British Priest reviews dank Christian memes

Rev. Chris is back, and we have a whole lot of Christian memes collected over the last year for him to review!

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  1. Tiiti


    17 minuter sedan

    As a pastor I approve these memes👍

  2. Ben Arkind

    Ben Arkind

    30 minuter sedan

    Did anyone ever recommend Chris to try checking out Anime bout Jesus and Buddha called; Saint Oniisan? And look at how many reference made in the anime?

  3. bittersweet


    46 minuter sedan

    His church is the only church ill ever go to. Besides that church where our priest asked us to sing the happy birthday song for jesus on christmas. I love that he doesnt take himself so seriously.

  4. Fatty floperators

    Fatty floperators

    54 minuter sedan

    please please have this priest say" You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them. bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness."

  5. mr heehee man

    mr heehee man

    Timme sedan


  6. Sleepy_Kitty


    Timme sedan

    Me, a non-religious person that genuinely enjoys these: "Haha! This priest reacts to memes wholesomely!"

  7. Kat


    Timme sedan

    Rev Chris is the first reverend/pastor/etc etc that I have ever heard say that it’s ok to not be comforted by hearing “it’s all in god’s plan” when you’re feeling like it’s gods plan to roundhouse kick you into oncoming traffic. Anyway, wish I heard this growing up because I’d be able to walk into a church without feeling anxiety and panic even if I don’t believe in any of it

  8. Ethribin


    Timme sedan

    7:28 I... dont fully agree. Theres three options. When pain and suffering comes along, you can either: Blame, which helps noone and hurts others. Surrender, which can bring peace, but helps noone, not even yourself. Or you can take action! Which is hard, and can leade to further suffering. But it can also lead to things getting better. And I believe god wants us to take action. He doesnt do things for us. He guides, just like Chris sais. But we have to take action ourselves. God can show us the path. He will be there for ys when we are broken and cant go along that path. But he wount move us along that path hinself! It is us who have to stand up and take every step along that way. God isnt a ruler. Nor is he a muel. He is a guide. A mentor. We are the ones who take action.

  9. Ethribin


    2 timmar sedan

    2:04 whats the greatest bestseller book in history? Harry Potter? No. The Bible.

  10. Magus Zeal

    Magus Zeal

    2 timmar sedan

    I miss my child....

  11. Aidan Jackson

    Aidan Jackson

    3 timmar sedan

    So for the unfairness in the world Ecclesiastes has a lot to say on that topic.

  12. Shi _Galaxy

    Shi _Galaxy

    3 timmar sedan

    Dont believe in God but I love this channel

  13. Chariot Requiem

    Chariot Requiem

    4 timmar sedan


  14. Cjstar01 Jones

    Cjstar01 Jones

    5 timmar sedan

    I’m quite positive I only watch y’all gif rev Chris

  15. swastik kadu

    swastik kadu

    5 timmar sedan

    5:29 Fun Fact the lady who is speaking is Actually A Hindu

  16. Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney

    Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney

    5 timmar sedan

    2:33... "Skillet" begs your pardon #ChristianRock

  17. Eugene Oh

    Eugene Oh

    6 timmar sedan

    You guys should try reacting to NF if you ever have the chance. Give him a listen!

  18. Party Pascall

    Party Pascall

    7 timmar sedan

    @8:51 it's just full the op shop look. Well, it is in New Zealand Anglican scene at lest

  19. Anonymous Commenter

    Anonymous Commenter

    9 timmar sedan

    "I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it." Psalms 81:10

  20. Anonymous Commenter

    Anonymous Commenter

    9 timmar sedan

    T-rex would sound like a really loud and deep voiced chicken... like "BBRRRRCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW" but in a death metal voice

  21. starsoullove


    10 timmar sedan

    5:01 the panic i felt before i realized that he meant the music genre and not the other thing

  22. Judge Nerd

    Judge Nerd

    11 timmar sedan

    I like a priest that can laugh.

  23. Kookie Lover

    Kookie Lover

    12 timmar sedan

    2:40 Someone doesn't listen to K-LOVE..........

