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  1. Kdooj7s 6soso

    Kdooj7s 6soso

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    Ucfhib Uiggcb

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    Wow nothing but gold stop spending money on some shit like popits

  3. vlavaro a14

    vlavaro a14

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    and you didnt watch chilean schools bathroom 😐

  4. Нелли omg

    Нелли omg

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    У ее в шк вообще нет полотенца или салфеток

  5. Bianca Zontea

    Bianca Zontea

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  6. biugra.


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    brazil public school: -shit on the cabin floor -a lot of shouting -run at the end of the break -paper everywhere -girls making up -"sad" girls under the sink - no soap -no paper on the cabins for clean your ass

  7. Mey Araya

    Mey Araya

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    En mi escuela nisiquiera ay jabón ni tampoco papel solo agua

  8. Conta Conta

    Conta Conta

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    e a do Brasil que n tem nem água

  9. De Krakin's

    De Krakin's

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    I used to go to a school where the girls bathroom wasnt even cleaned, we only had a male janitor and he didnt want to go into the girls bathroom (fairly enough) so we just had to not get it to dirty for the sake of everyone

  10. lumine


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    Brazilian public school check: Penis3s drawn on walls, doors etc. Bathroom with broken doors and toilets Students fighting all the time Girls gossiping in toilets Sometimes there are students having s3x in the bathrooms Bullying, bullying and more bullying Teachers not caring about students' mental health School flooding when it rains hard Tables and chairs that look like they're going to break at any moment When the teachers leave the classroom the students go crazy leaving the classroom and when the teachers arrive the students pretend that nothing happened

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    Hey even the second one is fake...why do they get paper towels they don't have a budget to have paper towels 😂

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    Yep. This dude checks out.

  14. Lemony


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    You guys have GLASS??? :O

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    Deaaa Ay me voy a poner a comparar quien tiene peor colegio😍😍😍😍

  16. YouMadBro1170


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    Both of them need to learn how to wash there hands it's warm water on hands then soap

  17. Eliška Hribova

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    Number 1😍 number 2😱

  18. Dani_blox


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    Así es mi escuela xD todo roto jaja

  19. BerryBlast


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    My elementary school actually had really good restroom maintenance and our sinks were really big ones with multiple heads so multiple people could wash at once. Middle school was eh. Not bad, not good. Broken things here and there. Clogged toilets at least twice a week. Not too bad. High school was bad lol. Broken old school sinks, scratched mirrors, piss EVERYWHERE.

  20. Yongie Hyun

    Yongie Hyun

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    So we all here comparing our country school toilets? Well never seen any good reviews. Seems all school toilets are bad

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    Lol same

  22. Roblox Man

    Roblox Man

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    no bathroom

  23. The Nice vs Nick

    The Nice vs Nick

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    The fact she couldn't wash her hands even when the water came coz she was holding the phone duh

  24. kitty's a big boy

    kitty's a big boy

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    Liberian school check: ▪︎no tissue ▪︎no lock(take a friend with you to help you hold the door) ▪︎drawing of penises on the wall ▪︎there's literally only one toilet to use💀 ▪︎ used pads clogging the toilets ▪︎No soap or water to was your hand(bitch, you'd be lucky to have water to flush) ▪︎infection says 'come meet me'💀

  25. Sonu Singh

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    i am from india , indian schools are also like that..🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌

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    Realidade do brasil😅😔✌



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  28. Love olover wood

    Love olover wood

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    Stillwater Oklahoma public school boys start fight club in bathroom

  29. Enter PL

    Enter PL

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    Polish Public school "Ey guys look There is soap. Wow for the first time this year"

  30. Moyelle Cloake

    Moyelle Cloake

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    I'd love to know who went to school at the Embassy Banquet Hall, cause none of the private schools I went to had that kind of luxury.

  31. Jaden McLane

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  32. Aroosha Showkat

    Aroosha Showkat

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    Well my school doesn't have a bathroom

  33. Youtube staff are trash

    Youtube staff are trash

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    Illegal crime check, also something that if you saw someone else doing you would call the police, remember ladies we can enter your restrooms now.

