1. Waterboi Fendi

    Waterboi Fendi

    34 minuter sedan

    Gaining a little weight dude! I’m proud of ya!

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    nintendo 64

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  3. Erick Cruz

    Erick Cruz

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    Love your channel man. Always a good watch!

  4. Juanpablo Guerrero

    Juanpablo Guerrero

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    good shirt. i love katana zero

  5. Rob Link

    Rob Link

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    I love the horrible pics of Logan looking like a literal clown

  6. Aron Jacobs

    Aron Jacobs

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    Joe the Rogan (SLAM)

  7. Patrick Milkwood

    Patrick Milkwood

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    damn it idubbbz, the internet needs you! right now!

  8. No Name

    No Name

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    Season 2 Walter White

  9. Nick W

    Nick W

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    hes so unfunny now

  10. Nick W

    Nick W

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    now that you arent editing, the editing sucks compared to yours

  11. liam 1

    liam 1

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    I used to use telagram to buy drugs

  12. bob bobey

    bob bobey

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    is this guy on drugs lmao im dead

  13. Inigo Willoughby

    Inigo Willoughby

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    after 4 years, he finally referred to Ricegum by name

  14. bell bell

    bell bell

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    damn married shiit

  15. Moonlight


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  16. Neko Saiyajin

    Neko Saiyajin

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    Ian go back to your looks on the leafy content cop. No beard, longer hair. You were legit hot, dude, It really brought out your face shape, which is really good. I don't know why, maybe because of the way you dress and.. The stashe, I think that you don't find yourself attractive. Dude, on your older vids when you let your hair grow a bit and had no beard you were HOT, man.

  17. The Judge

    The Judge

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    How’s the onlyfans girlfriend been cuck?

    • Asa


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      lol you’re still mad a year later

  18. STiLife


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    God these scams that ytubers come up with now a days are worse than ever. I hope they get fucked

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  20. WillyDilly WonkaDonk

    WillyDilly WonkaDonk

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    Idubbbz no longer exists. Only ian

  21. Chad Kirk

    Chad Kirk

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    Why does the dink character look like he wants to teach me how to create a word document

  22. mister johnson

    mister johnson

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    Hey iDubbz. How is Tyrone treating your girlfriend?

  23. psyduckbishop 26

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    You should make a content cop on dhar mann

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    PLS awake the content cop back again

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    Bro please open the PO Box again

  26. Sam's Dumpster

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    Everyday Ian slowly turns into Walter White

  27. Oscar Dunn

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    Loving the Funko Pop shade please make this a reoccurring bit

  28. Air conditioner

    Air conditioner

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    i like how nobody notices that Logan Paul is probably the creator of it and thats why he's so supporting of it

  29. master mimi101

    master mimi101

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    The simp

  30. Teknikal Killer

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  31. nova vargas

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    Ur lookin good bro

  32. John Christian

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    Oh my god i miss the unboxings and wheelchair Ian.

  33. UncookedEshay


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    The only thing that can save society is if idubbbz brings back bad unboxing after COVID

  34. Dario


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    I need more of these videos please

  35. Joe Krammer Haliburt

    Joe Krammer Haliburt

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    Springy from The Simpson (Homer Simpsons creation). Even the name is the sound a spring does when compressing "dink doink".

  36. Dank Woff Memes

    Dank Woff Memes

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    He should've believed in ETH instead.

  37. TechnoChan Blood God

    TechnoChan Blood God

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    *famous scentance* "I'm gay!"

  38. Professor


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    Didn’t Elon musk do the same thing with doge coin?

    • Sad Pony

      Sad Pony

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      And he tweeted ,"it was all for the memes" , and Elon is not getting paid too

  39. futurdom


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    Logan's telegram video reminded me of Cyrus from Trailer Park Boys

  40. Mickey Mouse crack house

    Mickey Mouse crack house

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    Hey Ian remeber tana mongoose

  41. Gabriel Coffee

    Gabriel Coffee

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    dude you need to keep making these videos

  42. Uranek01


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    Show me what you got

  43. Socialism


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    ian straight up went from a 5 in previous videos to an 8 just by getting tatted up and shaving his head

  44. Ryan Wilson

    Ryan Wilson

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    Thank you for this video

  45. Korbin Thompson

    Korbin Thompson

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    Bro I died so hard watching this lol so funny keep it up so doink

  46. Dean Mcgroarty

    Dean Mcgroarty

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    congratulations on your marriage ian! :)

  47. Eeperton


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    You look like a combination of Ryan Reynolds and Cory Michael Smith

  48. jamesgriffyn


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    Scams, cons and blowies? Let's go ian.

