1. Kassim Tajideen

    Kassim Tajideen

    8 dagar sedan


  2. Vikas Vasista

    Vikas Vasista

    15 dagar sedan

    3:59 he is playing rui Costa LB

  3. Zegli


    18 dagar sedan


  4. Eman Ibrahim

    Eman Ibrahim

    22 dagar sedan

    @dannyaarons how do u do the skill move in the 9:50 minute bcz u sent that defender inside his FUCKING BALLSACK

  5. Nono Nino Thomas

    Nono Nino Thomas

    27 dagar sedan

    It’s coming home!

  6. Sam Ellis

    Sam Ellis

    28 dagar sedan

    6:46 Danny you need to make this a clip

  7. ffal human

    ffal human

    Månad sedan

    7:29 the fact that walker was next to Reece James was hilarious

  8. Oscar Judge

    Oscar Judge

    Månad sedan

    Instead of benzema u should say Karim the dream adeyemi

  9. Max Wright

    Max Wright

    Månad sedan

    Is u7buy a scam

  10. Lil gangsta

    Lil gangsta

    Månad sedan

    I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard through dis vid, but when he did the bird celebration I was dead🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Sakariye Ayanle

    Sakariye Ayanle

    Månad sedan

    you are rat danny a cb on rb pos

  12. Mr luke Hi

    Mr luke Hi

    Månad sedan

    Bukambu makes me creeme

  13. Nisse Johansson

    Nisse Johansson

    Månad sedan

    Danny Aarons 2x speed is good

  14. Joe Playz

    Joe Playz

    Månad sedan

    Love the 'so false' meme!

  15. minecraft man

    minecraft man

    Månad sedan

    "Haaland where you at BITCH

  16. Bebe Bakwa

    Bebe Bakwa

    Månad sedan


  17. Oliver Blake

    Oliver Blake

    Månad sedan

    10:00 when you ask you how you are and you just have to say that your fine when your not really fine.

  18. Abdul Kadir

    Abdul Kadir

    Månad sedan

    Why the f would you head it there happens to me all the time

  19. LaFlame


    Månad sedan

    Best Fifa 21 SE-oner fr

  20. Ryan Thompson

    Ryan Thompson

    Månad sedan

    A feel sorry for youtbers me playing a game what's really rubbish and ea don't care bout gameplay

  21. Matty Nest

    Matty Nest

    Månad sedan

    Bakambu doesn’t even follow you :(

  22. milk truck

    milk truck

    Månad sedan

    get more stuff do you hate your sister brawnzy? yes

  23. Ryan Molstad

    Ryan Molstad

    Månad sedan

    The Tapsoba puns are unreal

  24. Sauces B.Z.I

    Sauces B.Z.I

    Månad sedan

    u need daka

  25. Hannes Hammar

    Hannes Hammar

    Månad sedan

    Where miura?

  26. Axel Blaze

    Axel Blaze

    Månad sedan

    che sogno vedere Danny che je fa la ballerina

  27. Harry Flack

    Harry Flack

    Månad sedan

    Why you don’t have 500 m subs



    Månad sedan

    Yes this lad has been followed by Beckham berbatov de bruyne on insta iam jealous tbh

  29. Stable 13y π

    Stable 13y π

    Månad sedan

    "Welcome your faces back " never gets old 😂😂

  30. Hazzer Vlogs

    Hazzer Vlogs

    Månad sedan

    I’ve been subbed since 20k You’ve developed so much Keep on going

  31. Toby wuvs brawl stars

    Toby wuvs brawl stars

    Månad sedan

    1:40 at least it isn’t a full back at centre back

  32. Sam Gallagher

    Sam Gallagher

    Månad sedan

    I been playing all year div rivals and haven't reviewed not 1 good card the whole year of rewards its a joke lol

  33. ん

    Månad sedan

    Cheers me up when this man uploads🙂

  34. XFaze/ Reloadx

    XFaze/ Reloadx

    Månad sedan

    You missed a perfect link 11:19 lb cb

  35. liam legend scorpian

    liam legend scorpian

    Månad sedan

    Do a team of your favourite team or the slowest

  36. The King

    The King

    Månad sedan

    12:01 what is he saying on every tackle sounds like havertz lol

  37. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson

    Månad sedan

    Wheres that shirt from mate?

