We Bought 3 Cheap Ferraris For The Price Of A Toyota Camry - Car Trek S4E1


  1. Tavarish


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    COMPLETE CAR TREK SERIES 4 PLAYLIST Series 4, Episode 1►se-one.info/cycle/g9Ksfch6i5pqqLo/video Series 4, Episode 2►se-one.info/cycle/fa-Pit2ijYtwnbY/video Series 4, Episode 3►se-one.info/cycle/d7dqZbiVfI6BkbI/video Series 4, Episode 4 ►se-one.info/cycle/fpeuh62efm5pmdg/video Series 4, Episode 5(FINALE)►se-one.info/cycle/drafZ7KqZ49qlsw/video

    • Evan Turnau

      Evan Turnau

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      Holy crap! Yall got competition from the old timers!😅 New grand tour episode!😅 se-one.info/cycle/mrpnpbioo4ivnZE/video Not spam! Just the grand tour trailer yall!

    • Santiago Diaz

      Santiago Diaz

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      I love your videos 👍 keep the fun and good work 🤩

    • DJ Vendetta

      DJ Vendetta

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      Would taverish sell any of these three ferraris

    • Ryan Pruske

      Ryan Pruske

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      @John martinez good luck! Life brings many opportunities

    • Ryan Pruske

      Ryan Pruske

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  2. Patrick #GR

    Patrick #GR

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  3. Benyamin Shuid

    Benyamin Shuid

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    I notice the video is getting more production value, making it look very official

  4. EdgeofReason27


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    It's got a gated manual, mic drop. I win.

  5. J P

    J P

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    The first 30 sec. are so wrong, SO WRONG!, the roads are NOT a playground for idiots with fancy cars you moron!, go to the RACETRACKS and enjoy your money there without putting in danger other's people life.

  6. josh charles

    josh charles

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    Now this is like the original UK top gear - 3 funny friends doing excellent things with cars. These are car loving guys who do these challenges like budget super cars - this is what people enjoy and the fact that I have seen you on your own youtube channels means that you guys are what we want to see - genuine petrol heads. Great stuff from a stiff assed brit!

  7. WildDigger


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    Great series but I am a 70s and 80s kid so I love the classic look of the 308. I actually would love to own one. Now I might do a engine swap.... Lol.

  8. Pouya Lucky

    Pouya Lucky

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    This show was entertaining, educational, funny, interesting, and really nicely shot and edited. I am very impressed with the quality of you 3 and you certainly have the chemistry between you. I love it and look forward to seeing much much much more content. I officially nominate you to host the new top gear usa series and see it rise all the way to the top of the charts ;) P.S. 1,800 Dislikes? what the .... I mean, what kind of car enthusiast would not love this

  9. Dunky Stanback

    Dunky Stanback

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  10. Kitten Playz

    Kitten Playz

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    The ford probe and 456 were beautiful cars.

  11. R W

    R W

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    this was a fun video to watch, I've always loved the 308. But please save save save those Jags in that guys fix-it yard

  12. Stalin


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    I don't think the Wizard ever learned what car sex actually is.

  13. Stalin


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    Imagine having such a sad life that a car like this is a better deal for you than a Camry.

  14. TheFonz


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    uhm did he say kia rondo fuel pumps?!

  15. caleb mitchell

    caleb mitchell

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    These are alright but it’ll never be Hammond Clarkson and May. I could sit there and watch the top gear and grand tour specials in a marathon

  16. Marcus Holme

    Marcus Holme

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    To bad this was a one car show. Only one of the cars represented the challenge and shows what a cheap Ferrari is.



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    The car wizard is lo key action brunson

  18. Andrew Flint

    Andrew Flint

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    Can you guys do an American car challenge

  19. Hiashi


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    Seeping is exseeptable

  20. Stefan Keniston

    Stefan Keniston

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    Better than top gear America. Very likable dudes.

