American Breaks British Transport Law pt. II


  1. Joris Winter

    Joris Winter

    5 timmar sedan

    Police don't check if the passengers have tickets right? Or is that a UK thing?

  2. Watermelontastic


    6 timmar sedan

    I love that the ticket guy's book is a German to English dictionary

  3. ?Mystery Angel¿

    ?Mystery Angel¿

    10 timmar sedan

    20£ really isnt that much-

  4. BigMarv


    10 timmar sedan

    Bro Chewkz , this is a very stupid question but your name sounds like its Nigerian but like spelt different Don't mind me

  5. Mekhi Srey

    Mekhi Srey

    12 timmar sedan

    Look in the bright side, you got a pair of headphones!

  6. Disc✯nnected


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    That's pretty good, just pay 20£ you get a ~150 euro ticket instead that you have to pay

  7. Josiah


    16 timmar sedan

    Me: "Dude, nobody is ever that awake when they just wake up."

  8. Genocide 9999

    Genocide 9999

    18 timmar sedan

    Should have stayed in that bathroom

  9. Scary_ghastling


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  10. Akanik


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    But he left him the headphones 👀

  11. Division


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    Haven't heard the 80's weh weeh weeeeeh in a while

  12. Wig


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    Did i hear detroit become human ost?

  13. a p

    a p

    Dag sedan

    British transport law? Tf?

  14. L2DamianR2


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    Those are dutch trains lol

  15. chips_vis


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    yall just pay for the ticket, dont take unfair advantage of peoples kindness (them not disturbing a sleeping person) Lets all make society trustworthy and a better place

  16. Zombie 0303

    Zombie 0303

    Dag sedan

    Anyone else notice the music from Detroit:become human? Phenomenal game.

  17. DW RM

    DW RM

    Dag sedan

    That train looks like the "DEUTSCHE BAHN" JAAA

  18. Youngthe Cub

    Youngthe Cub

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    At least he got some free headphones.

  19. Pranav Prabhu

    Pranav Prabhu

    2 dagar sedan

    Pretty sure the headphones cost more than 20 pounds

  20. Peter Connaghan

    Peter Connaghan

    2 dagar sedan

    Idk any American that would ever say "the states"

  21. Aidan McSweeney

    Aidan McSweeney

    2 dagar sedan

    He's down $20, but he's up one pair of headphones 🙂

  22. Natalka Sowa

    Natalka Sowa

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    Dont yall just go to the bathroom hwile the ticket are checked?

  23. Koeniggseg Boii

    Koeniggseg Boii

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    Chewks has left the chat

  24. Zizyip


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    Me sees somthing on windshield. Takes it unlocks door only when my hand is on the handle and driver side only unlocks.

  25. Blue Fire

    Blue Fire

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    At least he got free headphones

  26. Smoke Trail

    Smoke Trail

    2 dagar sedan

    Why take a train unless you’re actually a resident who NEEDS to go somewhere fast? Like it’s England and you’re TOURING, so unless you have to get back to the airport because you can’t stay in that country anymore then what are you thinking?

  27. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown

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    Made off with the guy's headphones- probably worth the ticket and then some.

  28. Mido


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    So where's the moment you're supposed to laugh?

  29. Armon Muldrew

    Armon Muldrew

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    How much is 20 pounds

  30. No white Guilt

    No white Guilt

    2 dagar sedan

    Typical minorities

  31. Lotta Lehm

    Lotta Lehm

    3 dagar sedan

    I don't get it. Why does he pretend to write in a dictionary?

  32. Devhaus Studios

    Devhaus Studios

    3 dagar sedan

    “Damn I’m from the states, I didn’t know this was a nandos card… I thought it was a ticket”

  33. Blueteam 20001

    Blueteam 20001

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    at least he got free headphone



    3 dagar sedan

    At least je got his headphones.

  35. Азрет Каппушев

    Азрет Каппушев

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    Pogba, go play football!

  36. geniussnake497


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    You had me there untill you said "Nandos card" - too rhotic, must be an American!