  24. Ky An

    Ky An

    12 timmar sedan

    I do love this guy. He's not as stuck up as I expect many priests, reverends or fathers to be, and he's willing too see the funny side of things like this and has great wisdom. And ready to admit he doesn't have all the answers.

  25. Donna Barr

    Donna Barr

    12 timmar sedan

    Every two-year-Old speaks in tongues.

  26. Nicolle S.Moreira

    Nicolle S.Moreira

    12 timmar sedan

    Me as a pagan watching this: I absolutely love this! Never had so much fun with a priest.

  27. Chase Ashley

    Chase Ashley

    13 timmar sedan

    5:29 okay but that’s just every lesbian

  28. bang turden

    bang turden

    13 timmar sedan

    6:50 atheist moment. he"s suspecting something .... ;-)

  29. Image Loading

    Image Loading

    15 timmar sedan

    Don't you think it would be absolutely lovely if we could see Rev Chris do a video with Upon Friar Review.

  30. Maddie Collins

    Maddie Collins

    16 timmar sedan

    If all priests were like Rev Chris, Christianity would be a much better religion. ❤️

  31. YatzyYoutube


    16 timmar sedan

    When someone admits that they don´t have the answer to everything I just respect them a whole lot more and it gets easier to take what they say into consideration.

  32. Vishnu Sanjay

    Vishnu Sanjay

    16 timmar sedan

    As an atheist I still enjoy dank religious memes. I should also point out that Rev. Chris is the only Christian person I know who has said that he doesn't have answers for the hard questions. And he is the Father of a church. His honesty is truly what I love about the dude. I know people who have said that God inflicted pain and suffering onto people as a test to their devotion(delusions...I know). Love you Chris!

  33. Duck Newton

    Duck Newton

    17 timmar sedan

    I'm not Christian because my local priest was a douche bag because I was born out of wedlock. I think if more priests were like this one, I would have stayed with the church.

  34. Shiroi


    17 timmar sedan

    I would love to see a reaction to Adam's backstory on RoR!!!

  35. I see you with them dry ass lips scrolling

    I see you with them dry ass lips scrolling

    17 timmar sedan

    I wonder if one person prays for like Jesus to save him but the other person prays to marry to kill the other person what happens like do they not interfere does marry get a ruler or does Jesus beat marry these are the questions

  36. Kurachi84


    17 timmar sedan

    As an atheist, i like this video due to great memes, and great way of a Priest to not make it one-sided. This world is filled with one-sided people(always defending even if it's about jokes), so this kind of progress makes me smile. I'm an atheist, but don't lump me in with the group of online atheists who have to make clear they are atheists. I'm just saying it, not trying to make everyone angry... cuz that would be one-sided behaviour, no? I hope i can see this kind of people after death, even if it's just a dream.

  37. Mari Animates

    Mari Animates

    17 timmar sedan

    Ah, I've missed this.

  38. Trollkien Official

    Trollkien Official

    17 timmar sedan

    Me: *is atheist* Me: Ooooh, new dank christian memes video!

  39. ferdinand vergel

    ferdinand vergel

    17 timmar sedan

    i came here after watching four naked men for cleansing my sinned eyes...

  40. Ellis Min

    Ellis Min

    18 timmar sedan

    6:51 that's what non-Christians bring up as a counter all the time. But the thing is, Christianity is not karma. It's not "do good and good things will happen to you". The point of Christianity is completely different.

  41. Flyingturret208: The Cannon

    Flyingturret208: The Cannon

    18 timmar sedan

    The biggest way to tell Satan that you don’t care is not by vibe checking Satan, but *GRAMMAR CHECK B--*

  42. Joanne Boisvert

    Joanne Boisvert

    18 timmar sedan

    Can you review the chosen with this priest I think it would be great!!

  43. Jules Rafael Mag-isa

    Jules Rafael Mag-isa

    19 timmar sedan

    Out of all the dank memes from Jolly, this latest 2021 edition meme video is the funniest thing I can laugh on. *laughs while rolling and tears of joy*

  44. Lex Slate

    Lex Slate

    19 timmar sedan

    Chris seems nice enough. But then you see things like the Catholic church re-routing funds meant to help the survivors of abusive 'schools' where hundreds of children died. I guess I've run out of faith for churches.

