Try not to laugh CHALLENGE | Premier League edition

Do you have what it takes to complete the Premier League try not to laugh challenge? Let us know how you get on in the comments!
This video features Steven Gerrard and a Chelsea mascot, Sir Alex Ferguson versus a balloon, a Louis van Gaal dive, David Dunn’s rabona fail, Steven Taylor’s best goalkeeper impression, Kevin De Bruyne hitting a corner flag and more!
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  1. Hendri YT FF

    Hendri YT FF

    Timme sedan


  2. Daniel Sumi

    Daniel Sumi

    2 timmar sedan

    The guy who gave the ref a red card 😂😂

  3. David Holczer

    David Holczer

    3 timmar sedan

    Search for "Cats on football pitch" you won't regret

  4. Henok Alex

    Henok Alex

    3 timmar sedan

    Respect 🙏🙏 for Jones who walk with his knees to save his team without considering his face at that time😁😁

  5. Saudagar Perantau

    Saudagar Perantau

    4 timmar sedan

    0:38 🤣

  6. JON TV

    JON TV

    5 timmar sedan

    Literally they all enjoying playin football

  7. Bean-Berry Hodzen

    Bean-Berry Hodzen

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  8. Kamado Tanjiro

    Kamado Tanjiro

    7 timmar sedan

    Can you give Credits to Pes?I was kidding Lmao

  9. F9Fad


    7 timmar sedan

    4:59 tom cruise moment

  10. woodside juliusjx

    woodside juliusjx

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  11. Victor


    8 timmar sedan

    The van Gaal moment was super funny

  12. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

    8 timmar sedan

    Manager: Phil use your head while defending Phil Jones: 6:15

  13. Sundul gan46

    Sundul gan46

    9 timmar sedan

    00:59 sir Alex Ferguson reactions😂😂

  14. J. S.

    J. S.

    10 timmar sedan

    3:37 did this goal count?

  15. Mohamed Ismael

    Mohamed Ismael

    10 timmar sedan

    Lmao I forgot Bullard was a jokester 😂

  16. Barry X.A!

    Barry X.A!

    11 timmar sedan

    4:40 'FOOTBALL'

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      8 timmar sedan

      6:12 Best defender ever

  17. TeuSports


    12 timmar sedan 😱

  18. Zxe


    13 timmar sedan

    2:48 what are you doing man😂

  19. Nicky Jones

    Nicky Jones

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    This is y I love football

  20. Cliff Richmond

    Cliff Richmond

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  21. Verdy _

    Verdy _

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    Where’s chicharitos self assist?

  22. Lorraine Briggs

    Lorraine Briggs

    15 timmar sedan

    *ONLYFANS* MEETME.BABY SE-one: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" SE-one: BE GONE

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    Yolanda Shikers

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    Alvaró Gonzales

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  28. Alvaró Gonzales

    Alvaró Gonzales

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  29. Just Josh

    Just Josh

    19 timmar sedan

    Gerrard got mugged off by a little kid with blue hair lmao

  30. เสี่ยโอ วัยรุ่นเยอรมัน

    เสี่ยโอ วัยรุ่นเยอรมัน

    20 timmar sedan

    6:12 Best defender ever

  31. ofispeaks


    20 timmar sedan

    Who else misses Jim Bullard's goal celebration on FIFA? 😂

  32. Skyplo


    20 timmar sedan

    My reaction after i saw Glassgow playing with Slavia, when i see Gerald 0:38

  33. Cliff Richmond

    Cliff Richmond

    21 timme sedan

    The fluttering stock mainly cheer because south africa posteriorly nail lest a quack boy. unwieldy, faded jam

  34. Mika-eel Khan

    Mika-eel Khan

    21 timme sedan

    That kid who called Gerrard is a legend😂😂🔥🔥

  35. Sugu Mugu

    Sugu Mugu

    23 timmar sedan

    I did not laugh 😊

  36. Loungejay


    23 timmar sedan

    Bullard all features heavily in these things. Funny fucker.

  37. Desmond Sparrow

    Desmond Sparrow

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  38. TECHO X


    Dag sedan

    3:50 me trying to inpress my crush 😂

  39. Raiyan Labeeb

    Raiyan Labeeb

    Dag sedan

    Who is here after phillip passed away

  40. Manan Jain

    Manan Jain

    Dag sedan

    Legends say : the black cat never left.

  41. jamie's got skillz

    jamie's got skillz

    Dag sedan

    1:46 why is there a red balloon

  42. Cassie


    Dag sedan

    1:34 in India that match would've stopped

  43. Manit Sahu

    Manit Sahu

    Dag sedan

    1:00 The origin of Jalal Pranks

  44. LC_Nath


    Dag sedan

    3:36 whats encroachment??

  45. Bean-Berry Hodzen

    Bean-Berry Hodzen

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  46. bang jali

    bang jali

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    Jimmy bulard is such a legend🤣

    • Cassie


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      2:20 Oh dear

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    Sofa King

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  48. Sidhant Satapathy

    Sidhant Satapathy

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    Jimmy is in like half the videos 🤣

  49. Damián T.

    Damián T.

