowl wasn't full clear but had some marbled white stripes if the cat would realize its solid and use it more

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    I love how he used the build footage to make the background music

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    Bella is a cutie they have a donut because she has sensitive skin AWWWWW

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    You have done an amazing job and I know you love your cats dearly and I do not wish to offend you but your cats are desperate to get out of prison into the real world. Cats are designed and built for survival and they love the outside proper - it's their raison d'etre. To smell hunt and chase - that's what they live for.

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    The flag on The sign 0:54 is norway flag i know cus i live there

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    You are the best cat owner

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    You are very funny

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    That soil looks amazing.

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    ''How cool is this I can't wait for Ralph and Bella to never use it.''

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    I thought u were tommyinnit because of your voice, and when i said the drill was struggling that part made me laugh

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    Our family used to have one

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    oh that rain weather i came along up here in sweden and it was horrible

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    you should wined some scratching twine on the plank between the circular platform and corner platform, less likely to scratch home furniture up if you have ever had a problem with that.

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    We have a alternative for a cone but it’s a avacado

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    how did ralphs brother die

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    Where did you get your bubble dome?

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    We used a clear roofing so don’t lose any light 💡 love the climbing wall idea 👍🏻

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    If you only Have one cat in 2022then get more cats and make another Golden gate bridge and other things that you built in the past at you destroyed. And also make graves for your cats two of them died of your four cats I don’t know if that made sense and also this is a long comment

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    Him:and they will kill bird populations Me after my cat killed my bird best friend:don’t you ever go kill another bird!! Her now:*sees bird* ignores

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    This whole video is pure goals!! Cat dadio included!

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    Why you keep changing the name of the video??

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    Half asleep Chris I have black cat like tom he like tom he's long like time but my cat name is red and another cat but he's a kitten his name is Garfield and he looks like reggie

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    Bella is the cat wiht munk So its the cat munk

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    . The title keeps changing. And the Catio text has been removed.

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    Same! My cat, Emma is an indoor cat and likes watching the patio near the sliding glass door. She hasn't ever gone outside but had once been in our garage. She isn't very playful though as I thought.

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    5:05 : me when my mom sends me to my room just because of moving a kool aid bottle

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    What do u expect it UK RAIN IS ALLWAYS HERE

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    Cats are the best

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    Most wholsome man on SE-one

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    Oh yes, i did this. But i have an football feild (American football not Uk football) And i own it. Bought a dhed put in Ac and heat. Playstuff and auto feeder abd water it takes a whole bag with micro chip. Thats their home. Then they have a 400 SF area thoes 4 damm cats are spoiled...

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    I have a tuxedo cat

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    My neighbors converted a dog kennel into a catio for some cats someone abandoned. The hardest part was to make it escape proof, because if there was the smallest gap, a cat would find it and run free for a day, discovering that there was little food outside (or at least they had to work to hunt for food). For mine, I had a cat door installed in the back door and called it a day.

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    Redley Gaming

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    I remember when Chris called it a Catio

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    I’ve had some outdoor cats but they all died a year later after we got them from a car so we always have mine indoors. Edit: So we have a catio

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    2:27 Friend: Whats you favorite type of music? Me: Building Friend: Wait, wha- Me: BUILDING



    2 dagar sedan

    5:00 why did it say dilarious laughing

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    2:40 haha joke

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    My cat is a outdoor cat and always coms back for food sleep and just to snuggle P.s I live in U.S.A and cat can see in the dark so yo could have covered the hole cat-eo

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    Why u change the titile?

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    people: “don’t put your cats outside it’s irresponsible” my cat: “pees when inside and despises indoors”

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    The cats this is a play ground cedar point hybrid mix

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    I love the dome

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    “And I hit my thumb about 432 times” Oddly specific but ok

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    I have a remake to your theme song, here we go (By the way "Pussy" is a swear word in the USA so it won't be mentioned here) Ralph and Tom, their my favorite little kitty-cats. Bella and Reggie are part of this, too. Tom is gone, and Reggie as well, but don't you worry. Ralph and Tom their my favorite little kitty-cats. Bella and Reggie are part of this, too. I really hope you guys really like this remake! We recommend that you subscribe to this channel, we all like your monthly videos. This has been a pretty long few part song. Hope you a very good time of day, we all love the content that you make. Like, subscribe, share and turn on that bell. This is the end of the song hope you liked it. Goodbye now we hope to see you soon!