  45. Toxic Unicorn

    Toxic Unicorn

    20 timmar sedan


  46. Selena Järv

    Selena Järv

    20 timmar sedan

    damn he kinda hot

  47. Aima Ohi

    Aima Ohi

    21 timme sedan

    youversion is the best bible app hands down!

  48. Woaeh


    21 timme sedan

    I’m not Christian my dear sirs should I watch this?

  49. thirdlynephilim


    22 timmar sedan

    All bad things ultimately work out for good. It is a theory I have tried and come to have faith in.

  50. madlad 69

    madlad 69

    22 timmar sedan

    Why does the thumbnail look like captain price from modern warfare 2019

  51. Allan Tidgwell

    Allan Tidgwell

    Dag sedan

    We've definitely heard dinosaur sounds. All birds are dinosaurs. Also your best bet for how they sounded should be the paleonathe birds such as ostriches or emu

  52. Allan Tidgwell

    Allan Tidgwell

    Dag sedan

    Silent Night was composed in 1816 The first Noel was composed in 1823 O holy night was composed in 1847 Angels we have heard on high was composed in 1862 O little town of Bethlehem was composed in 1868 Away in a manger was composed in 1882 How great thou art was composed in 1885 Jerusalem was written in 1806, but wasn't put to music until 1916 I think I've proven that hymn composing wasn't in decline until fairly modern times when they tried to make it "hip"

  53. Phoebe Almeda-dela Cruz

    Phoebe Almeda-dela Cruz

    Dag sedan

    Christian scat! Genius!

  54. Jeremy Fraser

    Jeremy Fraser

    Dag sedan

    Its been too long, I hope there are many more to come.

  55. Rayne Shield

    Rayne Shield

    Dag sedan

    Me: not watching the screen *hears Rev Chris say "birb"* Me: He knows obscure gen z vocab?! Oh, nevermind, he just doesn't know what the abbreviation means ahaha

  56. Jason Summit

    Jason Summit

    Dag sedan

    One question, what denomination is Rev Chris' church? I'm thinking maybe Lutheran?🤔

  57. TofuTeo


    Dag sedan

    Gotta love Ollie.

  58. cwolf201


    Dag sedan

    So what you need then is for Paul to be in the prison when you're in so when the angel arrives you can leave with him

  59. JayTheGoat


    Dag sedan

    When it comes to life's miseries and low points, I have my own way of looking at it. You cannot have mountains without valleys. If there is no low point in a line, the line will plateau. A straight line void of any highs or lows at all. I feel like the lows in life help us see the mountains ahead of us. Making reaching the summit a much happier feeling. With the example of loosing a child, I remember reading a reddit post by a nurse. She told a story of a couple that kept trying to have a child. The mother kept miscarrying or would have stillbirths. Soon, after so many attempts, the hospital staff began rooting for this couple. Watching their attempts and hoping for success. The nurse said, the day this couple had a successful delivery, the entire staff on that wing was involved. All waiting and hoping for the baby to be successfully delivered. She said there was much cheering and crying among people that were once perfect strangers once the baby was delivered without complications. Without those lows, there couldn't have been that tremendous high. While I'm not advocating for sadness and pain in the world, I think looking at the highs ahead instead of wallowing in the lows makes for a happier life.

  60. victoria ortega

    victoria ortega

    Dag sedan

    I have that app

  61. Voχ


    Dag sedan

    I need a pastor chris in my life. 🥺

  62. Natasha S

    Natasha S

    Dag sedan

    So glad they are back

  63. vilja


    Dag sedan

    this trio brings me so much joy every time

  64. spamuel98


    Dag sedan

    I'm pretty sure our universe is just the equivalent of the baking soda volcano God made back in middle school, that he was proud of once and held onto, but has just been sitting in his attic for the last twenty years, and every time he goes up to get the fine china when hosting dinner for relatives, he glances over and sees it in the corner, and all of the prophets and miracles we got in the meantime was just him fiddling with some old moldy clay and trying to squish it back into place while the whole thing falls apart under its own weight.

