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Ladder Challenge!! Who can beat us??

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  1. sgtcole40


    5 dagar sedan

    You get the same results trying to climb the corporate ladder!!🙃

  2. Daniel Oceans

    Daniel Oceans

    5 dagar sedan

    Just no

  3. Rampage Azee

    Rampage Azee

    5 dagar sedan

    Just wanted to check on that chick

  4. blue sea

    blue sea

    5 dagar sedan

    That's so stupid

  5. Lester Cross

    Lester Cross

    5 dagar sedan

    I'm 40 and *I* want in on this! 😐 Do your youth while you can, brothers and sisters...

  6. Roxxzzo


    5 dagar sedan

    Shawty got cake

  7. Cole Martin

    Cole Martin

    5 dagar sedan

    This looks like a fun way to break something. Thanks for the idea!!

  8. Saqib Kalhoro

    Saqib Kalhoro

    5 dagar sedan


  9. Derpz


    5 dagar sedan

    Maybe put don’t try this at home next time..

  10. FlyBait


    5 dagar sedan

    I can’t even call this curiosity anymore

  11. S o u p

    S o u p

    5 dagar sedan

    On today's episode of: "Darwinism with Friends"

  12. helghax


    5 dagar sedan

    Natural selection is such a beautiful thing

  13. Brandon Boyze

    Brandon Boyze

    5 dagar sedan

    If you put it against the house you can climb all the way to the top, urban legend I guess.

  14. Jason Clark

    Jason Clark

    5 dagar sedan

    She got it 👍........she'd get it alright !!!

  15. Harrassment Panda

    Harrassment Panda

    5 dagar sedan

    This is a sport actually lmao

  16. Wu - Bangya

    Wu - Bangya

    5 dagar sedan

    Too much time on y'all hands

  17. Rafaela Arenas

    Rafaela Arenas

    6 dagar sedan


  18. Kingpin420


    6 dagar sedan

    Probably the most stupidest thing ive seen. Whatta gereration we live in

  19. Yuu_-


    6 dagar sedan

    What color were her shoes

  20. El Nene

    El Nene

    6 dagar sedan

    So basically i was doing this at work before it became a challenge?? I just did it to kill time

  21. Julian Gomes

    Julian Gomes

    6 dagar sedan

    OSHA would not approve...but seriously these kids are idiots, and ppl will get hurt trying to copy.

  22. DA-TA


    6 dagar sedan

    Welp I guess the amount of kids getting hurt trying it really makes this better😂

  23. Germán._.96


    6 dagar sedan

    Phineas I know what were doing today.

  24. NPC 77

    NPC 77

    6 dagar sedan

    Try the life challenge see how far u make it till u op urself

  25. Streets


    6 dagar sedan

    Stupid stupid games

  26. Lamarle Dennis

    Lamarle Dennis

    6 dagar sedan

    Damn right she got it

  27. ThatHighCanadianGuy


    6 dagar sedan

    Your dad's gonna be pissed when he finds out you've dented his ladder

  28. Taylor holland

    Taylor holland

    6 dagar sedan

    How much would u sell me that dirt bike

  29. Adrien D

    Adrien D

    6 dagar sedan

    I can foresee alot of people getting hurt over trying this lol

  30. Jack Blue

    Jack Blue

    6 dagar sedan

    Awww the classic "Tell me you want to go to the Emergency room without telling me you want to go to the Emergency room challenge"...

  31. Theriver Pimp

    Theriver Pimp

    6 dagar sedan

    Us roofers/ carpenters would excel in this

  32. Aniyaaa


    6 dagar sedan

    This is so dangerous but it looks kinda fun

  33. MemesForFree


    6 dagar sedan

    im surprised that i am not the only one doing this, also my record is 7 steps

  34. BALZY DEALZ In facts and logic

    BALZY DEALZ In facts and logic

    6 dagar sedan

    Counter weight is a thing people..