  37. CaptainPasta


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    When did police become a worker for the train ?

  38. ScummyDummy


    4 dagar sedan

    Lol so are you British or American?! Either way, ur pretty spot on. Especially if ur British impersonating American

    • zijuiy wttuy

      zijuiy wttuy

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      Just sell the headphones for 30 pounds, easy profits

  39. Erik Hernandez

    Erik Hernandez

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    Detroit become inspecter

  40. Panavarr 00

    Panavarr 00

    4 dagar sedan

    Yeh, only the police aren't the conductors on UK trains.

  41. Sw00t_y PrD

    Sw00t_y PrD

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    Jesus Christ is the King

  42. Puff Puff

    Puff Puff

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  43. P. B.

    P. B.

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    That "oh oh oh oh" was perfect

  44. D E

    D E

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    oh my gosh I have that exact german dictionary

  45. Arman A.

    Arman A.

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    Thats a german book in his hand hahaha

  46. Killer Bean

    Killer Bean

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    Guys I think the other guy disappeared because they were the same person

  47. Brawling Style

    Brawling Style

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    He's right about the toilets lol

  48. TheBlinked1


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    Create A Webull Account. Get free stocks.

  49. TheBlinked1


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    Create A Webull Account. Get free stocks.

  50. Latisha Lingo

    Latisha Lingo

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    Why does that look like a german train?

  51. serry ciok

    serry ciok

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    Just sell the headphones for 30 pounds, easy profits

  52. Melonie


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    Where is jit when you need him the most

  53. Didik Klithikanonthel

    Didik Klithikanonthel

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    wow cool ruv the best friend forever sorry this video started the other server Google earth hour and the best seller

  54. SaphirBeere


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    20 pounds?? Ppppfffsss... If it would be that cheap I wouldn't have a heart attack everytime I forgot to buy my ticket. In Austria its 100€ if you pay right away and 130€ if you pay delayed.

  55. Annanas Du weißt

    Annanas Du weißt

    6 dagar sedan

    Why do you only pay 20€ in Germany we pay €60 €160 🥲

    • serry ciok

      serry ciok

      6 dagar sedan

      Lmao nice plot twist ending hahaha

  56. Ludy Lambrechts

    Ludy Lambrechts

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  57. Ben Braun

    Ben Braun

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    The train wagon is a wagon of a German double Decker.

    • Emily An

      Emily An

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      Damn the detroit become human soundtrack in the background tho, I love that game

  58. Ben Chermside

    Ben Chermside

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    In the states I take the train and just carry cash. Sometimes they don't ask for it. 🤷‍♂️

  59. Jasmin Henry

    Jasmin Henry

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    why you on a German train tho

  60. Dennis Oberdick

    Dennis Oberdick

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    Looks like german S Bahn amk was machst du so auf engglisch

  61. Nouk Hollands

    Nouk Hollands

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    This greenscreen action was actually really good

  62. Joe62


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    This is better comedy than you'll find on most syndicated shows

  63. XDiggy


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  64. Aryaan Ahmed

    Aryaan Ahmed

    7 dagar sedan

    Imagine not having free transportation *coughs in luxembourgish government

  65. Migor Rortis

    Migor Rortis

    7 dagar sedan

    Just have ya boii send you the pic of his ticket

  66. ExtremeCanary


    8 dagar sedan

    He got the free headphones though

  67. MilkyyCreamii


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  68. D VDV

    D VDV

    8 dagar sedan

    Lmao nice plot twist ending hahaha

  69. Dragon_ Flower_Fire

    Dragon_ Flower_Fire

    8 dagar sedan

    I'm keeping his headphones too

  70. xrrxy vvoi

    xrrxy vvoi

    8 dagar sedan

    😂😂😂 I died when he said he didn't know The Nandos card isn't a ticket 😂😂😂 WHAT!?

