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  1. saucesbooty


    5 timmar sedan

    They live in the uk right

  2. B4U Clapz

    B4U Clapz

    10 timmar sedan

    Ethan toe man 😬😬

  3. Zeidane Hall

    Zeidane Hall

    Dag sedan

    Me eat cereal everyday and I'm still skinny

  4. Adham Zaid

    Adham Zaid

    Dag sedan

    Josh and vik: 😂😂😂😂 JJ:IM GONNA DIE IM GONNA DIE

  5. Leonel Arellano

    Leonel Arellano

    Dag sedan

    i have the same helmet like Simon

  6. Sir Cluck of The Chicken Empire

    Sir Cluck of The Chicken Empire

    Dag sedan

    I eat a ton, i can't gain weight at all.

  7. Do Not Drop

    Do Not Drop

    Dag sedan

    JJ SAID 12pm to 6pm i am dead

  8. YouTube Clips

    YouTube Clips

    Dag sedan

    JJ'S body physique 27:54 doesn't look that bad

  9. Anon


    Dag sedan

    Pro tip for next time: Suppository

  10. simon


    2 dagar sedan

    That entire time I didn’t know it was kilograms and thought it was pounds and fr felt so fat

  11. MrCuffey


    2 dagar sedan

    19:47 "im not going to drink the water" Follows up with just drinking the bloody water

  12. Caden Langarica

    Caden Langarica

    2 dagar sedan

    18:41 that’s a nice painting on the wall

  13. Who Asked

    Who Asked

    2 dagar sedan

    JJ did a Jordan 18:00

  14. Hans B

    Hans B

    3 dagar sedan

    Me: clicked cause the title or thumbnail. Skip to the middle. Watched a few frames Skip to the 2/3. Watched a few frames. Skip near the end. Watched a few frames. Pause. Comment. "It's another s***"

    • Gangatsa


      Dag sedan

      Fr bro wtf was this

  15. Cole Bechel

    Cole Bechel

    3 dagar sedan

    Jj in the picture of the video is a before and after but the after is photo shopped ya fat neek

  16. Rushil Lachmon

    Rushil Lachmon

    3 dagar sedan

    8:20 song?

  17. Vennom


    3 dagar sedan

    3:34 Look bottom left fam

  18. Pavanjit Singh

    Pavanjit Singh

    3 dagar sedan

    18.42 nice drawing on the wall 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Kenny V.Kempen

    Kenny V.Kempen

    3 dagar sedan

    minimeter just broke there ankles so hard

  20. chef


    4 dagar sedan

    6:12 a man just popped out of vikstar

  21. Dakota Livezey

    Dakota Livezey

    4 dagar sedan

    I love how JJ still has the same pair of futbol boots

  22. Mimi Clarke

    Mimi Clarke

    4 dagar sedan

    23:51 gave me the ick

  23. Matthew Ridden

    Matthew Ridden

    4 dagar sedan

    I I

  24. Monkey d luffy

    Monkey d luffy

    4 dagar sedan

    6:41 the best part

  25. hka ra hka ra

    hka ra hka ra

    4 dagar sedan

    fat man aw manñnnnnnnn

  26. Mike Regter

    Mike Regter

    5 dagar sedan

    Vik 13:33 ever watched joelbeukers scoopie erbij

  27. O S

    O S

    5 dagar sedan


  28. niels AJAX

    niels AJAX

    5 dagar sedan

    sry but they all had their camera in their hand when weighting the first time

  29. opS_ Andrew

    opS_ Andrew

    5 dagar sedan

    I'm 65kg and 13 years old.

  30. opS_ Andrew

    opS_ Andrew

    5 dagar sedan

    Harry and josh are heavier than ethan , damn

  31. theone&only bj

    theone&only bj

    6 dagar sedan

    JJ was the inspiration for this video

  32. O Y

    O Y

    6 dagar sedan

    What vid did Ethan break his toe

  33. Pokumon Yt

    Pokumon Yt

    6 dagar sedan

    Ever heard of Photoshop

  34. Captain Cryptic

    Captain Cryptic

    6 dagar sedan

    VIKS 64.1 pounds ?!?!?!??!

  35. Juliana Cin

    Juliana Cin

    6 dagar sedan

    Why only 6 hours and not 24?