  21. K Johns

    K Johns

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    Soooo digging the Top Gear vibes and production! You are Clarkson.. Grey Ferrari is Hammond... Leaving Ed as Captain Slow himself. 💪😂



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    0:00 What is this? A ferrari ad?

  23. Mahasat Robert

    Mahasat Robert

    17 dagar sedan

    cant compare a 1990 car with a 2021 car not event at price.... sad to see this ugly comparations....

  24. Airkooled Kustoms

    Airkooled Kustoms

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    very well done , love the cross youtube channal reach . very top gear real , with all of you all

  25. Mark Thornsburg

    Mark Thornsburg

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    i can't believe they got max payne to look at freddy's ferrari! what an amazing cameo

  26. G Keaton

    G Keaton

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    Sad, all those exotics, and I'm more interested in the jeeps.....

  27. Sergej Nadaždin

    Sergej Nadaždin

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    I absolutely love that 308, i hope that with a lot of effort, i'll be able to buy one someday.

  28. VanGough


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    Everytime I hear married and it’s a car guy I pray they stay away from the divorce court. Watching men forced to sell their pride because their other half bails is a hard thing to see. Stay safe

  29. Jonathan Fairchild

    Jonathan Fairchild

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    I love car wizard he's so no nonsense lol

  30. Stebokanebo


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    If I have to listen to him say wizard again I’m going to fucking lose it.

  31. Tschaggi1183


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    Most recognizable brand in the world? Dude, im from Stuttgart, not even counting a dozen tech companies that come before Ferrari, there are three local car manufacturers that are widely known to be more recognizable. Love your videos and all but this statement was like a Tyson punch right to the heart. I'd be surprised if Ferrari even makes a top 20 list. The mistakability of the Ferrari logo alone kinda disqualifies the brand for such a list.



    20 dagar sedan

    Three very entertaining guys for sure. I really think they are as good, if not better than the Top Gear threesome we all loved. All have great personalities and are fun to watch. Having said that, I still have no idea why anyone would want to own a Ferrari. I've driven several of them over the years and while many of them are works of art, who needs the headache? There are products made in this world that when you weigh the pros and cons, the cons simply make it so obvious that you have to be a total moron to ignore it. Even if money is no object, why would you want a car that spends over half of its time in the repair shop? For example, the air bag sensors that needed replacing required a new seat as the best choice. That is insane on any level. But, all this is neither here nor there. The purpose of these Car Trek videos is economical for the presenters and entertainment for the rest of us. So, that being said...these shows are a hit! 100% watchable and fun. But, to you clowns who think you want to own a Ferrari or any other "supercar", think again.

  33. Yamaha fan 250

    Yamaha fan 250

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    This is crazy ! Most of the 308s are 200 too 300k

  34. CRAZYMAN876


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    y’all wanna be top gear so bad 😭

  35. Randodox


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    Yo, this is modern Top Gear!

  36. Juan Pablo Serra Martínez

    Juan Pablo Serra Martínez

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    I’m sorry but this is a top gear want to be

  37. LT four1six

    LT four1six

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    Eds bought the infamous Toronto ferrari .

  38. Sarat C

    Sarat C

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    24:59-25:04 When she’s explaining how she likes your personality, your looks, and everything about you, but says that you’re too nice

  39. Edward Fletcher

    Edward Fletcher

    29 dagar sedan

    Fixing the backlight in Ed's screen isn't difficult at all. All you need is some LED strips. I can't believe the body roll and handling on Tyler's 456 !



    29 dagar sedan

    It’s like Top Gear remixed, the way you act and edit, I like it

  41. martin prisc

    martin prisc

    29 dagar sedan

    Tavarish got the best car, Hoovie’s car is hideous, and Ed cheated massively.

  42. Kyle's Lifestyle

    Kyle's Lifestyle

    29 dagar sedan

    04:27 My heart melted when I seen that girl. The first time I ever saw a Lamborghini was a 1995 Diablo VT Roadster. I first seen it in the movie Exit Wounds with DMX and Steven Segal. It's ever since been my dream car. Seeing that in such a beautiful condition after decades was so heart warming. I'm so glad I found this video online!

