I finished Ghost of Tsushima and will now burn my PS5

oh wait I still have to play Spiderman

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  1. Jack Belmonte

    Jack Belmonte

    5 timmar sedan

    Man, you always know how to perfectly position Tobey Maguire for the thumbnail. It is quite the gift.

  2. Jake Boschen

    Jake Boschen

    6 timmar sedan

    That ProZD reference tho

  3. ShadowReaper2006


    7 timmar sedan

    6:49 Zanny: What? Miro... how’d you get in here? Miro: 5:22

  4. OverLorD 83n

    OverLorD 83n

    21 timme sedan

    5:46 Song name?

  5. Grand Adobo Man

    Grand Adobo Man

    2 dagar sedan

    The narrative is too preoccupied with honor honor Bushido stuff, when in fact, it wasn't invented until a few hundred years later during the Edo Period, peace time.

  6. Weeb gamer channel

    Weeb gamer channel

    2 dagar sedan

    I was gonna say “ hit us with a horse montage” then I forgot who this was.

  7. Josh Seveck

    Josh Seveck

    3 dagar sedan

    When it did the close up of the basket I lost it!

  8. hudson potskin

    hudson potskin

    3 dagar sedan

  9. Shimata Shinobi

    Shimata Shinobi

    4 dagar sedan

    5:11 Gamers be like when a bully threatens them:

  10. Peeking Jesus

    Peeking Jesus

    5 dagar sedan

    Wait , wich ending did you choose ? This is terrorism

    • ShadowReaper2006


      7 timmar sedan

      It’s not terrorism if he believes he has the moral high ground (5:03).

  11. MMRaynor 89

    MMRaynor 89

    5 dagar sedan

    Zanny does this mean fabio=10 he has achieved max power

  12. Shad Stewart

    Shad Stewart

    5 dagar sedan

    were you playing this on the switch? or ps3?

  13. Nick Rff

    Nick Rff

    5 dagar sedan

    I don't have to face them as warriors if I don't consider them such.

  14. Fred the dinosaur

    Fred the dinosaur

    7 dagar sedan

    Fabio gets shot once dead new horse gets a hwaicha blast to the face tis bit a stratch

  15. Co-line 737

    Co-line 737

    8 dagar sedan

    You get get better drip in new game +

  16. Brandon Portugal

    Brandon Portugal

    10 dagar sedan

    Play doom eternal!!!!!

  17. Sir Zannion

    Sir Zannion

    10 dagar sedan

    My beloved, Daddy Zanny, can you loot in that game?

  18. behbehyoda daddy mando

    behbehyoda daddy mando

    10 dagar sedan

    Yeah I'm gonna takka my horse to the old town road

  19. Jada Saidin

    Jada Saidin

    10 dagar sedan

    So many stars wars references and I love it😂

    • ShadowReaper2006


      7 timmar sedan

      That’s because he’s a Star Wars fan and used to be a Battlefront II SE-oner.

  20. Oscar Wang

    Oscar Wang

    11 dagar sedan

    “Show me your sword” That’s what he said “Fuc-“

  21. Edward Belmont

    Edward Belmont

    12 dagar sedan

    Zanny: "Fashion: 10/10. Fighting Skills: 10/10. Horse: Fabio/10" Ah yes, the Boast of Tsushima

  22. Nahje Masukat

    Nahje Masukat

    12 dagar sedan

    Zanny = The embodiment of ruining emotional moments

  23. Murro Mota

    Murro Mota

    12 dagar sedan

    You play ghost of tsushima without japenese voice? Very dissapointed

  24. Q U A N T U M

    Q U A N T U M

    12 dagar sedan

    The Chad ProZD reference

  25. Q U A N T U M

    Q U A N T U M

    12 dagar sedan

    The horse dying fucked me up. I have never cried harder for an animal in a video game. That legit broke me :(

  26. meschmo


    13 dagar sedan

    gutes Video übrigens

  27. naked chicken chanupa

    naked chicken chanupa

    14 dagar sedan

    Play star wars the force unleashed

  28. Bird


    14 dagar sedan

    This game is so awesome!

  29. Cyreslp


    14 dagar sedan

    Micro Commercial Break: Me: oh no its gonna be Raid shadow Legends, isn't it. Its actually two cute doggos. Me: I allow it.

    • ShadowReaper2006


      6 timmar sedan

      It’s Miro, that’s one of his dogs, the other is Kirin. Shortly after getting Kirin he started putting “commercial breaks” in his videos of Kirin, then later he got Miro and added him to them.

  30. Ryan Fraser

    Ryan Fraser

    16 dagar sedan

    10:32 tbh I wish more games gave you all the cool stuff before the final boss like Tsushima does. Once I finish the story I can never be arsed to unlock whatever is left over.

