DANIEL is WANTED by the FBI - Cloaker

After Chad Wild Clay made "Playing World's Largest Board Game to Rescue My Brother Casey Wild Clay-", Vy Qwaint created "BEST HIDING SPOT? Spy Ninjas Hide and Seek in Safe House until 3AM with my Brother Casey", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "My Brother Casey Got Caught in 4k by Hacker Battle in Real Life Mission to Disable Roblox Forcefield", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "Can Casey Wild Clay Game?" Daniel is wanted by the FBI! If they find him, they will send the police to take him to jail forever! He'll be forced to escape prison! But he is innocent! Breaking news on TV revealed Agent Peters is lying and being fake! He also revealed to the world that he defeated the Cloaker and did an unmasking. Daniel and Melvin, the watch brothers escape the safe house and hide at the park from a helicopter. After a battle royale, the Cloaker joins and saves them! This raises some questions, who is the Cloaker? Is he Casey, Chad's brother in disguise? Could he be going undercover as a prank? Is the Cloaker even a nice guy? Or is he evil? Something sus and weird is going on, we may need a lie detector test to get to the bottom of this! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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    Jeff Kempf

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    Look at his eyes they are the same as Casey And wen he said he was lowing the loan he was at the park and he was all sweaty cuz he had Ben changing his closes and he had a mask on dont trust the cloker

  3. Black panther Panther

    Black panther Panther

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    Yeah I’m a fighter

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    Peter is the one how is the Wone how shoud be Arestid

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    Hey guys is this real I don't think just be safe guys love you all from nepal where mount Everest is love you guys

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    Ok cwc ok!😎☠💀👻👽

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    I Think Agent Peters Is Going To Be Wanted

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    Lol the add 🤣😂

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    I Am A Big Fan

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    1:17 why was Melvin praying like that

  15. Mike larsen

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    Yeah cloaker

  16. Shin Thiri Myat

    Shin Thiri Myat

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    Ugh not that chef crouton again agent peter is a framer

  17. Emily Cupcake

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    Don’t get caught from the fbi there dangerous!

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    Give me a boy Daniel gets a motorcycle give me

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  23. Joelle Nasrallah

    Joelle Nasrallah

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    I know that cayse is the cloaker because when chad called him and they didnt know him he was whereing black like the cloaker and his voice

  24. Benjamin muniz

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    Maybe call Casey infront of THE cloacker

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    Cloaker you win go go go go go go go go

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    A is a bag i can you can you call 911 911 ok piggery cecilia by the uk yz wearing nbi yours is kick there but the police

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    Is a great spy ninjas in hidden training from robot plus down .

  29. Lauren Bradley

    Lauren Bradley

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    The cloaker is achient peters not casey he’s bad

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    the fact that there using a drone as a helicopter really shows that there making false news i typed in SE-one tv spy ninjas nothing

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  34. Mr Hulkinson

    Mr Hulkinson

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    It's so funny how they think the Cloaker is Casey even though they can't change back so fast lol

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    I hope cloaked is okay

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    I sall this on the news is it true

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    The police: FBI OPEN UP I think that's what they said I swear a heard that

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    Daniel he lieing

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    Agent Peter's is cloaker

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    Not me actually watching the news for a week with my dad to find this in tv

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    Yes take down the spy ninjas!!! They are dumb!

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    But I do love your videos

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    When Casey was sweating The Kloecker was sweating to maybe Casey and Kloecker had a fight

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    Clocker has broun eyes and Casey has green eyes sooooooo 🤔🤔🤔

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    Melvin cursed he said D this gazebo

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    Instrumental Music

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    OMG is this real 😱

  85. Lisa Hills

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    Did anyone knowtice that the news person sounds like ally or is it just me?

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    He is Casey he is Casey

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    Mevlen: iM iN mY jAmMiEs Me: Same!! lES GOOOOOO



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    me:laughing so hard when he said he just saved our buts

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