This Is Why No One Ever Sleeps in the Ocean

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      *The deepest recorded dive was 2,992 metres, breaking the record for diving mammals. Experts have suggested that this dive was unusually deep for this species. A more normal depth would be 2,000 metres. Sperm whales also regularly dive 1,000 to 2,000 metres deep (6561 feet 8.157 inches - 3280 feet 10.079 inches)*



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    *talking about the ocean* … ‘Hey y’all, remember Gandalf?’

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    You kept saying or inferring that Sperm whales don't dive very deep. This is not so They are known to dive to over 3000 feet and most likely deeper still. Blue whales on the other hand dive to 300 to 500 feet at the most. This is a matter of food loction. Blue whales eat Krill which stays closer to the surface. Sperm whales feed on giant squid which inhabit great depths. I don't believe a Sperm whale could hope to outrun an Orca. Orca's top speed is about 30+ knots (35 mph 56kph) A Sperm whales top speed is about 20 Knots (23 mph, 37kph) A sperm whale cruises at 4 to 7 knts an Orca cruises at a much much higher speed that they can maintain for hours and hours. So running away from orca's is not the defense that Sperm whales would use against an Orca.

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    Was that guy dead

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    sperm whales hunt giant squids no? wich means they can go to the depts of the ocean?

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    7:55 finally the legend is mentioned The man of the future

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    Oh I thought it was because we would drown if we slept in the ocean

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    This video just made my thalassphobia worse

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    Ok I am into this by 30sec & I can tell you it’s because they are sleeping, 20 yrs ago I was swimming around an adolescent humpback whale who was sleeping however the whale was upside down

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    I would assume it's loud underwater

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    The thumbnail looked like blue fingers with fins

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    Maybe a few whopper fart bubbles would wake them up...

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    Animal stargate

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    How do orca's sleep ?

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    0:10 I think the word you are looking for is "Floating"

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    How can they be standing, when they have nothing too stand on..😂🤔

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    Fun fact: I'm watching this before I go to sleep 👀

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    How tf do orcas and GW sharks prey on sperm whales? They’re 1/3 the size

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    I love this channel.

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    Answer: because they wiuld die

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    Not Sleeping can make u die* Me watching at 1am playing to play video games: interesting

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    0:19 this is the most interesting part -coffee addict 😩

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    Great white sharks do NOT prefer great depths.

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    Whale's version of a T-Pose

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    I think we need sleep because we think all the time and our brains get tired from thinking apart from handling body function our brains do abstract thinking. for animals mostly underwater animals like fish don't need to think even their safety mechanisms are kind of muscle memory I guess. higher the brain functions more you need rest.

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    The way the info is presented made me feel dumber after watching the video.

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    No one sleeps in the ocean because u can't breath in water nincompoop

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    No duh- whats next, “this is why noone puts their hands in a sharks mouth.”

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    I don't need a video to know why no one sleeps in the ocean

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    Title: no one ever sleeps in the ocean People in submarines: 👁👄👁

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    About humans sleep, it takes me 3 hours to get to sleep cause my anxiety so it's around 2am when I get to sleep and I wake up at 7am every morning Question: Is 5 hours ENOUGH

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    I know why we don’t sleep in water cuz we can’t breathe there;-;

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    Not gonna lie when I first saw the thumbnail I thought the whales where huge thumbs swimming in the ocean and I was very confused.

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    Those are sperm whales and they sure as fuck are afraid of puny little killer whales or anything really besides man

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    I’m so interested in the fact that they control their breathing and can also drown. Fish can suffocate…sheesh. Ya learn somethin’ new everyday.

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    WRONG!... sooo WRONG... they're not sleeping or resting. Now i am not allowed to say what they're doimg but i can tell you to take a SPL sensor next time.

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    When he brought up breathing, now ur thinking about breathing. Now ur manually breathing, lol

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    I actually wondered how certain fish slept.

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    "This is why no one ever sleeps in the ocean." Because it's the ocean?

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    Not a great video, way too much speculation. And a few inaccuracies or missed nuances

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    I think I know why we don't sleep in the ocean. It may be because we have to BREATHE.

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    Здравствуйсте, я заметил что существует клон данного канала на русском. Хм... подозрительно

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    Moral whales are linux to Android

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    “Whales can really drown” “fish can suffocate” Well, now I’m going to worry about all of them for hours before I go to sleep 🥺

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    Yooooo these whales got a cult goin on they finna kill us

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    my back went bad and prevented me to sleep, it really damaged my mentality, i slept when i physically was not able to stay awake :D Always make sure ya sleep well

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    On the topic of sleep, there's a rare genetic disorder affecting humans called Fatal Family Insommia. Once the symptoms appear you live on average18 months! There's no cure and in the end you literally can't sleep and you lose your mind. There's a book called 'The family that couldn't sleep' that discusses how the disease why identified while it kept killing members of a family generation after generation. If some animals can do without sleep, we certainly can't.

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    Don't forget to breathe or you d i e 1:37

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    Saw the title and thought: Nobody sleeps in the ocean because we will die if we do that. K what’s the video about

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    Whales with knees be like

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    Whales are manual transmission mammals

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    your voice is so ugly for documentary movies

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    couldn't be bothered to watch but maybe its because humans sink... unless you count the land whales....

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    My dad's been sleeping in the ocean for 13 years so my dad's awesome 😎

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    I think no one sleeps in the ocean because they’ll drown

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    Not to be weird, but, I can’t hold my tongue. The graphic that began at 5:11 was greatly disrespectful and made light of the catastrophic ship v whale collisions which take countless whale lives a year, probably. I will not accept your apology, but I do demand one nonetheless.

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    This is why we don't sleep in the ocean, Me"or because we can't breathe down there?"

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    İntro is disgusting 🤢 Why do you drink coffee loudly😤

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    @1:56 Uh how is that air getting in? The blowhole (or nostril) is at the very tip of the head, there is clearly an image of this, yet air magically comes in through the body wall.

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    I didn’t see any reasons why people don’t sleep in the ocean in this video, so I’ll give you the answer. **Clears throat** *We can’t breathe underwater, buster*

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    Fun fact: Whales sing lamentations to the Lord of Hosts.

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    the fact that whales have to come up to breath is so unfair, they should be able to swim like sharks.

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    You have no idea how sperm whales work. You should maybe check your info before presenting it as fact.

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    Why does it have creepy music but sperm whales are not my kind of animal because they eat giant and colossal squid's

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    Okay but the parrot fish looks so happy in his little bubble. What am I doing at 9am on my gaming account going down a SE-one rabbit hole? Find out next time on dragon ball z

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    This is like the Troom Troom of scientific accuracy. Sperm whales don't need to breathe every few minutes, they can hold their breath for 90 minutes, an hour and a half. Sperm whales are also well-known for being extremely deep divers to eat squid, they're not deterred from the extreme depths because "it's cold or there's sharks." And whales don't die from beaching because they drown in the water, they die because they wind up *out* of the water and their lungs basically collapse because the whale can't support its body structure out of the water.