  31. DanteDoppler


    17 dagar sedan


  32. Hentai Fan7

    Hentai Fan7

    17 dagar sedan

    Just started watching this channel judging by the thumbnails your obsession with tobey maguire is unhealthy

    • ShadowReaper2006


      6 timmar sedan

      Whenever he makes a thumbnail without Tobey Maguire people complain even though when he first started they said the same thing as you.

  33. DJ PLAYZ


    17 dagar sedan

    "he taka his head off"

    • ShadowReaper2006


      6 timmar sedan

      Yeah, Zanny said that.

  34. C J

    C J

    18 dagar sedan

    Me thinking im shit at ghost watching zanny struggel with kotun witch i did first try guess not

  35. Luke Delay

    Luke Delay

    18 dagar sedan

    Wonder what it’s like to be Danny’s neighbor

    • ShadowReaper2006


      6 timmar sedan


  36. HitmanHero


    19 dagar sedan

    2:52 i lost 😂🤣

  37. L J

    L J

    20 dagar sedan

    This gave me ptsd and now I miss nobu

  38. 和生神


    20 dagar sedan

    “Drip Above Honor”

  39. Hekili-Caesar Armstrong-Kahala

    Hekili-Caesar Armstrong-Kahala

    20 dagar sedan

    Where’s the montage

  40. Jeremy Santos

    Jeremy Santos

    20 dagar sedan

    3:46 to victory. Or death preferably victory

    • ShadowReaper2006


      6 timmar sedan

      Yeah, that’s what he said.

  41. Peyton Whistler

    Peyton Whistler

    20 dagar sedan

    Should have said Lady Masko the grieving one Just sayin

  42. Lawriz Li

    Lawriz Li

    20 dagar sedan

    Prozd reference

  43. RPG Is Life

    RPG Is Life

    20 dagar sedan

    *Me sad about Taka's death* Zanny: He Taka'd his head off. GODDAMMIT!!!!

  44. MoonLight


    20 dagar sedan

    Its only terrorism if you don't win

  45. Jomantas Pocius

    Jomantas Pocius

    20 dagar sedan

    KILL GENERAL DOGSH*T got me good

  46. Ben C

    Ben C

    21 dag sedan

    There should be a fashion contest

  47. Tomer Shaulov

    Tomer Shaulov

    21 dag sedan

    Legend has it that zanny is still trying to pick whether to kill or to spare.

  48. Mike Heiser

    Mike Heiser

    21 dag sedan

    “I found all 900 pinecones” was something i needed to hear today i think

  49. Tuxedo kubo

    Tuxedo kubo

    22 dagar sedan


  50. Shroom Goblin

    Shroom Goblin

    22 dagar sedan

    So you killed him right?

  51. Mitchel Kvedar

    Mitchel Kvedar

    22 dagar sedan

    The skethc

  52. Rohan Ann

    Rohan Ann

    22 dagar sedan

    14:12 God this game is beautiful

  53. Just Me

    Just Me

    22 dagar sedan

    A lot of Soul Calibur two souls lines

  54. Dragon


    22 dagar sedan

    Rip horse

  55. Griffin Murray

    Griffin Murray

    23 dagar sedan

    F’s for Fabio

  56. Puku 19

    Puku 19

    23 dagar sedan

    Xbox is better than ps is that why you burned your Ps because I would

  57. Ari O

    Ari O

    24 dagar sedan

    Fabios death is and always will be the saddest thing ever recorded.

  58. João Pedro Ribeiro Leandro

    João Pedro Ribeiro Leandro

    24 dagar sedan

    Why every time something bad happens, Zanny talks about Brazil?

  59. Roboshad 20

    Roboshad 20

    25 dagar sedan

    "Slow ride. Taka easy(Taking easy), Taka easy." HAHAHAHAHAHA

  60. André Luiz

    André Luiz

    25 dagar sedan

    "Bitch, I wrote the art of War" -Sun Tzu, Art of War

  61. Craig The Dank

    Craig The Dank

    25 dagar sedan

    So what did you ended up picking at the end?

  62. stadler tonon

    stadler tonon

    25 dagar sedan

    "show me your sword I mean FUUUUUUUUUUCK"



    26 dagar sedan

    I sometime taka sleeping pills to sleep

  64. SCP - 049 • 8 years ago

    SCP - 049 • 8 years ago

    26 dagar sedan

    Mirio is good boi :)

  65. Cirex22


    26 dagar sedan

    you are so goddamn funny

  66. Tyler Burley

    Tyler Burley

    26 dagar sedan

    This guy's supposed to be funny? His humor is as bad as DSPs lol

    • Shaun Jackson

      Shaun Jackson

      26 dagar sedan

      Humor is subjective and I'm not gonna argue over what is and is not funny, but it doesn't require a toxic comment to convey your opinion. 99% of people here like his content and 99% of people who share your opinion likely won't see your comment hence making it even more useless and disagreeable, but by all means "pop off" as they say.

