Golden Retriever sneaks a bite of banana while guy is distracted.

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  1. Michael H

    Michael H

    28 minuter sedan

    Would have been funnier if turns out the dog didnt like banana and then spat it out.

  2. Lionida Ponteres

    Lionida Ponteres

    3 timmar sedan

    Napaka so aso

  3. Ian Frost

    Ian Frost

    15 timmar sedan


  4. TheUnderDog


    16 timmar sedan

    But what did it cost? _"everything"_ *As the dog sits in his dog kennel*

  5. GimpyThe3LegDog


    18 timmar sedan

    "Stealth is optional for this mission."

  6. Susan Mulvey

    Susan Mulvey

    19 timmar sedan

    The guys a jerk!

  7. John Greg

    John Greg

    19 timmar sedan

    That’s a lady

  8. Thomas


    22 timmar sedan

    He hadn't eaten anything for 3 days.

  9. Richard Landry

    Richard Landry

    22 timmar sedan


  10. Дмитрий Овчаров

    Дмитрий Овчаров

    Dag sedan

    Сидит жрет перед собакой, пиздец весело.

  11. Carmen Jenkins

    Carmen Jenkins

    Dag sedan

    Couldn't take the torture anylonger



    Dag sedan

    He took a big bite !

  13. Brenda Brayton

    Brenda Brayton

    Dag sedan

    🤣🐶"You Are Taking Way TOO Long, 'LET ME!' Help 'YOU!' Out There😏..😜😋" ✌Peace, BB☆

  14. Pat Sabol

    Pat Sabol

    Dag sedan

    Been there, done that. Either eat away from them or share from the start!

  15. I. K.

    I. K.

    Dag sedan


  16. kiya terra

    kiya terra

    Dag sedan


  17. Irma THIERRY

    Irma THIERRY

    Dag sedan

    Ha ha hie. hie...Sooo Cute..Adorable..Beautiful Blessings

  18. Sydney Skousen

    Sydney Skousen

    Dag sedan

    I’m more scared of the guy eating the stringy parts of the banana

  19. Chandra Phelps

    Chandra Phelps

    Dag sedan

    Rude to eat in front of dogs when you don’t share with them. It’s not funny to show on the video. Dogs don’t talk, they have smart brains and senses. Be kind.

  20. nishant saloki

    nishant saloki

    Dag sedan

    Chomu salaa pyara sa

  21. Antonietta Battistoni

    Antonietta Battistoni

    Dag sedan

    Yuo very bed with your dog

  22. thekrrib


    Dag sedan

    The other dog was like .. "game on". I hope he got some too.

  23. alice abraham

    alice abraham

    Dag sedan

    His cute puppy looks

  24. Roberts Watches

    Roberts Watches

    Dag sedan

    Hey. Are you gonna finish that??

  25. Bill Bailey

    Bill Bailey

    2 dagar sedan

    Is this a guy? He sounds very high pitched.

  26. Devin Natera

    Devin Natera

    2 dagar sedan

    LmAo why all dogs really do that. They act like they don’t care about the food in your hand but the minute it’s away from your face they trynna eat it.

  27. Philip Tan

    Philip Tan

    2 dagar sedan

    Just feed them already !!

  28. jonathan briscoe

    jonathan briscoe

    2 dagar sedan

    Bad dogs. Worse owners. Two thumbs up

  29. Marcia Bertrand

    Marcia Bertrand

    2 dagar sedan

    Love the face expression: why you teasing me with the banana. Ok I'll just go ahead & take piece. 👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

  30. Seawitch4u


    2 dagar sedan

    Bullshit. You can’t eat next to him without sharing

  31. 1234444rbi


    2 dagar sedan

    At first I thought the second dog was coming to the guys aid, then I realized he was an accomplice all along! lol

  32. Raman Narayanan Narayanan

    Raman Narayanan Narayanan

    2 dagar sedan

    Omg l can't take it anymore. I have to take a bite now. 😋

  33. O’Danny Boy

    O’Danny Boy

    2 dagar sedan

    I think that “guy” is a woman!

  34. gatitos


    2 dagar sedan


  35. Milton Smith

    Milton Smith

    2 dagar sedan

    You might as well give the black dog a bite too.