  38. Willie Bowe

    Willie Bowe

    Månad sedan

    If you use edouard I’m going to unsubscribe then Rick roll my self and get variance and Mendy and quick sell waman

  39. Nico A

    Nico A

    Månad sedan

    POV: watching the video while playing fullbacks as centerbacks

  40. Noel Mullally

    Noel Mullally

    Månad sedan

    Mans talking clash of clans reinforcements in the middle of a fifa game

  41. Milo Loermans

    Milo Loermans

    Månad sedan


  42. leo sparks

    leo sparks

    Månad sedan

    danny do you know what grass is??? you said its never leaving the blades of what do you call it grass

  43. Charbel Finianos

    Charbel Finianos

    Månad sedan

    Sounded like harry (w2s) 12:24

  44. VIHU Cool

    VIHU Cool

    Månad sedan

    I forgot to sub why did I forget.

  45. Lewis Wise

    Lewis Wise

    Månad sedan

    Does that U7 buy coin site actually work

  46. Hobo Joe

    Hobo Joe

    Månad sedan

    Flashback mbabu is going to give me aneurisms when I’m 50

  47. 4LPHA_Clan


    Månad sedan

    Danny is the only person I watch while in an actual game cause he makes it so funny. GOOD FODDA

  48. Oluwafemi Ekundayo

    Oluwafemi Ekundayo

    Månad sedan

    Might be my favorite Danny Video😂 Cuz he played so many games I wanna see more Torres tho😂 that Nino video gets me everytime

  49. NicolasMagnifico


    Månad sedan

    Adeyemi follows you on ig hehe boy:))

  50. Vicente Monge

    Vicente Monge

    Månad sedan

    Danny get Nani

  51. Parnes


    Månad sedan

    8:15 why is mourinho from ligue1? France league ? 🤣

  52. A1ML0W potato

    A1ML0W potato

    Månad sedan

    7:35 this aint tiktok lad

  53. Hawke Holbrook

    Hawke Holbrook

    Månad sedan

    0:53/0:59 lmao

  54. Julio Velasco

    Julio Velasco

    Månad sedan

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the Pedro Neto clips 😂😂😂

  55. Edits By DEAD

    Edits By DEAD

    Månad sedan

    Must watch a lot of w2s jheeeee

  56. george atkinson

    george atkinson

    Månad sedan

    Your website robbed me, don’t use the coins website he recommends it’s a scam.

  57. Mark


    Månad sedan

    Not attack on titan. Now it's Attack on Fifa 21

  58. Skrianra


    Månad sedan

    On behave of the people of The Netherlands I apologize 4 the person using our kings day shirt..

  59. BlakeGibbo


    Månad sedan

    Does anyone have any suggestions on who to use instead of mendy and varane? I have abt 40k coins

  60. TheJarvisReviews


    Månad sedan

    Try mbokani he’s the highest scorer for Congo

  61. TheMusicfan189


    Månad sedan

    Danny, you are so fucking funny lmfaooooo

  62. RAINBOW 6 DOC ,


    Månad sedan

    Best attack but weres king kazu

  63. Scott Gonzalez

    Scott Gonzalez

    Månad sedan

    By far the best fifa SE-oner

  64. Shea Callery

    Shea Callery

    Månad sedan

    Best ytber ever! He's Good Fodder

  65. pobg


    Månad sedan

    Danny shags. End of.

