Hydrophobic Projectiles Slice Through Water With No Drag


  1. Peter Ede

    Peter Ede

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    Russia have super cavitating torpedos. It is surrounded by bubbles

  2. yittrium


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    thanks for making great videos again

  3. Bloodhound


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    What is the bottom made of?? That weird transculent thing

  4. 3080_ Nikhil

    3080_ Nikhil

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    Show experiment of gravitational attraction bw two masses

  5. Sonny Turner

    Sonny Turner

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    So can you do this again but changing the ball to other shapes like will a torpedo shape travel even more efficiently with the additive? Or arrowheads/arrows like for bow fishing

  6. Lego Mini Movie Productions

    Lego Mini Movie Productions

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    Take air-surface missile, make missile hydrophobic, shoot rocket at submarines, boom. XD

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  8. Mike-ROMANS 1:16

    Mike-ROMANS 1:16

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    When jeremy first dove under the water and there was a couple second pause with the camera on the 2 other guys I was waiting for them to start laughing like they had played a joke on him. Lol

  9. Naethyn Berry-Chan

    Naethyn Berry-Chan

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    how come you don't just put your object in a hydrophobic casing then you don't need a sphere

  10. vinicius santana junior

    vinicius santana junior

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    now, turn that powder into paint, and paint your real torpedo with it

  11. Xenon Codm

    Xenon Codm

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    i read that as homophobic bullet.. i was happy for a second

  12. Paul Neilson

    Paul Neilson

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    I bet if you put a bunch of those 15 mhz Tesla coils all around the object the plasma would be hydrophobic

  13. Spencer Holmes

    Spencer Holmes

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    What is you drive or drop a boat into a patch of that powder?

  14. Lyndon Castro

    Lyndon Castro

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    Did you notice how humans focus on applications used to kill humans--military applications--instead of how to help humanity!

  15. N4CR


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    This is why modern, super-fast torpedoes that are still classified inject gas to form an envelope.

  16. TheKnifeGuy


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    The navy should do this

  17. Andrew Willard

    Andrew Willard

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    This man is SE-one version Elon M

  18. Christopher Falletta

    Christopher Falletta

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    Do they do this on subs or would that not do very much ?

  19. JOSHUA Schermerhorn

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    Okay so the next step is to coat your entire body and go swimming

  20. Latshaw, Austin

    Latshaw, Austin

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    Isn’t lycopodium made from club moss. Not mold spores?

  21. Bubbalubba


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    So this is what the helicopters in sanandreas were using

  22. Connor Scott

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    Homophobic projectiles

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    Nothing is worse than homophobic projectiles smh

  24. Hustle Union

    Hustle Union

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    wouldn't this work for basically anything that needs to move through water faster. like boats, propellers, or even lining for pipes that carry liquid?

  25. Joseph Victory

    Joseph Victory

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    I wonder does this effect carry upwards? If you create a layer of plasma around an air pocket will it not have any drag through the air? Could i then theoretically launch a fart ball at someone without any dissipation if i somehow surround it with plasma?

  26. Michael Hanson

    Michael Hanson

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    If torpedoes used this, would they still be able to steer? Seems like the air pocket around it would prevent it from changing direction or even the propeller moving it as it would be in an air bubble.

  27. R R

    R R

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    You should get a pro swimmer or something on here and put hydrophobic mold on their suit.

  28. Justin Franks

    Justin Franks

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    If you can make torpedo's hydrophobic that would be sick. Think of how fast the missle/bombs could get to the target.

  29. Mahmut Sözen

    Mahmut Sözen

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    Hey if you talk this guys they can use this project se-one.info/cycle/eJh8f8lqm5CZh6Y/video

  30. David Basara

    David Basara

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    Has anyone tried coating a boat with this hydrophobic powder?

  31. Lawrence Parker

    Lawrence Parker

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    Coat a submarine

  32. Jonathan M

    Jonathan M

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    why didn't he show a torpedo shaped object going through the water as well? Feels like an incomplete video

  33. tpjmadrigal12


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    There is a pool toy called a Toypedo that you can throw halfway across a pool, underwater. I may have liked it more than my daughter.

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    Where is your hydrophobic boat?

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    I almost never do this, but I subscribed to your channel. You have quality content and I haven’t seen a single video of yours that I didn’t absolutely love.

