I made a BETTER Prison than Pandora's Vault on the Dream SMP (inescapable)

►This is a truly inescapable Prison. Poseidon's Vault is a reference to Pandora's Vault on the Dream SMP server, where they built a nearly unescapable prison trap. Keyword: nearly. So i decided to upgrade pandora's Vault so it is absolutely secure and you cant break out of it. THIS is Poseidon's Vault. I just upgraded Pandoras Vault
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00:00 Can you build a truly inescapable prison?
00:51 How does Pandoras Vault function?
01:14 What's inside Pandoras Vault?
01:42 How to escape Pandoras Vault
02:25 How to break out of a prison
03:02 My first design - didn't work
04:00 Poseidons Vault -The inescapable Prison
04:28 How to enter the prison
05:56 The prisoners cell
07:43 The control rooms
09:10 How to build a Keycard Lock in Minecraft
10:03 Extra security measurements
11:09 The visiting process
12:00 Is it really inescapable?
12:35 Outro + Bloopers
►If you would like to see a specific video next, please let me know down in the comment section! I'm also really thankful for all kinds of feedback and support!
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  1. SeenSven


    Månad sedan

    Okay I just want to point a few things out: Escape plans that WONT work: *"You can slip into the bed area by destroying the middle block"* -Yes this is possible, but it doesnt matter. I'd say the chance of slipping in before the wall closes is like 30%. Even if you swim for 4 hours and manage to destroy the middle block, and you get lucky and are able to get to your bed, the guards will be teleported immediately. You will need 4 MINUTES to break your bed, and in this time, the guards will be ALERTED have plenty of time to kill you, which sends you back to your cell. Also, you could easily prevent this by placing cobwebs or something.Yes this is possible, but it doesnt matter. I'd say the chance of slipping in before the wall closes is like 30%. Even if you swim for 4 hours and manage to destroy the middle block, and you get lucky and are able to get to your bed, the guards will be teleported immediately. You will need 4 MINUTES to break your bed, and in this time, the guards will have plenty of time to kill you, which sends you back to your cell. Also, you could easily prevent this by placing cobwebs or something. *"the prisoner can just sleep in the bed you dumdum"* -no he can not since the drowned is always near the bed and thus makes the "monsters are nearby" message appear. *"The prisoner can just enderpearl out of it using an enderpearl stasis chamber"* -no since enderpearls that are midair will despawn once the thrower dies. So of course the prisoner will be killed at least once, once he's inside the cell. *"A few people suggested to break in by force"* -While this would theoretically work with a lot of fully equipped people, the guard could just call for his 15 helpers (it doesnt have to be just 2!) It would be an epic fight, but they would have to get into the prison in the first place, and if they die there ,they will spawn somewhere outside while the guard respawns in his chamber and can equip himself quickly. But every prison, vault or building, will always be conquerable if enough people attack. there is no defense against that. *"The visitor can break the prisoners bed!"* -no he cant, because after being killed by the guard, the visitor will have to stay in this little bedtrap room until the guard can see the mining fatuige particles again. then the visitor would need aprox. 4 minutes to break a bed. the guard will immediately notice that something is off and just kill the visitor, interupting the visiting process. *This prison is pretty inescapable right now, but I know a few steps to make it even more secure, I was just too lazy:* 1) monitor every outer wall with an observer, so you can detect if someone's trying to break in using milk 2) replace all the sea lanterns that completely fill up the prison, with obsidian. I thought about that but didn't do it cause I used a command at the very end to replace every air block in this prison with sea lanterns. Those are the hardest transparent block in Minecraft, and transparent blocks don't cut of vertical redstone lines, but solid blocks like obsidian do. So I was just too lazy to fill it all up with obsidian manually. 3) I made a little mistake in one of the outer obsidian walls, which allowed one guy to enter (he used a wierd glitch I think?). This can easily be fixed, by moving the walls one block farther out, or relocating the keycard mechanism. He managed to break in yes, but it's easily fixable, so the concept of this prison still counts as inescapable to me. 4) making the first room visible to the gaurd to further improve security. rn it could be possible to sneak something inside, even though it is hard (you have to stay in sight of the guard at all times after being killed) *Question : How do i get a schematic of the Prison?* 1. You will first have to download forge for minecraft 1.16 2. Download the Worldedit Forge mod and place it into the mod folder. 3. Once having the Worldedit mod and Forge working. 4. Install the Prison map download, then put it into your save files. 5. Once Loaded up the World in Forge 1.16 (With worldedit) 6. Do //wand Then Use Right/Left click To select a square area for the prison. ( Dont forget to get the redstone under the prison as well ) 7. Do /schematic add (NAME) 8. Then the scematic is saved! 9. To get to the schematic you would go to %appdata%>.minecraft>config>Worldedit>schematics Then download/drag the schematic! Thanks for reading, and all the support. If you found this interesting, please share this video, make this *go to the top!!!!*

