1. Eelogoose


    32 minuter sedan

    Bruh, how does this make my life a lie?

  2. Erica Jones

    Erica Jones

    34 minuter sedan

    “If I told you your life was a lie”. Yea Bruce and bobby NOT me

  3. •_Ghøst_Eye_•


    42 minuter sedan

    Dude it's called immortality if this story is true and they found 96 year old kid that look 4 years old and has a height of a 4 year old something made him immortal Also no breaking the 4rth wall okay

  4. ShaunMander


    Timme sedan

    Ur career I a lie

  5. Raythe Goat

    Raythe Goat

    Timme sedan

    Get a life guy

  6. Franklin Clinton

    Franklin Clinton

    2 timmar sedan

    His whole was a lie too😏 Telling me a story, that we don't care about 🙄

  7. Justin Flicop

    Justin Flicop

    2 timmar sedan

    😐😶 yeah that's really messed up

  8. Ssundee2.03


    2 timmar sedan

    But you are a kid😨

  9. Centuria Proxima

    Centuria Proxima

    3 timmar sedan


  10. Mariam Price

    Mariam Price

    3 timmar sedan

    Me yelling for my cat Bobby* when he says Bobby went missing then can't find Bobby but finds him chillin in a hole in the cat bed like HOW U GET.IN THERE FAT BOY

  11. Ahide Garcia

    Ahide Garcia

    3 timmar sedan

    Him:"what if I told u your hole life was a lie" Me: no it ant, it happened in there's not mine and I didn't know abt this BOII QUITE WITH UR LYING SELF

  12. MUI GOKU


    4 timmar sedan

    (Your whole life is a lie ) This is not my whole life man

  13. Betina Amfelt

    Betina Amfelt

    4 timmar sedan

    ''What if i told you youre whole life was a lie?'' i wouldnt believe you

  14. Michelle Melvin

    Michelle Melvin

    4 timmar sedan

    What of told my life is not a lie

  15. 『 Lxxury 』

    『 Lxxury 』

    4 timmar sedan

    And my name being Anderson

  16. Olivias world

    Olivias world

    5 timmar sedan

    I think I know how, their parents could be face blind. So basically they could see him as his son, when he is someone else

  17. lovleen kapoor makeup artist

    lovleen kapoor makeup artist

    5 timmar sedan

    How this makes our life a lie

  18. ☘︎C ʟ ᴏ ᴠ ᴇ ʀ☘︎

    ☘︎C ʟ ᴏ ᴠ ᴇ ʀ☘︎

    5 timmar sedan

    Others: *His parents probably killed him!* Me: *wAiT iSn'T 1912 tHe yEaR tHe tItAnIc sUnK????!*

  19. kRiS oN mObiLe

    kRiS oN mObiLe

    6 timmar sedan

    Icycol: What if I told you your whole life was a lie? Me: Please Don’t.

  20. ShadowDevilTheSecond


    7 timmar sedan

    Then why is my life a lie again?

  21. Noura Al ajmi

    Noura Al ajmi

    7 timmar sedan

    What if I told you that almost all your vids are a lie

  22. Feral Designs

    Feral Designs

    7 timmar sedan

    But it’s someone else’s life and all the parents did was get confused so how does that prove my life is a lie?

  23. Thomas Padovese

    Thomas Padovese

    8 timmar sedan

    Idk why but this makes me uncomfortable

  24. Tyler Godwin

    Tyler Godwin

    8 timmar sedan


  25. callmehvioletx


    9 timmar sedan

    so the year that the titanic sank?

  26. hot af 😌

    hot af 😌

    9 timmar sedan

    If you were to tell me that my life is a lie I would simply not believe you because then you would have to be a part of my life one way or another which would mean that you're telling me that you're a figment of my imagination thus meaning that everything you're saying is a lie ..