  67. XScorpion


    26 dagar sedan

    Anxiety of Tsushima

  68. Santiago Blanco Serrano

    Santiago Blanco Serrano

    26 dagar sedan

    6:49 i remember when miro wass a puppy

  69. Jimkyle sanjuan

    Jimkyle sanjuan

    26 dagar sedan

    8:18 I can see peter meme crying.....

  70. George Cole

    George Cole

    27 dagar sedan

    when taka died I literally cried. when zanny sees him being killed. he singa

    • I have seen enough

      I have seen enough

      26 dagar sedan

      I didnt care at taka but i was balling when my horse died

  71. Denal


    27 dagar sedan

    2:53 the fact Taka is just sitting there dead while zanny is singing is absolutely hilarious 💀

  72. Jencker CZ

    Jencker CZ

    27 dagar sedan

    I love the freeing Tsu Shi Ma joke. One of the best jokes. No matter how many times I hear it I still chuckle.

  73. Vinh Tran

    Vinh Tran

    27 dagar sedan

    *ghost of sus-syma



    27 dagar sedan

    I had no idea what this game is, who you are, or why I am watching this, but "He Taka his head off" made it all worth the confusion!

  75. lordchunkass


    27 dagar sedan

    I give you a sub for Fabio may he rest in peace

  76. DJ Pento

    DJ Pento

    27 dagar sedan

    There's so much bloody editing, what the fuck is even happening

  77. Fis H

    Fis H

    27 dagar sedan

    You are a good man, thank you for burning the ps5 after you finished the game

  78. Random Guy

    Random Guy

    28 dagar sedan

    "Where's Taka??" "He went to Brazil..." *"NOOOOOOOOO!!!"*

  79. Jayden Jordan

    Jayden Jordan

    28 dagar sedan

    Ryuzo's Betrayal is a lot like Anakin And Obi-Wan

  80. Anxiety


    28 dagar sedan

    kuya, tell me what you chose.

  81. They Call Meh FilipPaulJohnson

    They Call Meh FilipPaulJohnson

    28 dagar sedan

    Fun fact, the VA for Jin Sakai chose spare. So I killed him.

  82. Monkeygamer 32

    Monkeygamer 32

    28 dagar sedan

    If they add dual wielding imma grab two katanas and go full sasageyo on them



    28 dagar sedan

    0:06 foreeshadowiiing

  84. Sad Reaper

    Sad Reaper

    28 dagar sedan


  85. Raymond Quarshie

    Raymond Quarshie

    28 dagar sedan

    "Drip above honor". That hit hard

  86. Jerome Lepulu

    Jerome Lepulu

    29 dagar sedan

    He defs killed him

  87. Spyder's Webb

    Spyder's Webb

    29 dagar sedan

    The very end of this video hit me different. "What if I just set my Playstation on fire?". My house burned down while I was in the middle of this game.

  88. Julian Rios

    Julian Rios

    29 dagar sedan

    I remember being a scumbag during that last fight with the khan. Running away and using every single tool I had against him lol

  89. Pixwool


    29 dagar sedan

    I guess general Dogshin was generally dogshit at fighting.

  90. OtakuDraws86


    29 dagar sedan

    Zanny i have not even finished that game at all. i put months and hours exploring before the main mission! no i'm exiled to enter the bottom part of tsushima. now i gotta wander around and explore more before the main boss fight with kahn! this game is the real GOTY!!!

  91. lightangel1184


    29 dagar sedan

    legend has it he left his ps5 on just he didn’t have to choose

  92. WWJP


    29 dagar sedan

    So what did you choose?

  93. Michael Barwegen

    Michael Barwegen

    29 dagar sedan

    He went to Brazil

  94. Hunter Tillman

    Hunter Tillman

    29 dagar sedan

    When the death of the horse is sadder than the death of your traitor friend

  95. IamKryton


    29 dagar sedan

    The Kahn was the easiest bos for me

  96. Kyra Jantzi

    Kyra Jantzi

    29 dagar sedan

    r1 r1 r1 r1

  97. Fischy Joker

    Fischy Joker

    29 dagar sedan

    Will we ever get an end?

  98. Esekiel Kleyer

    Esekiel Kleyer

    Månad sedan

    Hey Zanny weird thing. Have you watched Gate? Modern military meets medieval fantasy. A one sided fight.

  99. Ashchi Salleh

    Ashchi Salleh

    Månad sedan

    I, can't taka pun anymore

  100. 日辺いいよ


    Månad sedan

    6:04 the dodge of tsushima