I Spent a Day with a REAL Ex-Yakuza Member in Japan

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  1. Tick Tock

    Tick Tock

    8 minuter sedan

    that had to be the most entertaining and very much a learning tool for how the yakuza works from a former member great interview lad

  2. Yaman Padekar

    Yaman Padekar

    Timme sedan

    TOMAN is that YAKUZA?

  3. TreehouseINC


    2 timmar sedan

    the chad yakuza vs the virgin anituber

  4. Emma Coil

    Emma Coil

    2 timmar sedan

    Pen shaped guns really shook me

  5. IRyStocrat GrimCatnip

    IRyStocrat GrimCatnip

    3 timmar sedan

    Ex-Yakuza teaches how to be proper during and for interview.

  6. Dadevil Fuss

    Dadevil Fuss

    4 timmar sedan

    Reminds me of my uncle. Beats me for crossing my arms while he was talking to me

  7. Anthony Nguyen

    Anthony Nguyen

    4 timmar sedan

    I get that you run an anime channel, but you invited over a real ex-yakuza and you decided to show up in a cosplay, give them a fake name when they asked for your name, and wear sunglasses for half of the interview that was conducted indoors. This was painful.

  8. Emilio Ferrer

    Emilio Ferrer

    5 timmar sedan

    The man is intimidating. But the glasses dude, you should have started without it. I know is to be entertaining, but on his end, it could have been seen as threat or something

  9. I K

    I K

    6 timmar sedan

    is that a real audemars piguet royal oak offshore on yakuza wrist?

  10. Wyeth De leon

    Wyeth De leon

    6 timmar sedan

    9:17 Careful now Joey

  11. Twisted Flower 17

    Twisted Flower 17

    7 timmar sedan

    I didn't expect a Yakuza member to have such good manners. Im suprised, He seems to be a respectful person. Despite being very intimidating.

  12. W


    7 timmar sedan

    Great video!

  13. Ali Chris

    Ali Chris

    7 timmar sedan

    look at his face he still yakuza

  14. Jhey - Lyn

    Jhey - Lyn

    7 timmar sedan

    Honestly, to defend mr.Tyson, the way he corrects or teaches Joey about his manners is similar to how my parents do so he's being a pretty normal person to me atleast.

  15. Not_KrazyKat


    8 timmar sedan

    DUUUDE JOEY LOOKS LIKE HE’S GONNA SHIT HIS PANTS 😹😹😹 I bet the Yakuza dude is a nice dude but he looks intimidating as heck so I’d probably be a little scared too tbh Edit: I’ve watched more and he’s starting to grow on me 👀

  16. Anime Boy

    Anime Boy

    10 timmar sedan

    Sometimes i wonder how joey is able to stay alive

  17. SlashXIV


    10 timmar sedan

    A GOLF CLUB? So they pulverized that thing off rather than cut god damn.

  18. Zeizurez


    11 timmar sedan

    I have a question I have a lot of tattoos of Japanese culture dragons samurai fox mask and the oni mask and I wanna go to Japan next year you guys think I’m fucked ?

  19. Pancakeslol


    11 timmar sedan

    this dude seems really smart and perceptive, he listens to every word and interprets it before he gives answer

  20. The Ceo Of Complete Global Saturation

    The Ceo Of Complete Global Saturation

    11 timmar sedan

    Nagoshi, you know what to do. I mean, come on, you put like 50 pornstars in the series, time for a real Yakuza. I can 100% see Tyson square up with Kasuga, his own Goda!

  21. The 666 Inn

    The 666 Inn

    12 timmar sedan

    People who are admiring the yakuza and fantasizing about it just want to be in place of Junko Furuta... It's "cool" for you people...

    • Wamuu


      11 timmar sedan

      Yup they don't even realize

    • shnitsel schnitt sel

      shnitsel schnitt sel

      11 timmar sedan

      Wow that's so deep. The ignorant weebs worship this.. Disgusting

  22. X Vaijiro

    X Vaijiro

    12 timmar sedan

    I feel like Joey lacks a lot of manners. It's not like the yakuza guy is even scary but some things Joey does are just disrespectful especially since he is interviewing someone. Why the fuck do you not take your sunglasses off, introduce yourself or keep jumping from topic to topic. Overall interesting interview bc of the Yakuza guy but Joey was terrible as an interviewer.

