I Blew Up The Engine In The Mud Truck... It Sounded HORRIBLE....


  1. Cock_McStuffinz


    28 dagar sedan

    Nothing says Florida like the door panels on the mud truck.

  2. Blake Nic

    Blake Nic

    Månad sedan

    Smokey tune is bad for diesel

  3. Error Sk

    Error Sk

    Månad sedan

    It's bullshit like this that gets the most emissions for the leadt use. Enjoying cars ? Sure. But this aint my style honestly

  4. sunshine stacker

    sunshine stacker

    Månad sedan

    Jinx your self man

  5. Penny Martin Photography

    Penny Martin Photography

    Månad sedan

    Fun times!

  6. NickBwheelin


    Månad sedan


  7. Cardboard Sliver

    Cardboard Sliver

    Månad sedan

    These things throw more smoke than a Class 37. But unlike these things. A Class 37 is useful, and pretty.

  8. Crank Em In Fishing

    Crank Em In Fishing

    Månad sedan

    My man got built doors and he pressure washing them

  9. Scott Roberts

    Scott Roberts

    Månad sedan

    Didn't the announcer used to be on TV? I can't remember the name of the show. *edit* I just figured it out. He was on Truck U

  10. kenneth street

    kenneth street

    Månad sedan

    @2:49 next paint color, main bearing metallic bronze.

    • kenneth street

      kenneth street

      Månad sedan

      It's pretty.

  11. Luke Hilderbrand

    Luke Hilderbrand

    Månad sedan

    Yo jh diesel we need to get together my last name is hilderbrand I was like wtf

  12. Low Tide Boyz

    Low Tide Boyz

    Månad sedan

    time for a built 7.3?

  13. Christopher Christofonovich

    Christopher Christofonovich

    Månad sedan

    I have never been to anything like this after working 15 years in the racing industry but the people sitting so close seem crazy. The guy sitting on the divider with legs close to the wheels scares me?

  14. Gage parr

    Gage parr

    Månad sedan

    It broke cause its a ford, throw in a cummins bro.

  15. Jason The Contractor

    Jason The Contractor

    Månad sedan

    Finally.... time for a real motor with 2 less cylinders!

  16. OnlyDiesel90


    Månad sedan

    Well damn, I live in Sanford, cant believe I missed this.

  17. mark scully

    mark scully

    Månad sedan

    might be a good time to cut all the unnecessary shit out of he wiring and tidy things up!

  18. Pestilizer


    Månad sedan

    Lmao. Typical Ford😂😂

  19. Gnome Whyte

    Gnome Whyte

    Månad sedan

    Lol you didn't dive that for 3 hours. 3 minutes and dead. Doesn't make you look good tbh

  20. Kody zabelle

    Kody zabelle

    Månad sedan

    now put a 7.3 in the mud truck

  21. Bruce Cook

    Bruce Cook

    Månad sedan

    Outlasted mine by 6 years! lol

  22. David Peterson

    David Peterson

    Månad sedan

    Famous last words “I’m going to take it easy, don’t want to break anything” ha

  23. Slumped 2X

    Slumped 2X

    Månad sedan

    the comeback game on the new version of the truck should be good💪🏽

  24. The Shupe Bros

    The Shupe Bros

    Månad sedan

    10k to 12k a year salary? Thts my shiity pay as a bus driver. Lmao

  25. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Gabriel Gonzalez

    Månad sedan

    Time for the ole trusty 7.3

  26. Dan G

    Dan G

    Månad sedan

    Hmm wonder whats going in it now...

  27. Sho Nuff

    Sho Nuff

    Månad sedan

    As a guy who's made it rich off Power stroke trucks. I completely surprised you blew the worst truck ever designed up

  28. Peter Mackenzie

    Peter Mackenzie

    Månad sedan

    what with lockdown's, i think there may have been a few more contenders for tugger of the year.

  29. Adrian Schoorl

    Adrian Schoorl

    Månad sedan

    Old cleetus would be proud , you big TUGGER..LOL

  30. Bill Heald

    Bill Heald

    Månad sedan

    Yea but its a 6.NO tho.... So did anyone expect anything different?!? 😂

  31. nostranger2u


    Månad sedan

    Well, maybe Cleetus could start a truck fund... since it was your pond that killed it! 😆

  32. stack3r


    Månad sedan

    Real diesels dont roll coal.