  65. omma911


    Dag sedan

    Memes were kinda soft tho. Was expecting more raunchy stuff if you catch my drift. 👨‍👧❤️

  66. Katie May Brown

    Katie May Brown

    Dag sedan

    The bathroom bible verse is kind of like the sign that used to be in our church's nursury. "We shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed."

  67. Joytrap !

    Joytrap !

    Dag sedan

    He's got himself a nice beard

  68. Jo Tremmel

    Jo Tremmel

    Dag sedan

    Ollie was really on it for this one.

  69. Matthew Shaw

    Matthew Shaw

    Dag sedan

    I'd really like to see some meone like Rev Chris and a Buddhist or Muslim equivalent (forgive me for not knowing the correct term) just discuss religion, and their differences and similarities. I may not be a traditionally religious person, but I can appreciate the need in Faith, and I think it would be cool to see people with different approaches to their Faith talk about it

  70. Ollie Jordan

    Ollie Jordan

    Dag sedan

    Finally a video i can actually send to my aunt and uncle the rev and his wife! although my uncle doesn't have the best sense of humor. they are older boomers in fact but lets just say they are strict bible people their female neighbor came by in a storm bcz she'd locked herself out of the house and my uncle wouldn't let her in bcz my aunt wasn't home so he sat outside with her instead lol actually they might not get it at all hahaha

  71. Olivia Mackenzie

    Olivia Mackenzie

    Dag sedan

    Rev Chris: our locker combination is 666 Me off to sneak some eucharist wine 😏 😏 😏

  72. ✨Tenya Iida the Tired Au Maker✨

    ✨Tenya Iida the Tired Au Maker✨

    Dag sedan

    If I ever meet a Priest I'd want to meet Chris

  73. Darth Mortis

    Darth Mortis

    Dag sedan

    Who says God is in control of everything. I'm not Christian, but even I know he is supposed to have given us free will. In that case - it's all up to us and up to us how we perceive things. You could be dirt poor, have 0 things, homeless and feel so blessed by God and be happy. Then you can be loaded with material things and be miserable and blame God for everything. I believe in faith, but I don't believe in laying my responsibilities on anyone else. I am the Captain of my ship, and at the end, if there are things to answer for, I will answer for them. I certainly won't go before God and say - all right then, what was this shit life all about?

    • jhona tee

      jhona tee

      Dag sedan

      wow that's deep. That makes sense. bless you!

  74. Justino Animates

    Justino Animates

    Dag sedan

    Fun fact: The dinossaur sounds in Jurassic Park are turtles fucking and they edited the sound after the turtles were done

  75. malcolm taylor

    malcolm taylor

    Dag sedan

    You know, I’m not the least bit religious partially because I wasn’t raised that way, and partially because if the events of my last teen and early twenties years were someone’s plan I want nothing to do with them, but some of the most meaningful conversations I have had in my life have been with various priests and pastors (I’m not up on the lingo, the wording of that may be wrong).

  76. Andrew Oliver

    Andrew Oliver

    Dag sedan

    For Rev. Chris, Supposedly it's possible that T-Rex sounded like a goose. Or a duck.

  77. Katie O'Gallivan

    Katie O'Gallivan

    Dag sedan

    If it makes Rev. Chris feel better, I am of the age group that made those stupid shorthand's for text, and I also read it as "berb" instead of "be right back." I never catch the shorthand, I always read it as an actual word and then get all confused and then have to ask the person who texted me, what it means because I can't figure it out. I'm not a priest obviously, but I do hold a degree in English and I must have slept through the Texting Shorthand class. 😜

  78. Rain Bousquet

    Rain Bousquet

    Dag sedan

    British Priest reacts to Lucifer tv show please please please 🥺

  79. Heather G

    Heather G

    Dag sedan

    As pastors, we HAVE to be okay with saying I don't know, or I don't have that answer. My youth have asked me some hard, awful questions, and I feel like they appreciate my honesty more than if I'd tried to make up some grandiose answer. It's so painful when you see them hurt, when you want to do so much more to help them, but there is real value is just sitting with them, being there, and letting them know they're not alone. And that "everything happens for a reason" crap is just that: crap. Thanks for the video, guys! Glad to see you all again!

  80. Aidan Vaughan

    Aidan Vaughan

    Dag sedan

    They’re back!