  23. Karsa Orlong

    Karsa Orlong

    13 timmar sedan

    This guy doesn't fuck around. Be polite and respectful and you should be fine.

  24. Konrad C.

    Konrad C.

    13 timmar sedan

    That Weebguy has a pretty weird ass Character as a Person... Not in a good way. Its some of those people that want to be cool, fun, get all the attention. But When faced with a real Situation they often struggle to focus or not emberass themselve.

  25. Just Random

    Just Random

    13 timmar sedan

    I want his tie .. its so sick ..

  26. ulkem


    13 timmar sedan

    I like that he's firm but patient when he warns him. In life, people with or without knowledge disrespect you; if you let them, you deserve it. You don't have to be scary looking ex yakuza to keep it real.

  27. HansAnders


    14 timmar sedan

    i somehow do like how straight forward he is... imo the yakuza isn´t the badest criminal organization in the world... they seem to have some reasonable codex thats pretty much based on respect for each other... idk i somehow do aknowledge his character.

  28. Rory Ó Muirgheasáin

    Rory Ó Muirgheasáin

    14 timmar sedan

    This has earned my sub, very cool and interesting.

  29. Eligio Rosa

    Eligio Rosa

    14 timmar sedan

    This is f**king priceless! The former yakuza member is on Joey's a** for everything XD

  30. Tenshinori Maka

    Tenshinori Maka

    15 timmar sedan

    I thought that was mitch jones on the thumbnail

  31. Luffy Bari!

    Luffy Bari!

    15 timmar sedan

    Mr Tyson is reading all the comments guys , you better be careful . JK XD

  32. Tater Plays

    Tater Plays

    15 timmar sedan

    "The Original Yakuza spirit is to Bend the strong and help the weak, I hope that Spirit is something we can abide by" - Tyson Me- "Now, That is a man i would be honored to call a friend" Also, I loved how joey kept forgetting what manners are and Tyson had to play the role of a strict Japanese Father. I was waiting for Tyson to take off his belt... But Tyson was very patient with joey.

  33. Sharandeep Bose

    Sharandeep Bose

    15 timmar sedan

    Joey was sh*tting himself through out the interview 🤣🤣

  34. Britney Thong

    Britney Thong

    15 timmar sedan

    I Love the Yakuza! How to Join may I ask!

  35. Chivan JR

    Chivan JR

    15 timmar sedan

    This guy is scary, I can't believe joey can do this interview

  36. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo

    16 timmar sedan

    This guy gives off a fascinating vibe. On one hand actually super scary and intimidating and on the other hand really friendly and open to share his personal things like tattoos.

  37. patriotapocalypse


    17 timmar sedan

    Stop saying that Tyson was asking for respect, the guy is an ex-yakuza, his whole livelihood depended on him being able to assert dominance. His remarks didn't even made sense, "if you thought it was cool you would be able to name several"? This is like saying you can't like a band unless you can name all of their songs. What he's doing is scare Joey into submission, which is just bullying. The guy left yakuza but the yakuza didn't leave him

  38. Zian Cale

    Zian Cale

    17 timmar sedan

    Tyson will be successful in variety show if he appeared to one

  39. Aditya Prakash Padhi

    Aditya Prakash Padhi

    17 timmar sedan

    I mean i don't know, they are like superheros in a dark way, but i love it.

  40. GreekGaming TV

    GreekGaming TV

    17 timmar sedan

    He kinda looks like pah chin

  41. Randall Bruhh

    Randall Bruhh

    18 timmar sedan

    Already disrespectful towards someone at the start of the conversation. Wouldn't expect anything less from this guy.