  36. Dave Hodgkinson

    Dave Hodgkinson

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    So it's in a vacuum is it? If not then it isn't friction less. 🤥🤥🤥

  37. Edecio is not a panda

    Edecio is not a panda

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    So what you’re telling me, is the One Piece Fishman Island arc actually makes sense?

  38. kes4175


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    Large ships often have the bulbous protrusion in front just under the waterline for same effect.

    • TromboneTribute


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      Can someone confirm or deny that this is true?

  39. Dominik Goslawski

    Dominik Goslawski

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    Does that mean we gonna have supersonic subs

  40. Magnetic Fishing Madness

    Magnetic Fishing Madness

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    I wonder how this would work with fishing lures....

  41. power tea

    power tea

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    I wanna make a hydrophobic spear for spearfoshing, that would be so cool

  42. Frmr Christian

    Frmr Christian

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    I wonder if the US military coats our nuclear subs with hydrophobic paint?? It seems that it would have to increase the sub's efficiency through the water.

  43. Sergei Krutov

    Sergei Krutov

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    It's nice that we finally start catching up with the Russian torpedos from 1970th: "VA-111 Shkval"

  44. Jason Morales

    Jason Morales

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    Russia is watching this intently.

  45. Ty Dewayne

    Ty Dewayne

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    This is why everyone says they feel heat when coming in close quarters with “ufo”

    • Tdoyr


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      @Ty Dewayne Autocorrect moment. I actually typed “technically, they are identified flying objects. Atleast I think I did

    • Ty Dewayne

      Ty Dewayne

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      @Tdoyr and technically, if you wanna get officially “technical” they are U.A.P.

    • Ty Dewayne

      Ty Dewayne

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      @Tdoyr yea hence the “ufo” abbreviation .. 😂

    • Tdoyr


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      Technically they are unidentified flying objects

  46. Ty Dewayne

    Ty Dewayne

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    All the sudden... Hah now there are youtube videos explaining how these UFO/UAPS are working

  47. vili toivola

    vili toivola

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    Welp my balls are hydrophopic, they havent seen anything wet in centuries

  48. ireakhavok


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    There are two types of drag, the drag force of moving particles out of the way, and the force of the molecules as it slides past them; including the vortices on the back face. You cannot eliminate one part of those drag molecules (having to push the molecules out of the way), which is why the coefficient cannot go to zero, but you can eliminate the the drag portion of sliding past the molecules, practically to zero, because the pocket moves with the ball. It should actually form an effect like those robots made of bags, or those "water snakes". The air at the sides of the pocket are stationary compared to the center, where the pocket actually pushes the ball down, and speeding up the ball until the forces of pushing and accelerating the water out of the way counteracts the weight of mass in water.

  49. Creed isHere

    Creed isHere

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    I cant believe it's hydrophobic come on it's 2021

  50. Joshua Wolpert

    Joshua Wolpert

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    *watches as DARPA uses this to produce torpedoes for the navy*

  51. Spooky Wizard

    Spooky Wizard

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    It would have been cool if you also did a ball in air for comparison!

  52. Tortinwall


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    The principle is already applied in modern cruise ships, which inject air below the waterline at the bows, which reduces fuel consumption by about 5%. I can think of an excellent way of reducing their fuel consumption by 100%, but while Covid has achieved this temporarily I can’t see it happening permanently. The motive is of course reducing costs rather than any serious considerations of environmental concerns, but I suppose at least it’s something.

  53. Ruma


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    So under water bullet doesn't need to be long but it needs to be hydrophilic. Hydrophilic bullet

  54. Yannick


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    Yoo! Does this have effect on the floatation of boats or other hollow objects?

  55. Mr. Alfred Pennington Jr. the 7th

    Mr. Alfred Pennington Jr. the 7th

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    Like the new torpedoes used by the Navy?

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    Fbi wants to know your location.

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    I wish he was my high school science teacher all 4 years....

  58. Joshua Kent

    Joshua Kent

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    What if you dropped a non hydrophobic ball right after a hydrophobic ball?

  59. TheRolemodel1337


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    3:22 lycopodium spores* its a plant not a fungus

  60. Movie Edits

    Movie Edits

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    What if submarines were hydrophobic, would that stop the pressure of water from crushing the submarine

  61. NeKotori


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    5:40 isn't that just the Russian's supercavitating torpedo?

    • Maremike


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      It's a marital aid

  62. Timothy Chapman

    Timothy Chapman

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    Would this have implications for commercial shipping? Say, coating the surface of the boat with a hydrophobic finish?

