Black Myth: Wukong - Official 13 Minutes Gameplay Trailer

Check out this trailer for Black Myth: Wu Kong, a new action adventure RPG based on the Journey to the West mythology!


  1. lin kunjing

    lin kunjing

    13 timmar sedan

    This game what's name in Stream Game adim

  2. viiktor bengtsson

    viiktor bengtsson

    Dag sedan

    If anyone didn't know that Wukong can change into 72 different forms

    • lightheart5


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      The 72 transformations

  3. Chris Cheng

    Chris Cheng

    Dag sedan

    Great game, looking forward to play this game!

  4. F2P Gaming Castle Clash & More!

    F2P Gaming Castle Clash & More!

    2 dagar sedan

    who here also wishes they just make a full movie instead of a game? haha

  5. fannnypie


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    Looks great, but if its difficulty is Dark Souls-like, then nahhhh....

  6. Yug Shah

    Yug Shah

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  7. Sushi Rolls

    Sushi Rolls

    2 dagar sedan

    Only Asians know the theme song.

  8. Roy Hinostroza

    Roy Hinostroza

    3 dagar sedan

    esta impresionante.

  9. Demintha perera

    Demintha perera

    3 dagar sedan

    can we play on pc

  10. paing hein kyaw

    paing hein kyaw

    3 dagar sedan

    Imagine he can change like every enemy he killed..another soulslike game is coming(would be better if the gmaeplay's similar to sekiro)

  11. Dmitriy Figel

    Dmitriy Figel

    3 dagar sedan

    What a computer needs to be for this to work as well? Very similar to Dark Souls 3

  12. monai mr

    monai mr

    3 dagar sedan

    its so cool

  13. AMVkage


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  14. KoRe


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    this looks absolutely insane wow loooking forward to it!

  15. Jayzibbit cropper

    Jayzibbit cropper

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    Yes this defo ain't gonner be like this on release date thats for sure.

  16. Trevias Colton

    Trevias Colton

    5 dagar sedan

    This better be on Xbox to or ima riot

  17. Vli Vli

    Vli Vli

    5 dagar sedan

    Hate this guy in forhonor

  18. Importor


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  19. 愚者


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  20. Sathvik K

    Sathvik K

    5 dagar sedan

    The voice is annoying

  21. starkestal


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    Thought about buying this - Gameplay looks boring. Thanks though.

  22. gino martino

    gino martino

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  23. Alastair Reid Schanche

    Alastair Reid Schanche

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  24. gig ghc

    gig ghc

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  25. cindimomo1


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    想玩 会上xbox嘛?

  26. Revansah Dragunov

    Revansah Dragunov

    7 dagar sedan

    the story from the gameplay looks like before Wukong become the Great Sage equals to Heaven, but the old man at the beginning said that this game story happen after Journey to the West.. maybe this game will have +30hours worth of main story

  27. David Magro

    David Magro

    7 dagar sedan

    'rca madoska. Praticamente un antenato di Goku?

  28. Kostek Redneck

    Kostek Redneck

    8 dagar sedan

    100% pre-render. wery beatyful. hope in final game we'll see same gameplay and graphics

  29. Atik Zaman

    Atik Zaman

    8 dagar sedan

    This might break my pc

  30. Dani Rajput

    Dani Rajput

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  31. Nash B

    Nash B

    8 dagar sedan

    Dark souls meets Ghost of tsuchima meets Devil may cry meets AoT meets Monster Hunter

  32. NakProjek


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    Any possiblity of an english version?

  33. 张锋兄


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  34. Taka DWO

    Taka DWO

    9 dagar sedan

    dynasty warriors on steroids

  35. Mr. Sub

    Mr. Sub

    9 dagar sedan

    Little theory, but we’re either gonna play the six eared macaque or sun wukong who’s fallen off of grace and his place has been taken by the six eared macaque

  36. PFFnutz


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    this is going to be amazing

  37. Shirou the Hero Trace On

    Shirou the Hero Trace On

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  38. Nidow Ezio

    Nidow Ezio

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  39. K. Go

    K. Go

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    I’m here AGAIN after just learning who the Six Eared Macaque is!!!! More HYPEEEEE

  40. gsamalot


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    So we the players are playing as the six ear macaque this whole time?

  41. Nigga


    11 dagar sedan

    It’s a shame we gotta wait a few years but it’s gonna be worth it

  42. francisco saleiro

    francisco saleiro

    11 dagar sedan

    So this is the real Son Goku!

  43. Burning Phoenix

    Burning Phoenix

    11 dagar sedan

    So we can play art portraits now instead of using our monitor, cause this looks like it’s digitally drawn frame to frame

    • Burning Phoenix

      Burning Phoenix

      11 dagar sedan

      Imagine the amounts of buttons there will be for each move

  44. Ryze OTPlayer

    Ryze OTPlayer

    11 dagar sedan

    no one: enemy wukong :

  45. Alex Lee

    Alex Lee

    11 dagar sedan

    Plot twist: The old storyteller at the beginning is Sun Wukong XD

  46. Mohamed Fekhar

    Mohamed Fekhar

    11 dagar sedan

    Playing as a fly is much more entertaining

  47. Faio


    12 dagar sedan

    certamente meu Intel Celeron vai rodar

  48. Marjo.


    12 dagar sedan

    I've never had a PS before, but I'd definitely buy one just for this game

  49. Willi Willyyy

    Willi Willyyy

    12 dagar sedan

    Caesar samurai

  50. Donnie Pinns

    Donnie Pinns

    12 dagar sedan

    Need more Chinese mythology games like this.