  36. Jayden Carson-Scales

    Jayden Carson-Scales

    6 dagar sedan

    I love how in the thumbnail for all of the weight loss videos they've done its always been a fat jj and a fat behz lol

  37. Janaira V

    Janaira V

    6 dagar sedan

    Just an fyi, over exerting your muscles can make your muscles swell temporarily causing it to weigh just a bit more... sorry my nurse mind couldn’t help it 🤣❤️ love all your videos tho!!! Keep entertaining and vibing 🤟🏽

  38. Maverick Sellers

    Maverick Sellers

    6 dagar sedan

    18:44 what is that on the wall lol

  39. Elegy Beast

    Elegy Beast

    6 dagar sedan

    Jesus is king

  40. Elegy Beast

    Elegy Beast

    6 dagar sedan

    Jesus is kinf

  41. Andiorlis Samuel

    Andiorlis Samuel

    7 dagar sedan

    I see vik getting those simps

  42. Ifrah Bilal

    Ifrah Bilal

    7 dagar sedan

    no one: asulotly no one: etah: attacks random player

  43. Tigeraft RP

    Tigeraft RP

    7 dagar sedan

    Notice how Ethan and JJ are in the title?

  44. MØRtalic-_-


    7 dagar sedan

    dont mind me just watching people loose weight while im eating a whole macDonalds meal :D

  45. noah brandis

    noah brandis

    7 dagar sedan

    As an Aussie I'm offended by vik and his wheatabix lol

  46. Gavinus Maximus

    Gavinus Maximus

    8 dagar sedan

    This seems safe

  47. November


    8 dagar sedan

    Title says 24 hours but its 6 hours

  48. Anurag J

    Anurag J

    8 dagar sedan

    The amount of times Ethan played the toe card is unacceptable

  49. EricPlayz951


    8 dagar sedan

    5 year old me seeing a plane in the sky: 9:44

  50. Davonte


    8 dagar sedan


  51. Angy H

    Angy H

    8 dagar sedan

    Callux couldn't save a word document

  52. Bruno_toxic


    8 dagar sedan

    If jj would stand up straight he would look more lean and ripped. Always has that slight lean down making his belly bigger

  53. V Gow

    V Gow

    8 dagar sedan

    19:40 the camera guy is chillin

  54. Ishraq salmin

    Ishraq salmin

    8 dagar sedan

    jj moving like akinfenwa

  55. Imaan


    8 dagar sedan

    19:34 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗸𝗲𝘆 𝗻𝗼𝗶𝘀𝗲𝘀

  56. Dylan Matthews

    Dylan Matthews

    9 dagar sedan

    No one else realize Ksi said how much weight we can lose in 6 hours

    • Jamie McGibbon

      Jamie McGibbon

      8 dagar sedan

      because that’s what they did

  57. Kinzie Abel

    Kinzie Abel

    9 dagar sedan


  58. crescent moon

    crescent moon

    9 dagar sedan


  59. Nobody Important

    Nobody Important

    9 dagar sedan

    3:33 Let's be honest, are any of us surprised?

  60. Seddie’x


    9 dagar sedan

    Wait we can lose weight in a day..?!

  61. Stephen hawkings Football boots

    Stephen hawkings Football boots

    9 dagar sedan

    So weak for all that training and coaching. I used to train a lot 5 years ago and was benching 160kg at 87kg body weight this guy can’t even push 100 lmao. I went gym the other day first time in a year and did 100 for 10.

    • Jacob Stallard

      Jacob Stallard

      8 dagar sedan

      No one asked

  62. Jay Irvine

    Jay Irvine

    9 dagar sedan


  63. Maya Odaa

    Maya Odaa

    9 dagar sedan


  64. Shana Magadzire

    Shana Magadzire

    9 dagar sedan

    9:44 ksimon 🥺

  65. Andreas Ioannou

    Andreas Ioannou

    9 dagar sedan

    What a goal by simon though

  66. Yep


    9 dagar sedan

    does anyone else realize via is actually just the most normal one lmao, dry scooping pre workout is like legit the only way

  67. BTS LOVE


    9 dagar sedan

    Ethan looked so tired and pale 🥺

  68. bing bong

    bing bong

    10 dagar sedan


    • bing bong

      bing bong

      10 dagar sedan


  69. Arkeresh


    10 dagar sedan

    The sidemen were playing football while Callux was playing dodgeball

  70. masaustu


    10 dagar sedan

    why is it so funny vik running😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Eloise


    10 dagar sedan

    At the beginning vik wayed the same as me I'm 9

  72. Joey Spagnoli

    Joey Spagnoli

    10 dagar sedan

    18:45 for a suprise on the wall

  73. Fuzxzyy


    10 dagar sedan

    Is the scales in kg or lbs?