  43. Stephen Pags

    Stephen Pags

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    Great episode 👍

  44. JerKKeR


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    I'm so glad you guys are doing this and I don't get why people are so negative because of the similarities to Top Gear or The Grand Tour. I think you guys would be great successors as Clarkson, Hammond and May will soon retire from these kinda shows

  45. Kenny Walton

    Kenny Walton

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    I tried to finish this but the fact that you copied top gears Schtick to the point it’s just cringe af 🤦‍♂️ 😬

  46. wiggyp1v2


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    2 Ferrari's and a Dino 🤣

  47. Timothy White

    Timothy White

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    I'm gonna be honest the 308 looks the best out of the 3. I love the aesthetic

  48. TGad ff

    TGad ff

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    Idk why but SE-one unsubscribed me from your channel

  49. Evan Finch

    Evan Finch

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    tavarish is the worst

  50. Eric C

    Eric C

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    Its like a kmart top gear episode

  51. D Smith

    D Smith

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    Just wondering if its a requirement to have a patchy eight day old growth on your face to do this program.

  52. Mohammed Alghamdi

    Mohammed Alghamdi

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    At the end I would still buy a CAMRY Cc Scotty

  53. xKNIGHTx


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    4:00 he destroyed them

  54. Reddsoldier


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    Did anyone else get mad at the "repairs" that they did in Dubai to Hoovie's car? Honestly such a travesty when you think that the most damage done to that car was just from someone with more money than they know what to do with, just almost junking a car because they can't do the proper maintenance the garage queen lifestyle of their car demands and so leave it with dangerous bodges.

  55. Yashodhan Goenka

    Yashodhan Goenka

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    This show has a bit of the good old top gear special challenges feel.

  56. Sir. Chuckles Cheese

    Sir. Chuckles Cheese

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    i like tavarish's Ferrari most even with it's issues

  57. Richard Hstdt

    Richard Hstdt

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    Can't take this videos anymore. I'm here for some builds, but this is not what I enjoy anymore. 🙄 The old times were better in my opinion.

  58. Bryn Anderson

    Bryn Anderson

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    I think the 308 is beautiful

  59. BeenJamin James

    BeenJamin James

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    15:49 Ed says he didn't think anyone in the audience would have a 308 as their dream Ferrari. Well count me out of the audience now, I'm not even gonna finish watching after that comment.

  60. Elaine Ng

    Elaine Ng

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  61. Luke5507


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    Store brand Top Gear.

  62. K. R.

    K. R.

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    I can't get over the fact that the mechanic always tastes motor oil etc. 😂

  63. Oscar Oliu

    Oscar Oliu

    Månad sedan

    Tavarish got the cooler looking one of all 3, and it's a gated manual, must be fun as heck to drive.

  64. Dennis Brill

    Dennis Brill

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    Wanna go high speed and we got 55

  65. Dennis Brill

    Dennis Brill

    Månad sedan

    The man’s car

  66. The London Ghost

    The London Ghost

    Månad sedan

    Nice try but no one matches the legendary level of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Hammond.

  67. Daniel Gebert

    Daniel Gebert

    Månad sedan

    This is such a production. Very impressive to make nearly 40 minutes of essentially tv quality material, not to mention a series. Well done and thank you for continuing this series.

  68. J4zz x

    J4zz x

    Månad sedan

    Definitely has top gear vibes, but some one needs to take over since the original trio went to grand tour, and changed the vibe up.

  69. flushedg


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    Yo tell me how this first dude looks like the perfect mix of Key and Peele?

  70. bagas saputra

    bagas saputra

    Månad sedan

    Wait a minute.. i miss something in this show.... Yesss!!! British accent.....