  51. Eggy the egg

    Eggy the egg

    12 dagar sedan

    Some people has mistaken it a bit, it's not "the 72 forms he can turn into" but it's "the 72 abilities he can uses". They're like his magic spell, sort of. You actually saw some of them in the video.

  52. A. G.

    A. G.

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  53. Calion Krahn

    Calion Krahn

    13 dagar sedan

    is there going to be an English translation?

    • Anngie Angove

      Anngie Angove

      9 dagar sedan

      Must be

  54. Jacob Ward

    Jacob Ward

    13 dagar sedan

    Can we just talk about the slow walking animation where the player and the boss admired each other before attacking again

    • Thanh Phung

      Thanh Phung

      2 dagar sedan

      Ya that scene is indeed more like a movie than a video game.

    • History Repeat

      History Repeat

      8 dagar sedan

      9:36 perfection

  55. MrCheese


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    This looks like Sekiro but with epic graphics and a big monke

  56. 鏡體貼片周子瑜貼附式ai1500


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  57. Xanyz


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  58. Wat N

    Wat N

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    Which console on this game?

  59. Craysheet


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    Mori Jin...Recoiless...

  60. hejter


    17 dagar sedan

    This demo looks 100% Fake

    • hongqin wang

      hongqin wang

      16 dagar sedan

      it's a ready-made DEMO,100% recorded

  61. Ali davodifar

    Ali davodifar

    18 dagar sedan

    That just spoiled the Journey to west....I was in the middle of reading it.

  62. FBI


    18 dagar sedan

    this isnt coming out til 2023?? uggghhh fine i'll wait

  63. Tanjimized


    18 dagar sedan

    Best game for beast boy shub to play!!!

  64. Akkar_Unbekannt


    18 dagar sedan

    They better have English dub because can’t enjoy game when you don’t understand.

  65. Kumar Limbu

    Kumar Limbu

    18 dagar sedan


  66. Alessandro Antonelli

    Alessandro Antonelli

    18 dagar sedan

    Che figata !! 👍👍👍



    18 dagar sedan

    hopefully this game comes out early in a early year too.



    19 dagar sedan

    china is flexing now

  69. Jakesterpop


    19 dagar sedan

    Can someone plz give a translation on this game?

  70. Ryn Yudiptm

    Ryn Yudiptm

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  71. Wild Games

    Wild Games

    20 dagar sedan

    Feel free to pass by anyone :)

  72. Wild Games

    Wild Games

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    Wow that's Amazing!

  73. Tên rất dài

    Tên rất dài

    20 dagar sedan


  74. J R C

    J R C

    20 dagar sedan


  75. hackey mabel

    hackey mabel

    20 dagar sedan

    This is absolutely not alike Ghost of Tsushima. It's Sekiro

  76. Siawash Aram

    Siawash Aram

    20 dagar sedan


  77. Yudo P.

    Yudo P.

    21 dag sedan

    That Chinese subtitle really not helping with the story.

  78. Viper Dog Media : GAMES

    Viper Dog Media : GAMES

    21 dag sedan

    It's one of those properly realised games ... can't wait to own this !!! Already looking forward to the second game !!! :)

  79. Anonymus X

    Anonymus X

    21 dag sedan


  80. Denny


    21 dag sedan

    so awesome

  81. hotmandead1


    21 dag sedan

    The fighting mechanics

  82. Vigi1antVort3x


    22 dagar sedan


  83. Guny Kain

    Guny Kain

    22 dagar sedan

    Nope, F china and everything that js related to that 3rd world communist country

    • nagi springfield

      nagi springfield

      7 dagar sedan

      cry to ur mum yo lmao

  84. Biku Huidrom-II

    Biku Huidrom-II

    23 dagar sedan

    Is he 6 eared macaque

  85. VănHậu Lê

    VănHậu Lê

    23 dagar sedan

    Like a game of sekiro

  86. Шура Каретный

    Шура Каретный

    23 dagar sedan

    7:27 Не хватило титомэ??! Ты Хуеплёт!!! Оу-лаа!!

  87. BlvckDog


    25 dagar sedan

    forbidden kingdom

  88. Iza Nazir

    Iza Nazir

    25 dagar sedan

    11:46 ok this one took the breath out of me

  89. Blue Lotus

    Blue Lotus

    25 dagar sedan

    Release date India pc 🥺

  90. Bean Bean

    Bean Bean

    26 dagar sedan

    Is this game or Story

  91. krazynam


    26 dagar sedan

    Here is my bank account....

  92. sensoryplays 5305

    sensoryplays 5305

    26 dagar sedan


  93. neyoW #

    neyoW #

    26 dagar sedan

    Dark Souls Monke Edition?

  94. IrgendwieCharmant


    26 dagar sedan

    7:02 that's the bell sound in Sekiro. Senpou temple.

    • Handsome Jack

      Handsome Jack

      14 dagar sedan

      Japanese Buddhism is strongly influenced by Chinese Buddhism

  95. dawei555


    26 dagar sedan


  96. T Jack

    T Jack

    26 dagar sedan

    Writer of this novel must be very proud in heaven, if Chinese exist this story is eternal

  97. Doll bab

    Doll bab

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  98. zhao yaxin

    zhao yaxin

    27 dagar sedan


  99. Toka!


    27 dagar sedan

    Does it come in english tho

  100. Josh H

    Josh H

    27 dagar sedan

    Monkee prime?