you can pull the joystick up, but why?


  1. Tinker Man Mick

    Tinker Man Mick

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    Fix Stick Drift

    • Serge Fabre

      Serge Fabre

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      damm you have 69k subs now

    • Ali Chehab

      Ali Chehab

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    • Ali Chehab

      Ali Chehab

      5 dagar sedan


    • Robert Bluntz

      Robert Bluntz

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      When the analog is popped up you can aim in a direction and the analog will stay in place there, as apposed to it normally returning to its center position.

    • WDF


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      You can also do that on the joy-sticks of the Wii U pad

  2. just jake.

    just jake.

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    "So really it's just doing a pole dance" What a chad.



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    This thing done by my brother and the controller currently in repair shop😡

  4. Tha Genius

    Tha Genius

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    My controller actually has this same feature but it was made to keep the stick in the direction it was left in meaning you could use the stick and the Dpad at the same time

  5. splitzHD


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    stripper controller aye😏

  6. Junior Diaz

    Junior Diaz

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    It’s for people with tiny thumbs asleep helps u control recoil on shooter games

  7. Porfirio


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    Fidgeting is tight 🤓

  8. 𝚍𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚔 〄 𝚠𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚛

    𝚍𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚔 〄 𝚠𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚛

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    It give you something to do when my trash connection ruins the whole game and you’re stuck waiting for me to get back online

  9. Spyros Ban

    Spyros Ban

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    Because free control freaks but really bad

  10. Midas_Corner


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    Wow who would have known our controllers were pole dancing when we press the sticks. 🤣

    • Tinker Man Mick

      Tinker Man Mick

      Dag sedan


  11. Ricannon


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    You just answered a question that haden't answered for a long time

  12. theo nicole Houston

    theo nicole Houston

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    Fun fact doing this made me have joy con drift

  13. Neon Crossing

    Neon Crossing

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    I actually used to knew this!

  14. [Jac̡҉k̕_ W҉̛̕o͞od̀́͞s̢͞]

    [Jac̡҉k̕_ W҉̛̕o͞od̀́͞s̢͞]

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    it's the controller equivalent of cracking your fingers

  15. The Enclave

    The Enclave

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    Yea for real tho I can too

  16. SavageGrizz


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    its for people with stick drift, when you pull it up it stunts stick drift



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    So helpful fr

  18. ervebrbtbrbr bbbrbrggrgrbrr

    ervebrbtbrbr bbbrbrggrgrbrr

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    he never said why

  19. Ridlay


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    Huh, interesting

  20. Cringe God

    Cringe God

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    Ahhh the second controller also known as "guest controller"

  21. bread bread

    bread bread

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    Bru u use it to juke in madden thats the only legit think ik it does

  22. Andreas Araya Osorio

    Andreas Araya Osorio

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    can you please talk with a normal voice?

    • cyyst


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  23. local rapping dog named parappa

    local rapping dog named parappa

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    id does that with the switch pro controller as well (at least with my one)

  24. Ryan Brown

    Ryan Brown

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    cause it's built that way. go get a job.

    • Tinker Man Mick

      Tinker Man Mick

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      Jelousy is a curse buddy 😘

  25. SKRIZZ Cringey

    SKRIZZ Cringey

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    Same cpntroller as me lol

  26. Dexie The Sheep

    Dexie The Sheep

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    The Wii U Gamepad is kinda weird. The left stick pops in/out cleanly, but the right one pops out and kinda resists being controlled. If you actually use it in this state, it starts becoming smoother, but if you pop it back in and out again, it'll go back to doing the same thing.

  27. Kathrine Jakobsson

    Kathrine Jakobsson

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    Because it need to be easy to pull around and if you pull it upp it is harder to spin it around try that so Will you fell it

  28. Hendrik 00

    Hendrik 00

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    Stupid video… why are there mounts at the tire from the car? Who knows?

  29. im original

    im original

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    you can pulll it up to fix stick drift

  30. NightEye


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    Pulling it out also fixes stick drift lol

  31. MOF Gaming Channel

    MOF Gaming Channel

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    So it's easier to move for pro gamers so u dont have to hurt ur fingers while playin

  32. Androidy


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    This also happens with an XBox 360 controller but my ps3 controller isn't doing it as much

  33. Pbjr1220


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    What is the little plug next to the audio jack?

  34. Lewis Priestley

    Lewis Priestley

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    Then way doesn’t it slide back down it is an actual feature that some games use

    • Matthew


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      r/i had a stroke

  35. FIREWOLF27


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    Pole dance 😂😂😂

  36. CookieClipz78


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    This is the same for ps4, and Nintendo switch pro controller.

  37. Andrew Barlow

    Andrew Barlow

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  38. Raymond


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    Also happens on other controllers

  39. Shiny Porygon

    Shiny Porygon

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    ah. thats why lol

  40. Galaxy Playz

    Galaxy Playz

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    e? …

  41. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab

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  42. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab

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    “Do you have an extra controller?” The extra controller:

    • Anas Ghassan

      Anas Ghassan

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      Stolen comment xD

  43. buddyroach


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    So the bevel on the housing itself is the only thing keeping the joysticks from falling off. Wow

  44. Junayd Elhelou

    Junayd Elhelou

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    lol its just doing a pole dance

    • Junayd Elhelou

      Junayd Elhelou

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      wait your online?