  35. Gokush Kameha-ha-ha

    Gokush Kameha-ha-ha

    6 dagar sedan

    I'd have it infront of a wall so I didnt fall to the ground just like idk 5 or 6 feet then I'd climb down the ladder This is called natural selection

  36. Gokush Kameha-ha-ha

    Gokush Kameha-ha-ha

    6 dagar sedan

    Why are so many girls thick today what happened everyone got a nice ass tf I'm so happy

  37. Jimmy Wade

    Jimmy Wade

    6 dagar sedan

    Not OSHA approved.

  38. Toksdattlooksmad


    6 dagar sedan

    I swear everyone in these comments are over 50 if you think they stupid dont watch it if you watch it you stupid

  39. No Body

    No Body

    6 dagar sedan

    Media raja

  40. Gargi panda Onefiveseventwotwoseventwo

    Gargi panda Onefiveseventwotwoseventwo

    6 dagar sedan

    The amount of anxiety I got thinking what if these guys fall backward and hit their head

  41. CMJesus


    6 dagar sedan

    Challenge: read one book

  42. RC2K


    6 dagar sedan

    why is everyone so pressed about this, some dude even said they can die lmao let people have fun

  43. Riddem79


    6 dagar sedan

    If you came here for the girl in the sweatpants, you're a pervert.



    6 dagar sedan

    I can see Polly grip getting alot more customers in the near future 🦷

  45. JUGGØ


    6 dagar sedan

    I wonder what's next 🤔 The stair challenge 😯😯 😒



    6 dagar sedan

    ¡Fuera! Sentido de estupidez.

  47. Peter Peep

    Peter Peep

    6 dagar sedan

    It's the risk that makes it fun!

  48. shadowcodes


    6 dagar sedan

    Get your leg caught in between the steps while coming down 😨

  49. HiImRawr


    6 dagar sedan

    Can't wait for someone to step through the hole and snap their leg in half

  50. 10thE Roll no.1 Adarshpreet Sidhu

    10thE Roll no.1 Adarshpreet Sidhu

    6 dagar sedan

    Imagine if someone climbed to the top of the ladder and then it's time to fall down ।

  51. ꧁Saiki Kusuo꧂

    ꧁Saiki Kusuo꧂

    6 dagar sedan

    Tutorial de como matar seus primos ou irmãos: (Me sigam para mais tutoriais☕)

  52. Thirteen


    6 dagar sedan

    I can already see a rising number of visits to the dentist to fix broken teeth thanks to this idiotic challenge 👍

  53. UncleRyno86


    6 dagar sedan

    Bunch of dads out there "what the #%$& happened to the ladder!!!"

  54. thatkyleguy 1

    thatkyleguy 1

    6 dagar sedan

    Why dont you use that ladder to do some manual labor. Americas youth is a waste.

  55. Extra Extra

    Extra Extra

    6 dagar sedan

    Tbh that actually looks fun

  56. Lilia Lalia

    Lilia Lalia

    6 dagar sedan

    Rip ankles

  57. Bill Smith

    Bill Smith

    6 dagar sedan

    I did two ladders.

  58. prospect LA

    prospect LA

    6 dagar sedan

    I expected twisted ankles... be careful with these challenges.

  59. Donnie Ultra

    Donnie Ultra

    6 dagar sedan

    We used to do this back in the day as kids. I never could get the last 4 steps.

  60. Robo Mushroom

    Robo Mushroom

    6 dagar sedan

    I was just expecting one of them to just start flying. No… just me?