  66. connor llewellyn

    connor llewellyn

    Månad sedan

    There’s a kazu miura promo going on on pes 88 rated lw kazu

  67. Jollegaming


    Månad sedan

    I just met that team tho and won

  68. Dannyarronschild


    Månad sedan

    I fuckin love it when he starts saying something then cuts to the next clip

  69. Dannyarronschild


    Månad sedan

    Fuckin he’ll my fav SE-oner

  70. Nathaniel B-C

    Nathaniel B-C

    Månad sedan

    Klosterman > tap at fullback

  71. amir khateri

    amir khateri

    Månad sedan

    “Aah my tap is been sent I need to get a plumber” -Danny Aarons 2021

  72. amir khateri

    amir khateri

    Månad sedan

    Before you know it everyone will be playing cb at Rb😅

  73. Mistbater Junction

    Mistbater Junction

    Månad sedan

    Im not the only one who read the title the beat attack on titan right?

  74. Trenton Vogel

    Trenton Vogel

    Månad sedan

    NO GOD SQUAD- 1 God- Jesus! Be chaste- kind- shouldn’t cuss

  75. Adrianos


    Månad sedan

    danny I cannot find any streams on the url, can someone please help?

  76. Edi Grigore

    Edi Grigore

    Månad sedan

    W2S Scream at 12:24

  77. Nuri Karadal

    Nuri Karadal

    Månad sedan

    What are your camera settings?

  78. Da Kid

    Da Kid

    Månad sedan

    Got a 91 rated adeyemi on career mode and he is my bae

  79. DW4MVP


    Månad sedan

    3:57 that LWB

  80. BAP


    Månad sedan

    I saw that cut away to the editing, Danny mate ur trim is class 😍

  81. 777 777

    777 777

    Månad sedan

    5:25 ❤️

  82. Luc Wijngaard

    Luc Wijngaard

    Månad sedan

    6:50 this is what we all came for

  83. Γιωργος Τσακιλτζης

    Γιωργος Τσακιλτζης

    Månad sedan

    Where do you stream?? I can’t find youuuuuuuuuuu

  84. Luc Wijngaard

    Luc Wijngaard

    Månad sedan

    Why is Danny doing that celebration in real life?

  85. skyline


    Månad sedan

    outro song?

    • Jabril04


      Månad sedan

      Shake it off - Taylor swift

  86. Jack Coulter

    Jack Coulter

    Månad sedan

    Danny doing the bird dance is the best thing you will ever see

  87. Nur Aiman

    Nur Aiman

    Månad sedan


  88. Jack Coulter

    Jack Coulter

    Månad sedan


  89. MyEyesR...


    Månad sedan

    dont worry guys it defends ~ the danny aarons creativity factor

  90. Omar Elshennawi

    Omar Elshennawi

    Månad sedan

    Guess TB stands for through ball disease not tuberculosis

  91. Melker Nilsson

    Melker Nilsson

    Månad sedan

    You should play pes they have a special miura card

  92. Daniel


    Månad sedan


  93. Henricr07


    Månad sedan

    Barca next year is perfect link fc: Roberto, pique, garcia, alba, fati, de jong, wijnaldum, depay, aguero and Messi…. If depay joins

  94. Funki


    Månad sedan


  95. Sean Rooney

    Sean Rooney

    Månad sedan

    At 12:12 hahahahaha I’ve just nearly died laughing hahahahhaha

  96. Joseph Boss

    Joseph Boss

    Månad sedan

    Ballack is shit, i found him in a 50k pack and i gave him up in a serie a guaranteed sbc. Love this vids!

    • Jabril04


      Månad sedan

      Sure you did mate

  97. 237 Vibhas Nagalla

    237 Vibhas Nagalla

    Månad sedan

    7:34 that skill though 🤣🤣

  98. Advit Jangwal

    Advit Jangwal

    Månad sedan

    did I mention this comment is hearted by Danny Aarons?

  99. Max Alner

    Max Alner

    Månad sedan

    full RB team for Mr Southgate👀

  100. Kevin Power

    Kevin Power

    Månad sedan

    Please use the mbappe zidane clip more