  71. miisoma


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  72. w4drone


    8 dagar sedan

    Great vid, but I figured I should mention that this happens most places in the states too

  73. Sara Babette Heng

    Sara Babette Heng

    8 dagar sedan

    In Norway if you don’t pay for your bus ticket for 2 dollars and get caught you have to pay 150 dollars

  74. Nidhi Jain

    Nidhi Jain

    8 dagar sedan

    Lol 666k likes

    • xrrxy vvoi

      xrrxy vvoi

      8 dagar sedan

      Dude how much time did u spent editing changing clothes and acting if I would I wouldn't be able to pull of even a scene HATS OFF BRO I RESPECT U

  75. Rémi Poujoulat

    Rémi Poujoulat

    8 dagar sedan

    And next time the fuc***g British SAS will check your ticket.

  76. Gustavs Šupstiks

    Gustavs Šupstiks

    8 dagar sedan

    666 K likes😱



    8 dagar sedan


  78. Beth Roden

    Beth Roden

    8 dagar sedan

    I tried to be fake asleep once but started giggling BDBDNSNSNSMA

  79. Phillip Carter

    Phillip Carter

    8 dagar sedan

    Nobody going to mention that in the uk they wear shirts and orange hivis vests usually they definitely do not wear polie uniforms 😅

  80. Shannon Long

    Shannon Long

    8 dagar sedan


  81. Franklin A

    Franklin A

    8 dagar sedan

    Comedy is dead and so should everyone in this video

  82. Michael Nizza

    Michael Nizza

    8 dagar sedan

    Wow. So do people in the uk have any rights anymore or does the government control everything?

  83. lity fity

    lity fity

    8 dagar sedan


  84. Louis babyyyy

    Louis babyyyy

    8 dagar sedan

    the nandos card.. every one: 😐😑😐 me and all fellow directioners: NIALL JAMES HORAN

  85. Sushi - Sitaish Jaster

    Sushi - Sitaish Jaster

    8 dagar sedan

    At least he got free headphones-

  86. krishna bhagat

    krishna bhagat

    9 dagar sedan

    Dude how much time did u spent editing changing clothes and acting if I would I wouldn't be able to pull of even a scene HATS OFF BRO I RESPECT U

    • Alex


      8 dagar sedan

      He wears clothes for 1 skit

  87. Emiliano S.

    Emiliano S.

    9 dagar sedan

    Is that a German train?

  88. ryan brady

    ryan brady

    9 dagar sedan

    Lmao chewks done vanished along with his headset before even handing ts back

  89. ultimate studio

    ultimate studio

    9 dagar sedan

    Is it only me who is seeing these for the first time so is the 2 or 11 idk

  90. ll-sMoL-ll


    9 dagar sedan

    In Germany it’s 60€

  91. Luka Mijajlovic

    Luka Mijajlovic

    9 dagar sedan

    Well it's better that he left because now you have free headphones

  92. Nicky Jul

    Nicky Jul

    9 dagar sedan

    My brain: *looking at the background* wait a minute... that's a german train for sure Me: you sure? The background: Lübeck Hbf

  93. mikoy huio

    mikoy huio

    9 dagar sedan

    😂😂😂 I died when he said he didn't know The Nandos card isn't a ticket 😂😂😂 WHAT!?

  94. CrimsonSlayer7


    9 dagar sedan

    I mastered the art of sleep acting at 9am to trick my mom after gaming all night Noob



    9 dagar sedan

    Isn’t 20£ like $50 or sum here?

  96. mAsterious Knowledge

    mAsterious Knowledge

    9 dagar sedan

    At least he get a free headphone 😂🎧😂

  97. RealTimeX


    9 dagar sedan

    But what's the big deal about checking tickets in train

    • mikoy huio

      mikoy huio

      9 dagar sedan

      Heck yeah, Nando's!

  98. mattsabeast5


    9 dagar sedan

    Why can't black people just treat themselves my white imaginary friends never doo me like dis..smh

  99. Krish Soni

    Krish Soni

    9 dagar sedan

    U got dat ticket money right? Uhh no Back to da crib