  74. iSzoJoe on xbox

    iSzoJoe on xbox

    10 dagar sedan

    What’s a wheatamix

  75. Amp727


    10 dagar sedan

    KSI: gains weight

  76. izzie


    10 dagar sedan

    "Sidemen most weight lost in 24 hours" Reality: Sidemen Most Weight Lost in 6 HOURS. 😂

  77. HussLegends


    11 dagar sedan

    18:38 *mhm, monke*

  78. DarthPow


    11 dagar sedan

    3:38 look behind Harry lmaoo why does Harry have a picture of JJ like that 😂

    • Rathin sheth

      Rathin sheth

      9 dagar sedan

      Nice one

  79. Caity Hurrell

    Caity Hurrell

    11 dagar sedan

    🎶 Row, row, row your boat! Gently down the stream! 🎶 🙂🙂 Merrily 🙂🙂 😤😤 Merrily 😤😤 😡😡 Merrily 😡😡 ☠️👹👹 Merrily 👹👹 ☠️

  80. Ahmed Sadi

    Ahmed Sadi

    11 dagar sedan

    19:39 astghfurallah jj being muslim lol

  81. 999


    11 dagar sedan

    Why does Simon never do any exercise or weight lifting in the sidemen videos? Thought it was a joke starting to think there’s something wrong with him

    • Krmickey 97

      Krmickey 97

      4 dagar sedan

      I mean, he plays football with the others pretty often, although it’s not like crossbar challenges are particularly strenuous on the upper body

    • Stephanie Hb

      Stephanie Hb

      7 dagar sedan

      @Areum Park just dont think he wants to

    • Areum Park

      Areum Park

      8 dagar sedan

      Stephanie Hb why doesn’t he exercise

    • daddy shrek

      daddy shrek

      8 dagar sedan

      mans a stick

    • Stephanie Hb

      Stephanie Hb

      9 dagar sedan

      he doesn't exercise

  82. HirdeyReacts


    11 dagar sedan

    Me: Eating a pizza Sidemen: Losing weight

  83. Cold Feet

    Cold Feet

    11 dagar sedan

    19:39 did jj say "aaahh astaghfiroullah"? It sounds like it! Jj muslim confirmed?

  84. Kosma Stanek

    Kosma Stanek

    11 dagar sedan

    9:01 where is the ball?!

  85. Liambrownz


    11 dagar sedan

    Anyone know the weighing scale brand?

  86. Johnathan Goldblatt

    Johnathan Goldblatt

    11 dagar sedan

    Harry is actually a beast

  87. Speed Lord TV

    Speed Lord TV

    11 dagar sedan

    JJ wearing vaporflys on the obstacles lolololololololol

  88. Ark Okin

    Ark Okin

    11 dagar sedan

    I might have been slow, but anyone see JJ in the background behind Harry 3:50

  89. Sports Guy

    Sports Guy

    11 dagar sedan

    I swear that Vik does weird things in every calorie video

  90. T Sane

    T Sane

    11 dagar sedan

    jj looks dench compared the rest today can't lie

  91. T Sane

    T Sane

    11 dagar sedan

    some people i realised are very boring

  92. Morning bot

    Morning bot

    11 dagar sedan

    Remember "Tom is moving mad."

  93. Juicy Pears

    Juicy Pears

    11 dagar sedan

    JJ slowly turning into fitneek.

  94. Gaming Dilemma

    Gaming Dilemma

    11 dagar sedan

    Them doing lots of exercises and eating lots before the challenge starts to lose the most weight: Me fasting during Ramadan: *Amateurs*

  95. Dimitris Nicolaou

    Dimitris Nicolaou

    11 dagar sedan

    Vik is getting BIG

  96. Thixff


    11 dagar sedan

    Harry at 3:50 looks like he’s had a fun night

  97. Betsy Tewelde

    Betsy Tewelde

    11 dagar sedan

    18:42 when u see it

  98. Emma Bruce

    Emma Bruce

    11 dagar sedan

    Elo mate 👌

  99. Yusuf Abbas

    Yusuf Abbas

    12 dagar sedan

    to be fair tho jj looks in a better form than the most weight gained video

  100. xd Coop G galloway

    xd Coop G galloway

    12 dagar sedan

    Who the fuk calls it weetabix instead of weetbix