    • Timothy Chapman

      Timothy Chapman

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      @Koen Kamphorst nah I don’t think so, it’s not some type of vertical drag keeping ships afloat, it’s pure buoyancy.

    • Koen Kamphorst

      Koen Kamphorst

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      I think that would just cause it to sink like a brick?

  63. EnoTech


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    Wonder if battleships could blanket drop Hydrophobic magnets with transponders built into them that will stick to Submarine and once tagged with a transponder would give away their position. Check Mate Battleship.

  64. Andrew Edmondson

    Andrew Edmondson

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    I want to jump into a pool with this

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    Frictionless, aha

  66. Gamerboy 80

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    Try shooting hydrophobic bullets thorough water

  67. K M

    K M

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    rare footage of VA-111 Shkval supercavitating torpedo being tested in the lab

  68. Rick Myrick

    Rick Myrick

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    So is that how the uap's become uso's?

  69. Corey Glatfelter

    Corey Glatfelter

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    Can we please coat one of those jet skies that can go under and they look like dolphins 🐬

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    Is that how UFO’s/UAP’s get to go so fast underwater?

  71. CaliBoy 420

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    New Bullet ammunition for water that would be cool and armor what..?🤔🔥

  72. Jack onsline

    Jack onsline

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    Is that also why boats have drag?

  73. Jeffrey Reed

    Jeffrey Reed

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    I wonder if you could use bleed air from a turbine to give a hull an air cushion.

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    Hydrophobic bullets... Yes I know this wouldn't work. I just find the concept fun.

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    Imagine what the navy can do with this

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  77. l Lux l

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    PLEASE REPLY. I was just laying in bed thinking about how the powder on the water creates a hydrophobic layer. If you were to do the same thing on a swimming pool and jump in what would happen? In my mind there’s 3 opinions. 1. you float. 2. You sink and can’t swim back up due to lower resistance ect. 3. Does very little and you can swim without getting wet to some extent. Would really appreciate any answers as I can’t sleep now 🤣

  78. Venture Pictures

    Venture Pictures

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    Rember these spheres US army caught on camera disappearing into water ...... This has those vibes.

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    Seen tens to hundreds of your videos, absolutely love these

  81. Valtteri Vehviläinen

    Valtteri Vehviläinen

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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VA-111_Shkval USSR applied some parts of this in torpedo. They just used rocket to make the barrier.

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    This channel genre : FANTASY, SI-FI

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    Whatever effect you got on your voice needs to be tuned down it’s very distracting

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    Can you make boats and submarines hydrophobic?

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    order of magnitude happens every time someone uses the throne @ taco bell !

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    Isn't this classified?

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    Put a railgun in the water.

  88. Phoenix GoWild

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    I have a question, what happens if you do this over marianas trench? Does it hit like a freakin meteor at the bottom?

  89. woweixiaomiandui


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    Good old pastor Leidenfrost and his tract on water

  90. Matthew Johnson

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    4:14pm “look at all those bubbles” omfg loved it!!!! Also cool topic.

  91. Eugenio Rodriguez Balboa

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    What about an hydrophobic swiming suit? Would it make you swim faster?

  92. Richard Wallinger

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    brilliant . .

  93. Nirjhar Bhatnaagar

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    So, This is what Aliens have been doing Dipping in and out of the Sea floor with almost no resistance from water it self.. Nice and Thanks~

  94. Dave B

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    Yeah, airfoils are pretty cool huh?

  95. Maayu


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    Would this increase amount of skips you would do with rock on the lake??

  96. ArchaicWisdom


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    This reminds me of the "tic tac UFO" incident 🤔

  97. geemy geemy

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    supersonic submarine ?

  98. Mini Pouce

    Mini Pouce

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    Clear and easy demonstration. I want to point out that there is kind of a third way to cover the lift body with gas, it is cavitation. The output is similar to the leidenfrost effect but appears naturaly with pressure drops due to velocity (no need to keep it warm). There is a whole lots of researsh in this area since the WWII i think (kw: supercavitation, hyperveloce water vehicules/projectiles). Have fun.

  99. Tim S

    Tim S

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    Poor old Lycopodium… getting called “mold” again.

  100. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis

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    So, could powder like this be used on the nose of a submarine to make it faster? Or on a real torpedo? Does the same effect work in the air? Could it be used on an airplane? Or heck, even a car?