  42. K o

    K o

    18 timmar sedan

    Get this guy again

  43. TheFirespin13


    18 timmar sedan

    thank you

  44. Marvin Prince K

    Marvin Prince K

    18 timmar sedan

    I want to know what tyson said off camera

  45. Maple Chan

    Maple Chan

    18 timmar sedan

    10:34 “Don’t cross your arm when your talking with someone”



    18 timmar sedan

    ''To bend the strong and help the weak'' nice interview

  47. SmokyBeats


    18 timmar sedan


  48. Michael Murillo

    Michael Murillo

    18 timmar sedan

    Tyson just wanted Joey to be honest with him, so he sort of intimidated him to get the honesty outta him. Great video Joey!

  49. Tyson Ruck

    Tyson Ruck

    19 timmar sedan

    Ok, off the bat I like the dude. Can't put my finger on it..........

  50. Jason


    19 timmar sedan

    our yakua homie has an ap royal oak offshore in rose gold on. god damn

  51. レックスL


    19 timmar sedan

    the kansai dialect makes it scarier in terms of intonation..

  52. Kayef


    19 timmar sedan

    tyson is the man! you should vlog with him a couple times lol

  53. Aedel Fakhrie

    Aedel Fakhrie

    19 timmar sedan

    I just curious why you decided to wearing shades while interviewing people?

  54. Toby Factor

    Toby Factor

    19 timmar sedan

    the way he reads joey like a book is unsettling

  55. Vishwas Meshram

    Vishwas Meshram

    20 timmar sedan

    Takkemichi interviewing tetta kesaki 😀

  56. Paul


    20 timmar sedan

    i shited my pants when he asked ab ur real name thought he would stab u or something

  57. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha

    20 timmar sedan

    animeny padilla

  58. Gh Hg

    Gh Hg

    20 timmar sedan

    Joey Baka!

  59. little yodasoda

    little yodasoda

    21 timme sedan

    Yay a part 5 remake im excited to see giorno in the remake

  60. Sangwoo's bby

    Sangwoo's bby

    21 timme sedan

    Now I get why Joey said 'how hilarious the brand name is'. It's been a long ass time since I wheezed this hard.

  61. boof stain

    boof stain

    21 timme sedan

    dude even looks like hes from the game franchise

  62. Name less

    Name less

    21 timme sedan

    Alternate title 'Grown man struggles to not seem nervous in front of former Yakuza member'

  63. Aryan's Corner

    Aryan's Corner

    21 timme sedan

    Why I am drawn to the Yakuza culture is because of the code they follow, the dignity they uphold and the respect they have for their patriarchs and captains (superiors). Of course my only exposure to the culture is through games and anime and I am scared of some of the shit Yakuza do but I can't help but be curious and excited about them.

  64. F3nreer


    21 timme sedan

    Basically the Yakuza taught Joey how to manage an interview. Maybr he should take over the channel!

  65. Trillusion


    21 timme sedan

    Man legit looks like pah chin

  66. Timothy Perry-Mills

    Timothy Perry-Mills

    22 timmar sedan

    This feels like big talk shows when they have Harrison Ford on 😂

  67. Bay Ikirasu

    Bay Ikirasu

    Dag sedan

    i thought you cant quit being a yakuza, I remember someone interviewed a real yakuza with no pinky, basically death is the only way to quit yakuza gang

  68. Daniel Ligon

    Daniel Ligon

    Dag sedan

    This was an amazing interview. You have more balls than most here!! The guy was super intimidating and really scary. However his candor was really refreshing and gave a new perspective on this culture. I respect alot more now!

  69. Amogh Kudva

    Amogh Kudva

    Dag sedan

    this guy >gets in fight with yakuza >joins yakuza for 8 years >leaves >refuses to elaborate

  70. E3RS


    Dag sedan

    This guy is fake. He still has his pinky fingers.

  71. Birdperson


    Dag sedan

    what about him made you think he wasn't intimidating? I felt intimidated for you when he called you out for not introducing yourself properly. this is some unique content btw imma subscribe and hope you make more stuff like this.

  72. GrimEditor


    Dag sedan

    He’s short

  73. Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson

    Dag sedan


  74. sheeeple


    Dag sedan

    That watch looks awesome!

  75. gojou


    Dag sedan


  76. azalla


    Dag sedan


  77. Mystery Secrets

    Mystery Secrets

    Dag sedan

    How he interview is sucks! Just a waste of time talking to someone like that!