    • Maxwell Fung

      Maxwell Fung

      17 dagar sedan

      A Few Flaws: 1) Water on obsidian or lava on obsidian is not wither proof, making it relatively easy to spawn a handful of withers and heavily grief the prison, which would quickly let the prisoner out. Nothing is witherproof, and layers don't really do much 2) Since guardians only activate mining fatigue every 1 minute, by drinking milk the intruder would have 1 minute to mine as many blocks as they please, destroying any redstone components or killing the guardians, or just straight up mining into the main cell and letting the prisoner out. 3) This is a little out there, but you could theoretically position a nether portal perfectly in the locker area(which is quite open) and enter there. Then you can use chorus fruit or mine with milk into the cell. 4) Whenever you die you will have a short period of time without mining fatigue. Suffocate yourself in the walls then break the cobble block and bed. *Not trying to hate I just don't see how it is inescapable. You could do a few things in order to solve these problems: 1) It's not possible to truly wither proof, but you could use 8 thick water bubble columns to make it take long enough for a guard to notice. But the current prison can easy be drilled into by withers in a good 30 minutes. 2) The milk issue is a much harder task to fix. Since guardian clocks are specific to elder guardians, you could unload 30 elder guardians each 2 seconds apart in order to make it so each clock activates every 2 seconds(the time it takes to mine obsidian with maxed gear). To do this, you would have 30 elder guardians lined up in the nether on a railway. You would keep the stored guardians 50 blocks away from the player(the guardian radius). Then what you would do is every time you got the effect, you would send the guardian +2 seconds from what you were on the last. That's kinda confusing but you would send the guardians XX:00 => XX:02 ==> XX:04, etc from the point that you get the effect. This ensures that mining is near-impossible. Now mining through these layers would take a few days and a guard would probably notice. 3) Make the locker area shorter so you can't spawn 4) The cobble walls are overkill and aren't really practical. Just use obsidian and the water and it would take 4 days to mine one block, way enough time for a guard to notice.

    • fullafuf


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    • Saif Sheikh

      Saif Sheikh

      29 dagar sedan

      ok time to become the 500th reply and stop replys on this comment lol

    • Brendan Yuki

      Brendan Yuki

      Månad sedan


    • TGAC mapper

      TGAC mapper

      Månad sedan


  2. DRIP Jigen

    DRIP Jigen

    7 minuter sedan

    0:09 wasn't this that one prison from MrBeast gaming's video?

  3. Camilo Egger

    Camilo Egger

    39 minuter sedan

    Ik how to break out 1. U get a visitor 2. u start breaking a cobble stone block and when ur almost at 4 hours ur friend starts the checking process. 3. Once ur friend is on the flying lava bridge thingy u break the block 4. Guards get teleported to the cell and ur friend is in the prison with no guard around 5. Ur friend does some stuff to break u out :)

  4. Shamik Shah

    Shamik Shah

    4 timmar sedan

    Here’s the one big problem - if a visitor is visiting and the prisoner kills them, then the visitor is also stuck in there forever (the stasis pearl despawns). What then?



    4 timmar sedan

    new vault Cerberus domain

  6. Carl_the_Crab


    9 timmar sedan

    You could just spend 4 years of your life breaking through the wall

  7. Yazen Swenia

    Yazen Swenia

    12 timmar sedan

    Well nothing is stronger than bed trapping

  8. LBR F1

    LBR F1

    14 timmar sedan

    SeenSven: does the most inescapable prison yet made. Me: “Dang it that’s a nice design there”

  9. dot doot

    dot doot

    14 timmar sedan

    What if the vault was just made at world spawn?

  10. Zombie 1005050

    Zombie 1005050

    14 timmar sedan

    I saw this and I had to subscribe because I just had to this is awesome make another prison or something

  11. Zombie 1005050

    Zombie 1005050

    14 timmar sedan

    ANNNND you can build it in survival so that is amazing!

  12. PieSquared


    16 timmar sedan

    Something your wrong about: Liking and subscribing only takes 0.829 seconds

  13. Dumbass Kyle

    Dumbass Kyle

    18 timmar sedan

    That is badass

  14. Carters lil channel

    Carters lil channel

    19 timmar sedan

    What version of mc

  15. Melissa Wilson

    Melissa Wilson

    20 timmar sedan

    What's the seed?