  61. Aniruddha Jadhav

    Aniruddha Jadhav

    6 dagar sedan

    This is how to break the bones, they are lucky no one is hurt

  62. Andrija K

    Andrija K

    6 dagar sedan

    This girl have a good 🍑

  63. bardia mousapour

    bardia mousapour

    6 dagar sedan

    See you at hospital

  64. Jesse Summers

    Jesse Summers

    6 dagar sedan

    Tik tok is digital Darwinism

  65. Armed & Annoyed

    Armed & Annoyed

    6 dagar sedan

    Number one cause of injury on all construction sites

  66. Ultimate Driving Machines

    Ultimate Driving Machines

    6 dagar sedan

    How to break a ladder for no reason

  67. keema315


    6 dagar sedan

    By the comments I can tell none of you played outside as a kid 🤣

  68. Unknown User

    Unknown User

    6 dagar sedan

    We need a “prove you aren’t a dumb sheep” challenge

  69. Sinful Tempz

    Sinful Tempz

    6 dagar sedan

    We didn't come here for the ladder challenge let's be honest

  70. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez

    6 dagar sedan

    Great way to snap a few bones

  71. 장미WonShik's


    6 dagar sedan

    this is so fckin dangerous tf

  72. El wittinio

    El wittinio

    6 dagar sedan

    If I did this at work I would be sacked straight away 😬

  73. Nick Woyurka

    Nick Woyurka

    6 dagar sedan

    It’s honestly kinda sad none of you could do this lol

  74. Master Erakius

    Master Erakius

    6 dagar sedan

    That was actually pretty impressive.

  75. Aaron


    6 dagar sedan

    White people

  76. まやま


    6 dagar sedan

    onnanokono oshiri daisukidesu!!



    6 dagar sedan

    The only solution to this

  78. Big Boom Stick

    Big Boom Stick

    6 dagar sedan

    I broke my leg don't try this

  79. joshuaj


    6 dagar sedan

    Just fucking dad's ladder 🪜up for clout.

  80. Temple Creations

    Temple Creations

    6 dagar sedan

    Unless you come down again, im not impressed :p

  81. Angelo


    6 dagar sedan

    1000 ways to die be like:

  82. Bo Bandy

    Bo Bandy

    6 dagar sedan

    Then they try to sue the ladder company for breaking their ankles

  83. StapelGaBLeR


    6 dagar sedan

    So stupid

  84. eskayel


    6 dagar sedan


  85. Loona Moon

    Loona Moon

    6 dagar sedan

    Your abusing the ladder Also ladder:🙂👍

  86. Top Hat Doge

    Top Hat Doge

    6 dagar sedan

    You can tell they found this in a bin and decided to play with it when the bar just fking snapped

  87. Brandon Baylot

    Brandon Baylot

    6 dagar sedan

    Finally, this is what Charles Darwin was talking about…

  88. Daniel Cuffie

    Daniel Cuffie

    6 dagar sedan


  89. Kufe


    6 dagar sedan

    Who is that girl

  90. Skylar Davis

    Skylar Davis

    6 dagar sedan

    all fun and games until someone snaps an ankle.

  91. Azurus Gaming

    Azurus Gaming

    6 dagar sedan

    Stop putting your wait on the last step ffs

  92. With love joanna

    With love joanna

    6 dagar sedan

    So,who won?🤔

  93. Elizabeth Short

    Elizabeth Short

    6 dagar sedan

    What a dumb challenge 🤣

  94. Ita


    6 dagar sedan


  95. Rafael Agustin

    Rafael Agustin

    6 dagar sedan

    Y'all wanna die?!?!?!

  96. Dhruva Shivakumar

    Dhruva Shivakumar

    6 dagar sedan

    Well it doesn't like there's a stairway to heaven.

  97. Kaiwa


    6 dagar sedan

    I after watching : That was amazing!!!(but that just new way to die actually..) I after reading comment : *giggles * Air I need Air😂-

  98. Dustin T

    Dustin T

    6 dagar sedan

    Just waiting for someone to break an ankle doing this 😧

  99. Nightlight Da kid

    Nightlight Da kid

    6 dagar sedan

    Why do y’all judge everything why can’t something just be entertaining this society is soft and it shows

  100. Angelo Diaz

    Angelo Diaz

    6 dagar sedan

    Any broken ankles yet?