The life of the super-rich in Central Africa | DW Documentary

Many millionaires live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world's poorest countries. This film depicts some of those who have made fortunes amid the chaos, including musicians, mining bosses, entrepreneurs and preachers.
The DRC is rich in raw materials, but only a few profit from its natural resources. While 60% of Congo's inhabitants live on less than $1.25 per day, businessmen, artists, former rebel leaders and evangelists are reaping the rewards of economic growth. In the capital, Kinshasa, these new rich live in safe and luxurious enclaves, while children toil in coltan mines in the eastern part of the country.
Fally Ipupa has made his money with music. Others rely on their business acumen, like Patricia Nzolantima, who founded a taxi company and aims to give more opportunities to women.
With 3,000 mine workers, Cooperamma is the largest employer in North Kivu, in the east of the DRC. Managing director Robert Seninga says his coltan mines are extremely well-run, yet safety standards are poor. Coltan, a globally coveted mineral, is used in cell phones and other devices. It’s both a blessing and a curse for the Congo. It makes some rich, but for others it means death. The region still suffers from ethnic and factional conflicts, with money from illegal coltan smuggling financing new violence. It’s a vicious cycle.
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  1. Maximiliano Zuñixtli

    Maximiliano Zuñixtli

    31 sekund sedan

    Why don't they wear gloves?

  2. Anitta Vinter

    Anitta Vinter

    45 sekunder sedan

    can that juice also heal poverty????

  3. Florian Bruggmann

    Florian Bruggmann

    Minut sedan

    Wow- and I thought trump was the world's greatest conman. The juice prophet is serious competition.

  4. Keahi Duarte

    Keahi Duarte

    4 minuter sedan

    Lol this rich guy walking into his headquarters and it’s run down thinking he’s doing well in life.. ahhhaha these rich people think they are ballin

  5. Caprice


    8 minuter sedan

    LOL@ Clean air....

  6. Rodent Rodent

    Rodent Rodent

    15 minuter sedan

    The rich worked hard for what they have.

  7. grilled me

    grilled me

    16 minuter sedan

    so rich man drive his bodyguards around

  8. zee shan

    zee shan

    16 minuter sedan

    Take the juice take the juice till u 🤪 😋 🤪

  9. Yahma FAN

    Yahma FAN

    24 minuter sedan

    She’s probs a crypto scammer

  10. gera szucs

    gera szucs

    31 minut sedan

    This documantary makes me cry.... The man with the mines.... what a hipocrite...

  11. Eric Gick

    Eric Gick

    34 minuter sedan

    This reminds me of the book I read "the richest man in Babylon."

  12. Nando


    34 minuter sedan

    DW's African documentaries are always my favorite. I learn so much about a world we're rarely told about

  13. joyce wanja

    joyce wanja

    36 minuter sedan

    This so sad, watching from Kenya

  14. Golden Ace

    Golden Ace

    37 minuter sedan

    You guys need to look at the root of the problem and the bigger picture. These prophets are just puppets for the industrialised world. It isn't about their corrupt politicians, but about who controls their politicians (a.k.a businesses in the industrialised world seek cheap labour).

  15. Rea B

    Rea B

    43 minuter sedan

    This so called prophet puts gasoline in his juice?! The supposed healing properties of this juice?! This is so infuriating!!!

  16. Chris George

    Chris George

    46 minuter sedan

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  17. Quint T

    Quint T

    46 minuter sedan

    Disgusting to see this "Prophet" profit from all the sick and poor people

  18. Jonny Brasco

    Jonny Brasco

    47 minuter sedan

    If I were a Congolese, I would hope to be invaded by a foreign force or to be bombed with the atomic bomb.

  19. Rudy Wooders

    Rudy Wooders

    47 minuter sedan

    "poverty is the lack of some goods. Greed is the lack of everything" -Aristoteles

  20. Florian Bruggmann

    Florian Bruggmann

    48 minuter sedan

    Politicians doing "business"- now that's something different lol

  21. kunal verma

    kunal verma

    48 minuter sedan

    how we turned sands and rocks into smart phones and technology

  22. Lu Otto

    Lu Otto

    49 minuter sedan

    At least build a road if you have the money....

  23. krishna gopal sinha

    krishna gopal sinha

    49 minuter sedan

    all over world same rice bag conversion😡

  24. Vikram Deshpande

    Vikram Deshpande

    Timme sedan

    At 32.57 Airtel board. AndhaShrddha Nirmulan samiti must open office in DRC

  25. King K

    King K

    Timme sedan

    Colonialism was a super chance for Africa but now they are going to go nowhere . Not a chance . The smart ones are either leaving or staying to screw the rest of the population who are stuck there .