  16. Ali Zaidan Thamyeez

    Ali Zaidan Thamyeez

    23 timmar sedan

    You have thought of everything when you were making this...

  17. F. Gawel

    F. Gawel

    23 timmar sedan

    The first video I have seen of you and instant subscribed. NICE WORK!

  18. Dijital


    Dag sedan

    Is there anywhere I can get the download without going through adfly?

  19. PRAK


    Dag sedan

    How about, adding soul sand at the bottom of the sell so the prisoner keeps floating in the water in the sell, floating in water increases the time of block breaking and the bed will also be at the bottom of the cell so the prisoner can't break any blocks near the bed, secretly getting blocks in might work but when the guards are keep looking on the prisoner, the prisoner might not be able to escape This idea might have some flaws so idk, tell me the flaws in the replies btw

  20. Cyrus Malvecino

    Cyrus Malvecino

    Dag sedan

    Me how to get out of prison: delete's world

  21. Cazuok


    Dag sedan

    A guard should be on the same rooms as the ward and keep an eye on them, in case they snesck some stuff in and drops them between kill checks

  22. Eric Farren

    Eric Farren

    Dag sedan

    I have a suggestion can you make Athena's vault?

  23. Noah The Perfect

    Noah The Perfect

    Dag sedan

    I am going to say it if I get put in that prison i most likely deserve it

  24. Shand ThePotato

    Shand ThePotato

    Dag sedan

    Why not make the cell Netherite blocks? Same goes for hades

  25. ThatNoobPlayer


    Dag sedan

    Can the visitor break the prisoners bed?

  26. Wave Stricker

    Wave Stricker

    Dag sedan

    MythrodakTV escaped

  27. Alexander Young

    Alexander Young

    Dag sedan

    you can break in you just need 30000000000000 tnt flying machines that will blow up the entire place and sponges to remove the water and buckets to put the lava in a 1 by 1 hole and a army to help if you have 100 friends that play minecraft you can have them help you and you can have a beacon you can free your friend by giving them haste 2 also if you have some sand flying machines you can clear out the water with those

  28. lazyatbeinglazy games

    lazyatbeinglazy games

    Dag sedan


  29. Debug Myth

    Debug Myth

    Dag sedan

    got ur secret m8 u called prison posedion bc latest film of pirates of caribean atm: dead men tell no tales there was a place at the end where karena (actress) and jack sparrow ( also actor) found trident and thats reason why u named prison posedion and why u have big gold blocks trident. sorry for bad grammar

  30. Aron Tilborghs

    Aron Tilborghs

    Dag sedan

    I think you can escape by insane timing, you can sleep in the bed when a visitor is coming and he put the drowned away. this is very unlikely but it IS possible to escape right?

  31. Gallatopia08


    Dag sedan

    We need a guide for the guards

  32. Michele Leccese

    Michele Leccese

    Dag sedan

    I know one way to escape, from the water place, without a friend

  33. Anıl Kurul

    Anıl Kurul

    Dag sedan

    it is easy to escape: 1 : take a lot of opsidians 2 : place the opsidians to where the guards teleport with ender pearl floating thing Guards will drown and u can get the keycard and broke the cobble stone generators and make the prisoner escape



    2 dagar sedan

    To escape



    2 dagar sedan

    Its easy

  36. 21_ noob

    21_ noob

    2 dagar sedan

    Just sneaking would be hard but it's not impossible like you wouldn't know if they already had the prisoner had a stasis chamber so you make a stasis chamber so when they escape they get teleported to it so then the guard can kill them and they would have to respond again that's the only thing I would change

  37. Henny Ernie Gumerung

    Henny Ernie Gumerung

    2 dagar sedan

    Dreams face looks sad in the thumbnail lol

  38. Bernardas Tumelis

    Bernardas Tumelis

    2 dagar sedan

    Best prison ive seen

  39. Astre


    2 dagar sedan

    It's a zip world how to install it

  40. Astre


    2 dagar sedan

    How to install the map in minecraft

  41. Astre


    2 dagar sedan

    How to install world in minecraft plssssss help meee

  42. ahwat johnson

    ahwat johnson

    2 dagar sedan

    hey Make 2 layer because the prison could break out with item please make two layer that will take 100 second to break two layer you could trigger a lockdown

  43. sandiego fuckingcunt

    sandiego fuckingcunt

    2 dagar sedan

    nothing is truly inescapable, not even a bedrock box.