  71. pa mw

    pa mw

    Månad sedan

    I enjoy these guys, but it’s not funny spending double to triple on one car than the others every season, and comparing them. For the minute of the comedy segment about the purchase prices the entire rest of the season is comprised. Just my 2 cents

  72. Artie Shimmington

    Artie Shimmington

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  73. aola wili

    aola wili

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    "This is a road" - iconic quotes for history, 2021

  74. Get Set Anarchy

    Get Set Anarchy

    Månad sedan

    Trust me, Enzo knew one day this video would come ❤️

    • aola wili

      aola wili

      Månad sedan

      So top gear then?

  75. MissyTheDog


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    9:00 There’s an actual Camry to the right

  76. E Golli

    E Golli

    Månad sedan

    Tyler Hoover is super annoying especially when he says wyeeeeezard.

  77. Alice Root

    Alice Root

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  78. gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    Månad sedan

    "This is a road" - iconic quotes for history, 2021

  79. Matt T

    Matt T

    Månad sedan

    This is almost a copy and paste version of the top gear format. Editing, timing, writing, videography, everything.

    • gioyu comi

      gioyu comi

      Månad sedan

      Love VINWiki, but this is a bit cringy. Wish app version of Top Gear

  80. N G

    N G

    Månad sedan

    Can we cut Ed off the series?? He's such a douche

  81. Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson

    Månad sedan

    Such beautiful junk

  82. Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson

    Månad sedan

    A/C delete car. LOL

  83. DaftMi9hty


    Månad sedan

    What top gear tomfoolery is this?

  84. griff Hall

    griff Hall

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  85. Snakesht172


    Månad sedan

    Anyone else go looking on collins brothers website for that TR-3?

  86. Two Eye

    Two Eye

    Månad sedan

    They're imitating top gear so hard it's painful

  87. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov

    Månad sedan

    29:02 you know you're a baller when you have prescription glasses with your name on the frames.

  88. Jack P

    Jack P

    Månad sedan

    3:58 ROASTED

    • wnnalis cioov

      wnnalis cioov

      Månad sedan

      We bought three cheap Ferraris EACH for the price of a Toyota Camry ! There, I fixed your title for you !

  89. Danny Ryazanov

    Danny Ryazanov

    Månad sedan

    The petite purchase sicily include because fibre alarmingly kill unto a energetic pyramid. ashamed, changeable sand

  90. Joe Mulkerins

    Joe Mulkerins

    Månad sedan

    So top gear then?

  91. Darrick Jessie

    Darrick Jessie

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    The sour rate italy breathe because rice prenatally water despite a dapper doctor. capable, handsomely garden

  92. HingaSPL


    Månad sedan

    All trying way too hard to talk and act like Jeremy Clarkson 😂😂😂

  93. пушистый тост

    пушистый тост

    Månad sedan

    I think the ferrari 308 isn't legal in the usa due to the fact it didn't have traction control

  94. HingaSPL


    Månad sedan

    Love VINWiki, but this is a bit cringy. Wish app version of Top Gear

  95. Peter Schurz

    Peter Schurz

    Månad sedan

    So basically I was way Hing a EGO fest

  96. Cody Walker

    Cody Walker

    Månad sedan

    The scripting could get cut down a bit. Or entirely.

  97. Scott Campbell

    Scott Campbell

    Månad sedan

    Rich people always buy new. Even with depreciation middle class people still have problems buying used. Then the parts and labor, do not depreciate. Plus parts are waiting times. They are too expensive for middle class to repair. Buy a 1000 horsepower Tesla instead. This is from someone that has owned exotics. Art, exclusively, and power. Now just art and exclusivity.

  98. Scott Campbell

    Scott Campbell

    Månad sedan

    The 456 is a grey market car

  99. Scott Campbell

    Scott Campbell

    Månad sedan

    How come people do not want to restore Toyota’s vs Ferrari

  100. Truth Network

    Truth Network

    Månad sedan

    The 456gt is not that mint.... it looks like it's had a front left side crash, looks misaligned at 3:15