  45. Llamaplanet


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    Hey we have the same remote

  46. The Outrageous Family

    The Outrageous Family

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    Mine does that

  47. Ryanigoscamed / OFFICIAL

    Ryanigoscamed / OFFICIAL

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    Pole dance

  48. Eli Rasmussen

    Eli Rasmussen

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    it happends to xbox and playstation conrolers

  49. Stealthosekto


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    @tinker man mick you can use it for sensitivity

  50. The Color Grader

    The Color Grader

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    I’ve always wondered that with my ps4 controller

  51. The dude

    The dude

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    you can do this with any controller that can click on the joystick that released between 2015-now

    • psychlord1


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      PS2 controllers did it too so, circa 2001🤔

  52. declan dunn

    declan dunn

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    have exact same controller

  53. Aidan Collins

    Aidan Collins

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    He's just doing a pole dance he says

  54. ColdSnipe


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    The controller your friend gives you

  55. Jack Erskine

    Jack Erskine

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  56. N1ck


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    Finnaly someone talks about it

  57. SaltyKudadogg


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    No wonder Xbox gets drift so easily

  58. Vitor Fernandes

    Vitor Fernandes

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    Disliked. It was always like that for a simple reason, taller thumb stick for more precision aiming. Some pro controller like the elite come with different size thumbsticks

  59. The Boy Wonder

    The Boy Wonder

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    It makes you *ascend*

  60. Michael Pease

    Michael Pease

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    The actual reason its there is incase you press down on the joystick and jam it.

  61. Fly Crazy Gamer

    Fly Crazy Gamer

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    Idk it weard

  62. genzisfullofretards


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    love this guy's voice

  63. Chcken is food Food

    Chcken is food Food

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    "Its just doing a pole dance"

  64. Samo Turk

    Samo Turk

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    Ime dueing that and than my controler broke.

  65. Kim Stringfellow

    Kim Stringfellow

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    for another button that is a button up down

  66. RadioSonic The Hedgehog

    RadioSonic The Hedgehog

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    you can pull it up so that when you face it a certain direction or any direction the joystick will stay in that direction

  67. Bird tEh BiRd

    Bird tEh BiRd

    6 dagar sedan

    because if your thumbs are lazy or tired just pull them up

  68. Phxbiaz


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  69. Gym Leader Deag

    Gym Leader Deag

    6 dagar sedan

    It happens with ever PlayStation controller

  70. The_legendproisback


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  71. Elias Goudkuil

    Elias Goudkuil

    6 dagar sedan

    It's for clearance so the top of the joystick casing doesn't get worn.



    6 dagar sedan

    They’re made to come off so you can replace them when they’re worn or put different height Scuf thumb sticks on. Yes for all regular controllers it requires taking the body apart

  73. MythicRainz _YT

    MythicRainz _YT

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    K K

  74. Alex Sanchez

    Alex Sanchez

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    Yeah umm no it actually helps your thumbs

  75. CyberThug1080i


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    Why is that so funny. It's doing a pole dance. I'm laughing so hard.

  76. Digital Bandit

    Digital Bandit

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    Quick maffs

  77. Niko L

    Niko L

    6 dagar sedan

    So can someone help mine does that but a lil more extreme that other controllers and it affect my aim and drifts and no it’s not dead zone

  78. Vanilla Ice

    Vanilla Ice

    6 dagar sedan

    It's a button for those idiots out there

  79. xMaikeru


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    It's cool they have this since the 360 at least, makes me think it's really meant for you to play with it when bored/waiting

  80. Magicgazz


    7 dagar sedan

    It’s for precision moves.

  81. The Funny Man

    The Funny Man

    7 dagar sedan

    You can do it for PS controllers too.

  82. Matt Petty

    Matt Petty

    7 dagar sedan

    Its to clean it better. You can clean a little more of the dust off the round part

  83. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon

    7 dagar sedan

    Always been curious about that, nice video

  84. Xxxtenticles


    7 dagar sedan

    It’s so it doesn’t get food innit

  85. oofingberg


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    Its a build in fidget toy for the autistic children on xbox Microsoft is really forward thinking

  86. WereWhusky


    7 dagar sedan

    So buying a controller is like... Oh

  87. Miggu 1989

    Miggu 1989

    7 dagar sedan

    For removing when you open the controller 🤷‍♂️

  88. Firestar4041


    7 dagar sedan

    Not so much as a pole dance, as it is just sitting on a big ol dil- (Sony then arrested the commenter, for insinuating such dirty deeds)

  89. vanka 500

    vanka 500

    7 dagar sedan

    Woow it's the same like on PS4 and PS3

  90. Greenlight X

    Greenlight X

    7 dagar sedan

    Always wondered why, thanks

  91. Robert Bluntz

    Robert Bluntz

    7 dagar sedan

    When the analog is popped up you can aim it in a direction and the analog will stay there, as apposed to returning to its center placement.

  92. Chelsea


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    *laughs in Xbox elite controller*

  93. BmanSB


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    We all knew this

  94. X2-THE_TOXIC


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    Y'all just now knowing this?

  95. Silver iPad Games

    Silver iPad Games

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    It just comes off?!

  96. Carlos Soto

    Carlos Soto

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    I've always known that but I've never known why

  97. Maxwell Brydalski

    Maxwell Brydalski

    7 dagar sedan

    My control dose to

  98. 1 3

    1 3

    7 dagar sedan

    My thumb has been pole dancing for almost 20 years 😏

  99. Jaxson Logan

    Jaxson Logan

    7 dagar sedan

    Im litterly holding the same controller

  100. mukarama


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    Wow.... thanks.