  26. Sonic Titan

    Sonic Titan

    Timme sedan

    That juice guy has been watching too much xQc

  27. Anne Duigan

    Anne Duigan

    Timme sedan

    so rich and nobody is planting trees - just putting down cement

  28. M R

    M R

    Timme sedan

    What was in the juice?? Gasoline and lemon juice...someone buy a bottle and analyze it!!

  29. It Can't Rain Forever

    It Can't Rain Forever

    Timme sedan

    The enemy always comes to kill, steal, and destroy. And it doesn't matter where you're from. History always repeats itself. In ancient times they had snake oil too. The Greek word “pharmakia” literally means “drugs”, and appears five times in the New Testament: in Gal 5:20, Rev 9:21, 18:23, 21:8, and 22:15. “Pharmakia” is translated into our English Bible as either “witchcraft” or “sorceries”. We also get our English word “pharmacy” from the Greek word “pharmakia”.

  30. Tommy Solace

    Tommy Solace

    Timme sedan

    Dominique Khonde will pay for this level of exploitation! Gasoline in the juice? A juice that can cure AIDS and bring the dead back to life? This man has brainwashed the desperate people of DR Congo.

  31. Han Ji

    Han Ji

    Timme sedan

    People in the comment section is like Oh I couldn't live beside those poor slums in a mansion , is that why western nation do not give visa's to citizens of poor countries they have looted and wronged ? What do you mean I stole your wealth , language and culture , it was a long time ago get over it , now fix your country and don't dare come to my country for opportunities cos we don't live beside people from poor slums . My point is everyone including the people from western nations is living beside a poor slum, your kindness should not be restricted to the geographical borders of your country , it's not the fault of modern day white people that their ancestors have wronged these people of former colonies by stealing their wealth , culture and language from them , even today the west maintains soft power in the former colonies , it is also not the fault of common people in former colonies that their politicians are corrupt and again stealing their wealth from them , all the people of rich western countries are enjoying the Benefits from other side of the river , and it is as much your responsibility to help these people as is of the people living in these former colonies .

  32. Tommy Solace

    Tommy Solace

    Timme sedan

    A well told, edited and informative documentary. Much love from Kenya.

  33. Happy Peach

    Happy Peach

    Timme sedan

    Can the juice cure covid? I really don’t want to take the vaccine that’s out in the public right now

  34. James Johnson

    James Johnson

    Timme sedan

    drink the juice n pray,yea right

  35. Huri Think before

    Huri Think before

    Timme sedan

    So he drives up and down some few miles of pavement?

  36. Dew Drops

    Dew Drops

    Timme sedan

    How do African leaders reconcile the knowledge that we are a resource rich continent rich in minerals, people, wealth etc steal it for his/her own personal gain drive a big car and consider themselves successful. How do they visit the West see how resources should be used then come back home and can only think of creating tribal conflicts? Which demons afflicted you?

  37. American Made

    American Made

    Timme sedan

    Those are like average houses in California lol.

  38. James Johnson

    James Johnson

    Timme sedan

    Thus the way of our human self being,Im not shocked just feel disgusted because the West will pay for the out going minerals etc,and that Singer is a low life

  39. American Made

    American Made

    Timme sedan

    "Street sweepers, maggot sellers and people selling jewelry" ...Didn't see that coming. Who's gonna buy some maggots and a gold chain? Priorities amirite?

  40. Ahmet Faruk Acar

    Ahmet Faruk Acar

    Timme sedan

    Thanks DW for this documentary.

  41. Lemontarts01


    Timme sedan

    Apartheid was abolished they say... More like evolved

  42. Chunti


    Timme sedan

    To all the hypocritical do-gooders saying, "I wouldn't feel comfortable surrounded by poverty..." most likely you are many times over better off than the majority of people on earth, and so you ARE surrounded by poverty. What difference does it make if they live at earshot from you or across the globe?

  43. Princess jazz

    Princess jazz

    Timme sedan

    The division of poor and rich just made me soo sad..I understand some of these people have worked hard for their money but what if they start changing 1 poor persons life one at a time...? :)

  44. Omid Maasuemi Amen

    Omid Maasuemi Amen

    2 timmar sedan

    That house is 600 thousand euro??? In cango? This is stupid! That house even in Canada is 400 !!! Now! U guys bulshit!!!!

  45. Patti c

    Patti c

    2 timmar sedan

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  46. Ani Asenova

    Ani Asenova

    2 timmar sedan

    Okay..come to Bulgaria to see why someone goes poor and poor and someone is richer and richer ... we are bad, but who cares about us...we fight every day just to survive :(

  47. Param Randhawa

    Param Randhawa

    2 timmar sedan

    Gasoline lemon mixture😆😅🤣😂

  48. Harm van der Leun

    Harm van der Leun

    2 timmar sedan


  49. Femme Machine

    Femme Machine

    2 timmar sedan

    Soo Many people in this documentary need to be in jail... it’s not even funny smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  50. binyu ronald

    binyu ronald

    2 timmar sedan

    The video that doesn't tell you the truth enemy to the development of Congo, from France to USA.