  78. I L E

    I L E

    Dag sedan

    Wow, hmmm Your sunglasses did give you a way from first second! And that before the former Yakuza enter the interview, I don't wonder why!!! That former Yakuza was no cupcake!!!!

  79. Strange Man 600

    Strange Man 600

    Dag sedan

    Tyson: Give me your name Joey: Immortal Tatsu Tyson: *So you’ve chosen death*

  80. GoldenDocSonic


    Dag sedan

    6:44 "fighting skill doesn't matter once guns enter the picture" *Kiryu: hmm interesting*

  81. Jeremiah Christian Hidayat 1012041

    Jeremiah Christian Hidayat 1012041

    Dag sedan

    even im not there i feel scared lol

  82. Alaosis


    Dag sedan

    Aww that gift ☺️

  83. grimzy


    Dag sedan

    the only superpower many people involved in this lifestyle is the acceptance of an asswhooping every once in a while. were all human

  84. Bishop Vida

    Bishop Vida

    Dag sedan

    Joey needs to breathe and let up on the reigns man! Tyson gives him so many opportunities to interact but ya nah why would I wanna use this opportunity to expand my experiences I would let him intimidate me. :D

  85. Jeffrey Sabado

    Jeffrey Sabado

    Dag sedan

    regarding the watch name. just googled it... then thought on how it was at the same time, genius-naming sense.

  86. Lopside


    Dag sedan

    Your channel has actually gotten really gross

  87. TG 125

    TG 125

    Dag sedan


  88. Juh El

    Juh El

    Dag sedan

    I wonder how the yakuza would deal with peeps in rural America. Imagine trying to demand respect and protection money in a place where everyone and their grandma has a shotgun and has to fend off wild animals like wolves, mountain lions, foxes or bears? I mean a lot of countries where the police are at least an hour away are super well armed and trained. Take rural Canada for example. Even South Korea would be an interesting example, a country with mandatory military service. How would you physically threaten a citizen of a country where majority of males has gone through the military industrial complex? The skinny guy you might be threatening for protection money could've been a marine or part of the SWC(korean special forces).

  89. MrScuto


    Dag sedan

    I like how Tyson kept eye-contact all the time and how rational his answers were

  90. wocufot


    Dag sedan

    this guy is really good at listening acutely and applying logic and reason quickly, although some might consider calling out trivial BS things as a waste of time, it is one of the ways that people, especially a yakuza member, assert dominance, and he did that perfectly here. poor animeman

    • Kayef


      19 timmar sedan

      true, I noticed that.

  91. TSO Liot

    TSO Liot

    Dag sedan

    Bosozoku are motorcycle gangs, for those who may not know. Search for the film "Black Emperors"

  92. Enki Merlin

    Enki Merlin

    Dag sedan

    i like this guys demeanor. He reminds me of Mike Tyson in a way. Honest, demanding your respect yet will respect you as well. Just a straight forward guu.

  93. NeonSilver


    Dag sedan

    I definitely learned a lot about this topic. I feel like, hearing about the 3D printer thing especially, the emphasis was not on the "crime" part, but the "Organized" part. The way it was described made it seem more like a mentality than an organization, but I guess if everybody in that organization has the same mentality, it creates a culture, huh? Valuable insight, thank you Mr. Tyson.

  94. Yuuki1853


    Dag sedan

    Rip Joey tryna crack a joke

  95. NightPigeon


    Dag sedan

    oh my... i got scared for joey when he told him to introduce himself.... 0.0

  96. neder Crusader

    neder Crusader

    Dag sedan

    I feel that joey talking with him with the sunglasses on made him a little uncomfortable since he can't see his eyes and make eye contact, after he took them off i feel that the conversation went more smoothly (idk if in japan that's considered rude and ofc he's doing a cosplay, but still)

  97. Hoseph


    Dag sedan

    Get the logo tatted on youre ass they will never know XD

  98. Ogg S

    Ogg S

    Dag sedan

    Do more interviews!

  99. donald rice

    donald rice

    Dag sedan

    bro he is an ex gang member nothing speacial and not to be praised