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    son graciosos los racistas estos

  50. Sam Upton

    Sam Upton

    Dag sedan

    This had me absolutely creasing, absolutely loved the refsbum tho at 6:37

  51. Frankenstein TV

    Frankenstein TV

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    3:43 Come on KDB 🤣🤣

  52. Marcel Leica

    Marcel Leica

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    3:29 and 4:40 Jimmy Bullard is a legend 🤣😂

  53. Karunyaa Sribashyam

    Karunyaa Sribashyam

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    1:21 Lol that always happens to me

  54. pizzafarben


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    I lost

    • Joel Sam

      Joel Sam

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      Leave a message for assistance W•H•A•T•S•A•P

    • Joel Sam

      Joel Sam

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      + 1 =7 =3 =1 =2 =4 =1 =0 =3 =3 =7

  55. Hypnotised World

    Hypnotised World

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    I'm that person with Sir Alex Ferguson 😅😅



    Dag sedan




    Dag sedan

    I would won the challenge but I laughed at the last one🤣🤣🤣

  58. Daniel Baetens

    Daniel Baetens

    Dag sedan

    Why is PEP saying TWICE TWICE TWICE in not in this

  59. Alexander Jonsson

    Alexander Jonsson

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    I love how the player gives the referee a red card after he hit someone

  60. Alexander Jonsson

    Alexander Jonsson

    Dag sedan

    2:20 Oh dear



    Dag sedan

    1:34 Players playing. Coaches coaching. Referees refereeing. Cat: Oh looks like there is no team in black it's ok I'll just support for the black shorts from here.



    Dag sedan

    4:41 Look I'm flying!!!!!!!!

  63. Akmal Teshayev

    Akmal Teshayev

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    1:27 what's the name of this coach?

  64. mateu lahoz

    mateu lahoz

    Dag sedan

    Sir Bobby Robson say iwis walk right now



    Dag sedan

    That "flying Bullard" has to be a new species, absolutely legendary lmao🤣🤣🤣

  66. jmoth99


    Dag sedan

    Just saying that hill city penalty would’ve been retaken for 7 different reasons in todays game. Keeper off his line, and 6 players in the box

  67. Divyansh Bahuguna

    Divyansh Bahuguna

    Dag sedan

    Taylor was the most funny 😂😂

  68. Dan Xu

    Dan Xu

    Dag sedan

    1:01 Sir Ferguson: fuck off lmao

  69. Müdes Salamibrot

    Müdes Salamibrot

    Dag sedan

    7:20 niklas süle vibes

  70. Fundi Zulu

    Fundi Zulu

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    To funny

  71. Steve Coco

    Steve Coco

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    Vi aspetto appassionati di calcio lunedì e venerdì news sul calcio italiano e Europa league e champions vi aspetto dalle 18 00 anche pomeriggio news sulla Europa

  72. Alessandro Reni

    Alessandro Reni

    Dag sedan

    Where is Gazza?

  73. Ken Cur

    Ken Cur

    Dag sedan

    4:00 - commentator sounds drunk: “the referee is being a bit of a spoil sport, isn’t he? Hic. Let the geezer have his fun. Hic.”

  74. Peter Soriano

    Peter Soriano

    Dag sedan

    0:39 *Legend* I could never do that to a player, even if hes from the rival team.

  75. Paul


    Dag sedan

    Was Delia's "Let's be havin' you!" in the old Division 2? I'm laughing thinking about it

  76. LakeSnake


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    6:10 the best piece of defending by any player of football of all time.

  77. Slaze


    Dag sedan

    Phil Jones got me damnit

  78. SANTHI S.K


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    1.02 Sir alex ferguson : **** off... 😂😂

  79. Tish Melba

    Tish Melba

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  80. มูฮัมหมัดซอฟีอี วาจิ

    มูฮัมหมัดซอฟีอี วาจิ

    Dag sedan

    1:27 Marcos Alonso



    Dag sedan

    VIRAL 👻

  82. Lucas Sizemore

    Lucas Sizemore

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  83. Heyyy Chssj

    Heyyy Chssj

    2 dagar sedan

    This is such a hilarious video. I like it how the video shows all the funny bits that has happened throughout football. What a content. I hope you keep the good work up!

  84. kim anh

    kim anh

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    The subdued replace superiorly rescue because font chiefly blot given a hideous high wrinkle. substantial, wacky rifle

  85. A. S.

    A. S.

    2 dagar sedan

    Phil Jones will always be a weird specimen that graced the prem and still is somehow 🤔

  86. Hmm


    2 dagar sedan

    change the title to try to laugh

  87. AquaEscapeArtist


    2 dagar sedan

    The top leagues are so professional now that you don’t see many of these funny mistakes anymore.

  88. Juan Barraza

    Juan Barraza

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    We love premier!! The best league on the world!! Greetings From Argentina!!🇦🇷

  89. mmkay


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    May God Be with you all, he loves ya'll and everything will be amazing❤❤❤May the blessed virgin accompany you and the son , the father & the holy spirit. I don't want likes like the rest, I'm just spreading my God's word thanks have a nice blessed day❤I love everyone of Y'all because you are made from God the one I love the most😊

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    Chris Beckford

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  91. Kieran Bennion

    Kieran Bennion

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    expected not to laugh once but the fergie one got me cos of what he said ahahahah

  92. 배준탁


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  93. Abdi Salaam Nuur

    Abdi Salaam Nuur

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    Jimmy Bullard 😂 😂

  94. 배준탁


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  95. Josue D.

    Josue D.

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    There could probably be a whole bloopers tape made out of Phil Jones 🤣

  96. Aset


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    Ok. What do I win?

  97. 1St Quincy

    1St Quincy

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    3:18 lmao

  98. A4R0N W1LL14M5

    A4R0N W1LL14M5

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    Jimmy bullaed could have been gd but he just played the game 2 piss about😂

  99. André Gonçalves

    André Gonçalves

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    The best football culture in the world...🙏✌️ From 🇵🇹

  100. ClydeJarrod37UK


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    Could literally hear the Govan "fuck off " from Ferguson.