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    Ralph and Bella are super adorable!!!

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    Why did you change the title catio was so good

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    Can you put your music on iTunes

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    All you need now is a cat flap, so they can go outside as and when they want.

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    It gives me a happy feeling inside watching your videos purely because of how much you love your cats and going to great lengths to make them happy. And you take time out of your own life to make them castles or cat patios. Well done you are 100% my favorite youtuber. RIP Reggie And Tom

  65. Itz_Hazuki :3

    Itz_Hazuki :3

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    I have a recommendation for the jungle gym! 1. Put a blanket on the un-polished wood for it wont be too rough! 2. Get a cat bed and put it in the hole :D

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    Ralph Be Thicc Boi!!!!!!!!

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    Why were you cats like that, have they never seen the light of day?

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    I love the British weather 💕 You’re lucky!

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    You should add a little food area and a slide

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    I am too used to the pure musical version

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    Have you seen Owlkitty?

  73. Its LeeZi

    Its LeeZi

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    at 5:01 "Listen to the noise of this screwdriver" After I heard, this man is torturing Ralph

  74. Its LeeZi

    Its LeeZi

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    Before: I Built A Catio For My Cats After: I Built A JUNGLE GYM For My Cats

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      ya idk either

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    Screwdriver scared

  76. Russify- Minecraft n’ more ☑️

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    guys who noticed the title changing

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    • Russify- Minecraft n’ more ☑️

      Russify- Minecraft n’ more ☑️

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      @Flamez i think he is doing A/B Testing

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      I noticed.

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    I gotta say, I am glad your cats know how to get home. my sister lost her cat when she let it out side one day so I never let my cat Lulu outside. I live in the USA

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    can you please add some carpet?

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    i think it is fair to say your video is amazing! it is relaxing, interesting and inspiring at the same time!

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    I can't wait to see more of your videos keep up the good work

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    I have a question, since you're renting, what happens when you move out? Will you have to take all of that down or will the owner use that as a benefit for the next tenants?

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    Waiit... Wasn't it a Catio? Bc it changed into a jungle gym in the title for me...

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    Screwdriver be like *starts bleeding* AHHhhHhhHhhhhHhhHhhHhHhhHhhhHhhhhhHhhhhhhHhhHhhHhh

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    My cat almost left over the fence but we didn’t let her out she tried to escape but we take care of her

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    You should fill the bowl up with food or water

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    R.i.P. Reggie the cat

  87. Sean Baskett

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    Hey half asleep chris we once had a black cat named star and she died at night because she was on the street and was runnover by a car r.i.p. star stars now in cat heaven

  88. cornel rauch

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    Why douse bella have a dounut on her neck?

    • Devin Clark

      Devin Clark

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      It's a soft alternative to a cone because she has sensitive skin issues

  89. William Kulpa

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    Didnt this video used to be called...i built my cats a catio?

  90. Jayden and Friends Number 1

    Jayden and Friends Number 1

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    You know I just realized Thomas's time-machine and Ralph has his castle the Bella didn't have anything I was suggesting have a bakery you know because she is a loaf of bread

  91. Jayden and Friends Number 1

    Jayden and Friends Number 1

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    Ralph: I see no God up here other than me and Bella

  92. Christina Matzen

    Christina Matzen

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    If I was your landlord I would be grateful for the addition and give you a break on your rent for building it. Leave it when you go!! They obviously allow cats and you could get more rent if your place has a catio like that. I know I would pay more.,

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    Mace Omeara

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    On 2:21 I was eating the same at just then lol

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    Before this was called a catio now you changed it into a cat jungle gym

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    Is this video inspired by the one made by kitten lady 4 months ago I didn't actually watch it I just saw it on the side of the video

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    ITS A CATIO LOL beautiful tho

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    I love how he used the new outro

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    Goodbye title being outside playground or something

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      @ThunderStorm Playz ok

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