  27. tiktok edit

    tiktok edit

    9 timmar sedan

    How does that make my life a lie😐

  28. I'm not the one you think I'm

    I'm not the one you think I'm

    9 timmar sedan

    What if I told you, you're whole life was a lie Me: what if I told you I already knew it

  29. Nikunj Santhalia

    Nikunj Santhalia

    10 timmar sedan

    He : what if I told u your whole life is a lie Me : nope

  30. ukraine


    10 timmar sedan

    What If I told you your life is a lie? Me: soo your a lie?

  31. ‹acro • vibes›

    ‹acro • vibes›

    10 timmar sedan

    Everyone: talking about the actual video Me: how many glasses of water does he drink-? 👁️👄👁️

  32. Hyptic_Pixel


    12 timmar sedan

    Ah yes definitely has to do with my life

  33. n o

    n o

    13 timmar sedan

    I'd believe it

  34. Mrinal Verma

    Mrinal Verma

    13 timmar sedan

    Plot twist - Bobby was the middle one out of his siblings

  35. Meme


    14 timmar sedan

    What if I told you you haven’t shaved in a cup of months.

  36. Lillie Pike

    Lillie Pike

    14 timmar sedan

    Him* What if I told you your hole life was a lie Me* I'd believe it

  37. Erick Camorling

    Erick Camorling

    14 timmar sedan

    This does’t mean my life us a lie

  38. Dark_warrior905


    14 timmar sedan

    That is me after I bought 1k cp secretly from my mom's credit card to buy the new ghost simon in modern warfare

  39. suhas_shetty 06

    suhas_shetty 06

    15 timmar sedan

    If u would say me that my whole life was a lie i would say "*oh thank god!!*""

  40. DreamwasTaken


    15 timmar sedan

    Ok your life is a lie too🆗

  41. Arizbeth Gamboa

    Arizbeth Gamboa

    16 timmar sedan

    Its true but wich is bobby they both kinda look the same but one has freckals

  42. Over-board


    16 timmar sedan

    So how is our life the lie?

  43. Heydie Bermea

    Heydie Bermea

    16 timmar sedan

    Him: what if I told you your whole life was a lie Me: then you wouldn't be lying 😂😓😓😭

  44. Naya Ramadan

    Naya Ramadan

    16 timmar sedan

    What if I told you your life is a lie? What if i told you I already know?

  45. MasterOfSnails


    17 timmar sedan

    What do you mean my whole life is a lie? I hear nothing about my life

  46. Clover Lin

    Clover Lin

    17 timmar sedan

    Sorry I am NOT Bobby ..so my whole life is not a lie 😭😂😂

  47. random anthony

    random anthony

    18 timmar sedan

    No one likes you

  48. Miraculous M.B

    Miraculous M.B

    18 timmar sedan

    This is messed up

  49. Sky Blue Cloud

    Sky Blue Cloud

    18 timmar sedan

    Well not technically because he could have been an inversion... someone who has the same family but a different universe... meaning he could infact be someone who exists yes but from a different universe where he has THAT family and thinks they changed his name.

  50. Dawko_Meme 85

    Dawko_Meme 85

    19 timmar sedan

    If my whole life is a lie, does that mean I'm ADOPTED?!?

  51. This is a poor channel you may unsubscribetoplease

    This is a poor channel you may unsubscribetoplease

    19 timmar sedan

    It is a lie.

  52. Adrian Armstrong

    Adrian Armstrong

    19 timmar sedan

    Why do people in YT shorts pour a bottle of water into a glass?

  53. MrPerfect


    20 timmar sedan

    Me reading the name of the video: Jup, I already knew.

  54. hm


    21 timme sedan

    What if I told you most of your videos are bullshit?

  55. Jack Batten

    Jack Batten

    21 timme sedan

    Well I read your life is a lie and I flopped

  56. Itz_Leah


    21 timme sedan

    They probably switched parents, like bobby probably went with the other kid parents? Idk

  57. Rameen Irfan

    Rameen Irfan

    22 timmar sedan

    Yep my whole life is a lie and I should just go and die...