  44. CassidyCash


    2 dagar sedan

    Get rekt, mythrodak still exist



    2 dagar sedan


  46. •Rania’s World•

    •Rania’s World•

    2 dagar sedan

    Wait- So how do the prisoners not drown? Somebody explain. Im confused

  47. Jarif Zahin

    Jarif Zahin

    2 dagar sedan

    Whats the Backgrounnd music?

  48. Joshua


    2 dagar sedan

    The cobblestone idea seems a lot like Mumbo Jumbo's unbreakable wall

  49. The Frick

    The Frick

    2 dagar sedan

    Step 1. Disconnect Step 2. Get on your pc and open Minecraft

  50. ivypro


    2 dagar sedan

    I was in a hypixel bed wars lobby with you! My ign is Gelant

  51. WickedPictures


    2 dagar sedan

    How to make an inescapable prison 1. Place bedrock 2. Laugh at prisoner

  52. Gamespot Live

    Gamespot Live

    2 dagar sedan

    Mumbo did the cobble idea.

  53. AlphaC0re


    2 dagar sedan

    very cool idea for a video, well executed

  54. Errant Cobra

    Errant Cobra

    2 dagar sedan

    You could pearl to the glass protecting the guard and place a block beneath you

  55. Azurre


    2 dagar sedan

    I'm just curious, why did you censor the name of the player that died from potions at 5:34 ?

  56. Jokubas gamer

    Jokubas gamer

    2 dagar sedan


  57. GyaradosUsedSplash


    2 dagar sedan

    4:09 that prison actually looked dope. (I mean the one he showed before Poseidons Vault)

  58. Dr_doom12


    2 dagar sedan

    you could use a status chamber right?

  59. overbetray


    2 dagar sedan

    wait are u dutch?!?!!?

  60. Evan Schrier

    Evan Schrier

    2 dagar sedan

    please make a tutorial on how to make this, i really want to make the outside in my server atleast

  61. TyronicBladeYT


    3 dagar sedan

    Easy flaw you can just bribe a guard or become a guard. Lol

    • SeenSven


      3 dagar sedan

      Nope that is fixed in my new prison, Hades vault

  62. Joseph Noce

    Joseph Noce

    3 dagar sedan

    All that to hold one prisoner

  63. David Bello

    David Bello

    3 dagar sedan

    how do you get the keycard tho EDIT: nvm i found out how

  64. TRimm m-cl

    TRimm m-cl

    3 dagar sedan


  65. BoredWard


    3 dagar sedan

    just cover the floor with pressure plates to detect invisible players

    • •Rania’s World•

      •Rania’s World•

      2 dagar sedan

      Wow. You are smart. Im genuinely impressed. Idk why.

  66. Bronzer_fireEX gaming

    Bronzer_fireEX gaming

    3 dagar sedan

    haha i have commands

  67. Lore


    3 dagar sedan

    5:16 guard:"Now rightclick this bed" me: "*NOU*"

  68. Adrenaline


    3 dagar sedan

    Imagine dream just download a hacked client and escapes

  69. allenthucuber 01

    allenthucuber 01

    3 dagar sedan

    A visiter can just break the bed kill prisoners and let prisoner escape

  70. ThatCyberGhost


    3 dagar sedan

    my prison is better, it’s called bedrock square

  71. dxrk


    3 dagar sedan

    pandoras vault: am i a joke to you??? (srry if i spelled pandoras wrong lmao)

  72. Antonio Abela

    Antonio Abela

    3 dagar sedan


  73. Antonio Abela

    Antonio Abela

    3 dagar sedan

    OMG that’s actually fantastic

  74. YaBoiDart


    3 dagar sedan

    Just place 10 blocks of Bedrock around the Player and it is more secure than any prison.

    • ‘

      3 dagar sedan

      laughs in enderpearl glitch

  75. TheCreatorrr


    3 dagar sedan

    The same process as with the pandora's vault: with the actual visitor comes the prisoner's helper with lots of useful items, milk buckets and invisibility potions now he just needs to remove the bed

  76. Muhammad Haikal

    Muhammad Haikal

    3 dagar sedan

    Bang buat penjara yang lebih ketat dari hades's vault

  77. Electric Gamer

    Electric Gamer

    4 dagar sedan

    A small incomplete idea u can break 1 cobblestone and quickly replace it with chain or lantern and it hotbox will allow you to break the obsidian and u can get obsidian and replace it with another cobble to disable the piston and if guards came you can swim and swim and make them hit each other by mistake 1 will die and u get his gear and can fight back and kill the guardian and break out the prison

  78. Magan Ang

    Magan Ang

    4 dagar sedan

    The obsolete ronald cytopathologically force because sphere collectively name from a hard cast. common, chubby range

  79. no u

    no u

    4 dagar sedan

    Well you forgot one major loophole, corruption. You could A: bribe the guard, or B: He might let the prisoner free out of boredom/ abuse of power.