  34. bad bicz

    bad bicz

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    Poland public school check: $ex in batroom Dynamite in kitchen War in classroom Wap in bathroom No toilets No pisuars No soap Drawing on wall Girls having $ex witch teachers Broken mirror Drugs and deals Jebać PiS Shit on wall Pee on floor

  35. Weird Emoji Man

    Weird Emoji Man

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    Looks like she is one of the staff 😂

  36. Mørke


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    Public school in Russia 🇷🇺 (well, at least mine): - Soap: legends say it's there but it's not. - 2 hand dryers for the whole school (next to the cafeteria on the 1st floor and school has 3 floors in total) which don't work most of the time. - Paper towels? Nope. - The stalls in the toilet don't close because someone cut down the locks. - Toilet paper is something from a parallel universe (teachers explain this by saying that it's stolen by high school students although I'm myself a high school student and I've never seen it being stolen). - Mirrors? What is it? - The rims of the toilet bowls are always dirty no matter if cleaners wash them or no. - There's pee in trashcans. - In 2018 a faucet fell off from one of the sinks. It's 2021 and it's not fixed yet.

  37. Fernanda _Fujoshi

    Fernanda _Fujoshi

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    At my school they stole soap

  38. BrunoPadilha


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    You have hand sanitizer at the public school, how cute.

  39. A normal thing on the internet with a dog

    A normal thing on the internet with a dog

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    Over here there would be shit stains on the wall as if someone freaking died a gruesome death lol

  40. __kvth aub 🤍🦋

    __kvth aub 🤍🦋

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    Yes I agree 🤣🤣

  41. Rich Chevillard

    Rich Chevillard

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    in my school basically just a room, with a single toilet and a bucket. oh ya, don't forget the plastic scoop. and the faucet that never even release any water, sometime for 3 months. so, the girls had to buy some cup/bottle of waters just to flush it and clean their 🙌. otherwise, the boys basically just wait another person to flush IT with THEIR OWN 🙄, if you get what i mean. what a terrible experience i've ever had, glad that i've already graduated, a couple years ago.

  42. Zaina Sadat

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  43. Anak ilang

    Anak ilang

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    This better then in indonesia

    • Rich Chevillard

      Rich Chevillard

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  44. Phương Art

    Phương Art

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    The last is literally my school

  45. Iris


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    You stiil have the soap dispenser we don't even have a soap the flush don't work and our water broke one time

  46. Darker Poison

    Darker Poison

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    Meanwhile me who lives in Ewa, HI: Elementary: Occasional wad of wet TP stuck to the stall doors, graffiti Middle: Wads of wet TP stuck to the walls & ceiling (mostly walls), graffiti- there was always something on the tampon dispenser (*cough* that was basically empty 24/7) High: Graffiti no matter what in both bathrooms, wads of wet TP on the ceiling mostly on the men's ceiling, men's floor wet 24/7, there was always one broken toilet in the women's :,v Then there's the public bathrooms at parks, they typically look like the place to get an STD even if you push open a door with your foot (It gets worse the more windward or town side you get. I don't wanna know how awful 'ghetto' town is, bc the largest shopping mall in Ala Moana has public bathrooms that STILL look downright n a s t y half the time)

  47. Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman

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    Philippines private school: -flush won't work -c.r smells bad -student leave there shit without flushing it👁️👄👁️ -dosnt have hand soap -many drawings on the wall ( the drawings are d*CK and b**t and p***y👌😫😫

  48. Forced Tuna

    Forced Tuna

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    English state school: just a bloody eyesore

  49. Laura


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    Tem sorte que tem até puxador

  50. Xander


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    As someone who worked as a janitor let me tell you, the teacher’s bathrooms aren’t much better than the students, which is scary all on its own.

  51. harmeet26


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    In England when they say public school it means private school. State schools there are the ones you don’t have to pay money to go to

  52. D


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    In the girl school ..Broken wall .. toilet ( not flashed) 🤕 ... Girls tempons Girls pads........ Rip the girls who enjoys this beautiful moment............ The girls do that because it is a girls school no boy allowed.. A disgusting thing for me that after going to the toilet my friend close the door of the toilet Me : 🙄😭😥😋😢😲😳😬😠😡🤬😤😧😔😊☺️ my dear friend plss open the door My friend: hahahahah 😆😆 no no no no Me : -_-

  53. Elina Plays

    Elina Plays

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    My school(UK): Food lying around everywhere Foam soap that STINKS Toilet paper squeezed down the sink=sinks clogged No-one ever flushes Bins are FULL of toilet paper and other stuff Overall though٫ soap and water actually exists

  54. Katherine Beck

    Katherine Beck

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    When you go to a private school but the bathrooms still look like this 😢

  55. sebastianduran17


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    Mexican school: Do you have bathrooms?

  56. Riddhi Jagtap

    Riddhi Jagtap

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    Visit indian schools

  57. Shalvi Donde Makeup💄🎀

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  59. Vanessa Russo

    Vanessa Russo

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    You guys have soap?? What's next, you're gonna tell me you have toilet paper?