  58. xXShadow Night81Xx

    xXShadow Night81Xx

    22 timmar sedan

    how is no one talking about that his whole family was still alive after 92 years 🤷‍♂️

  59. Quit Ok

    Quit Ok

    23 timmar sedan

    Doe not explain how MY whole life is a lie.

  60. Lechatauxlegume s

    Lechatauxlegume s

    23 timmar sedan


  61. Quantum Gamer

    Quantum Gamer

    Dag sedan

    An OUTing is OUTside.....MY LIFE IS FAKE

  62. ashley billimoria

    ashley billimoria

    Dag sedan

    How did it mean if a boy went missing my life is a lie

  63. Mirage


    Dag sedan

    108 so 108 plus to 1912 equals 2020 And he was 4 at the time So NO HED BE 112 stupid ass man

  64. Gf


    Dag sedan

    Him : he could be out there with a false identity Me : he's probably dead

  65. Princess_Paegan


    Dag sedan

    "What if I told you your whole life was a lie?" Why was my first reaction "lmao okay, and?"

  66. Cousin Rivalry

    Cousin Rivalry

    Dag sedan

    The matrix 😱

  67. Evie Bailey

    Evie Bailey

    Dag sedan

    You have an outing outside! WHAT! 🤣



    Dag sedan

    How my life is a lie?

  69. Khris Xaydon

    Khris Xaydon

    Dag sedan

    Your life is not a lie your life is a gift from god

  70. René Coetsee

    René Coetsee

    Dag sedan

    Yo but Lokey he sounds like a click bait youtuber lol



    Dag sedan




    Dag sedan


  73. Crythix


    Dag sedan

    Icycol is a SE-one Short Legend.

  74. FANBOY39


    Dag sedan

    Already is

  75. Jimmy


    Dag sedan

    Oh no

  76. Lunar Ripper

    Lunar Ripper

    Dag sedan

    My life?

  77. Ammar's Tube

    Ammar's Tube

    Dag sedan

    Our life is not a lie your life is a lie

  78. EeGgTt


    Dag sedan

    Yeah nah bobby prop like died to a bear or something when he went missing in the forest



    Dag sedan

    “What if I told you your life is a lie” Me- yea ik no need to remind me

  80. Monke banana

    Monke banana

    Dag sedan

    My whole life is already a lie my dad said he would get the milk 15 years later no milk still

  81. Soumik Pramanik

    Soumik Pramanik

    Dag sedan

    No need to tell

  82. Michelle Villegas

    Michelle Villegas

    Dag sedan

    Icycol when u say my whole life is lie Me:omg mom mom mom my life is lie Mom:your grounded ur soo crazyy Me:😩😶😩😩

  83. Itz Hollo

    Itz Hollo

    Dag sedan

    Bobby`s life is a lie not ours 😉

  84. smol monke

    smol monke

    Dag sedan

    How does that make my life a lie???

  85. Some kid

    Some kid

    Dag sedan

    My life isn't a lie its a joke

  86. Ahmet Sarper

    Ahmet Sarper

    Dag sedan

    If my whole life is a lie and you are a part of my life that means you r also a lie

  87. lipstick


    Dag sedan

    What is going to do about my life I don't know these people

  88. Loz


    Dag sedan

    So if my life is a lie that means him saying that means my life isnt a lie

  89. Brock Schoenfeld

    Brock Schoenfeld

    Dag sedan

    I'd believe it

  90. tacø bell

    tacø bell

    Dag sedan

    outing outside no outing *inside*

  91. Wolv Pack

    Wolv Pack

    Dag sedan

    What if I told you your AdOpTeD

  92. MxxnMallow


    Dag sedan

    What does the content have to do with my life being a lie seriously tho

  93. lil Monster

    lil Monster

    Dag sedan

    It is