  49. SourBrein Lemain

    SourBrein Lemain

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    I've already uploaded the site on the Wayback Machine in order to maintain evidence of this scam; I encourage you to do this whenever you can. Also, the only "author" we seem to have is a wallet, so that's untraceable. Some names: Jorge Benitez; Elliott Pogue

  50. RouxTheKitsune 1700

    RouxTheKitsune 1700

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    Nice Tatts Ian

  51. znyan


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    dink doink funni

  52. Asad Pug

    Asad Pug

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    Please make more videos like these. These kind of scams are more and more common and bringing awareness to them could actually save alot of peoples money. These greasy mfers need to pay somehow this shit is disgusting

  53. Joel Villavicencio

    Joel Villavicencio

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    I liked it you should make more

  54. Wojo


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    a lot of hard words in this one

  55. schrum dumlum

    schrum dumlum

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    Was the fat idubbz edited

  56. jeanri rigo

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    Finally ! You’re just needed ..

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    it had been too long since edups exposed a scam

  59. Mathias Remming

    Mathias Remming

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    Glad to see you dismantling degenerates again

  60. Sir Snek

    Sir Snek

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    I feel like south park could have a strong case for a lawsuit since they could easily arugue that by using south park art and animation they're making people thinking they're actually associated.

    • ravaravaroo


      Dag sedan

      if matt & trey ever find out bout this shit maybe it could also be used as inspiration for a script? like just sue the shit outta them then make an episode completely ripping on these crypto assholes & backwards influencers

  61. Exilor


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    Welcome back! Really loved this video, im sad it was only 16 minutes tbh

  62. Jeff Hart

    Jeff Hart

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    Idobs sounds like David Cross or David Cross sounds like idobs

  63. Ohe


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    PLEAAAAAAASE DO ONE ON FOREX SCAMS OH GOD to clarify, I mean the forex scams on social media, not digging through your meta trader to find a squealing pig.

  64. Dave Gunner

    Dave Gunner

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    Im game for more of this. It’s like the bite sized content cop

  65. Anti Saint

    Anti Saint

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    tell me more about the cream

  66. Banana Doppio

    Banana Doppio

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    We all hate Logan Paul

  67. Joseph Torres

    Joseph Torres

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    I can’t tell if the population is becoming more gullible or it’s just been this bad the whole time and it’s easier to exploit with social media and parents credit cards.

  68. Griggori rasputin

    Griggori rasputin

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    Is the southpark animation style copyrighted? that's a bit confusing.

  69. pulkit pandey

    pulkit pandey

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    Dank Rishu

  70. pulkit pandey

    pulkit pandey

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  71. Ričards Ķibilds

    Ričards Ķibilds

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    lets take a minute to look at idibbz inteligence. also big thanks for adding the explenations of those words

  72. Mr Elfie

    Mr Elfie

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    Lewis Spears

  73. MegaNacho Araya

    MegaNacho Araya

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    Brooo, the katana zero shirt looks nice as heck

  74. OneUnfunnyGuy


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    I love the "Katana Zero" shirt

  75. M. D. P.

    M. D. P.

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    Those look like some reallly cheap tattoos..

  76. sirkastic


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    simp gets married. The ultimate simp

  77. Moi Suomi

    Moi Suomi

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    Wow, I used to love Idubbzz content, but of course SE-one has to ruin that.

  78. Chakabinks King

    Chakabinks King

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    Salt my dish, bartender

  79. Robin Truby

    Robin Truby

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    I ain't no fan of the Paul's but you can't take the piss out of them when you married a only fans girl 😂🤣

  80. anime guy

    anime guy

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    Mike is like a Gary Vee who is bad at public speaking.

  81. Koa


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    Very tragic that Tim Dillon is involved in this

  82. Sp33d BoyGT

    Sp33d BoyGT

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  83. Will Paris

    Will Paris

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    Ian with the trad tats 😍 Fuck yes

  84. Arihant Jain

    Arihant Jain

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    I like this video

  85. jonas90


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    There are scams, because people want to make money easy. Just work and if want to invest money, just investigate EVERY investment you do.

  86. Joseph


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    So are the tattoos real or am I just easily fooled?

  87. Radiant Shadow

    Radiant Shadow

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    Lol I cant wait to see them get sued for the South Park style.

  88. Evan Williams

    Evan Williams

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    This kinda of video is why I started watching you, Idddubz!

  89. Commie Bomberman

    Commie Bomberman

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    God damn it, I hate those failed abortions the Paul brothers with irrational fervour.

  90. Swagin' Wagon

    Swagin' Wagon

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    The pics you used for the ‘team’, cousin.crypto on tiktok, isn’t really associated

  91. fightinandirish


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    Gonna join the Dink Doink Telegram just to shit on it.

  92. WastedHuncho


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    Seeing how bad you fell off is sad:(

  93. JamesonWilde


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    Why the fuck is he talking like he's from NY? Isn't he from fucking Ohio or some shit

  94. Kathulu


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    Adults who still follow logan should be put down.