3 Year Timelapse - Fiero Restoration | Abandoned for 20 Years


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    Luis Villa ahn mexico good good ok

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    Liking the video isn't enough

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    На все руки мастер.

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    I like the 80s music. Goes well with the car.

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    Damn. You did the whole damn thing! Amazing work. You should do this for a living. And you're gf is fine. Keep doing everything you're doing

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    Your passion worth it..

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    Красавчики! 👍😉

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    This is true art! And nice editing. And nice music! Also, nice donkey!

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    I have always experienced the deepest passion for such people who can and do such things. Thank you and good luck.

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    Outstanding work, thank you for the video. You just received another subscriber and can't wait to see more videos like this, thanks again.

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    Сколько же терпения понадобилось для этого. И сколько времени заняло?

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    Who thought its gonna be easy lol nice ending…

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    대박 당신을 인정합니다.👍👍

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    Im not sure if there were some chrome details that were colored black since its and old car and old cars tends to have chrom details... But man i really like the no chrome theme😅

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    This is the car which looked exactly like the one which is used in the movie pain and gain 2013 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    Fiero in space

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    Well done. I graduated high school in 88. My buddies fiero caught fire and I watched it burn to the frame. Think it was a known issue. So good to see one restored. The amount of work you all have done is staggering.

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    하나부터 열까지 복원에 대한 열정이 느껴집니다. 영상 너무 잘 봤어요!! 41:29 It's so funny!

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    This was great! Nice job brother! Loved the bloopers at the end. Congrats on having a brand new car.

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    I want to buy this car! Please your contac

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    … But I would walk five hundred miles. And I would walk five hundred more…

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    Perfeição! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇧🇷

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    Parabéns! Brasileiro curtindo!



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    Did you fix the car's thing about catching on fire due to bad design, and oil problems i believe it was?

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    "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life" - John 3:16 The Bible ❤ IN TOUCH MINISTRIES

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    This video should've million of views.

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    공임비가 차값 2배 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    This is the most amazing video that I viewed on SE-one so far. Kudos!

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    3:12 its kinda...😆😆

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    Good jobbbbbb brather

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    Congratulations man 🎉 nice restoration 🇵🇭



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    You are incredible

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    Вау!!! 😳😳😳

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    Looks very nice., but needs a real pro to finish that paint job shine. Or repaint it again.

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    Привет, рестоврация Fiero просто супер и музыка из рэтро тоже сочитается.

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    대박. 어마무시하다.그동안 얼마나 고생하고 힘들었을지 많은 생각이 스치고 지나가네요. 처음부터 끝까지 다 봤어요. 너무 멋있어요.

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    I had this car in black! Beautiful job, great work! I could never get used to the steering wheel position being slightly off though... thanks for the memories 👍 😀 !

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    Wow that's already a new car! Love to see restorations like these. Good job!

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    Fiero en Argentina significa feo 🤪

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    Es confortable ver persona con tantas habilidades 👍

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    This guy knows much better his car that he knews himself

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    Чувак,эта тачка теперь миллиард стоит

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    Increible.... se pasaron quedo nuevo👏👏👏👏

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    Wow i saw the first video 2years ago i remember the car 🚗 now 😆 🤣.

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    I Love the details and patient for sure , you guys Rock 🤟🤟

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    Bang up job on the car man

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    I am impressed by the effort & detailing. Bravo!!!

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    set to a kickass 80's "fixer up" soundtrack

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    All the details that you addressed. You did an amazing job! Congrats! Could have done without the foul language.

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    Очень крутой проект!!! Красавчики!!!

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    How much hrsprss you runin it

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    I remember watching this long ago but missed it getting finished. You know how good of a job you did on this car. I'm amazed at your mad skills to truly restore a car. I couldn't believe how little you replaced. I wish you lived closer so I could learn from you. My dad knows a lot about cars and he has taught me a lot but to see your work....you are truly a master artist to do this.

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    Great job!! Well done

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    This is how to do a RESTO and you had the 80's themed music to add Flava, Great Job my man!

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    That part of life called happiness.

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    Goddamit ! u guys good!

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    хороший климат у вас В России, особенно в ленобласти, за это время от машины только резина и стёкла бы остались

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    Fantastic !

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    Ronald is god

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    The best part about time lapse videos is that it doesn't matter on what speed u watch them

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    this is insane! what a great job is this.. greetings from Turkey 🇹🇷 liked & subscribed.

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    Fontiac Fiero was one of the worst American cars which i once dreamt to own one. Though many people criticized how bad the car was, I loved the design of it. When it first came out, it was absolutely out of this world at that time. Its presence on the street was as if it brought back from the future. Two dual exhaust pipes were amazing.. Your rebuild on it is awesome! Watching it come alive is like traveling back in time..

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    Absolutely amazing.

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    amazing bro

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    The bits at the end is what automotive restoration/work is really like. Phenomenal work. Can't beat that 80's coolness.

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    I hope you bring the beast to RADWood!

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    Really impressed with everything, specially with the patience to fix the gas gauge and the radio...WHAT?!!! I would have bought new, it goes to show you your attention to detail and the knowledge to fix it yourself out of your own garage without a team of 10 team people makes this build that more special.! congrats! and thanks for sharing.

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    congratulations for the strength, nice work

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    I don’t think that all that hard work was worth it, just get a new model from the dealership next time and safe your time!

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    i remember when you started this project! sad that i didnt keep up with it, but its awesome to see the full build/final product!

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