  60. Milady Chan #HappyCeylanDay

    Milady Chan #HappyCeylanDay

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    Girl, you have 2 hands

  61. Manda Panda

    Manda Panda

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    What kinda schools did y’all go to?😭😭

  62. Ikea Gaming

    Ikea Gaming

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    The second half got me tbh, that was pretty funny



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    Wow 555​ very​good

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    lame! HELP ME

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  67. John Paul Alvarez

    John Paul Alvarez

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    Literally washed off the soap before cleaning the hand

  68. TroniX FiX

    TroniX FiX

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    Luckily you have never seen an african village school... tha bathroom is the bush behind it

  69. Aroosha Showkat

    Aroosha Showkat

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    The first school:❤️❤️❤️❤️ The second school:😭😭😭😭

  70. KiyotakA清貴


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    Ustedes tienen jabon y papel? Uff lujitos del primer mundo🥵

  71. Adam Gonzales

    Adam Gonzales

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    Our school toilet: - religious shrine - toilet bong - toilet filled with monstrous excretions - pee holes - cave art exhibit - toilet doors with cum stains - forgotten underwear - invisible toilet fumes (gastric emissions)

  72. YourPalGeorge


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    Fun fact it’s illegal to film or take pictures in bathrooms

  73. Mogoi 1

    Mogoi 1

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    At least piss isn't coming out the sink

  74. Akari-chan


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    My public school check : - toilet paper on the roof -pee in the floor -no soap -stuff written on stuff

  75. _MrJack_


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  76. Ezekiel Tolask

    Ezekiel Tolask

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    Brasil public School check, We dont haver soap or nothing tô dry hands

  77. akash your hero

    akash your hero

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    in indian school tap is broken by student water overflowing some basin are also broken down some doors are also broken slang are there in mirror , door and walls if you live in toilet for 10 minute then there is high probability that you will get senseless

  78. Lugi-Kun


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    Yup pretty much 😂

  79. Shubham


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    The only thing school bathroom exist for is smuggling and fights

  80. Sita Ram

    Sita Ram

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    We are all talking about public schools ..but we are the it is our prime duty to maintain them

  81. -Youkoulélé and Yukoshi-

    -Youkoulélé and Yukoshi-

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    Canadian (from quebec) public school check: actually well organized and clean

  82. 林映妤


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  83. Danizinnnn


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    The bathroom in the Brazilian public school it's the worst

  84. L1l


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    Venganse a Latinoamérica necesitamos baños públicos como los que salen en el video porque aquí todo es de barro jajajaja

  85. idiottoastertimmy


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    american girls bathrooms be like (at least at my school): - mirrors r there but u can barely see urself in or theres make up smeared on it - open used pads or tampons in the trash - pee and water on the floor and toilet seat - people looking under the stalls at u sometimes - carvings and pen/marker drawings in the walls and stalls - occasional weed smoker - 2 girls in there or 20, theres no in between, all gossiping - flushing? wats that? - washing hands? wats that? - stalls with no doors - stuff thrown on the ceiling - occasional sink not working - soap dispenser empty most of the time

  86. SwEeT DrEaMs

    SwEeT DrEaMs

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    Esses americanos se visem uma escola pública brasileira hahahahahahaha

  87. Tam_hami


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    Brazil public school: ..... it's better no..

  88. GrayWoIf


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    Mine had sinks covered in blood from this one kid always cutting himself

  89. Aliacia Alvares

    Aliacia Alvares

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    jajaja jajaja

  90. heytokyoo


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    Essa é o banheiro da escola pública dos gringos??? No da minha não tem lixeira n tem trem pra seca a mão, a pia tá quebrada e a torneira fica sem água toda hora

  91. Jairo


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    Filipino public school: - broken toilet bowl (shattered, no flush) - a lot of drawn penises on the wall - toilet always clogged - cubicles always occupied - so many vandalised materials - inappropriate words drawn on the wall - sometimes has a queue - sometimes you hear someone moaning - smells like rotten poop and vomit - someone's vomit is on the wall - guys doing the deed (someone actually got a girl pregnant) - no privacy, door locks are broken - fights are formed there rarely - the only thing working is the sink - when someone leaves a soap (for everyone to use) it disappears within a week - a lot of pens are left there - when you want to get the poop down the toilet you need to fill a bucket with water and dump it on the toilet bowl Keep in mind that this is based on my experience.

  92. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson

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    Nunca viram as escolas do Brasil

  93. Eterna Energi

    Eterna Energi

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    You got clean sink, water, paper, soap. It is just adjustment.

  94. Benito Catarino Contreras

    Benito Catarino Contreras

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    ni modo nos tocó