  33. Landscaping Specialist

    Landscaping Specialist

    Månad sedan

    Get this man another 6.0L stat

  34. Logos Rising Bear

    Logos Rising Bear

    Månad sedan

    Damn, with those tires whats a burnout cost like 2k

  35. Randy Young

    Randy Young

    Månad sedan

    Those 6. Blows Suck brother time for a Cummins or a Duramax

  36. Rocco


    Månad sedan

    Wow that was the most 6.0 things I’ve ever seen

  37. Riley Carelock

    Riley Carelock

    Månad sedan

    I feel like stuff started going wrong once you were being put on cleetus’ channel lmao

  38. ThatGuyInThe5.0


    Månad sedan

    I was there that shit head toyota was a little trooper

  39. josh33025


    Månad sedan

    Truck has electrical issues...I wonder why.

  40. O'Pry


    Månad sedan

    Was that the guy from Trucks?

  41. Ramsey A. Bear

    Ramsey A. Bear

    Månad sedan

    Washed dash and fuse box with pressure washer. " The electrical system has a draw" I wonder why?

  42. Wolfgang widmer

    Wolfgang widmer

    Månad sedan

    You want me to build you another engine?

  43. N1C G3ORG3

    N1C G3ORG3

    Månad sedan

    7 tree swap that puppy

  44. TunaNoCrust


    Månad sedan

    I see you swapped the truck with a rotary? lol

  45. Lucy Loo

    Lucy Loo

    Månad sedan

    I mean buddy...they effing them tires up!! They need slicks for the pavement no ?

  46. brian stephens

    brian stephens

    Månad sedan

    a fummins would be cool for the next one

  47. Mihail Petrovici

    Mihail Petrovici

    Månad sedan

    How do you even get an engine out of there, it's 15 feet to the hood

  48. scooter0241


    Månad sedan

    What does it cost to build somthing like these trucks?

  49. Life’s Wicked

    Life’s Wicked

    Månad sedan

    Whistling diesels new monster max 2 will destroy all trucks

  50. Can't B you

    Can't B you

    Månad sedan

    From the 15 min. mark you can smell the beer.

  51. Damir Selimovic

    Damir Selimovic

    Månad sedan

    you should have changed that filter

  52. 03 blue Z71silverado

    03 blue Z71silverado

    Månad sedan

    Yo was the announcer the guy from Truck u on spike tv?



    Månad sedan

    DANG!! JH!! You ain't got mud in those doors, you got organisms holding hands. {0.o} 😆😆😆

  54. wheelzz wheelzz

    wheelzz wheelzz

    Månad sedan

    You should do a pull with demo ranch five ton just as big lol

  55. Xbox1225


    Månad sedan


  56. confusedtx5


    Månad sedan

    I can't help but think those k rails would do bugger all if one of those trucks decided to make a run for it

  57. Buickboy 69

    Buickboy 69

    Månad sedan

    Needs a 7.3

  58. Acura RL

    Acura RL

    Månad sedan

    Turn it fer what. JH

  59. Steven Wiltse

    Steven Wiltse

    Månad sedan

    That yellow tip sure works wonders!

  60. Randy Rhyne

    Randy Rhyne

    Månad sedan

    I turned wrenches for years, never got to work on anything like that mudder.

  61. boost_is_happiness


    Månad sedan

    How much does one of those cost to build..... geeeez they look extreme.

  62. adam s

    adam s

    2 månader sedan

    Finally dries out completely from the pond and he goes n sprays it with 150lb force of WATER just blowing it nice hard to dry spots

  63. Seal


    2 månader sedan

    And just remember boys, spinnin' ain't winnin'. (It's still cool tho)

  64. Seal


    2 månader sedan

    "It's just a ticking time bomb" Guys I think he can see into the future...

  65. Dan Verkerk

    Dan Verkerk

    2 månader sedan

    I found your channel after I've seen you co-star on Cleetus's channel so often and im stoked i did! Killer content, fun to watch, and you are a natural in front if the cam. Thanks for the video and stoked to see what crazy ass shenanigans you got comin' next!

  66. Darwin McReynolds

    Darwin McReynolds

    2 månader sedan

    Can’t wait to see how bad it is when u get it out be a good time to give it a little more power

  67. That Guy

    That Guy

    2 månader sedan

    Hole pounder and dirty Mike lol

  68. Shaun Torpey

    Shaun Torpey

    2 månader sedan

    So wild one had a ton of water in its bed.