  51. LaidBackFella


    2 timmar sedan

    This was truly heartbreaking. Will Africa ever be able to compete with the West?

  52. angela stone

    angela stone

    2 timmar sedan

  53. vingt aout

    vingt aout

    2 timmar sedan

    C’est incroyable comment les africains sont trichés par un autre africain. On dépense de l’argent pour un jus qui leur tue. C’est le dieu seulement qui guérit, pas un être humain.



    2 timmar sedan

    Its the france that has destroyed almost all the of the african continent for their personal gain of rich resources there

  55. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    2 timmar sedan

    It's sad though that even the "upper class/rich" of Kinshasa stay in what looks like cheap rentals...

  56. A A

    A A

    2 timmar sedan

    Belgium largely to blame

  57. Femme Machine

    Femme Machine

    2 timmar sedan

    Their government is not doing enough for their people.... this is sad... how can anyone live on $80 dollars a month?

  58. Eno Bassey

    Eno Bassey

    2 timmar sedan

    The poverty in Africa is heartbreaking. Leaders exploit the the people and the people encourage it due to lack of understanding and knowledge. The West are complicit and those who want to make a change are called foolish.. A vicious circle with no end in site. Who buys the resources mined by kids?

    • abbsnn cose

      abbsnn cose

      2 timmar sedan

      You a multi millionaire and don’t have a $500 generator on hand in a country that has common power outages. Dumb

  59. G B

    G B

    2 timmar sedan

    What is that juice 🤢 Nooooooo😭

  60. Han Shi

    Han Shi

    2 timmar sedan

    Africa is one weird continent...It's like living in the first world and third world at the same time. The rich are veery rich and the poor, that a story for another day...It's the same situation even here in Kenya..The rich continue to get richer, while the poor get poorer, especially in this covid 19 times

  61. Julia Wilbard

    Julia Wilbard

    2 timmar sedan

    EVIL man

  62. clare A

    clare A

    2 timmar sedan

    What’s the point of having all that money when the rest of the country is in such a state.

  63. K H

    K H

    2 timmar sedan

    It's so disgusting to see the so-called "Prophet" taking advantage of people's desperation. The fact that political leaders attend his sermons and that the authorities don't try to stop him from selling his "miracle juice" is disappointing. The whole documentary left me feeling sad. This is the situation in so many countries - rich in resources but stifled by corruption and greed.

  64. mercedes williams

    mercedes williams

    2 timmar sedan

    Gasoline and lemon juice ....😒

  65. Uno2000


    2 timmar sedan

    I am German / Nord Angolan. DRC Congo belongs with if not the country why we have mobile phones, laptops, etc. today. It's really sad to see how Congo has become for political/corruption reasons. I hope that many outside Kongos recognize it. Rich but still poor. No Congo, no electronics. May the LORD protect the country. 🇩🇪🇦🇴🇨🇩🙏🏾

  66. Hendrik Huevel

    Hendrik Huevel

    2 timmar sedan

    More should go behind bars the have the cash by not sharing .paying the workers a salary where they can't live from

  67. playgrlonika . ن

    playgrlonika . ن

    2 timmar sedan

    They should keep hustling.

  68. Harvey Stokes

    Harvey Stokes

    3 timmar sedan

    Ouh 😐

  69. Edith Jennings

    Edith Jennings

    3 timmar sedan

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  70. Rajesh Aggarwal

    Rajesh Aggarwal

    3 timmar sedan

    Another case of Corrupted African Leaders Cheating their own people as Fela Anikulapo - Kuti sang in his music.... The new generation of African Leaders will remove these Corrupted Leaders... One Rasta Love... Semrete Selassie 🙏

  71. Angel G

    Angel G

    3 timmar sedan

    The U.S. murdered Congo's first democratically elected leader after the Belgians moved out. They installed M'butu so he could help multi nationals keep plundering the country. So, it gave the appearance of decolonialisation, but in reality, government crooks just handed the reins to corporate crooks.