  36. Andrea Doherty

    Andrea Doherty

    2 dagar sedan

    Oh my God it was like he just hit his "good boy" breaking point and just went for it like "sorry bud"

  37. Ana Riley

    Ana Riley

    2 dagar sedan

    Love ❤️ it.

  38. Tina A

    Tina A

    2 dagar sedan


  39. Porkéman


    2 dagar sedan

    You thinks I am doggo, but I am monke I did you a bamboozle

  40. Nalini Kukreti

    Nalini Kukreti

    2 dagar sedan

    Goldens are my favourite creatures 😆 Btw, I have a Golden “naughty” retriever, Ginger. You can follow us on Instagram at “did_you_say_chimken”

  41. AyArriba


    3 dagar sedan

    Honestly got confused because looking down the guy made me think of Cole Sprouse 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

  42. D.T.M


    3 dagar sedan




    3 dagar sedan

    My dog never eat banana or any fruit

  44. M C

    M C

    3 dagar sedan

    He couldn’t wait any longer! 🤣

  45. Rae Raw

    Rae Raw

    3 dagar sedan

    Im a sucker for the silent beg..I always cave in & feed them. Funny part was the uncomfortable close proximity of the dog & the banana lol

  46. craigslistrr O

    craigslistrr O

    3 dagar sedan

    I love that dog...

  47. Lori Carter

    Lori Carter

    3 dagar sedan

    He didn’t sneak a darn thing, big boi straight up ate dude’s banana 🍌 lol. What a good boi doggo lol

  48. Shadia


    3 dagar sedan

    You should have offered it to him first. You may have been taught a lesson 😂

  49. Evan Anderson

    Evan Anderson

    3 dagar sedan

    He was so proud when he looked up after the first bite 😂

  50. panisara s

    panisara s

    3 dagar sedan

    It can't stop, papa

  51. Craig Colbert

    Craig Colbert

    3 dagar sedan


  52. 2013lovemy


    3 dagar sedan

    And he kept going! Savage! 😂

  53. Trudy Maenza

    Trudy Maenza

    3 dagar sedan

    Puppy: wanna make a bet!

  54. Trans Normal Life

    Trans Normal Life

    3 dagar sedan

    Dog was egged on to do this.

  55. Becky Wonderling

    Becky Wonderling

    3 dagar sedan

    Look at that face!! ❤😅

  56. Deconstruction


    3 dagar sedan

    How a bad dog is also a good dog at the same time.

  57. Anthony Flores

    Anthony Flores

    3 dagar sedan

    Dog: mi no Spanish sorry

  58. Carol Johnston

    Carol Johnston

    3 dagar sedan

    Has that blokey been eating Jam out of the jar it bad for dogs

  59. Geetikantha Das

    Geetikantha Das

    3 dagar sedan

    He is like enough of your bulshit 😂😂😂😂

  60. Bianca Tamas

    Bianca Tamas

    3 dagar sedan


  61. Ritwik ghosh

    Ritwik ghosh

    3 dagar sedan

    Very bad behave train ur dog

  62. Dama Tua

    Dama Tua

    3 dagar sedan

    smart dog 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕

  63. diane9247


    4 dagar sedan

    OK, now he's mocking you!

  64. Stewart Grindlay

    Stewart Grindlay

    4 dagar sedan

    They are all the same. Labs/Retrievers. The level of intense concentration they have on the food is alien like

  65. Amanda Crawford

    Amanda Crawford

    4 dagar sedan

    He didn’t sneak anything, he TOOK it and then went back for more like it was his all along. Lol 😂

  66. Amanda Crawford

    Amanda Crawford

    4 dagar sedan

    He wasn’t very sneaky about it… Lol

  67. Susan Youantanov

    Susan Youantanov

    4 dagar sedan

    Great job!!!!👍

  68. Jay Rock

    Jay Rock

    4 dagar sedan

    The dog is like, you can share even a little lol

  69. Keith Keith

    Keith Keith

    4 dagar sedan

    Did he inhale some helium?

  70. Elaine Reynolds

    Elaine Reynolds

    4 dagar sedan

    Give the other PUP a bite TOO.........PLEASE......