  69. Yourmomisbomb007


    2 månader sedan

    Are those chain limit straps?!?! Hell yea

  70. Lachlan Bruem

    Lachlan Bruem

    2 månader sedan

    whats the theory behind the brake caliper on the front diff? im completely unfamiliar with mudding vehicles

  71. winja


    2 månader sedan

    you should have known something was gonna go badly when the truck started right up. thats always a clear sign shits about to go sideways LOL

  72. M.S.R 4x4

    M.S.R 4x4

    2 månader sedan

    I love the limited straps

  73. J Ram

    J Ram

    2 månader sedan

    That 6.0 is done , injectors and all.... once I saw that oil I knew what was coming

  74. Bryan Depiazzy

    Bryan Depiazzy

    2 månader sedan

    How much are these mud tires each

  75. Mark mcmahen

    Mark mcmahen

    2 månader sedan

    1st problem you drove 6hrs round trip to Sanford FL. 2nd was it was to go to the Barn Bar/Club.

  76. Alan Creamer

    Alan Creamer

    2 månader sedan

    U going to put moter in roll or what in store

  77. rd95stang


    2 månader sedan

    "Pull my finger, cross my fingers whatever.." -J.H. Diesel

  78. Coddy Copeland

    Coddy Copeland

    2 månader sedan

    Shoulda had the new JH Diesel mechanic wrench on the truck before the pull 😂

  79. Stephen M

    Stephen M

    2 månader sedan

    Now you have an excuse to put a real diesel engine in it. Big old cat or detroit or something..

  80. Wildlife


    2 månader sedan

    When it took on the water, I knew it was done. No bearing ever recovers from water lol but hell of send bro!

    • Real Rick Harrison

      Real Rick Harrison

      2 månader sedan

      You fool person

  81. Roberto Jacobo

    Roberto Jacobo

    2 månader sedan

    JH: "hold my finger cross my fingers"🤣😂

  82. Matt Peters

    Matt Peters

    2 månader sedan

    Motor swap and body swap 🥺

  83. lanning mechanical

    lanning mechanical

    2 månader sedan

    Just pollute away.

  84. Eddie vargas

    Eddie vargas

    2 månader sedan

    Well freakin see you next time

  85. The King's Servant

    The King's Servant

    2 månader sedan

    Clean trucks? Yeah the difference is, they take pride in their rides and want to show their hard work off where ever the are. You yeah not much.

  86. scott johnson

    scott johnson

    2 månader sedan

    Ur outro was epic. Look like you was feeling great.

  87. Ryan Shaffer

    Ryan Shaffer

    2 månader sedan

    I build stereos and my ass puckered when you pressure washed the door pods😂😂😂. Bad ass rig though brother.

  88. Kas b

    Kas b

    2 månader sedan

    whistlin's gonna roll up to one of these with monster max 2 and just run a truck over after pulling a line of trucks

  89. Cars Mods

    Cars Mods

    2 månader sedan

    Very good congratulatoins!

  90. Shelton Koon

    Shelton Koon

    2 månader sedan

    Buck12 in the video!!! Shout out to my guys @buck12

  91. cody claxton

    cody claxton

    2 månader sedan

    Love the Busch can vs pressure washer battle that went on

  92. Caiden Chavez

    Caiden Chavez

    2 månader sedan


  93. kevin hunter

    kevin hunter

    2 månader sedan


  94. Imaginary Friend

    Imaginary Friend

    2 månader sedan

    Just watched @JHDiesel on #DirtyMudderTruckers... on #DiscoveryChannel

  95. Hiway's Trailing Adventures

    Hiway's Trailing Adventures

    2 månader sedan

    How can I reach you?

  96. James Scott

    James Scott

    2 månader sedan

    Just Cummins swap it next and send it



    2 månader sedan

    See what happens when you forget to knock on wood🪵?!?!?

  98. Joe Rocket1979

    Joe Rocket1979

    2 månader sedan

    That truck is quite the p.o.s.

  99. Terry Ace

    Terry Ace

    2 månader sedan

    It's 6 blow

  100. Zak 4Hesse

    Zak 4Hesse

    2 månader sedan

    I just moved from Lake Mary to Billings, MT for work... I was right down the road from Sanford FL... Dammit.