  72. Keith Lambkin

    Keith Lambkin

    3 timmar sedan

    You a multi millionaire and don’t have a $500 generator on hand in a country that has common power outages. Dumb

  73. S0INdfkl


    3 timmar sedan

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  74. Jeanne Gallagher

    Jeanne Gallagher

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  75. Grim


    3 timmar sedan

    Take that hideous yellow rainsuit off😂😂😂

  76. Ncem


    3 timmar sedan

    Corruption ofc

  77. Yocasta dambruck

    Yocasta dambruck

    3 timmar sedan

    That country still look poor n nasty That mansión doesn't look any better than my house Rich but still looks poor

  78. MIZ KaPoni

    MIZ KaPoni

    3 timmar sedan

    It's the ppl who do the hard labor that get paid the least...smh. Considering how much money cellphones rake in.....the mine workers should be millionaires as well. The government should be ashamed. They watch their own ppl struggle... so awful

  79. BLK Excellence

    BLK Excellence

    3 timmar sedan

    After watching this film. I'm in tears because this type of living in Africa is becoming a normal thing daily. Most African countries and slowly becoming failed states and these so called businessman are actually the criminals starting these civil wars so their business partners in the west and east can continue to loot African.

  80. Tristan Armstrong

    Tristan Armstrong

    3 timmar sedan

    Always the usual, the rich taking advantage of the poor is really evil system $$$$

  81. Aiden Tan

    Aiden Tan

    3 timmar sedan

    lol Funny how they blame US of enslaving them but they literally enslaving their own people by paying them less than 7 euros in a week lol

    • Kevin0_1825


      2 timmar sedan

      Congo was never colonized by the US

    • playgrlonika . ن

      playgrlonika . ن

      3 timmar sedan

      You ever think u can blame both?

  82. Mr. Salamanca

    Mr. Salamanca

    3 timmar sedan

    I want some of that Kipay Energy



    3 timmar sedan

    Thanks DW for the great documentary. Government of CDC and others countries like this must change their minds and use the resources to develop their countries and improve their people’s lives. At the end of the day, they won’t be able to take of all this stolen wealth to their graves.

  84. Daniel Z

    Daniel Z

    3 timmar sedan

    Who knew snake oil's primary ingredient was gasoline?

  85. Peter Future

    Peter Future

    3 timmar sedan

    We're living in a crazy world as Bob Marley once said

  86. Si-Yuan Dong

    Si-Yuan Dong

    3 timmar sedan

    Imagine they had their own factory, to use their core to manufacture mobile phone within their own country instead of exporting raw materials, how much more could they own! That’s why you need to study hard in math and science, to have your own industry. You can lay roads, erect building, design your own Lamborghin, without having to import from outside, by paying lucrative profits to the outside

  87. MIZ KaPoni

    MIZ KaPoni

    3 timmar sedan

    There's just so much wrong with's sad and wicked out here world wide.

  88. Being Dez Dubani

    Being Dez Dubani

    3 timmar sedan

    lol this is where rich people live wow ... how would you have peace knowing there someone poor right by your head and a nurse earns less than a driver!!!?? wtf... a politician who owns a mine.... wow... prophets profitin off people oh my goodness...

  89. goda goda

    goda goda

    3 timmar sedan

    Belgium and USA killed a promising leader Lumumba and put Sese Seko in Power for over 30 years so they can exploite Congo. every single western media hides their own bad doings. Africa's misery is Europes & US prosperty.

  90. Frankie L

    Frankie L

    3 timmar sedan

    What kind of banker only makes 3500 euros a month?

  91. Michael JoToya Jackson

    Michael JoToya Jackson

    3 timmar sedan

    These Yisraelites are many of the reasons why we are still living in "CAPTIVITY".....!!! OMGOODNESS 😲🤯😳😮 the wickness going on among our people. 😭😭😭😭😭

  92. Aubree Emmalee

    Aubree Emmalee

    4 timmar sedan

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  93. Abdi Ali

    Abdi Ali

    4 timmar sedan

    If this country paid there citizens 300-500 dollars a month they’ll thrive and built their country because or how hard they work’s should consider that ... all the elites do this to keep the money flowing within there country .. a lot might say it’ll cause inflation but the pros are far more superior Than the cons if you really sit down and think/add it up

  94. Rusty Appling

    Rusty Appling

    4 timmar sedan

    Hey short cutter kno w your dead

  95. Abdi Ali

    Abdi Ali

    4 timmar sedan

    The “rich” that live there and what they consider is low income in America and Europe .... seriously ... rich to them is 30-40K a year

  96. X Daniels

    X Daniels

    4 timmar sedan

    Marie, you are a Quinn!

  97. adosnomel


    4 timmar sedan

    the rich are really making their side look hella nice. most African leaders and most rich people are a joke. how do you let your people live like that. Africa may be rich but it’s filled with greed

  98. ernest simon D

    ernest simon D

    4 timmar sedan

    Also this documentary title is a scam , the title is positive but the content is negative :(

  99. Chris Carelock

    Chris Carelock

    4 timmar sedan

    Capitalism at its finest...

  100. ernest simon D

    ernest simon D

    4 timmar sedan

    I have African origin's too . Stop claiming that your country is rich .. Money is not not in natural resources. its in transformation. A cake is more expensive than the material on it...If no one bought it would be worth zero. Because you dont know how to extract its value.