  81. Franklin Johnson

    Franklin Johnson

    Dag sedan

    I came for the dank Christian memes. I left with pastor Chris’s wisdom

  82. Daya McCarthy

    Daya McCarthy

    Dag sedan

    I love how the priest talks about how Jesus is with us in our troubles we just have to surrender not look for who to blame 🤧♥️♥️♥️♥️

  83. Belle Watson

    Belle Watson

    Dag sedan

    I want them to do a podcast where Chris just talks about being Christian and gives advice 🙏 he has so much wisdom

  84. aMazeInRunar


    Dag sedan

    Cool computer at then end =D

  85. Tinna Gigja

    Tinna Gigja

    Dag sedan

    "God sent his son..." That is like when the boss gives his kid a summer job. He was there for five minutes, didn't do much, and always had random friends hanging around. Then he got bored and you never saw him again. But your boss is still talking about what a great worker his kid was and how he'll be coming back to work soon. Any day now. Just wait. In the meantime, YOU do all the work.

    • Tinna Gigja

      Tinna Gigja

      Dag sedan

      @jhona tee I've read the Bible.

    • jhona tee

      jhona tee

      Dag sedan

      @Tinna Gigjacant help but reply to your comments. If only you knew Him then you would understand. He is more that what you see how He is portrayed in the tv. He is not physically present but He lives in each of us if we will accept Him in our lives.

    • jhona tee

      jhona tee

      Dag sedan

      @Tinna Gigja i didn't think it was weird. You have to read it first in order to understand it. I hope you would try to understand it first.

    • Tinna Gigja

      Tinna Gigja

      Dag sedan

      I mean, we have video now. Just have Jesus do a tiktok, is that too much to ask of an omnipotent being with something to say?

    • Tinna Gigja

      Tinna Gigja

      Dag sedan

      @jhona tee Thanks. Don't you think it's a little weird that out of thousands of years of human existence, Jesus was only around for three short decades at a time where accurately recording his very important message was practically impossible?

  86. Anouk Portmann

    Anouk Portmann

    Dag sedan

    Please have Rev Chris react to „Montero (Call me by your name)“ by Lil Nas X, i‘d love to hear what he has to say about it. Or Dax‘s „Dear God“ would interesting as well.

  87. ThatSkeletonGuy


    Dag sedan

    Handsome priest man is back.

  88. CW Diode

    CW Diode

    Dag sedan

    I want them to review the Kirby eucharist thing, that would be fun

  89. Johanna Langner

    Johanna Langner

    Dag sedan

    Somehow Chris appears more adult and somehow more honest to me since I have seen him last time. Corona took it's tall

  90. Antonina Piwko

    Antonina Piwko

    Dag sedan

    OMG Show him the Lucifer serial!

  91. 티카


    Dag sedan

    번역을 해주니까 너무 좋다

  92. Miłka Chromińska

    Miłka Chromińska

    Dag sedan

    Me: *having an okay sort of day* *clicks on Jolly video with the amazing rev Chris* *feels like the whole world has become 100% more brighter ⭐* Thank you Chris, Josh & Ollie for your amazingness!!

  93. Bulwark AC

    Bulwark AC

    2 dagar sedan

    I have come to the conclusion that there is something out there, but they are more of a hands-off kind of diety. Except every now and then something bumps the pinball table of life.

  94. Karl-Erlend Mikalsen

    Karl-Erlend Mikalsen

    2 dagar sedan

    As an atheist this is my favourite christian show x) Even better than Saved by an angel.

  95. Dillon Graham

    Dillon Graham

    2 dagar sedan

    You guys should have him react to Sabaton's The Last Stand

  96. Vincisomething


    2 dagar sedan

    In the "spiritual" (or whatever term people prefer) community, it's referred to as "light language." They're basically different terms for the same thing, but I didn't know that's what "speaking in tongues" meant. There's actually a lot of similarities between spiritual and Christian beliefs, and a lot of people don't find them mutually exclusive to believe/have faith in.

  97. Ozoah Ameg

    Ozoah Ameg

    2 dagar sedan

    note: you do not want to know how they make dino sounds especially the raptors