  71. C D

    C D

    4 dagar sedan

    The laughter is so good 😂

  72. V


    4 dagar sedan

    Dog was like, don't mind if I do.

  73. Sammi Q Patriot

    Sammi Q Patriot

    4 dagar sedan

    😆🤣😂 Watch the tail LOL! As soon as his/her tail started wagging I knew eventually it was going to happen (even without the title).. you could see the gears moving in their mind LOL! 😂

  74. tree of life

    tree of life

    4 dagar sedan

    "a bite" more like devours the banana lmao

  75. mope ayeni

    mope ayeni

    4 dagar sedan

    Sometimes you just have to take it by force

  76. j_t79


    4 dagar sedan

    "don't fuck with golden"

  77. Denisa Musaj

    Denisa Musaj

    4 dagar sedan

    Hahahahhahahahaha so funny 🤣🤣🤣



    4 dagar sedan

    Dogs are way !!!

  79. Simple Life

    Simple Life

    4 dagar sedan

    That dog has a good sized set of balls to do that

  80. Jimmy Johnson

    Jimmy Johnson

    4 dagar sedan

    He's like fluff i, I don't care if I get in trouble.

  81. termite8448


    4 dagar sedan

    Too cute and hilarious.

  82. Genesis Guerrero

    Genesis Guerrero

    4 dagar sedan


  83. Trish :

    Trish :

    4 dagar sedan

    Wow- didn’t know dogs like bananas. Looks like he’d have eaten the skin and all if given the chance. Such a cute baby face- 🤣😂😁

  84. Stephen Wilbur

    Stephen Wilbur

    4 dagar sedan

    I got one that looks just like that one . Who will really steal your food when your not watching then do the old . It wasn't me while looking around like that here did your food go ?

  85. Laksmi Karsono

    Laksmi Karsono

    4 dagar sedan


  86. Zaida Colindres

    Zaida Colindres

    4 dagar sedan

    Mi perro

  87. Luna Sol

    Luna Sol

    4 dagar sedan

    No sneaking there.

  88. KBM Rig Veda

    KBM Rig Veda

    4 dagar sedan

    😆 😆 😆 They got his ass wit Tha distraction.

  89. Chelo Figueroa

    Chelo Figueroa

    4 dagar sedan

    Dog: It’s obvious you can’t take a hint so I’m just gonna take a bite of this thing. 😂😂😂

  90. johnsmi213


    5 dagar sedan

    Dog: "I don't speak Spanish so I think you said I could have some. Thanks."

    • johnsmi213


      2 dagar sedan

      @Leo kaboom That makes sense because I actually do speak Spanish haha. Just thought he was talking too fast.

    • Leo kaboom

      Leo kaboom

      2 dagar sedan

      russian * bro

  91. Rohan 炎

    Rohan 炎

    5 dagar sedan

    The dog was like 'well whatever fuck it'

  92. GroovyNipple


    5 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or do golden retrievers look the most sus out of all the dog breeds? Those saggy faces looking so innocent and then they do something so sneaky every time! Other dogs just beg but GR’s try to do the fake out!

  93. sandy gonzalez

    sandy gonzalez

    5 dagar sedan

    Me choca ver esos videos donde la gente hace esto..como quisiera que fuera

  94. daddies girl

    daddies girl

    5 dagar sedan

    Good job buddy 🐕👏🐕👏🐕👏

  95. okan incekln

    okan incekln

    5 dagar sedan

    the dog was like fk it i'm gonna get stress anyway let it be worthed it

  96. moaath ahmod

    moaath ahmod

    5 dagar sedan

    U provoked him so much he couldnt take it 🤣🤣 cant wait to get me golden retriever

  97. Ron Silvia

    Ron Silvia

    5 dagar sedan

    That doesn't sound like a guy.🤪🤪🤪

  98. Shameeka Ramos

    Shameeka Ramos

    5 dagar sedan

    Will he ate your fat banana and it was good

  99. Jane Hughes

    Jane Hughes

    5 dagar sedan

    I think we missed the actual first bite of the guy being distracted. This is the ensuing bites. Misleading title.