  80. WeaselonCrack


    4 dagar sedan

    how do you imprison the admin tho? dream has god mode he can just put on pull netherite and get blocks. like bruh they really think dream will be tehre forever

    • bruh gaming

      bruh gaming

      4 dagar sedan

      Have you heard of roleplay?

  81. W Eeiei

    W Eeiei

    4 dagar sedan

    *builds a bedrock box* done!

  82. mn lp

    mn lp

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  83. Motokid_ 21

    Motokid_ 21

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    It’s called a bedrock box You didn’t say it had to be in survival

  84. alexduro_99


    4 dagar sedan

    One thing if u open the bes to the visitor to sleep he could try and destroy it also if he sleeps there if u dont force him to sleep in other bed he could spawn on the prison then both break at the same time both block by the bed then the visitor can access to the bed and get in that space being able to destroy the bed break the blocks again and kill the prisoneer then get out with a prepared enderpearl chamber EZ

  85. Gecko Zizu

    Gecko Zizu

    4 dagar sedan

    Or: /tp

  86. red


    4 dagar sedan

    Everybody gangsta till the prisoner's mode get changed to creative

  87. Qu1red


    4 dagar sedan

    Dream who?

  88. Hawk


    4 dagar sedan

    So, I've just managed to break into the prison. It was a sturdee build and I had to do alot of thinking but I worked out a strategy that would more than likely not alert the guards too. This was my plan. A flying machine approx 300+ blocks away to carry the intruder over the structure by air. It would not be able to be heard from outside as it would be a few blocks above the roof and not to mention there's no windows to peak through to see anyone onciming ;). Then with an effecieny 5 pickaxe (diamond or netherite) and a few milk buckets. You can break into the roof at -41 ~ 150 to land inside the prison guard room. Admittedly without spectator mode or this video to showcase everything in depth, a few prison visits on a server would obtain these co-ords for you. With the water and lava levels that surround the roof. A simple water bucket and milk bucket is enough to conquer the elder's effects. Then once you've mined down into the guard's backup room, simply block off the exit, destory a few more blocks towards the prison cell and using the swimming mechanics, the prisoner can swim out of a 1x1 block gap. To escape again, simply swim up the hole that was mined down using water and return to the roof. Then using either an extra flying machine or ender pearls, get away quickly. It was fun trying to break in! Great prison!

  89. Hamster _69

    Hamster _69

    4 dagar sedan

    My idea how to escape the prison is Creative mode

  90. juoig7799


    4 dagar sedan

    10:34 *dog dies* Chat: CODE RED: A PRISONER IS ESCAPING!!!!!!!

  91. Wipplez


    4 dagar sedan

    Its funny cus if u just got some bedrock and made whats in the thunbnail, it would literally be better than any prison ever lol

    • HyperSonicSpeedGrov


      3 dagar sedan

      You could just ender pearl out, or enter a boat, or enter a minecart.

  92. Iarlaith O'Donoghue

    Iarlaith O'Donoghue

    4 dagar sedan

    You should do apollos vault and do lots of archery and potion related stuff

  93. Guy Croxford

    Guy Croxford

    4 dagar sedan

    10:29 So what's your dog called? Hes called CODE RED THE PRISONER IS ESPACING

  94. Its Shorty

    Its Shorty

    4 dagar sedan

    can someone give me the version of the map?

  95. シMakencr8rz544


    4 dagar sedan

    everything is good besides the shulker

  96. Michał Krzyżanowski

    Michał Krzyżanowski

    4 dagar sedan

    Just make an army of wither and people and brute force in The best method

  97. Spirit Gaming

    Spirit Gaming

    4 dagar sedan

    Btw guys the thing in the thumbnail is escapable cuz u just place water and since swimming update u can swim through cuz one block :D

  98. Dons world

    Dons world

    4 dagar sedan

    if you really and i mean REALLY commit to break out of the prison. Then you could get a friend to gain the woners trust. Then your friend becomes a guard, and then you already know how to break out

  99. Sarah O

    Sarah O

    4 dagar sedan

    Escape plan #3: make new map

  100. Sarah O

    Sarah O

    4 dagar sedan

    Escape plan #2: go to creative mode